Picnic 2005 Index

Researcher's Picnic
June 25, 2005

*Allison Galt-Hall

*Jean Schaeffer and Genevieve Starkey

*Rena Worthen and Paul Collins

*Bill Moran

*Cecil Hill

*Chuck Reed

*Margarette Tynan

*Henry Ayres

*Joel and Linda (Underwood) Miller

*Mildred (Walters) Moore

*Bill Conner

*Rev. James Underwood

*Aurora and John Underwood

*Addie Ford

*John Ford

*Pearlie Lovern

*Linda (Aldridge) Haney

*Rebecca Weeks

*Wade Doyle

*David Shank

*Group - Enthralled by Effie

*Muriel Dalton

*Effie King Brown and Jean Schaeffer

*Johanna Brown

*Genevieve Starkey, Margarette Tynan, Rena Worthen

*Ann Bailey and Group


*Patrick and Kristi Stultz

*Barbara Stanley - List Granny

*Phyllis and Archie Sumner

*Jim and Duaine_(Doris)_Boone.html

*Tommy and Ruby Underwood

*Linda McCloud and Betty Chumbley

Unknown - 3

Unknown - 4

Unknown - 5