Barclay Family History & Lore  

Barclay Family History & Lore


by W. H. Barclay, descended from Robert Barclay, son of Robert Barclay of Rowan
County, North Carolina before 1755

revised in July, 1982

revised again by Carl Locke, 1992

(1) 1067 - 1610 A. D. comments David Barclay of Mathers, Scotland.

(2) 1610 - 1686 Col. David Barclay, from Gordonsturn and Ury Estates, Scotland

(3) 1648 - 1690 Robert Barclay, ‘Apologist" Ury Castle, near Aberdeen, Scotland.

(4) 1672 - 1748 Robert Barclay, son of above, Ury, Scotland. Laird of Ury.

(5) l600 - Robert Barclay, son of above, grandson of Apologist, Ury & ?

(6) - 1786 Robert Barclay, son of Aboe of Ury and Rowan Co., N. C.

(7) 1758? - 1846 Robert Barclay, son of Rowan Co., N. C. Also lived in MO.

(8) 1812 - 1900 / 1 Derrett Hubbard Barclay, son of above, along with the others

1) David Barclay, father of Col. David Barclay, stated that there had always been a
Barclay Group. About 150 men and their families moved from North Ireland around
1067 to Mathers Province, Scotland, this no doubt for religious and economical
reasons. This was after the Crusades, and a Robert I was first king of Scotland before
the wars with the Normandy Saxons and British groups.

2) Col. David Barclay, son of above, married Lady Katherine Gordon, a relative of the
Stuart’s of Holland from which came Princess Elizabeth of Holland and James I and II
of the United Kingdom eventually. lady Gordon owned "Gordonstun" later to become a
Boarding School for boys and in which the present Prince of Wales spend part of his
boyhood. to Col. David and his wife, lady Gordon, was born Robert the Apologist in
148. Col David had become a Quaker. Lady Gordon died in 1674. Col. David died at
Ury in his son’s home, which had been purchased and built for his son, in 1686.

3) Robert the Quaker ‘Apologist" as he was known, born to above in 1648. married
Christian Mollison 1670, had 3 sons, Robert 1672, David 1682, john 1687, and 5 girls.
A book was written by Eldon Trueblood on this Robert the Apologist, with comments
about the others, while attending Cambridge in England, which will not be attempted for
summary herein. This Robert became Laird of Ury. Thus the beginning of No. (4).

4) Robert, Laird of Ury, married Elizabeth Braine 1696. 3 sons Robert 1699, John,
1701, David 1710, plus 5 girls. The Laird died 1747.

Herein No. 5 and 6 can be combined.

5 & 6) Robert 1699 - 1786. Suggest born at Ury, went to Rowan Co., N. C. 1748 plus or
KING JAMES II. One of the prior Robert’s was a friend of the King and spent one
summer visiting him. Lord Granville owned some lands in the American Colony, which
he did not return to the crown when he resigned before the Revolutionary. War. Also
the King had personal lands and title appeared to be known as King Lines. John, the
brother acquainted with he Lord, possibly looked after his estate in Scotland, and made
a deal to come to the Colony and sell properties for the King and the Lord. Abstract
records indicate some of the transactions 1759-63, as an example, but does not
preclude prior transactions, just the ones that are known. You ask why didn’t he get
married sooner? Being Scotch, you know the answer, couldn’t afford it sooner, and it
was a custom for men to wait later in life before marriage. Remember these boys were
going through Industrial Revolution oat home, the Renaissance, Reformation, Indian,
French Wars, and finally Revolutionary War of the Colonies 1776-79. He apparently
lmarried a young lady for name of Leah ____. So it was not impossible for her to be
bearing children to him ate in his life. - Eusibius Hubbard, a Captain, said that the
Cornstalk Battalion was called into service in 1777,which was old for our Robert, but
he was known to have been a Captain also.

