Extract from 'Doctor George Mayo's Diary'

Reference: Mortlock Library of South Australiana .

A record of his journey as Ship’s Surgeon

aboard the ‘Asia’ 1839.

London to Adelaide, South Australia.


Die Luna February 18

And must I leave my Father & Country! A deep snow. Over the parting with my Father & Sisters a curtain must drop. Walked to Boxwell Lodge to meet the coach to Bath arrived there at 4 P.M. Called on Mr Randolph & dined with him, signed an agreement releasing me from the Trusteeship to Heneage. Started by coach from the "White Hart" Hotel at 7 P.M. for London, freezing hard, no snow up this road. Travelled outside, my sheep-dog kept my legs warm. A man wished me very much to get down with him at Melkham to hear about South Austral; he said he was a married person & would make me comfortable & moreover that there was a beautiful Girl living in the house who also desired to go to South Austral. Expected to see my Brother as I passed thro' Devizes.



Die Martis February 19

Dreadfully cold night; Frost. Came the last 26 miles from Maidenhead by steam on the Great Western railway, did it within the hour. Arrived in London at 7. A.M. Had a row with the Coachman about dog. Lost my Cape. Went to my old lodgings. Spent the evening in Coborn St. Met Kamph there he is rum as ever. Wind N.E. Found a note from Mr Roland Hill at my lodgings & two letters.



Die Mercurii February 20

Frost. Wind N.E. Walked to Coborn St. to breakfast with my dog. Went with Cap: Hurst on board the "Asia" & also the "Agenoria" of which I am part owner. Heard from William. Called on Joe Schombey. E.R.L. called.



Die Jovis February 21

Cloudy. Blew a gale from N.E. last night. Heard from Heneage & written to him. Went on board the "Asia" to see my Berth, it is very small. Met the Comm: Freeman, he seems rather groggy about his legs. Met Cap. Hurst on board the "Agenoria" & walked with him to "Exchange" introduced to McCleod & to Mr Bailey he is very anxious about the "Hooghly" his son Comm: of her, owing to the gale last night from N.E. & not being clear of the River. Called on Mr Charles Dyer in Guilford St. Walked to Kentish Town & called on Mrs Brown, supped there. Home at 11 P.M.



Die Veneris February 22

Snowed last night. Cloudy. Wind Southerly. Walked to Coborn St. to breakfast with Williams sheep-dog "Quick" that arrived yesterday. Scarcely ever have an opportunity of speaking to C.B. Raining the greater part of the day. Drank tea at E.R.L.'s.



Die Saturnii February 23

Pouring rain. Wind S.W. Went on board the "Asia"'. Bought a chest of drawers for Cabin. Called on Mr I. Schombey. Cleared at noon. Wind West. Walked to Brompton & dined with Mr I. Schombey.



Die Solis February 24

Clear Cold day. Wind N.W. Went to St Dunstans Church & heard a sermon on the text this "woman who loved much" Dined at E.R.L.'s. Met M.H. & M.L. there, stayed till late & obliged to get out of window over the iron rails, the door being locked.



Die Luna, February 25

Stormy. Wind Northerly. Bought an iron bedstead. Called on Mr Schombey. Spent the evening at home. Went to bed early, dead tired.



Die Martis February 26

Hail storms. Wind N.W. Got my boxes on board the "Asia" Heard from Mary Jane, been offered a house as a gift from Mr Scott if I would stay & practice at Cheltenham. Drank tea E.R.L.



Die Mercurii February 27

Stormy. Wind W.S.W. Called on Mr Oldfield owner of the "Asia" wrote certificates for the Medicines. Ordered to go on board the "Asia" for good on Saturday. Dined with Mr I. Schombey, met Mrs Sealy of Seend & a party there, she gave me 5s for feeling her pulse. Dirty & rainy.



