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Thomas Penberthy 1824

My Great Great Grandparents


Births: Thomas Penberthy & Ann ‘Nanny’ Thomas, Grandparents of Charlotte Lynch: Thomas was born c.1826 in Penzance Cornwall England, mother Jane Hanes/Haynes/ Hays/Hanies  and stepson of Henry Hanes etc. Ann was the daughter of William and Charlotte Thomas, she was born c.1832 Liverpool England.


Apprenticeship: The 1841 English census states Thomas was an apprentice Mason and aged 15years. He was living in Pinpot Lane Parish of Phillark Cornwell with his mother &  stepfather Jane & Henry Hanes and sister Elizabeth Penberthy and either half siblings or step brother and sisters Caroline, Sarah, Mary & Henry Hanes.


Marriage: Thomas and Ann married on 27th July 1849 in Plymouth Devonshire England. Thomas was then aged 24years and his young bride only a sixteen year old. Their first child Thomas was born at Liverpool in 1850. Thomas wanted to give his young family a better life so left to make his fortune on the goldfields of Australia leaving his then pregnant wife and small son behind in England.


Cornwall to Australia

Thomas travelled aboard the ship ‘Orwell’ arriving Melbourne in 1853 and spending the next 2years at Bendigo. In the meantime back in England Ann had given birth to their second son William in 1854. Thomas moved from Bendigo to Portland and started at his trade as a stone mason, helping to build all the principal Government buildings in that town.

Ann and their two sons then aged seven and four arrived in Melbourne aboard the ship ‘Atalanta” in June 1858 and forwarded on to Portland Bay.

After working in the seaside town for about 8years, Thomas proceeded to Narrawong and built a substantial homestead for Mr Learmouth. After this they moved to Yambuk, where he built a church in the township, as well as a woolshed at Messrs Boyd Bros., Tarrone and a fine homestead for Mr Cruickshank, at Kirkstall.  The Penberthy’s went on to have another six children between Ann’s arrival in Australia and 1869.    

          Penberthy home at Yambuk

Original home built by Thomas Penberthy is still occupied.








Ann Penberthy & her mother Charlotte Thomas                     


Deaths: Ann Penberthy passed away at her Yambuk home on the 29th June 1898 aged 66years. Exactly 40years after she came to Victoria.

Thomas was an invalid for about 20years prior to his death on the 29th November 1910 at his home. His obituary stated he had an excellent reputation and was greatly respected by all who knew him. Both Ann and Thomas are buried at Yambuk cemetery.


Thomas and Ann Penberthy Family

Siblings of Jane Gorrie  & Aunts and Uncles of Charlotte Lynch


1. Thomas Henry Hanies Penberthy, born Liverpool England 1850, arrived Australia with his mother Ann and brother William in 1858 aboard the ‘Atalanta’. He was a stonemason and married Elizabeth Birmingham on 3rd May 1881. In September 1890, whilst under the influence of drink Thomas  was involved in an accident with his horses and dray. He collided with a  woman and her horse and cart. In a temper he assaulted the woman Ann Wharton, she died from injuries she received. He was sent to trial for murder and the jury found him guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 7years imprisonment. Thomas died aged 88years at Cheltenham in 1939. He and Elizabeth had a family of three sons and four daughters. Thomas Henry 1882, Agnes Elizabeth1883, Richard Peter 1888, Charlotte1887, Lucy 1890, Patrick 1891, Cecilia 1893

2. William John Penberthy born at St Earth Cornwall England in 1854 arrived in Australia with his mother Ann and brother Thomas in 1858 aboard the ‘Atalanta’. He was superintendent of the Weslyan Church Sunday School in Wellington Street Ashby (Geelong West) he died in 1888 and is buried with parents and siblings at Yambuk cemetery.


3. Elizabeth Ann Penberthy was born at Mt Clay  (Castlemaddy Station near Yambuk) in 1859. She married Charles Perry (Belfast Ireland 1856-1925) on 2nd December 1882. Charles was a stonemason and later entered into the butchering business.

Elizabeth Ann & Charles Perry

Charles died in 1925 and Elizabeth lived on to be 92years. The community lost one of its grand old ladies when Elizabeth died on the 11th June 1951, she had done much for the settlement of Port Fairy. She had enjoyed good health up until a few months prior to her death. Since the death of her husband 26years prior she had spent her remaining years with members of her family. Both Charles and Elizabeth are buried at Port Fairy Cemetery. They had a family of eight. Sarah Jane 1883, Charlotte Richards 1885, Edith May 1888, Norman Charles 1890, Thomas Aaron 1893, Laura Elizabeth 1897, Arthur Redvers 1899, Hector Vivian Hamilton 1901.

4. Sarah Penberthy was born at Narrawong in 1860. Sarah was not married. She died in 1918 aged 57years she had lived in Yambuk all her life and was buried at Yambuk Cemetery with her parents and siblings.

Sarah Penberthy

Penberthy Headstone

Thomas Penberthy died 1910,

Ann Penberthy died 1898

Also their children Sarah, Charlotte, Jane (Gorrie), Maggie, William


5. Charlotte Penberthy, born at Portland in 1863, died at Prahran Hospital aged 24years in 1888, and is buried at Yambuk cemetery with parents and siblings.

6. Jane Penberthy, (Charlotte Lynch's mother) was born at Yambuk in 1865, married James Gorrie on 27th April 1886. Jane died 1896 at the young age of 32years, and is buried at Yambuk cemetery with her parents and siblings.

Jane and James Gorrie had a family of five, James Gilbert 1887, Andrew Thomas 1889, Charlotte 1891, David Richard 1893, Janet Maude 1896.

  Jane Gorrie nee Penberthy

 Link: James and Jane Gorrie for details of this family.

7. Margaret ‘Maggie’ Penberthy was born at Yambuk in 1867-1902, she married Albert William Baker in 1889. They had a family of three sons and four daughters.

Albert Leslie 1890, Sydney Russell 1892, Edith Lina 1893, Ethel Irene 1895, Ernest Stanley 1896, Ruby Olive 1899, Pearly Ruth 1902,

   Margaret Baker nee Penberthy


8. Richard Penberthy was born at Yambuk in 1869-1956, he married Louisa Dusting in 1899. Richard was a stonemason, he and Louisa had two children, John ‘Jack’ Harris 1902, Leslie Arthur 1904.



         James and Jane Gorrie & Family My Great Grandparents

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