Hansen Family

Germany/Denmark to Australia

William Hansen c.1813

& Christina Woolf

WILLIAM HANSEN is the first known Hansen ancestor I have located, his wife was Christina Woolf and they had at least I one son Frederick Johann George Hansen about 1833.

Frederick Johann George Hansen c.1833

& Maria Clark

Born: Frederick Johann George Hansen was born at Rostock Germany of Danish parents William & Christina Hansen in 1833.


Arrival in Australia: Story has it that Frederick joined the Merchant Navy and left his ship in Melbourne to join the many who were off to seek their fortune on the goldfields of Victoria. His naturalisation papers state he arrived Melbourne Victoria aboard the ship "Tiptree" on 4th January 1855 from Liverpool England.


Occupation: Miner, Farmer


Marriage: Frederick tried his luck at several mining sites ending up at Jamieson Vic. where he met his future wife Maria Clarke about 1863/4, they didn't marry until the year their sixth child was born in 1876 at this time they were living at Sale in Gippsland.  Their marriage took place at 40 Gore St Fitzroy on 13 November 1876, Fred was 41yrs & Maria 32yrs.

Marriage Certificate of Frederick & Maria Hansen 1876


Wife born: Maria Clark was born in 1845 Manchester Lancashire England. The daughter of William Clark & Maria Shaw.

1851 UK Census: Maria a 6yr old scholar, living with her parents and siblings at Burton Building Manchester.

1861 UK Census: Maria not found.

!861 Arrival in Australia: Maria came to Australia aboard the ship "Atalanta" in August 1861 (Information from assisted British Passengers List 1839-71 : Page65 Book 14 Fich No 112) from Hampshire England, religion C/E, could read and write, aged 20yrs ( I believe she was more likely 16yrs) By Whom engaged Mrs Hansen address Liverpool & London Ins. Co. Wages 25 for a term of 3 or  5 years.

 Also on the ship was I believe her sister Elizabeth aged 20yrs.


Naturalisation: Granted to Frederick Hansen 27th February 1900. Noted from his memorial for letters of Naturalization Frederick signed these papers with a X his mark, stated he was 66yrs of age a farmer, born Rostock Germany and arrive Victoria Australia 4th January 1855 aboard the ship "Tiptree"

Where the Hansens lived: On the gold diggings at Mansfield, Woods Point, and Reefton / McMahons Creek. At the time of their marriage their address was given as Sale in Gippsland. Eventually they established  the family property known as Myrtlebrook Farm, on Cement Creek near Warburton which was one of the first freehold properties selected in the district. Myrtlebrook Farm passed into the hands of Bert, the Hansens' ninth child, He sold it about 1914 to Lamprieres, the Melbourne shipping agents.

A Little of the Life of The Hansens

Information from two publications Warburton Ways & A Brief History of East Warburton Primary School includes memories of a granddaughter Beryl O'Donnell.

Many of the Hansens in the Upper Yarra can trace their ancestry to Frederick Johann George Hansen. Frederick and his wife Maria had a large family of twelve, Louise, Bill, Nellie, Lizzie, Maude, George, Ada, Samuel, Bert, Dora, Thomas and Ruby. Their second child, Frederick Wilhelm Hansen, is thought to have been the first white child born in McMahons Creek, in 1866. He came to be known as 'Old Bill' Hansen.

 Frederick Hansen was one of the group of men who turned the river at the Big Peninsula, anticipating that alluvial gold would be at the low spot but, unfortunately, their dreams of a rich gold find were never realised. Although he had a farm Frederick Hansen still gave his occupation as miner. 

Maria Hansen was a small woman about five feet and had great strength of  character. By the time Maria had their eleventh child Thomas Talbot, in 1884, the first born, Louise, was twenty and able to be her mother's midwife. Maria was strict with the upbringing of her children where as her husband was slightly more indulgent. Maria Hansen is reputed to have run the Reefton Hotel at one stage, in the times when miners brought in gold to be weighed on the grocer's scales.

Deaths:  Frederick Hansen died 12 Dec 1911 in Warburton aged 70yrs no.15090. &  Maria Ellen Hansen nee Clark(e) died 24 Jul 1925 in East Warburton Vic. No. 11903 80yrs. Both buried at Wesburn Cemetery.              


Family of Frederick & Maria Hansen


1. LOUISA MARIA HANSEN, b. 1864, Star (Possibly Starvation Creek) reg.no.16557; d. 1924, Sth Melb. Age 60yrs (No11720); m. Jrgen/John Jans, 11 Feb 1882, Emerald Hill (Double Wedding Brothers &Sisters);  b. 20 Nov 1843, Ketting Augustenburg Denmark; d. 15 Sep 1929, Traralgon West Age 86yrs (No12490).

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2. FREDRICK WILLIAM "BILL" HANSEN, b. 1866, Upper Yarra; m. Mary Ann Judge, 1909, Reg.no. 3910.


3. ELLEN THERESA HANSEN known as Eleanor, b. 28 Sep 1867, Lilydale Vic. reg.no. 22694; d. 1938, East Warburton 72yrs No.3720; m. Andreas/Andrew Jans; b. 26 Nov 1846, Ketting Augustenborg Denmark; d. 31 May 1908, Warburton Vic. (No?) Suddenly).

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i4. ELIZABETH ANN HANSEN, b. Abt. 1869, no reg. found; m. Robert Jones, 1890, Upper Yarra reg.no.2413.

5. ALICE "MAUDE" HANSEN, b. 1871, Lilydale Vic. reg.no. 9978; d. 1935, Nyah aged 64yrs reg. no.3057; m. James Branson, 1891, Reg. no. 6148.

6. ROBERT GEORGE HANSEN, b. 1873, Lilydale Vic reg. no. 3414; m. Esther Harris, 1896, Reg no.7457.

7. ADA CHRISTINA HANSEN, b. 1876, Warburton Vic reg.no. 17320; d. 1946, 69yrs Warburton no.19558; m. Martin Mortimer, 1897, Reg no.19479.

8. SAMUEL RODERICK HANSEN, b. 1878, Warburton reg no. 19801; d. 1955, 77yrs Healesville no. 21022.

9. ALBERT HENRY 'BERT" HANSEN, b. 1880, McMahons Creek / Warburton reg no. 19446; d. 1942, 62yrs Lilydale Vic no.30088; m. Minnie Don, 1909, Reg. no. 8615.

10. AMELIA "DORA" HANSEN, b. 1883, Warburton reg.no. 26418; d. 1883, 5mths no.3683.

11. THOMAS TALBOT HANSEN, b. 1884, Warburton reg. no. 21345; d. 1956, 72yrs Warburton reg no. 19513; m. Olive.

12. RUBY HANSEN, b. 1886, Warburton reg. no. 30359; d. 1964, 77yrs Park? no.3978; m. Christian Harvey, 1907, Reg.no. 1217.

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