My father, Noah Sterling Barclay, stated to me that two brothers came to North
Carolina from SCOTLAND (not Ireland) both having large families which the Family
Groups show. Henry is name suggested for the brother living in Orange County,
N>R>? Three sons make an impression at least. Samuel 1758? married Mary Davis
1784, inherited the homestead 1786 - 88, for Robert, the brother from Missouri and
Walter, the brother form Woodville, Texas, both returned to Rowan Co. to help settle
the estate. THIS IS A FACT. However, the birth date of the last two just does not meet
date requirements, as their father gave them land in Kentucky, which they only
retained a short time and disposed of before separating and going to Mo. and Texas,
etc. Walter arrived in Texas 1826. Robert of Mo. will be handled in clause No. (7). This
Robert, the Rowan Co., one, joined a Jersey Church as it was called the Jersey
Church, which had been a Quaker Church at Malapan, n. J. Two other groups, namely
Baptist and Campbelites, joined with he minister, Rev. john Gregory, and determined it
as a Baptist. later, Thomas and Alexander Campbell withdrew and joined with Barton
Stone in what was later known as the Christian Church (Disciples) at Boynton , C. C.
about thirty miles north of Robert’s home on Buffalo Creek. So he could not have
reasonably been a Catholic or the John Barclays’ (Robert 1717-18) unaccounted for.
Besides, he had enough money to purchase livestock and other real and personal
property from Andrew Pitts on Oct. 13, 1759 to begin some form of agriculture. It took
him two years to get title from Lord Granville in England to 708 acres on Buffalo
Creek. At the same time, John Beard purchas4ed 280 acres adjoining his, both paying
10 English Sterling Shillings, both transactions being recorded on April 4, 1761. The
John Barclay’s , brother and nephews of the Apologist ran the family Mercantile and
Shipping Business out of Dublin, Ireland.

The David family went to England and was a successful business man. It is possible
that he or his off-spring started the Bank of England. met a young lady from Salisbury,
NC Rowan county, last week, and she stated that Barclay’s Limited, and located in the
area, was a branch of the English bank, and that she was aware of where Buffalo Creek
was. As to the other Robert Barclay in the area at the same time, have been able to
determine who he was. One of the John Barclay’s in Penn. or NY, who drove the first
nail in the first building at Cornell University., had a Robert who migrated to Rowan
Co. and was a shoemaker, as advised by two sisters in Iowa by rescent
correspondence. Little imagination would be required to write a book o this man, since
one has already been written on the Apologist. It is almost a miracle that so much
information is still available. Therefore, I hereby declare that Robert of Rowan Co. N.
C. n C. was the great grandson of Robert Barclay the Quaker Apologist.

7) Robert Barclay, son of Robert Barclay of Rowan Co., n. C., along with his brother
Walter, must have been born earlier in the sequence of births, since they would have
needed to be 18 or 21 years of age to have ownership of land in Kentucky in 1784.
Robert could have married Mary Hubbard in Va. or Mo. before coming to Mo. and
briefly settling near Clinton, MO., wherein he declared or homestead on a tract of land
on a tributary to the Mo. river, which frequently became inundated. He later acquired
two tracts of land 3 1/2 miles wet and about six miles north of Columbia, MO;, on a
creek named for him later and still bearing the name. It would not be too far from the
Univ. of MO according to one of the Deans of Tulsa Univ.

Evidently, the Davidsons and Atteberry’s were neighbors since there was so much
intermarriage of the children of each. Robert is reported to also have been in the
service of his county? From this marriage to Mary Hubbard came among others,
Derrett Hubbard Barclay, or extended grandparents, who conceived 16 children, 12 of
which lived to some age of accountability, and from which has grown the urge to compile a
history, along with some of his brothers and sisters. Family Group resumes will follow,
but as previously stated, I am proud to be a Barclay.

W. H. Barclay


Barclay Information From Scotland to America to East Texas to 1850

                      by Margaret Barclay of Waco,Tx, July 1964

       (including information from the census of 1850 and links to other families by marriage

                 compiled by Teddy Barclay Pope, Tyler County, Texas 1999)

The ancestry of the Barclays of Ury and Mathers is to be found in Burke’s "Peerage
and Gentry" down to John Barclay, the third son of Robert Barclay of Ury and his wife,
Christian Mollison. This John, who was born at Ury 8-20-1687, was sent to Dublin to
manage the shipping interest of the family. There Burke leaves him. His line has been
traced by R. Burnham Moffat in "The Barclays of New York: Who They Are and Who
They Are Not," and was made easy by the fact that Ury, made a free barony in 1679,
was entailed, and it was necessary to obtain an act of parliament to free it in order that
sale of some of the land could be made in 1805. At that time all possible heirs were
interviewed for signature of the documents.

These records show that John Barclay of Dublin married 2) Ann Strettell, born in
Dublin 12-23-1694, died 2-21-1971 in Dublin, daughter of Amos Strettell, merchant, and
his wife, Experience. The marriage was 3-19-1713. They had two sons, Robert and
John. Robert was born 1-19-1717/18 (calendar change makes this date variable) and no
further mention is made of him. John is mentioned with deeds until his marriage to a
Catholic, and after that no mention is made of him at all.