Die Jovis February 28

Fine day. Wind Westerly. Breakfasted in Coborn St. Tried to persuade Mrs Hurst & C.B. to come with Cap. H. on board the "Asia". Walked with Cap. H. & saw the "Asia" go out of Dock. Called on Mr H. James & promised to write. Supped with M.L. & E.R.L. & adieu.



Die Veneris March 1

Cloudy. Wind Westerly. Written to E.R.L. Went by railway to Deptford & on board the "Asia" from George stairs. Walked back to Town. Walked to Coborn St & spent the evening there & met Cap. Jacks & Watson, & enjoyed myself as usual very much. Truly wish I was going in the "Agenoria".



Die Saturnii March 2

Clear. Wind S.W. Paid off my lodgings & went by coach from Grace-church St to Deptford - on board the "Asia". After waiting some time, I found that owing to some mistake, the Emigrants would not be brought on board before Monday, & therefore I am not required. Walked to Town to my lodgings & found them already let, & as Coborn St is the greatest attraction I bundled down there, they all very kindly received me, & I slept soundly on the Sofa.


Die So1is March 3

Beautiful day. Wind N.E. Walked out in the country before breakfast & gave the sheep-dogs a run. Sat by C.B. at breakfast the rest had had theirs. C.B. has promised me to go out with Mrs H. to South Austral: faith I do not think I should have gone otherwise. Went to Church at Bow with Cap. & Mrs Hurst - heard an excellent sermon. We dined at 2 PM & Mr Betts's Sister (Mrs Hayward) & her son & a Miss Boyce were there, a nice dinner, veal &c. & very pleasant. Went to Church in some out of the way place with Cap. & Mrs Hurst & Miss Boyce. Had supper & grog & I again took possession of the sofa for the night. Miss Boyce seems a pleasant young woman, but very dark.



Die Luna March 4

Frost. Wind N.E. After Breakfast I bid adieu to my kind friends Mr Betts & family, had no opportunity of speaking to C.B. alone. Walked across thro Bethnal Green to Islington & the Small Pox Hospital & procured some Vaccine Virus. Walked to London Bridge, met fat Robinson that lived at Devizes at Penton Ville. Went by railway to Deptford & then onboard my prison the "Asia" at noon, found Capper over head & ears in uproar. Nearly all the Emigrants on board I have turned to & taken a list & put them in Messes. I feel very melancholy. Heard from Brother.



Die Martis March 5

My Cabin is the smallest I have had in any ship & rascally water closet. Slept on board. Cap. Hurst called on board, he has some idea of taking in cargo for Sierra Leone. Mr Capper brought the sailing order & as he has been disappointed in the number of Emigrants, we must touch at Plymouth & make up. the 180 adults there. Wind N.E. Our C.P. came on board this evening. Captain & Mrs Duff S.M. & Infant 4m "Jessie" Mr & Mrs Garratt & two Boys "William" & "Oliver" aet 6 & 4 & Infant 10m "Emma". Mr Armitage aet 20. Cap. Freeman our Com: came on board with Freeman & two or three children & remained all night Mrs Simpson the 1st Mates wife also on board.



Die Mercurii March 6

A steam Tug took hold of our vessel at 4 A.M. & towed us two miles below Gravesend where we anchored. Wind N.E. fresh. Snowing fast all day. Mrs Freeman & Mrs Simpson left us in the steam Tug. Very cold. Nothing would do last evening but somebody must go ashore & buy Mrs Garratt a warming-pan.



Die Jovis March 7

A steam tug took hold of us early this morning & towed us as far as the "Nore Light" the wind was then fair N.W. very cold. Snow on the ground. We brought up near the "Mouse" as it was low water. Emigrants qualmish. Weighed anchor again at 2 P.M. & ran into the "Downs" & anchored off Deal at 7 P.M. Snow Squalls. Strong N.W. Wind.



