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Johann George Menz c.1817

Generation No. 1

JOHANN GEORGE1 MENZ b. about 1817, was named as (father) on a marriage certificate of his son Johann Friedrick Ephraim Menz in 1866.


Johann Friedrich Ephraim Menz c.1837

& Marie Elisabeth Hante

Generation No. 2

Born: JOHANN FRIEDRICH EPHRAIM2 MENZ (JOHANN GEORGE1) Known as 'Friedrich' according to his signature on his marriage certificate. It is thought Friedrich may have been born in Mecklenburg Germany about 1837.


Arrival in Australia: I have not proven this shipping arrival but the information found leads me to think it is very possible that Friedrich arrived aboard the ship "Adolf" (3) on 20th February 1865 his surname being spelt "Mentz". another passenger on the voyage was a Fritz Mentz. [Info found : Emigrants Hamburg to Australia 1860-1869 fich no.1of2]


Marriage: Johann 'Friedrich' Menz aged 29yrs married 19year old Marie Elisabeth Hante on 9th March 1866 at the residence of Mr Neuondorf a farmer of Kingsbelt in the district of Gawler South Australia. George Neuondorf was a witness.


There is a big possibility that George Neuondorf (who's grandparents were George Neuondorf & Catharina Elisabeth Menz) and Johann 'Friedrich's father George Menz  were cousins. 



Marriage certificate 9th March 1866

Wife Born: MARIA ELISABETH HANTE is thought to have been born about 1845 in Prussia (noted on her D/cert) the  daughter of JOHANN FRIEDRICK/FRED HANDT/HANTE/HUNTER. No mother known at this point in time.

Shipping: My research has draw a blank for Maria's arrival.

Death of Friedrick: Friedrich died some time between his marriage in March 1866 and his wife's remarriage February 1868.


The only death registration which fits Friedrich Menz death in SA for 1866-67 is a Friedrick Menz dying at the Adelaide Hospital South Australia on 25th August 1867. His age noted as 24yrs (too young for my Friedrick). The cause of death noted as Hepatitis. No other details are given on the death certificate. But the Adelaide hospital admission register states this Friedrick was 30year old (this age now fitting in with his age at marriage.) He was a labourer who's address at this time had been Lyndoch Valley SA, religion Protestant, born Mecklenburg Germany, 2years 6months in the colony,   But!! states he was single. I believe this is my great great grandfather and that the informant knew nothing about the deceased as most columns on the death certificate were blank. Friedrich is believed to be buried at West Terrace Cemetery SA.


Death Certificate Friedrick Menz 25th August 1867


Information about Johann Friedrich Ephraim Menz in the SA Biological Index is incorrect here he is entered with parents Friedrich Peter Menz & Maria Sophie Beelitz but his father was Johann George Menz. 


Marie Menz Remarries : Johann Gottlieb Schultz

2nd Marriage: Marie Menz aged 21years  married 25year old widower Johann Gottlieb "John George" Schultz on the 20th February 1868 at Lutheren Church Schoenborn SA.

2nd Husband Born: Johann was born 9th June 1843 at Bethany Sth Aust son of German Lutherans and early Bethany South Australian settlers Johann Gottlieb Schultz Snr. & Pauline Kitta who had arrived in Australia aboard the ship "Skjold".    


Marriage Certificate Marie Elisabeth Menz & Johann Gottlieb Schultz


Johann Gottlieb's 1st marriage: had been to Anna Dorethea Nitschke (b.1845-d.1867 aged 22years possibly in child birth. Parents Gottlob Nitschke & Johanne Eleonore Hirte) They had a daughter Annie Martha Schultz born 1867 before their move to Victoria where they had three more children, Mary, John & Charles.

The Schultz were farmers in the Moe area of Gippsland (Latrobe River/Tangil)


Death John George Schultz:  Johann Gottlieb "John George" died 20th August 1907 at Elgin Street Sale aged 64years and buried at Sale Cemetery. 


Death Marie Emma Schultz (formally Menz nee Hante): Died 30th August 1931 aged 84years and is buried at the Moe Cemetery.