Under date of 11-3-1955, Capt. Robert E. Barclay, Geerings, Warnham, Sussex,
England, wrote to Mrs. Barclay Megarity, 4110 Watt, Waco, Tex. that there are two
conflicting documents in the family archives and until it can be ascertained which is
correct, the American Branch of the family cannot be listed in Burk’s. Of these
documents, one says that Robert died while very young; the other that he displeased
the family and was cast off. There is no record in the Society of Friends in Dublin of the
death of Robert, only of his birth, and the Friends kept detailed records, as did the
Barclays who were fanatical Quakers. John, the younger son was cast off, without even
a mention from the day of his marriage. The book, "A History of the Barclay Family
with Pedigrees from 1067 to 1933" in three volumes, by Charles W. Barclay, uncle of
the present chieftain, lists Robert. There is no other Barclay by the name of Robert at
that time who is not accounted for but this particular Robert. The family legend, which
has proven true in most points, contends that Robert of Rowan County, N.C. was the
grandson of Robert Barclay of Ury and that no other member of his immediate family
was in America. The Barclay Bible, in the possession of Speck Resinger of Woodville,
had the pages torn out when examined in 1961. On those pages were the record of

John Barclay of Dublin owed the "Barclay Frigate" which was provisioned in Dublin
4-2-1742, and the "Diana" of Dublin, provisioned 2-24-1743. He was allowed shipment
of wheat to Barbadoes 10-16-1741. It is probable that young Robert took one of these
vessels to the colonies following trouble with his family.

Pictures of French and British Frigates are available today, and the Barclay Frigate
probably looked very much like one of them.

The story of Robert Barclay of Rowan County, N. C. is taken from facts found in the
"History of the Liberty Baptist Association" by Elder Henry Sheets, and Lawson’s
"History of North Carolina," as well as the colonial records of Rowan County, N. C.

Robert Barclay of Rowan was born 1-9-1717/18 in Dublin Ireland. He came to America
and settled sometime before 1755, as in that year the Baptist congregation of
Malapan, New Jersey, which had formerly been members of the Quaker sect, went to
North Carolina under the guidance of Rev. John Gregory, and, with two other
denominations, built a church which they called the Jersey Church. The other
denominations fell by the wayside and the church became, and is today, Baptist. The
American Revolution, two earthquakes, and time have destroyed many of the graves
there, but as some of the children of Robert Barclay are buried in that churchyard, it is
supposed that he is, also.

Deed Book 4, page 617 Rowan County, N. C. shows that on 4-4-1761, and proved in
court in 1762, Robert Barclay was granted 708 acres by the Earl of Granville, the only
lord proprietor of North Carolina who had not ceded his rights back to the king. The
average grant at that time was 200 acres. To receive more, a man had to be of
importance, of good birth. Or have the means to buy more land. By 1778 Robert
Barclay was paying taxes on 894 acres of land, and there are records of his doing jury
duty, acting as surveyor, overseeing road construction, etc. Robert had land grants in
Kentucky, also, these being given to his sons Walter and Robert. Disposal of all of the
Barclay land is accounted for in the Rowan records.

Robert was evidently a very sick man for some time prior to his death. His will, dated
12-5-1786, states that he is weak in body but strong in mind, but he was not able to sign
it, merely marking it with an "X". As he had served in civic capacities which required
an education, he did not do this because of illiteracy. The will was probated in 1788,
being in Will Book C, page 121, Rowan County, N. C. records. It mentions his wife,
Leah, his sons Samuel (the oldest, who inherited the home place, according to the laws
of primogeniture under which the colony operated), David, John, Robert, William and
Walter, and daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary and Rachel. William
died, leaving his property to his brothers Walter and Robert. Records show that
Catherine married a Hendrickson, Margaret and Mary married Todd Brothers. Leah
is on the 1800 census, but the Barclay line in North Carolina with her grandsons.(
Many of the children went to Kentucky. There, Robert married Mary Hubbard, Walter
married Elizabeth McQueen,, Madison Kentucky girls. John, David and Samuel also
went to Kentucky, and one or more of the sisters and their husbands. Walter moved
into Tenn, and then Alabama until ultimately going to Texas. Robert moved into the
Louisana Purchase and the part that became MO. Added by Teddy Barclay Pope in

There was another Robert Barclay in Rowan County at the same time, but his name
was always spelled "Barkley" and he was a Presbyterian, living in the western section
of the county. A descendant was Senator and Vice-President Albin Barclay of
Kentucky, another Adlai Stevenson. This line has been thoroughly traced by its
historian, William D. Kizziah of Salisbury, N. C.