Die Veneris March 8

Clear. Land white with Snow & miserably cold. Wind N.W. Var: to N.N.W. The Pilot E. Smart left us this morning at 5 A.M. & took letters for me to Mary Jane, Brother, Heneage & E.R.L. We sailed from the Downs at noon wind northerly. Noticed Dovor Castle Some of the Emigrants ill already! At 11 P.M. "Beachy Head" on our beam. We saw the Seppings rather a head.



Die Saturnii March 9

Clear. Wind N.N.E. going 7 knots. Just before breakfast the Wight on our Starb: beam. The stomachs of the Emigrants easier. I saw the "Start Light" at 11 P.M. on our Starboard Bow. The wind has rounded to S.E. & hazy.



Die Solis March 10

Wind S.S.W. Rainy. At Breakfast time off Bolt Head, & a Pilot came on board, the Capn: would not allow him distance money. We ran in at the East and of the Break-water & anchored in 6 fathom in Plymouth Sound about 3 miles from shore. Cap: Freeman went ashore & took a letter from me to Mr Alger S.A. - 2.A. Mr Garratt & Mr Armitage went with him. About 15 or 20 vessels are lying near us, one the Implacable 74 guns; A Dutch Frigate ran in & anchored near her & saluted hammering away like blazes. The land round looks very romantic & beautiful; it makes one sigh. How I could be such a fool? Only C.B. & my promise to Cap: H. prevents my leaving even now these beggarly Emigrants &c. The Cap: &c returned in the evening Mr Garratt was rather fresh, he struck his wife once or twice in her face in their cabin so Mrs Duff said. No Prayers.



Die Luna March 11

Blowing strong from S.E. Have had some trouble to prevent the Emigrants going ashore. Cap: F. & Cap: Duff went ashore & Mr Garratt & Mr Armitage. Mr Alger came aboard this evening with the Emigrants & arranged the list with me, the son of the Member for Plymouth "Mr Bewes" came with him rather a lout. When they left it was too late to get under-weigh. Mr Alger was obliged to leave the cabin two or three times sick.



Die Martis March 12

Fine. Wind S.E. The Pilot came on board & we got under weigh at 7 A.M. & ran out the West passage between the "Light Vessel" & the high land, the Pilot left us immediately; sent by him a list of Emigrants to the Commissioner & a letter to-Kitty. Saw the Eddystone L.H. & rocks very plain, about 5 miles on our beam, an awful place to live in. This afternoon wind shifting West of South. The stomachs of the Emigrants very irritable Saw the Lizard two Lights at 8 P.M. Rainy.



Die Mercurii March 13

Foggy. Wind S.S.W. Went about last night & again at 8 A.M. Spoke two Vessels a Dutchman & Norwegian. 45 miles W.S.W. of the Lizard. We have pretty well settled in our places at table, it is athwart Ship, the Cap: sits with his back to the Mizzen, the lst Mate, opposite, Mr Garratt at one end & myself at the other, we muster ten at meals.

Lat:49° 23m N

Long:5° 57m W





Die Jovis March 14

Clear morning, a shift of wind to W.N.W. has become foggy. A confounded rolling sea. The Emigrants in a deplorable state. Course S.W.

Lat:49° 10m N.

Long:7° 30mW.




Die Veneris March 15

Blowing strong from W.N.W. & occasional squalls of rain. Mr Armitage very sick & keeps his bed. Elis. Male sickened with measles a pretty go for me, so many Children to have the disease, a boy Catheray & son has the Itch. Close hauled S. by W. course. Mr Olliver is appointed my assistant, a very respectable man & very ready to act.

Lat:49° 47mN.

long: 9° 24m W.


Ther: 59°



Die Saturnii March 16

Heavy squalls from the W. the vessel rolling & kicking very unpleasantly. The Main & Fore hatchways battened down. I have moved into another berth & am more comfortable. Mrs Garratt & Mrs Duff are rather sick & shy of their meals. Hail & rain. A vessel came up and passed. The Emigrants wish themselves at home on bread & water.

