Barnett Family History

Barnett Family History

Jacob Barnett

Born about 1784 in Virginia, Jacob Barnett died in Clinton County, Indiana on 14 Apr 1854 at age 70. He was buried in Paris Cemetery, Clinton County, Indiana. Jacob was the son of ______ Barnett and Eve Mathias, born about 1762. Eve was a daughter of John Mathias, who settled in a part of Virginia that eventually became Hardy County, West Virginia. His home is now a National Historic Site called the John Mathias House, or John Mathias Homestead.  It is located near the town of Mathias, in Hardy County, West Virginia.

Jacob married Elizabeth Webb. Born about 1782 in Pennsylvania. Elizabeth died in Clinton County, Indiana on 16 Apr 1854; she was 72. She also was buried in Paris Cemetery, Clinton County, Indiana.

They had the following children:
i. Aaron (~1806-)
ii. Benjamin (1814-)
iii. Levi (1818-1874)
iv. John Mathias (1822-1880)
v. Adam (1823-)

Jacob and his brother Thomas Barnett were named in the will of John Mathias, dated 13 July 1807, probated 12 October 1819. They were to inherit the “plantation and lands” that John Mathias had purchased from a David Roberts. Thomas' name was intentionally erased from the will, perhaps indicating that he died before the will was probated. John Mathias' other grand children, Joseph, Jacob and John, were to inherit all “other lands”.

On 24 August 1834, Jacob conveyed the inherited Mathias property to his cousins, Jacob and John Mathias. This left the Mathias brothers in possession of most of the nearly 1000 acres originally owned by their grandfather.

Jacob, Elizabeth and their sons' families moved from Virginia to Michigan Township, Clinton County, Indiana about 1835.

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