George Warren Family of Maryland and Virginia

Spencer White Warren

SPENCER WHITE WARREN (WILLIAM WARREN28, BASIL WARREN27, GEORGE WARREN , Jr26, GEORGE WARREN , Sr25, THOMAS WARREN24, JOHN WARREN23, THOMAS NEWTOWNE WARREN22, IGNATIUS WARREN21, JOHN WARREN20, JOHN WARREN19, LAURENCE WARREN18, EDWARD WARREN17, LAURENCE WARREN16, Sir JOHN WARREN , Knight Lord of Poynton15, LAURENCE WARREN14, JOHN WARREN , Esquire13, Sir LAURENCE WARREN , Knight12, NICHOLAS WARREN , Lord of Poynton11, JOHN WARREN10, EDWARD WARREN , Last Earl9, EDWARD WARREN8, JOHN WARREN7, JOHN WARREN6, WILLIAM WARREN5, REGINALD WARREN4, WILLIAM RUFUS WARREN , II Earl of Surry3, WILLIAM WARREN2, William WARREN1) was born 9 Jun 1855 in Washington County, Virginia USA, and died 24 Apr 1938 in Marion, Smyth County, Virginia USA. He married Margaret A ROBERTS 23 Apr 1874 in Washington County, Virginia USA, daughter of James Franklin ROBERTS and Sarah GRAY. She was born 29 Jun 1855 in Wilkes County, North Carolina USA, and died 13 Jun 1919 in Decatur, Denton County, Texas USA. He married Melinda Tempie MUSICK AFT 1919, daughter of Thomas Jefferson MUSICK and Mary Catherine POWERS. She was born 4 Aug 1871.

Young Spencer Warren

Descendants of Spencer White Warren

1 SPENCER WHITE WARREN b: 9 June 1855 d: 24 April 1938
.....+Margaret A Roberts b: 29 June 1855 m: 23 April 1874 d: 13 June 1919
2 Mary A Warren b: 28 March 1875 d: 26 August 1878
2 Lula Stuart Warren b: 1877 d: 30 January 1946
.........+George Washington Sheridan b: 19 February 1875 m: 5 August 1900 d: 20 May 1938
2 James W Warren b: Abt 1879
2 Sarah Elizabeth Warren b: 27 May 1880 d: 5 July 1961
.........+Adolphus Houston Cole b: 2 June 1879 m: 30 September 1899 d: 3 July 1950
2 Lillian Warren b: Abt 1881
.........+Poe b: Abt 1881 m: Abt 1901
2 Christine Warren b: Abt 1882
.........+Lowry b: Abt 1882 m: Abt 1902
2 John W Warren b: June 1883
.........+?????? m: 18 December 1912
2 George Washington Warren b: 11 February 1884 d: 23 February 1884
2 Joseph Warren b: April 1885
2 Richard Warren b: 1 June 1886 d: 21 October 1915
2 Gerdie? Warren b: June 1889
2 Emma/Erma Warren b: Abt 1890
2 Maggie Warren b: December 1893
2 Dick Warren b: 1898
*2nd Wife of Spencer White Warren:
.....+Melinda Tempie Musick b: 4 August 1871 m: Aft 1919

Notes on Spencer White Warren

From the Families of Washington County and Bristol, Virginia 1776-1996
Moved Family to Dallas TX abt 1895, but Sarah married Adolphus Cole in Washington Co in 1899. According to the 1900 Washington Co census, they had 2 children born in Texas Maggie in 1893 and Dicke in 1898. They must have gone to TX ca 1892 and returned ca 1899. That would go along with Sarah marrying Adolphus in 1899.

They were married in Wash Co VA listed as ages 19 for both of them in 1874

1860 Federal census for Washington County, VA - he is listed as 6 b 1854
Married in 1874 listed as 19 b 1854 or 1855 depending on month born
according to 1880 he is 22 making him born in 1858
In 1900 census he is listed as 48 making him born in 1852
1910 Census Denton Co. lists Spencer, Maggie, Emma, Cricket, Dick

1880 Federal Census for Washington County, VA - census at LDS
Name Relation MarStat Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Bp Mother's Bp
Spencer WARREN Self M Male W 22 VA Renter VA VA
Margaret A. WARREN Wife M Female W 22 NC Keeping House NC NC
Lula WARREN Dau S Female W 3 VA VA NC
James W. WARREN Son S Male W 1 VA VA NC

Source Information:
Census Place North Fork, Washington, Virginia
Family History Library Film 1255394
NA Film Number T9-1394
Page Number 191C

Per Jeff Weaver
He is in North Fork District, Washington Co., VA in 1900, listing shows:
Warren, Spencer, age 48, married 26 years, farmer, owns his farm.
Margaret, age 44, married 26 years, 17 children, 9 then living, she was born in VA, but both parents were born in NC.
(The 17 children, might be 12, but looks more like 17).
Johnie, Son, age 17 (Farm laborer)
Joseph, Son age 15 (Farm Laborer)
Girdie Daughter age 1_ (might be 10) (At School)
Emma, Daughter age 10 (At School)
Maggie, Daughter age 9 (born in Texas)
Dick, Son age 1 (born in Texas)

Have not found any info about his marriage to Tempie Musick and where they lived. My sister Theresa talked about an Aunt Tempie, which she would have been because she was married to Spencer's brother. Book above states that Spencer married his brother's widow, Tempie

Spencer "Dick" Warren died in Marion at a home for the mentally ill. We suspect now that he actually had alzheimer's.

Dick's grave in the Warren Family Cemetery was marked by a stone from the original home. I took a stone with his name and dates to the cemetery on Monday, April 23, 2001. Thanks to cousin Houston Cole for supplying the funds, and cousins John Cole and Harold Warren for supplying the manpower to place the stone for me.

Spencer is buried in the Warren Family Cemetery, Abingdon, Virginia

I took the engraved stone to the cemetery and had it placed on top of the original
marker, which was a stone from the fireplace of the homestead

Maggie is buried in the Belew Cemetery in Denton County, TX
I couldn't find the stone when I was there.

Both of these pictures are supposed to be Spencer.
The one on the left is supposed to be Spencer and Maggie
The one on the right is supposed to be Spencer and Tempie
To me, the pictures should be reversed as Spencer (if they are both Spencer).
The one on the right seems younger than the one on the left.
Maybe they are both Maggie and Spencer?????

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