George Warren Family of Maryland

George Warren, Jr.

GEORGE WARREN , Jr (GEORGE WARREN , Sr25, THOMAS WARREN24, JOHN WARREN23, THOMAS NEWTOWNE WARREN22, IGNATIUS WARREN21, JOHN WARREN20, JOHN WARREN19, LAURENCE WARREN18, EDWARD WARREN17, LAURENCE WARREN16, Sir JOHN WARREN , Knight Lord of Poynton15, LAURENCE WARREN14, JOHN WARREN , Esquire13, Sir LAURENCE WARREN , Knight12, NICHOLAS WARREN , Lord of Poynton11, JOHN WARREN10, EDWARD WARREN , Last Earl9, EDWARD WARREN8, JOHN WARREN7, JOHN WARREN6, WILLIAM WARREN5, REGINALD WARREN4, WILLIAM RUFUS WARREN , II Earl of Surry3, WILLIAM WARREN2, William WARREN1) was born ABT 1754 in Montgomery County, Maryland USA, and died 1809 in Montgomery County, Maryland USA. He married Elizabeth CAWOOD ABT 1775 in Charles County, Maryland USA, daughter of Thomas CAWOOD and Ann FRISHWATER. She was born 1751 in Charles County, Maryland USA, and died BEF 1799 in Montgomery County, Maryland USA. He married Sarah RICKER 12 Jun 1799 in Montgomery County, Maryland USA.

Descendants of GEORGE WARREN, Jr

1 GEORGE WARREN, Jr b: Abt 1754 d: 1809
.....+Elizabeth Cawood b: 1751 m: Abt 1775 d: Bef 1799
2 BASIL WARREN b: 31 December 1783 d: 26 December 1855
........+Margaret Clark b: 27 July 1785 m: Abt 1810 d: 4 May 1858
*2nd Wife of GEORGE WARREN, Jr:
.....+Sarah Ricker m: 12 June 1799
2 Walter Warren b: Abt 1800 d: Bef 1868
.........+Nancy Caroline Hill b: 1802 m: 6 May 1819 d: 28 September 1853

Notes on George Warren

Lived with father in Frederick Co MD Sugar Land Hundred in 1776 Census age 21

Took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon Elisha Williams on 3/2/1777 (Ref: Y-3:80, L-1:46) "George Warring was a Private, 7th Co, Upper Bn Militia, August 30, 1777 (Ref: M-194)

In 1790 Montgomery Co Md. Census, there is a George Warren (90-179) with 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 3 females and one slave

info from Harold E Warren, Bristol VA from Montgomery Co MD County Clerk's office, Howard M. Smith, Clerk, signed by Mary D Burton that George Warren and Sarah Ricker were married on 6/12/1799.

info from Warren, George Spouse : Ticker, Sarah
Marriage date : Jun 12, 1799
County of record : Montgomery Co. Md

Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850 Record
info about George Warren
Name: George Warren
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 12 Jun 1799
Spouse: Sarah Ticker
Spouse Gender: Male
State: Maryland
County: Montgomery

Bill of the appraisement of the estate of George Warren, Dec'd, dated 3/20/1810, Will Book 3, page 131 and 132 Admin Bond dated 17th October 1809/ to Bazil (signed Basil) to administer goods, chattels and credits of George Warren deceased.
12 hogs, 12 sheep, 1 jrydcd?, 1 brindle cow & bell, 1 spotted heifer, 1 bay horse, 1 old sorrel horse, 1 sorrel horse, 1 gray filly, 1 waggon, 1 plow and irons, 1 shovel plow, 1 jack screw, sundreys, 1 harrow plow, tobacco, 1 cutting box and knife, 1 saddle, brickbands, hems and sundreys, 1 pr of streyards?, hems, chains, collers and bridles, barrels, straw, 1 bigs wheel, 1 flax wheels, 1 chest, pots and sundreys. Pg 132 cupbord furniture, cooper ware, 1 shotgun, 1 feather bed, 2 beds, 1 bed stead, 1 cag, sheep shears. A total vlue of 380.44. This is from the Hist. soc. also.,

1800 Census in Montgomery Co., MD
Free White Males 2 under 10 one 10-16 and one 16-26
Free White Females one 10-16 and 2 slaves
Ages aren't right for this family. George should be 45 and second wife Sarah isn't listed.
Could this be another son George III
The 1806 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List includes:
Whites Blacks Over 16 Blacks under 16 Horses
Waren, George 2 - - 6
Warren, John 1 - - -

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