Floyd County, Virginia  

Letter from Paulina (Brogan) Radford to Greenville Radford 1864
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Franklin Co ____

May the 29th 1864

Most worthy and loving Husband I sent myself this morning _______ you of few lines to inform you that myself and our little children is in comon health at this time and I truly hope that these few lines may come safe to you and find you in good health and doing well I will say to you that I need your loving kind and welcom letter yesterday and was truly glad to heare from you your letter was dated may the 5th and it come to your fathers ____ last Tuesday and the kept it consild and never let me no that they had it until the neighbors told me of it and I sent and got it and then they did not wont me to have it and they treat me very bade for they have got your likeness and my ___ ____ and several of my things and they will not let me have them and I wish you to no how they treat me deare Husband I would like to see you for I have many things to tell you that I cont right I will say to you that I am getting along as well as could be expected ___ ____ at that for I miss your co!
mpany and help ____ would aford me mor pleasure than any other _______ blesing to see you and be with you at this time I hope that this civil war will come to a close shortly so you can get to come home and spend the balance of your days with me and our little children dear husband you requsted me to let you no how your Brother Taswell is I will say to you that he is yet very low he sometimes _________ up for a while and then falls back is bade as ever so I do not think that those any regular amendment in him they think that it is very doubtful whether he ever gets well or not you at so wished to no something about the men of the last call I will say to you that there is none gone yet the law reported some of them for regular service and for some of them for light duty some for one thing and some for another but they one all at home yet waiting for special orders times is very ____ in this county and getting harder I believe that some of the woman and children will have to s!
tarve to death before the new crops come in my dear husband I will say to you that I have treated you very unkind in one thing and that is the thing that you asken me about when you was ____ home I supose you neclect what that was I was fors_aked in to things that I ought not to of him and almost forced to do what I did and I wish you to forgave for it though I no I don none I will give you the mans name it was Wm Adkins and he said that he will take the child and take care of it My deare husband I will say to you that I wish to give you the truth of this mater and confess my faults to you and if I could see you I would let you no all about it thare is many things that I could tell you that I cant right and will say to you that thare is no interesting man about this part of the country I wish you to come home as soon as you can and let us live togeather as we once did for you full nearer to me than you ever did in your life and I want you to come home as soon as you can you !
must right to me as soon as you get this and let me no your feelings about me give me all the news that you can and forgive your unworthy wife ___ as I have nothing to Right that will intris you I will come to a close by saying that I am your true and loving wife untle death

Paulina Radford

To M G R Radford

You will pleas to Direct the letters that you right to me Direct them Jesse Radford

Note: Greenville Radford, son of George Radford, married Paulina Brogan Sept. 18, 1856 in Floyd County, Virginia.
Their children were John and Peter.