Lat:47° 31m N.

Long:9° 28m W.


Ther: 59°



Die Solis March 17

No Entry.



Die Luna March 18

Clear. Captain Duff at 39. He is rather a pleasant mannerly man, not very much to say for himself except when shipping or anything on that subject is broached.

Course S.W. by W. Wind N.

Lat:42° 32m N.

Long:12° 15m W.


Ther: 57°



Die Martis March 19

Fine morning. Below almost all day with the sick. Mrs Duff is nice lively woman, like most women rather vain, she is not very pretty, but there is a very neat style about her. She comes from Chepstow, partly educated in Bath, she prides herself I think on her knowledge of music & dancing & even in the languages, has rather a pretty voice, her baby is like her husband therefore not very beautiful. Wind N.E. by N.

Lat:41° 42m N.

Long:13° 45m W.


Ther: 61°



Die Mercurii March 20

Beautiful morning. Captain Freeman our Com: at 50 or thereabouts, a jolly cock enough, fond of Brandy & water & looks to the main chance, two of his sons are with him, one Will: aet 14 sleeps with him in the S. after Cabin, the other Benj: aet 19, in the third mate & serves out the rations &c. to the Emigrants a lovely night.

Course S.W. by W. Light winds E.N.E.

Lat:39° 11m N.

Long:14° 19m W.


Ther:60° .



Die Jovis March 21

Beautiful morning. Mr Garratt & family occupy the L. after Cabin. He seems rather passionate, & has a tremendous nose; he is I think very good hearted, but seems fond of grog, not that he ever gets tozy, as I have seen, he seems to think a great of pounds, shillings & pence. Wind N.N.W. Course S.W. by W.

Lat:39° 37m N.

Long:15° 20m W.





Die Veneris March 22

Cloudy. A great rush of Emigrants on deck to see a whale. Mrs Garrett is rather a fine looking woman rather tall & regular features, but very little manner, cannot have been in much Society, still she is rather pleasing, her children are rather pretty. I do not think she understands music or any other feminine accomplishment out of the common way. Wind N.E. Course S.W.

Lat:37° 43m N.

Long:16° 22m W.


Ther:60° .



Die Saturnii March 23

Lovely morning. Scores of children down with measles. Finished writing my sermon. Mr Armitage is a young Lawyer going on to Sydney, he is good looking rather dark, & very gentlemanly manner & seems rather well read in history &c. he is not quite sure about remaining in S.A. Wind: N.E. Course: S.W.1/2 S.

Lat:35° 54m N.

Long:16° 49m W.





Die Solis March 24

Cloudy. Read Prayers & preached Chap 18 St Luke 2 Verse 1st. The 1st Mate Mr Simpson is a sturdy, stocky fellow about 35 or about, pleasant enough, but I should think a queer one if put out of the way. Matthews preached on deck this evening. We signalized a Bremen Vessel. Wind: N.E. Course: S.W.

Lat:34° 22m N.

Long:17° 47m W.





Die Luna March 25

Beautiful weather Emma Uppil aet 2,3m dead. Madeira in sight this morning, distant about 45 miles. We can now consider ourselves in the N.E. trade. The 2nd mate Mr Pennington aet 20. He is a genteel made young man, very consequential, his Father lives at Camberwell & is a Chron: maker. The child was put overboard this evening.

Wind: N.E. Course: S.W.

Lat:32° 25m N.

Long:18° 46m W.





Die Martis March 26

Fine weather Thos. Anderson aet 2,4m measles. The 3rd mate is Cap: Freeman's son, he dines with us on a Sunday. The 4th mate is Mr Birders the son of a Clergyman, he messes With the Carpenter &c. Peter Orme aet:8m dead, measles.

N.E. trades C.S.W. by S.

Lat:30° 26m N.

Long:19° 37m W.





