Charles Cole Family of Grayson County, VA

Margaret M. Cole Family

Margaret Marie COLE (Adolphus Houston COLE6, Milton Whaley COLE5, David M COLE4, Charles COLE , Jr3, Charles COLE , Sr2, COLE1) was born 15 Apr 1903 in Texas USA, and died 13 Sep 1973 in Sulphur Springs, Hillsborough County, Florida USA. She married Joseph John WERNEKE Aug 1923 in Baltimore, Maryland USA, son of George Joseph WERNEKE and Katherine M WEBER. He was born 23 Sep 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and died Aug 1969 in Fallston, Baltimore County, Maryland USA. She married WILLIAM FREDERICK WIRTH , JR 31 Dec 1937 in Alexandria, Virginia USA, son of WILLIAM FREDERICK WIRTH , SR and Barbara M WEISINGER. He was born 21 Oct 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and died 27 Nov 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland USA. She married Edwin Prentice in Tampa, Florida.

Descendants of Margaret Marie Cole

1 Margaret Marie Cole b: 15 April 1903 d: 13 September 1973
....+Joseph John Werneke b: 23 September 1900 m: August 1923 d: August 1969
2 Catherine Marie Werneke b: 24 August 1924
.........+William C Whippo b: 13 June 1918 m: 24 November 1946 d: 9 May 1987
*2nd Husband of Catherine Marie Werneke:
.........+Elmer Bennett m: Aft 1963 d: 14 May 1997
2 George Leo Werneke b: 15 August 1925 d: 3 May 2006
2 Pauline Agnes Werneke b: 1926 d: Aft 1952
*2nd Husband of Pauline Agnes Werneke:
.........+Buddy Graves m: November 1950
2 Theresa Margariette Werneke b: 15 October 1928 d: 27 June 1992
*2nd Husband of Margaret Marie Cole:
.........+WILLIAM F. WIRTH, JR b: 21 October 1910 m: 31 December 1937 d: 27 November 1958 (My Mom & Dad)
2nd wife of William Wirth - Alice Streett Greer
*3rd Husband of Margaret Marie Cole:
........+Edwin Prentice m: Aft 1950

Mom & Dad Mom & Eddie (My stepfather)

My mother, Margaret and Joe Werneke had 4 children

Leo, Marie, Pauline, Theresa and Me (an only child with 4 half siblings)

My mother, Margaret and William Wirth had me (only child)

My Dad, William remarried after the divorce from my Mom.
My stepmother had 3 children from a previous marriage,
and Dad and her had 2 children.

This is my stepmother, me and my dad

Two of the stepchildren were twins.
Vernon and Michael were the same age as I was. The picture to the right is the 3 of us.
I never called them my step family. They were my brothers and sisters

Margie was the Oldest of the 3 and here
she is with my son David

Then came the 2 children from the marriage between Dad and Alice

This is Billy & Terri and me This is Billy & Terri and our cousin Harriett

Notes for Margaret Marie Cole,
Werneke, Wirth, Prentice

Personal knowledge (my mother)
Worked for Muhley's Bakery in Balto, MD

Funeral card reads Margaret Marie Prentice dob 4/15/1903 dod September 13, 1973. The funeral parlor was Wilson Sammom Co. Inc, Tampa Fl. I remember the funeral director telling us about MOM. He told the story of when Paul Staudte died, how she had to pay the bill in installments. He was quite impressed that she made monthly payments without fail, until the bill was paid. I don't know if they were ever married or not. He told us after that, she made sure, that her funeral would be paid for. She had everything picked out including clothes and casket.

My mother, what can I say? I can remember sitting under the table while she was ironing. I had a pair of scissors and apparently cut my hair. She asked me what I was doing and I said nothing. Thence, my first lesson about telling lies. I ran from her, and she caught me with a pussywillow branch in hand. All the way up the street, I remember the switch and with it the words, you are not getting this for cutting your hair, but for lying to me. That has stuck all my life. I cannot to this day stand a lie.

After that, I came down with Rheumatic Fever while I was in the 2nd grade. I was walking home from school, and couldn't make it. One of the kids I was with went and got MOM. That is when I was diagnosed. Even that has pleasant memories. I remember the nurse at the doctor's office hooking up the wires to me for I guess an electrocardiagram singing the song Baby Face to me. I remember getting to go out in my big stroller. It was a big wicker chair with wheels.

Mom eventually moved to Florida. I would only see her when she came back up to Baltimore on a trip. When she died, Teresa, Glenda, Leo, Frances and Steve flew to Florida.

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