Scotland & South Africa


William George Reid b.1850

& Susan Johanna  Paulse


Left: William George Reid

Thanks to the research of Ms Petrie leRoux of  National Library of South Africa  I have after many years of searching found the significant of William George Reid's sash, which he proudly wears in this photograph.


William Reid belonged to the Temple of Independent Order of True Templars (IOTT embroidered on sash)

The order was an evangelistic Christian Temperance Society with outreaches around the entire country, and particularly focused on the 'Coloured' and 'Black' inhabitants, with head office in cape town.

From a Booklet re Independent  Order of True Templars, South Western Grand Temple.  The True Templars were a virtually entirely black fraternal temperance society organized by Good Templars in South Africa.

Born:  WILLIAM GEORGE REID was born 24 Mar 1850 in Scotland, possibly Edinburgh, or At Sea (going or coming to or from where?) .

Marriage: It is not known when William married SUSAN JOHANNA PAULSE.

Wife Born: SUSAN JOHANNA PAUSE was born [classed as coloured] in Paarl Sth Africa in 1859, her parents are unknown.  [help needed with this detail if you can help please inform me.]

Occupation: It is thought William worked as a railways inspector at Adderley Road (main station)  at Salt River. [Would like to know this for sure to add to his history.]

Deaths of William Reid: William died aged 81years 06 Sep 1931 at his home 68 Burns Road Salt River Sth Africa and was buried at Maitland Cemetery in Plot 83957 A.

The plot no. 83975 consists of three graves AB&C and the plot was registered in the name of Richard Bath [son-inlaw of the Reids].

Buried Grave A is William George Reid.

Buried Grave B: 30.12.1929 Susan Johanna Bath aged 32years [William & Susan snr.'s daughter]. and a child Richard Stepanus Barth 18.02.1958 .

Buried Grave C: Dinah Bath 15.07.1933


William's daughter Maggie (Calvert) was present at his death and at the time stated William left property and a will.


Death of Susan Johanna Reid: Susan died just 4months after her husband on the 16 Jan 1932 at 38 Bromwell Street Woodstock Sth Africa. Unlike her husband she is buried in what is called a public or poor grave at Maitland cemetery. These graves were not bought by the families and council has the right to recycle the ground. The grave No. was 86990B and a second burial (unrelated remains) took place in 1965 on top of Susan. Susan's remains are still in the grave and will remain there but there will be no headstone as they are not allowed to be erect memorial work on a public grave. [The burial information for William & Susan was received from Maitland Cemetery]


Estate: Susan and William's daughter Maggie (Calvert) at the time of her mothers death stated her mother had left property but no will. Estate papers: Inventory of household furniture - 15 Money in Savings Account - 94

Family of  William George & Susan Johann Reid

1. EMMA ALICE ELIZABETH REID, born 19 Feb 1889 [classed as coloured], Cape Town Sth Africa. She was 19years when she married Richard Benjamin Koopman a printer and had a son Richard. Tragedy struck Emma twice with the death of Richard in 1910 and also the death of their baby.  Emma met an Australian ex Boer War soldier and then Cape Policeman Edward Hollis. Edward brought Emma home to Australia where they married on 1st February 1911. They had returned to Cape Town by 1913 with their first born child.  Between 1913 and their permanent return back to Australia in 1925 they'd  had 7more children. They settled back in the Silvan area of Victoria where their last 2 children were born. Emma died in 1969 and Edward in 1911. 

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1. RICHARD d. as infant


1. WINIFRED FLORENCE b.1911 Vic Aust m. August Benjamin Austerman

2. AGNES EMMA b.1913 Cape Town SA m. 1. Edward Jacob Hilli

                                                                               2. Bert  Schmidt 

                                                                               3. B.S. Jack Osterman

3.CHARLES SUCKLING b.1915Cape town SA m. Helga Jans

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4.  ARTHUR WILLIAM b.1917 d.1919 Cape Town SA

5.  HENRY WARNEFORD b. 1919 Cape Town SA m.1. Isobel Francis Burns

                                                                                               2. Penny Taylor

                                                                                               3. Margaret Marshman

6.  EILEEN OLIVE b.1921 d.1921 Cape Town SA

7.  WILLIAM GEORGE b.1922 Cape Town SA  m. Joan Lorna Dingle

8.  BARBARA EVELYN b.1924 Cape Town SA  m. 1. Kharl Allan Knoll,

                                                                                           2. Smith

9.  HELEN ELIZABETH b.1926 Vic Aust m. Richard Leslie Adams

10.  BEATRICE MAY b.1929 Vic Aust m. Charles Frazer


2. ABRAHAM REID, b. Sth Africa. Had a daughter No information known of this family

3. HENRY REID, b. Sth Africa. Had 5 girls No information known of this family

4. MAGGIE REID, b. Sth Africa; m. (1) unknown Calvert  m. (2) Abraham Leonard Barnes.







           1. GODFREY


            1. SUSAN

            2. DOREEN

            3. SYBIL

            4. IRENE m.

            5. ALICE

            6. JOAN

5. AGNES REID, b. Sth Africa; m. Unknown Bull. Had a son and 2 daughters. No information known on this family

6. SUSAN REID, born 1897, married (1) Joseph Jaubert (d.1919); m. (2) Richard Barth 30 Dec 1929 and buried at Maitland Cemetery Plot.83975 Grave B  with a child Richard Stepanus Barth. (See notes above death of William Reid for more details of burial plot)

Children of SUSAN REID and JOSEPH JAUBERT are:


2. ALICE BLANCHE JAUBERT, b. 1919, Sth Africa; m. John Williams.

Family: 1. Hazel d.infant, 2. Edith m. Bruce Hamburg, 3. Jean d.infant.


Children of SUSAN REID and RICHARD BARTH are:

          1.  EDNA BARTH, m. Douglas Scholtz. Edna & Douglas lived in England

          2.  HAZEL BARTH: Hazel lived in England in 1990's

          3. ARCHIE BARTH, m. WILMA ?. Archie and Wilma lived in Melbourne in 1990's      

          4.  MARSHALL BARTH.



If anyone can help with information on this Reid family please contact me.

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