Walter Barclay was born in 1774 in North Carolina, according to the 1850 census of
Tyler County, Texas, page 18, dwelling 130. He and his brother, Robert, went to
Kentucky to take up land grants of their father, which they later sold, recording the
sale in Rowan County. Deed book 23, page 14, 1-29-1814, states that Joseph Haden of
Rowan County let John Darr of Rowan have 183 acres on Richard’s Creek adjoining
Benjamin Todd, Thomas Adams, Caleb Campbell and George Fezor, being part of a
track originally owned by the deceased Robert Barclay, which Walter and Robert
Barclay let Thomas Durham have 5-18-1789. Vol. 17, Deed Book, page 327, dated
10-2-1797, shows that Robert and Walter Barclay sold by deed made in Kentucky two
tracts of land in Rowan County. There was only one Walter Barclay on the tax rolls of
Kentucky during that year. On page 27, Madison County, Kentucky Records printed
by the Kentucky State Historical Society, the marriage of Walter Barclay and
Elizabeth McQueen is recorded as occurring 1-27-1804. She was born in Richmond,
Madison County, Kentucky, in 1790, according to the same source. At that time,
James, Joshua and John McQueen were paying taxes in Kentucky, having come over
together from Scotland. They moved afterward to Tennessee as some of their children
are listed as being born in that state. It may have been the second marriage for Walter
as he was 30 years of age at that time, his wife was 14, and a son, Peter, who remained
in Kentucky, is mentioned as his child, but not as their child.

The 1820 census lists Walter Barclay in Tennessee, the l830 census lists him in
Alabama, just across the line from Tennessee, where he had lived at Hoover’s Gap.
His sons Anderson, James and Robert remained in Tennessee, coming directly from
there to Texas. Younger sons, Jerry and Milton, were born in Alabama.

Family tradition has it that Walter and his older sons came to Texas in 1826, deciding
to go back for their families. Anderson received land grants in 1828. There is no record
of the others, officially, until 1834. Walter settled first in Nacogdoches, then moved to
Town Bluff, the presence of the Barclays there being on record in the University of
Texas archives. Later he moved to the farm owned by his son, James, out from
Woodville, having a separate house a few hundred yards from that of James. Walter
died there in 1858, according to the minutes of the Bethel Baptist Church. He is listed
on the 1850 census of Tyler County as having property worth $2,000.00. Elizabeth
McQueen Barclay is listed on the 1860 census as living with her son, Melton, (Milton)
and having property in the amount of $l,000.00. She died 5-15-1863 and her estate was
administered by her son, James, according to records in Woodville.

Children of Walter Barclay and Elizabeth McQueen were: sons; Robert(Sarah
McKinsey), Anderson (Sara Prathor), John (Louisa Jame Pruitt) , David (Mary Jane
Enloe) James (Virginia Ann Foster), Jeremiah Todd(Elizabeth Rigsby) and Milton,
daughters; Mary (Polly)(James Beven), Louisa (Humley Jennings). The latter was
named for uncle, Milton McQueen. Robert's son Walter and James married Fosters;
Jerry married Elizabeth Ann Rigsby, daughter of a Foster and niece to the other

The "Todd" in Jeremiah’s name came from the Todd Family into which his aunts
married in North Carolina. They were sons of General Todd of Pennsylvania, and
relatives of Mary Todd, who married Abraham Lincoln.. The McQueens were
descended from the Scottish Clan of that name.

link to McQueen

Walter Barclay, age 30 b.1774Rowan Co NC d.1858 Tyler Co Texas father Robert
Barclay Rowan Co NC mother Leah Madison Barclay Rowan Co NC m. 1804
Elizabeth McQueen, age 14, b. 1790 Mad. Co Ken d. 5/15, 1863 Tyler Co Texas

Milton b. 1829 Ala d. father Walter Barclay mother Elizabeth McQueen 1866 Tyler
County, Texas

link to Prather

Anderson E Barclay B. 1807 TN Rutherford Co d. Tyler County, Texas father Walter
Barclay, mother Elizabeth McQueen m. Sarah Prather b. May 23, 1815 Catahoula Psh.
d. Tyler Co Texas

William Walter Barclay b. 1831 (Watt) father Anderson E Barclay mother Sarah
Prather, d. 1899

