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"The Budget"

Sugarcreek, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

...It must be remembered that the first editor, John C. Miller, also known as "Budget" John, was Amish Mennonite, and he piloted the paper through its first two decades. Editor Eamuel H. Miller, 1913-1920, was an Amish Mennonite minister, serving what was then the Walnut Creek Amish Mennonite Church.  These editors had a great impact on the course the paper would take in its illustrious first century.  Editor S. A. Smith (1920-1936), who succeeded Miller, was a friend of the Amish and continued, but refined, the kind of paper it was during the early decades.  Longest at the helm of the paper was George R. Smith, son of S. A. Smith, who was Editor from 1936 to 1969, and still serves as Associate Editor.  George Smith's influence on the paper and its readers covers more than fifty years.  He performed an invaluable service to the larger Amish, Amish Mennonite and Mennonite community and to many readers of other circles.  He was an able diplomat and walked that fine line between respecting the beliefs and cultures of the readers and the requirements of good journalism.

Early Landmark Events

1890 May 15 First issue printed. It was a bi-weekly paper. J. M. Richardson served as the first Editor. John C. Miller, Proprietor. Also called "Budget John"
1890 October J. C. Miller became the Editor, following Richardson's acceptance of Superintendent of Mineral City Schools.
1890 November Changed from a bi-weekly paper to a weekly
1910 For part of this year it was published as a semi-weekly, called THE SEMI-WEEKLY BUDGET. Within the same year it was placed back on a weekly publication basis, and was called THE WEEKLY BUDGET.
1912 April Mr. Miller sold the operation to his nephew, A. A. Middaugh. Following this purchase the status of the paper was a bit uncertain. It was printed for a short time at Mennonite Publishing House of Scottdale, PA.
1913 Purchased by Samuel H. Miller, a minister of the Walnut Creek Amish Mennonite Church. Miller edited and managed the affairs of the paper.
1916 Purchase of a linotype.
1920 Samuel H. Miller sold the operation to S. A. Smith.

from -- Sugarcreek Centennial Scribe

address -- Sugarcreek Budget Publishers, Inc., PO Box 249, 134 North Factory Street, Sugarcreek, OH   44681