Die Mercurii March 27

Fine. Strong N.E. trade. We have a Boatswain who pipes to dinner &c. Many of the Seamen are very ordinary. N.E. Trade. Course: S.W.1/2 W.

Lat:27° 18m N.

Long:9° 33m W.





Die Jovis March 28

Fine. Mrs Garratts Infant ill, she is very alarmed about it, a nice life I shall have of it, with the sickness below. Strong N.E. trades. Course S.W.1/2W.

Lat:24° 23m N.

Long:19° 40m W.





Die Veneris March 29

Cloudy. Mrs Duff's Infant taken very ill, she is almost in Hysterics about it. The cases of sickness multiply every day, altho' cleanliness & fumigation are strictly attended to.

Lat:21° 12m N.

Long:19° 44m W.





Die Saturnii March 30

Clear. Mrs Duffs Infant better. Mrs Garratts better. There is rather a swell. There are many very respectable people amongst the Emigrants of various trades. Mary Uppil aet 1,1m dead, Measles. Strong N.E. trades. Course S.W.l/2W.

Lat:18° 1m N.

Long:20° 4m W.





Die Solis March 31

Clear. Read prayers & preached XV Chap: 1 Corinth: Ver: 20.21.22. Matthews preached this evening on deck, he conducts himself very well.

N.E. trade

Lat:15° 44m N.

Long:20° 4m W.





Die Luna April 1

Clear. Martha Jerrard aet 11m dead, Measles. Yesterday we were 200 miles East of the Isl: of Mays, one of the Cape de Verd groups. There was great alarm occasioned on board our vessel this evening just after sunset on account of a report of a gun & a shot falling close to our quarter. No vessel till then was seen & immediately two more shots were fired, A Brig was then seen on our starboard Bow 2 miles, she was close to us in a twinkling, crossing our Bows, hailed us & desired we should heave to & send, it was now dark, a lantern was hung to our Mizzen boom. She said she was a Portuguese in distress & we must heave to; we had all sail our ship, going about 5 1/2 knots, he then said he was a man of a war, the "Brisk" Cap: Duff ran forward with trumpet & said we had 200 convicts on board, he then went off close to the wind. Cap. Freeman thought the Brig was going to clap us alongside. I ran into the Cabin for an instant & there saw Mrs Duff & Mrs Garratt on their knees in an agony of terror. The four guns were shotted, & the muskets & boarding pikes got ready. When I went below many of the women were very much alarmed, & hoped their husbands would not be cowards. Some of the Scotch women were for dressing in men's clothes & I was to head them. Over the grog at night our Captain told some uncommon tough yarns of pirates. A sharp look out was kept all night by many of the Emigrants. The Brig enquired the name of the Surgeon. I was afraid of being shot, & the Emigrants flourished their pistols about so. N.E. trade light.

Lat:13° 44m N.

Long:20° 8m W.


Ther:71° .



Die Martis April 2

Cloudy. William Anderson aet 1. Dead, Pneumonia. Obliged to allow the men "Emigrants" grog, to keep up their courage. The women have bowel complaints from the fright of last night.

N.E. trades. Course S.W.1/2 W.

Lat:11° 44m N.

Long:20° 8m W.





Die Mercurii April 3

Clear. Georgiana Mildwater aet 1. Dead, Convulsions. I have great trouble to get the Emigrants on deck. Mr Olliver my mate has been a Farmer in Suffolk, he has his passage from the S.A. Commiss & a large family besides viz. four young women & four young men, & I have just understood that Mrs Garratt in the Cabin is a daughter of his, it is a fine family. Hot & sultry. N.E. trade. Course S.W.1/2W.

Lat:9° 38m N.

Long:20° 9m W.





Die Jovis April 4

Clear. Mrs Duff & Mrs Garratt do not agree very well, it is a pity, but women are queer beings to each other, until one acknowledges the others superiority.

N.E. Trade.

Lat:7° 30m N.

Long:20° 14m W.





