Barganier Bibliography

Barganier Bibliography

The Barganier Family Heritage Book, Beatrice Baley Inc.
(Out of Print)

Fields, Gladys, History of the Barganiers; Heriff-Jones Yearbooks; 1977
(Out of Print)

Kirkpatrick, Willett Douglas, The Descendants of Valentine Kirkpatrick, Gateway Press Inc., 1991
(Copies were available from the Kirkpatrick Family Association, I don't know if there are any left)

Families of Falls County, Texas; Falls County Historical Commission, Eakin Press, 1987, ISBN: 0-89015-591-7
(Can still be obtained through the Falls County Historical Society: see the Falls County GenWeb site at
Has Biographies for Clarence Eugene Barganier, Guy Herman Barganier, Hillary Herbert Barganier, James Gerden Barganier and related families.)

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