Submitted by: Mary Frances (Conner) Williams

Revealed in Article by Dr. R. T. Akers
Old History of County Schools in 1881
(Editor's Note:  Mr. Cornelius Mitchell gave us the story below.  He states that the school year is the year he was born, 1881.  Also that no teacher is living who taught.  He believes Mrs. Virginia Peterman was the last in this list to die.)
(By R. T. Akers)
    About this time there arose a new political party in the State known as the Readjuster Party; which swept the state like wild fire; carrying with it the principle part of the Republican Party and enough Democrats to make a large majority in the House of Representatives.  This resulted in the dismissing of practically all the Superintendents, County Judges and other State and county officials.
    In this county a young school teacher, by the name of John W. Simmons, who had obtained his education at the Oxford Academy in Floyd, was appointed Superintendent to succeed Dr. C. M. Stigleman.
    This year seventy-one white and seven colored teachers were issued certificates to teach; out of this number sixty-seven white and six colored were employed to teach.  They were:
Locust Grove District - 15 teachers and 15 schools:
Jacob T. Hall, Brownlow Light, James R. Richards, M. G. Kelley, S. J. Light, Raleigh Iddings, C. M. Light; P. W. Poff, J. T. Richards, Isaac J. Vest, Wm. M. Vest, Callie Cannaday, James T. Clowers, George C. Reynolds (Col.) and Giles H. Guerrant (col).
Little River District - 15 schools and 15 teachers:
J. W. Thurman, Thomas B. Cannaday, Henry Lawrence,  S. P. Cronk, Wm. H. Naff, James A. Sowers, H. V. Cole, G. W. Martin, Nannie Evans, Joseph F. Turner, Allie Shelor, H. J. Pugh, S. J. Rutrough, Lenden Deskins (col.) and Mary E. Snow, (col.).
Jacksonville District - 13 schools and 13 teachers:
G. W. Owens, Florence Graham, Leah Lancaster, Wm. P. Lawrence, Mark D. Evans, D. B. Conner, R. M. Simmons, Alex Weddle, J. W. Haden, Marcie Dillon, Ella Evans, James C. Huff, Walter S. Clark, (col.)
Alum Ridge District - 7 schools and 7 teachers:
David L. Eller, Virginia Peterman, G. D. Reed, Elisha Reed, Henry Reed, Mary J. Eller, R. P. Howell.
Indian Valley District - 13 schools and 13 teachers:
George A. Willis, George W. Castle, D. M. Swoin, J. Spence, S. A. Buckingham, John W. Hurst, Henry C. Hall, Wm. Reed, R. T. Akers, C. W. Teel, G. E. Hambrick, Isaac T. Hall, W. T. Akers, (col)
Burks Fork District - 10 schools and 10 teachers:
Wm. Carner, Albert E. Hylton, Margaret Jewell, B. T. Weddle, J. M. Goord, J. W. DeHart, C. D. Hylton, J. F. Shelor.