Die Veneris April 5

Called up last night. Clear. Saw a small Hawk flying about the ship. 3 or 400 miles from land. Lost the N.E. trade. There has been a good look out for vessels since the Pirate it was fancied a vessels light could be seen this evening.

N.E. trade light.

Lat:5° 6m N.

Long 20° 4m W.


Ther:80° .



Die Saturnii April 6

Clear. Samuel Letts aet llm dead, Convulsions. Called up, twice last night. A thunder shower this evening. Mahony Gillett aet 6m dead, Atrophy. Captain Freeman takes it very easy, eats, drinks & sleeps, & thinks the voyage will terminate sometime.

Course S.W.1/2W. Wind North.

Lat:4° 10m N.

Long:20° 4m W.


Ther: 82°



Die Solis April 7

Clear. Jane Skinner aet: 1m dead. Meas1es. Read Prayers & preached 18, Chap. Matth: Ver. 2.3.4. Mr Letts came up & thanked me for so good a sermon. Occasional heavy showers with thunder. Sarah Ford aet: 4.6m dead, Pneumonia.

Wind N.N.W. variable. Course S.W.1/2W.

Lat:2° 50m N.

Long:19° 56m W.





Die Luna April 8

Heavy Showers. Elis: Whaley aet 1.4m dead, Erysipelas.

Wind W.S.W. & variable

Lat:1° 43m N.

Long:19° 25m W.





Die Martis April 9

Clear. Caught a Shark 5 feet long, the Emigrants soon divided it & eat it up. I tasted it, it was very good. I have preserved three sucking fish that was attached to it. The Mate hooked a larger shark but it broke loose, four Pilot fish were in company with it. Alfred Gregory aet 8m dead, Typhus.

Wind Variable. Course S.

Lat:1° 12m N.

Long:19° 19m W.


Ther: 84°



Die Mercurii April 10

Squally, the Emigrants quarrelling & dashing water.

Wind N by E. & variable. Cloudy.

Course S. by E.

Lat:0° 32m N.

Long:19° 3m W.





Die Jovis April 11

Our Captain has given orders that there shall be no shing or shaving on crossing the Equator. Wind S. & variable.

Lat:0° 1m S.

Long:19° 14 W.





Die Veneris April 12

Clear. Mrs Duffs child well. Mrs Garratts child dangerously ill. A stark Calm. John Ford aet: 2.1m Dead, Typhus. Wind S.S.E. & Variable.

Lat:0° 50m N.

Long 18° 56m W.





Die Saturnii April 13

Clear. Calm. A Barque in sight the same way. Busy writing a sermon. Nath: Hill aet: 1.4m dead, Typhus. Wind S.S.E. calm. Course S.W.

Lat:0° 36m N.

Long:19° 10m W.





Die Solis April 14

Clear. No Prayers Squally. A Brigantine in sight, I have been almost persuading myself it was the "Agenoria" Cap: Hursts. Wind N.N.E. Calm.

Lat:0° 33m N.

Long:19° 22m W.





Die Luna April 15

Cloudy. Dreamed last night I was on board the "Agenoria" & C.B. there. The "Brigantine" came up with us, the "Speedy" 28 days from Plymouth bound to St Helena. Spoke this evening the ship "Euphrates" of Liverpool, bound to London from China, 8 days from St Helena; Sent home letters to England by her, one to dear Father, to Heneage & Mr Capper. Wind S.W. & Calm. Course S.W.

Lat:0° 0m

Long:20° 8m W.





Die Martis April 16

Cloudy. Cap: Freeman has allowed the Miss Ollivers to come on the Poop & their mother, they seem nice girls enough but not much manner. Wind S.S.E. & variable. Course: S.W.

Lat:1° 12m S.

Long:20° 13m W.





Die Mercurii April 17

Cloudy. Mrs Garratts children the measles. Several vessel's seen today distant. Wind Variable. Squally & heavy rain. Course: S.S.E.

