NameDesire Sturgis
Birthca 1666, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA258,265,262,234,246
Death26 Mar 1749, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.258,265,262,234,246
FatherEdward Sturgis (1642-1678)
MotherTemperance Gorham (1646-1714)
BirthApr 1664262,234,246
Death9 Sep 1697262,234,246
Marriageca 1685265,234,246
Birth28 Jan 1674/1675, Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA359,258,262,449,234,246,450
Death26 Mar 1764, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA262,234,246
BurialCobb Hill East Cemetery, Barnstable, MA451,234
FatherJohn Thacher Hon. Col. (1638-1713)
MotherRebecca Winslow (1643-1683)
Marriage10 Nov 1698, Barnstable, Barnstable, MA258,265,234,263,246
ChildrenAbigail (1699-1768)
Notes for Desire Sturgis
She was probably the twin of Samuel. 265

She was also said to have died March 29th, 1744. 262

She was “widow Desire Dimmock, a sister of James Sturgis.” 449

“Desire Sturgis was not mentioned by name in her parents’ probate records Only her brothers were actually named, with Desire and her sisters being called simply ‘and daughters.’ Desire was certainly for her grandmother, Desire Howland, and for her aunt, Desire Gorham. Additional proof has been found in the will of widow Elizabeth Hore of Yarmouth, dated 22 October 1680, who bequeathed her largest pewter dish ‘to Desier Sturges eldest Daughter to Temperance Baxter.’ John thacher and Temperance Baxter witnessed the will in the presence of Thomas Hinckley, Deputy Governor. Calling Desire Sturgis the eldest daughter of Temperance Baxter clearly identifies Desire Sturgis as the daughter of Temperance Gorham and her first husband, Edward Sturgis. Temperance was married to her second husband, Thomas Baxter, at the time widow Elizabeth Hore made her will.” 234

“Desire’s first husband, Capt. Thomas Dimmock, was a whaler and a colonel in the militia. He died intestate. Widow Desire Dimmock was appointed administratrix of his estate 20 August 1698. The inventory was filed 12 September 1698. Desire received her widow’s thirds.” 234
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