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 "The Lynch Mob"

   Ireland to Daylesford & Beyond

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This book contains 565 pages of Lynch History 1790's - 2005.

Features 100's of photographs, certificates, charts & maps.


It took many years of researching and months to collate the information  I had gathered into some order to bring this book to reality. It was a labour of  love on my part as I have always had a fascination for knowing the who why and wherefores of people.                                                                                                                                                     

Family & friends shared their memories, memorabilia, and photographs to enable me to complete this timeline. 

 My mother was a storyteller and I was a listener, so things sheíd told me about her Lynch family over the years gave me a start in this journey of recording our lives for future generations.   Aunts & Uncles were a wealth of information and I thank them for their  memories and encouragement..

"The Lynch Mob"

I always had a passion to record the history of my Motherís Irish Lynch family and now that itís complete it is my pleasure to hand it on to my children and any other interested family members. As the years pass by it is my hope that this book of our history will be passed onto future generations.

From the death certificates of my Great Grandparents Patrick and Margaret Lynch, I learnt that they both came from the Parish of Knockbride in County Cavan Ireland. This information gave me a starting point and the desire to research and breath life into them once more. I believe those that have passed before us would approve of me passing on their family stories, putting flesh on their bones and making them live again. The Lynchs of County Cavan transpired to be the most difficult of all branches of my family tree to trace. Persistence over many years has enabled me to locate enough information to bring our Lynch ancestors to life and introduce them to future generations. We can have pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish, and respect their hardships and losses, their never giving up or giving in and their resourcefulness in building a life for their families.

Irelandís early records suffered great losses with fire and bombings over the years. Adding to the problems of finding records, was the tradition of secrecy were people were reluctant or unable to commit themselves to paper, plus sheer carelessness, and the ravages of time. All of the above made research frustrating and sometimes impossible.

As we all know Ireland is a country that has been plagued with unrest and still is to this day. It was not my intension to go into the depths of Irelandís history, but felt it necessary to included a time line of events over the centuries. My aim was to trace the lives and times of our Irish and to gain knowledge of where they lived in Ireland, and some of the important historical events that would have affected their lives over the decades. Next step was to trace the lives of our ancestors (my Great Grandparents) Patrick and Margaret Lynch nee Maguire. They made the momentous decision to leave their families, and their homeland, to sail into the wild blue yonder to a land on the other side of the world, not knowing what to expect when they eventually got there. Itís thanks to this couple that we share the freedom and lifestyle of this beautiful country Australia.

It has been a fascinating exercise endeavouring to follow the lives of our Lynchs in Australia up until the year 2005. We all have a story to tell, one day someone somewhere will be interested to know who we were and what we did with our lives.

ĎTHE LYNCH MOBí Ireland to Daylesford & Beyond, began with me writing my own biography and memories, and that of my parents and grandparents. Having been a Genealogist for eighteen years Iíd collected information on many branches of the Lynch family in Australia and back to 1700ís in Ireland, as well as material on all connecting spouse families. I have constructed this book in a time line starting in Ireland. I have also included information on the husbands and wives of each Lynch in the book, fore without the spouses we wouldnít be here and their ancestry is as important as the Lynchs.   

It was with love and caring, and writing all the facts Iíve found of our ancestors, and our own existence, that I tell the story of this my Lynch family.


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