Memories of my Sister & Best Friend

Valerie June Hawkins nee Hort

1937 - 2001


My sister was a happy go lucky, kind hearted thoughtful woman, a straight talker who didnt mince words. She was there for her family and friends whenever anyone was in need.  She made it her business to keep a close eye on older members of the family visiting when ever possible.

Val and I always had a special bond even though we were ten years apart in age. She always had time for me when I was a child, teenager and the rest of my life, she made me feel special.

I remember when we shared a room up until she left home I was always scared of the dark and would crawl into her bed at night. Each day before she went to work she she was the one to do my hair up in a ponytail. I snuck off to school wearing her good shoes once, she wasn’t too pleased about that. I loved trying on all her earrings, she had belts of all colours with fancy buckles. She was always very fashion conscious and made her own clothes beautifully. She loved sport, was a dressmaker, painter, gardener, good cook, great mother and wife. I could always confide in my big sister, she   was always there for me in happy times and sad ones.

Val made every precious day count when she faced the ordeal of having cancer. She lost her fight for life on January 9th 2001 she was the bravest lady to the end.

Me (Barbara) sister Valerie & brother Jeffrey 1998

"If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you,
I could walk in my garden forever."
---Irish Proverb

The words in this verse below explain the relationship we had as sisters.




There is something very special

About the relationship between sisters

And it's something that isn't easy to explain

Having a sister gives me a feeling of belonging

It's a feeling that I will never really be alone

For there will always be someone there

Who is a part of me

Someone who has shared my childhood fears

And my adult dreams

Someone who will care for me through the bad times

And laugh with me through the good times

A sister is a special person

And no one else can take her place

For although life may separate us

Our hearts will never be parted.