Elizabeth Barclay b. 1839 father Anderson E. Barclay m. Sarah Prather

link to Enloe

David M Barclay b. 1820 d. Dec 31 1888 Robertson Co Tx father Walter Barclay
mother Elizabeth McQueen m. Mary Jane Enloe b. 1825 Al d. mar 8 1908 Robertson
Co father Benjamin Enloe

link to Rigsby

Jeremiah Todd Barclay b. 1825 Ala d. Tyler Co Tex 1850 father Walter Barclay
mother Elizabeth McQueen m Elizabeth Ann Rigsby father Lewis Rigsby b. 1833 GA
mother Mary Foster d. Jan 21, 1890 Boll Co Tx

William Anderson Barclay b. Dec 23, 1849 d. Oct 24, 1927 Temple, Boll Co, Tx father
Jeremiah Todd Barclay mother Elizabeth Ann Rigsby m. Martha King Ledbetter b.
Feb 14, 1871

link to McQueen

Barclay, Lacy Milton b. 1826 d. unknown, father Robert Barclay mother Sarah
McKinsey m. Nancy McQueen b. 1834 d. Juy 20,1867 Tyler County Texas

link to McKinsey

Robert Barclay b. 1805 d. before 1850 father Walter Barclay mother Elizabeth
McQueen m. Sarah McKinsey (children were Lacy Milton, Walter, James Franklin,
Sara Elizabeth

link to Foster

Walter Barclay b. 1831 d. November 4, 1899 Tyler Co Texas father Robert Barclay
1806 mother Sarah McKinsey m. Martha Jane Foster August 17, 1852 and Mary
Mahaffey Powell Aug 27, 1865

link to Cruse

Robert (Bob) b. Feb 6, 1835 d. Feb 22, 1918 father Walter Barclay mother Martha
Jane Foster m. Ellen Cruse

link to Nolan

James Franklin B. 1833 d. 1865 father Walter Barclay mother ? m. Katherine Nolan

link to Durham

Henry Anderson Barclay b. 1839 father Walter Barclay mother ? m. Mary E Durham

link with Foster

James Walter Barclay b.Feb 11 1816 d. Nov 14, 1873 Tyler Co Tx father Walter
Barclay mother Elizabeth McQueen m. Virginia Ann Foster b. Feb 9, 1827 GA d. Nov
14 1867 Tyler Co Tx

link with Bullock

Jane Elizabeth Barclay b. Feb 16 1842 father James Walter Barclay mother Virginia
Ann Foster m. Jan 11 1865 Tyler Co TX Charles Bullock (first wife Isabella Scott

link with Risinger and link with Hodge

Avarilla Barclay b. 1843 Tyler Co d. Jul 8 1922 Tyler Co father James Barclay mother
Virginia Foster m. Landon James Risinger Jan. 3 1859 and James a Hodge after

Link with Beatty

Mary Lewis Barclay b. Sept 7 1845 Tyler Co Tx d. 1933 Tyler Co Texas father James
Barclay mother Virginia Foster m. Thomas Boston Beatty

link with Linsey

Sarah Anderson Barclay b. Jun 24 1847 d. Sep 9 1935 Tyler County Tx father James
Barclay mother Virginia Foster m.Oct 21 1869 James Oliver Linsey

link with Kincade

James Walter b. Jul 5 1849 d. Dec 27 1907 father James Barclay mother Virginia
Foster m. Dec 22 1870 Tyler Co Tx Nancy Katherine Kincade

Link to Jenning

Louisa J. Barclay b. 1828 Ala father Walter Barclay mother Elizabeth McQueen m.
Jenning, Humley (Humby) b. 1828 Md

link to Bevens

Mary Barclay b. 1818 Ala father Walter Barclay mother Elizabeth McQueen m. James
Bevens b. 1816 Ky

link to Pruitt

John M Barclay b. 1814 TN father Walter Barclay Morther Elizabeth McQueen m.
Louisa Jane Pruitt b. 1829 TN d. Jan 1881 Milan Co Tx

Link to Carr

Sara Elizabeth Barclay b. Oct 18 1848 Tx d. Nov 19 1928 Cottle Co Tx father John M
Barclay mother Louisa Jane Pruitt m. March 14, 1867 Milan Co TXThomas C. Carr

other children of James Barclay b. 1816 Virginia Foster listed below born after 1850

link with Allison

Tennessee Ann Barclay b. 1851 d. 1935 father James Barclay mother Virginia Foster
m. William Allison

