Hertfordshire England to Australia


Thomas Suckling c.1758

& Elizabeth Goodwin

Generation No.1

Born: THOMAS SUCKLING was born c.1752 Wydford Hertfordshire England.


Married:  Thomas married ELIZABETH GOODWIN 14th April 1776 Wydford 


Charles Suckling 1778

& Elizabeth Barrett ?

Generation No.2

Born: CHARLES2 SUCKLING (THOMAS1) was born 04 Jul 1778 in Parish Wydford Hertsfordshire England


Occupation: Blacksmith


Married: Charles married ELIZABETH BARRETT/BARTLETT about 1802


Wife born: Elizabeth was born in Hertsfordshire England.


Died: Charles died 27 Apr 1831 in Drowned aged 52yrs.


Charles & Elizabeth Suckling Family

1. RACHEL3 SUCKLING, b. 1802. m. James Parker a bootmaker.


2. GEORGE SUCKLING, b. 1803, Wydford Herts Eng. Occupation Plumber / Painter m. Annie Slade of the Parish of St Andrews Hertford..

Family of George and Annie: *Thomas b.1836-d.1902 m. (1) Isabella Walters died on voyage to Australia in 1872 (2) 1st cousin Elizabeth Suckling 1872 (3) Caroline Nicholls, *George 1828, * Elisabeth Hanna 1839, *Charles 1832, Sarah 1834, *Ann 1826, *Emma 1830.


3. CHARLES SUCKLING, b. 1805, Wydford Hertsford England. Occupation Blacksmith like his father. m. Eliza Riste. 1841 were living District 6 - Westmil Road Ware




5. THOMAS SUCKLING, b. 1808.


6. SARAH SUCKLING, b. 1810.


7. HANNAH SUCKLING, b. 1813.


8. ELIZA SUCKLING, b. 1816.


Charles Suckling 1805

& Eliza Riste

Generation No. 3

Born: CHARLES3 SUCKLING (CHARLES2, THOMAS1) was born 1805 in Wydford Hertsford England.


Married: Charles married ELIZA RISTE 21 Dec 1833 in Wydford Hertsford England


Wife Born: Eliza was the daughter of JOHN RISTE and SARAH LEWIS. and was born in Wydford Herts Eng.


Sudden Deaths: Charles his wife and family had been happily living on their farm when an influenza plague struck. Half the town along with Charles his daughter and then his wife Eliza died from this  plaque. This left several of their young family in need of immediate care and so their children were destined to live in an orphanage.


Charles & Eliza Suckling Family


1. JANE SUCKLING, b. 11 Dec 1836, Ware Herts Eng. died of influenza


2. ELIZABETH SUCKLING, born 24th May 1835 baptised 1836 Ware, Herts Eng.; d. 10 Dec 1933, Caulfield Vic. (No584) Age 97yrs; m. (1) ARTHUR; m. (2) THOMAS SUCKLING.

UK 1851 Census: Elizabeth E. Suckling then aged 17years was living at Duke Street Clemsford, Eng. where she was a house servant to Robert & Sarah Bull and family.

UK 1861 Census: Elizabeth aged 25years was living at St. John the Evangelist, Westminster, Eng were she was a servant.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Suckling



3. ELIZA SUCKLING, born 23rd Sept. 1838 Ware Hertfordshire, baptised 27 Aug 1839, Hertfordshire England; d. 11 Feb 1924, Wandin Nth. Vic. age 84yrs No.3634; m. HUBERT JOHN HOLLIS, 05 Jan 1867, Collingwood Victoria No. 1067; b. 1841, Thame Berkshire England; d. 12 Nov 1888, Prince Alfred Hosp. Melb.age 47yrs. No.15365.

UK 1851 Census: Eliza was 12yrs old living at the Union Orphanage Ware Hertfordshire with her siblings Sarah was 10yrs, Charles Suckling 8yrs, George Suckling 6yrs.

UK 1861 Census: Eliza was then aged 22years and living at 112 Mount Street St George, Westminster, London, Eng where she was employed as a general servant to Frances Fitzherbert.


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Eliza Suckling


4. SARAH SUCKLING, b. 13 Dec 1840, Ware Herts Eng.

UK 1851 Census: Sarah was 10yrs and living at the Union Orphanage Ware Hertfordshire with her siblings Eliza Suckling 12yrs, Charles Suckling 8yrs, George Suckling 6yrs.

UK 1861 Census: Sarah was 20yrs and a general servant, on the census night she was visiting her sister Elizabeth at 9 Alfred St, St John the Evangelist, Westminster, Eng.


5. CHARLES SUCKLING, b. 02 Oct 1842, Ware Herts Eng; d. 28 Aug 1891, Sth Yarra Vic.

UK 1851 Census: Charles 8yrs living at the Union Orphanage Ware Hertfordshire with his siblings Eliza Suckling 12yrs,  Sarah was 10yrs , George Suckling 6yrs.

UK 1861 Census: Charles was a smith at St Stephens Middlesex, address C/- St Johns Westminster, Eng. maybe with his sisters on census night.

Charles (Charlie) Suckling



6. GEORGE SUCKLING, b. 20 Oct 1844, Ware Herts Eng; d. 29 May 1927, Bu Manor Park Cem. London.

Marriage: 18 Oct 1867 West Hackney Middlesex Eng to Mary Howe b.1841 Bakewell Derbyshire, daughter of George Howe.

UK 1851 Census: George was 6yrs old living at the Union Orphanage Ware Hertfordshire with his siblings Eliza Suckling 12yrs,  Sarah was 10yrs , Charles 8yrs.

UK 1861 Census: George was then aged 17yrs and an apprenticed boot maker to Edmund & Mary Ann Green in Islington (All Saints) London.

UK 1871 Census: George aged 26yrs was a seller/carrier at 36 Orchard St, Islington, Middlesex.

UK 1901 Census: He was living at 38 Second Ave, East Hampshire, Essex.

Family of George & Mary Suckling:

1. Charles Suckling b.1869 Islington Middlesex Eng.

2. George Alfred Suckling b.13 Dec 1872 Islington Eng. d. 16 April 1966 Collie West Australia. married 14 Nov. 1892 Perth West Australia -  Lillian Harrison. Lillian b.30 Oct 1868 Brusselton West Aust. d. 4 June 1948 Collie WA., the daughter of Thomas Harrison & Sarah Ann Prince.


1. Arthur Herbert Suckling b.12 Oct 1900 Brusselton WA. d. 28 Dec. 1974 Narrogin WA. Married Ellen Stewart Vince. Ellen b.24 Aug. 1899 Leederville Perth WA. d. 3 Dec 1969 Narrogin WA. daughter of Arthur Dawes Vince & Margaret Ann Kirk.


1. Ronald Arthur Suckling b.10 Nov 1925 Collie WA. d.30 July 1980 Narrogin WA. m. Audrey May Bennett b.1 April 1928 Narrogin WA daughter of Richard henry Bennett & Sarah Fitt

Family : Neil Denis Suckling m Kerry Ann Spurr Narrogin WA.

3. Amy Ruth Suckling b.18 Sept. ? Islington Middlesex Eng.

4. Arthur Suckling

5. Eliza Jane Suckling b. 23 June 1876 Islington Middlesex Eng.

7. JOSIAH SUCKLING, b. 29 Nov 1846, Ware Herts Eng. d.1847 Hertfordshire (UK fee BDM's)


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 Hubert John Hollis & Eliza Suckling & Family

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