Information from Marie's death certificate: The informant on her death certificate her son Albert Schultz stated his mother was born Prussia had been in Sth Australia 4yrs and 61years in Victoria making her c.19yrs on arrival. She was 19 when she married JFE Menz. But Albert also said she was married to Menzies?? in Magdenburg Germany, when its a fact she married Menz 1866 South Australia.


Information from :

Marriage SA certificate Johann Friedrich Ephraim Menz & Marie Elisabeth Hante.

Marriage SA certificate Marie Elisabeth Menz & Johann Gottlieb Schultz

Birth certificate of daughter Emma Maria Menz

Death certificate of Marie Elisabeth Schultz

Death Certificate of John George Schultz

Adelaide Hospital admission Friedrick Menz

Death certificate Friedrick Menz

Birth & Death certificates of children

Child of Johann Friedrich Ephraim &  Marie Emma Menz

1. MARIA EMMA MENZ (Emma Maria on birth certificate) (my great grandmother) was born 18 Jun 1866 in Kingsbelt Sth. Aust.and died 04 Feb 1943 in Drouin Vic (No.5700). She married Thomas Allan Bruton 12 Jan 1885 in Sale Victoria, son of THOMAS BRUTON and SELINA BODLEY. He was born 08 Dec 1862 in Beaumaris Moorabbin Vic, and died 1911 in Melbourne Hospital Age 49yrs. Family: Fredrick Thomas, Allan Ephraim, Jessie Mable, Laura "Queenie", Roland Edward, Hector Rupert, Eric William, Seymour Johann 'Jack".

Clink on link below for more detailed account of the Bruton family.

Family of John George & Marie Emma Schultz

1. ANNI MARTHA SCHULTZ born 26th Oct 1867 Barossa SA

2. MARIA LYDIA SCHULTZ born 20th November 1868 Walton SA married Charles Henry Spooner Bliss at Taradale in 1891. Died at Caulfield Vic. 1951, aged 82yrs.

Family: Maude Mary, Sydney Charles, Mable 1894, Irene Elsie 1985, Edna 1900, John 1902.

3. MARY ELIZABETH SCHULTZ born 1871 Cheltenham Vic. married Edward James McDonough at Nth Melbourne in 1899. Died aged 57yrs 1928  Alfred Hospital Vic. James died 1915 Warrugal.

Family: Una Amy 1906, Edward James 1908, Robert Cecil 1915.

4. JOHN FRIEDRICH AUGUST SCHULTZ born 1879 Latrobe River Tangil shire Narracan Vic. died prior to 1931

5. CHARLES ALBERT SCHULTZ born 1878 Tangil Latrobe Valley Vic. died aged 94years at Long?

 The Schultz Family "BETHANY " Sth Australia

Johann Gottlieb Schultz Snr. & Pauline Kitta arrived in Sth Australia aboard the ship "Skjold". Bethany (or Bethanien as it was known before 1917) was established in 1842 and was the first village to be established in the Barrosa area by a group of German Lutherans most of whom had arrived in South Australia aboard the Skjold in 1841. 


Ship similar to 'The Skjold',




Johann Gottlieb Schultz Snr. Landholder
From a list of early residents (Landholders) adapted from the 'Acerage and Stock Returns 1844' as published in Allen's Almanac of 1844 [4,5]








Wheat Barley Rye Oates Peas Garden Sheep Horse Cattle Pigs Goats
Schultz, Johann Gottleib* 6 1

1/2 1/2

3 1 4

Tracing my Menz family is a difficult task and if anyone has any suggestions or think they may be connected I would appreciate help in sorting out the facts. My Johann Friedrich Ephraim Menz doesn't fit with any Menz families I have had contact with in Australia. It was first thought he belonged to Peter Menz but his marriage certificate notes his father as Johann George Menz.

The Hante Family is proving just as difficult to trace any help here would also be appreciated.



Maria Emma (Menz) & Thomas Bruton & Family

Bethany South Australia 1st Settlement in the Barossa Valley

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