John M Barclay father James Barclay mother Virginia Foster b. 1853 Tyler Co d. 1905
Tyler Co

Napoleon Bonapart Barclay b. 1856 Tyler Co Texas d. 1937 Tyler County Texas
father James Barclay mother Virginia Foster m. Marta Estell

?America Barclay b. 1887 Tyler Co Texas d. 1884 Tyler Co Texas father James
Barclay Virginia Foster m

link with Bevil

Phoebe Arizona Barclay b. 1899Tyler Co Texas d. 194? Tyler County Texas father
James Barclay mother Virginia Foster M. Thomas Beaty Bevil

link with Phillips

William Franklin Barclay b. 1861 Tyler Co Texas d. 1904 Tyler Co Texas father James
Barclay mother Virginia Foster m. Ida Phillips

link with Durham

Charles Bullock Barclay b. 1866 Tyler Co Texas father James Barclay mother Virginia
Foster m. ? Durham

The Barkleys of Rowan County North Carolina
by Teddy L. Barclay Pope & Linda Barkley Hoyle

Henry Barkley was a kinsman and in the same generation as Robert Barkley married to Leah Barkley of Rowan Co NC,
and was also a close kinsman of Robert Barkley married to Eleanor Barkley of Rowan Co NC. Mary Barclay was a kinswoman in the same generation of Walter Barkley b. 1776 who married Elizabeth McQueen of Madison Co,
Kentucky.  Walter and Elizabeth went to Tyler Co Texas along with their 8 sons and 3 daughters.

The following is from the book,"The Cowans from County Down". Page 93. On Dec. 30, 1773, Thomas Cowan
marred Mary, a daughter of Henry Barkley. She was born Oct 4, 1775 and died Aug 5, 1836. It can be observed
here that the family of Thomas Cowan and Mary Barkley was directly connected with the ancestry of a US Vice
President, and indirectly with that of a US President. On Jan 31, 1793. William Butin married Mary, a daughter of
Thomas Cowan and his wife Mary Barkley. William Butin's brother, Robert, was an ancestor of Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the US, 1964-1969. Mary Barkely Cowan had a brother, Henry Barkley, Jr. He was an ancestor of the
late Alben W. Barkley, Vice President of the US 1949-1953. Thomas Cowan and Mary (Barkley are burried in Thyatira Presybterian Church Graveyard - Rowan County, NC. --- Check out rootsweb, Rowan County for a cemetery list for Thyatira. I have been there and have seen the graves.

Related email from Linda Barkley in Lincoln Co NC.   Barclay/Barkley
Date: 6/8/99 6:20:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: [email protected] (Linda Hoyle)
To: [email protected]

Teddy, Lincolnton is in Lincoln County, North Carolina.  We are located 40 mi. W of Rowan.  I am still living 40 mi.
from where my pioneer ancestors Henry and Mary (Knox) Barkley, parents of Robert,  settled in the Mill Bridge
community of Rowan Co. approx. 1740.  I live just off the old wagon train trail out of Rowan Co. This is, also, one
of the reasons we have so much of our family history because three generations back family genealogist did the research.  Robert's sister Mary married Rev. War Captain Thomas Cowan.  The Cowan's home is said to still be standing and
they documented Barkley history.  I have been told that former President Lyndon Baines Johnson descends from the
Vice-President of the US Alben W. Barkley is from my line.  His grandfather was born in Lincoln Co. Alben attended
our family reunions when he was a Senator and Speaker of the House.  Alben was interested in genealogy and traced his Barkley lineage.  The only paperwork that I have from Alben is a letter that he had written my Grandfather, when my Grandfather visited him in Washington in the early 40's.  The main speaker at our reunion this Sunday will be George W. Barkley from Winston Salem.  He will turn 98 yrs old in December.  He has the ability to speak for hours but, the
president or a family member will help him end much sooner than that. His father was one of the three that put together
much of our history and a large family chart.  Our Barkley Reunion is one of the oldest continually meeting in the
country. I very much enjoyed reading the story of James Barclay and the Alabama Indians.  I have heard the story but have never had a copy of it. Thank you.  I understand there is a Barclay who was at San Jacinto and one who  lay in state at the Alamo. I have been away from my genealogy for some time.  I had a daughter graduate from high school last week.  I may
be on the edge of  getting serious again
Cousin,  Linda
Discussed in previous e-mail, Henry Barkley's wife Mary Knox
 from family Pres James Knox Polk descended from.

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