Bel Air Cemetery


The Bel Air Cemetery was the first official burial ground established in the Seychelles. The French settlers opened this cemetery shortly after their establishment on Mahe and it was located behind the government lodging known as the "L'Establissement du Roi". It was registered open in 1778 and officially closed in 1902. In it was buried most of the early settlers, the exception being the settlers that was buried at their own settlements. The victims of the smallpox epidemic of 1883 and the main flood of 1862 were buried here. Engraved on a slab at the entrance are the words "Belle pensée d'un commandant bienaisant"  

The Bel Air Cemetery is a National Monument of Seychelles.    

List by Tomb or Grave. This list is not complete being mostly based on tombstones. Many graves do not have tombstones.

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