Lat:1° 54m S.

Long:20° 13m W.





Die Jovis April 18

A vessel in sight to the Southward one way. The rotten potatoes in the hold I think occasions Dysentery amongst the Emigrants, spoken to Cap: Freeman.

Wind W.S.W. & Variable

Lat:1° 57m S.

Long:20° 3m W.


Ther: 82°



Die Veneris April 19

Clear. The Measles has now disappeared from the Ship, 52 children & two adults have had the disease, 3 Infants that have never had measles, have not had it. Dysentery is now raging amongst the Emigrants. Wind S. & Variable.

Lat:2° 32m S.

Long:20° 41m W.





Die Saturnii April 20

Cloudy. A sailor, Cole, fell down from off the Forecastle in a fit cut his head. Wind S.E. by S. & variable. This Evening S.E. Trade.

Lat:3° 55m S.

Long:21° 56m W.





Die Solis April 21

Cloudy. Read Prayers & preached XVI Chap. St Luke pt Ver 8. Mr Matthews offended & did not preach this evening. Elis: Male aet 4. dead, Ulceration of the bowels. S.E. Trade. Course S.W. by S.

Lat:5° 27m S.

Long:23° 12m W.




Die Luna April 22

Clear. Captain Duff is a very pleasant man when you come to know him, no nonsense about him & I do not think him capable of saying anything to hurt a persons feelings.

S.E. Trade. Course: S.W.

Lat:6° 53m S.

Long:23° 51m W.


Ther: 82°



Die Martis April 23

Clear. Mrs Garretts Infant convalescent, I never expected it to recover. I over-heard Mrs Garratt a few days before her boys had measles, say that she did not think any of the children had measles & seemed to imply I did not know what was the matter with them, she soon changed her tone. S.E. Trade. Course. S.S.W.

Lat:8° 40m S.

Long:24° 36m W.





Die Mercurii April 24

Clear. Dreamed very much of C.B. & meeting at Port Adelaide. S.E. Trade. Course S.S.W.

Lat:10° 48m S.

Long:25° 15m W.





Die Jovis April 25

Clear. Mr Armitage flirts with Miss C. Olliver for want of something better to do, she is a very buxom wench. Mr Pennington 2nd Mate flirts with Miss E. Olliver rather fine girl. I like the eldest the best, but no more flirting for me. I was in hot water enough last voyage to give me a sickness. S.E. Trade. Course S.W. by S.

Lat:12° 44m S.

Long:26° 4m W.





Die Veneris April 26

Clear. Samuel Matthews aet 1.1ms dead, Dysentery. Mrs Duff is an awful ta1ker, & when people talk so much they must sometimes talk foolishness, poor Mrs Duff has the great weakness of speaking so much of herself. S.E. Trade. Course S.1/2 W.

Lat:15° 17m S.

Long:26° 27m W.





Die Saturnii April 27

Clear. I am on very good terms with the Cabin passengers but it does not do to become the least familiar with anyone on board a Ship. S.E. Trade. Course S. by W.

Lat:17° 22m S

Long:26° 23m W


Ther: 82°



Die Solis April 28

Read Prayers & preached 13 Chap. St Mark ver: 37. I have generally a very good & attentive congregation. Matthews preached this evening. S.E. Trade. Course S.S.W. Sultry.

Lat:18° 58m S

Long:26° 28m W





Die Luna April 29

Mrs Duff & Mrs Garratt always in opposition, the bone of contention now is Mrs Garratt's nurse-maid not showing sufficient respect to Mrs Duff. S.E. Trade. Course S.S.W.& S.S.E.

Lat:19° 53m S

Long:26° 25m W





Die Martis April 30

Anne Daniels aet 4. dead dysentery. The rising of the moon this evening a few nights after the full behind a small cloud, just resembled a Ship on fire not far off. Sea very smooth. Very light S.E. Trade. Course S. Very Sultry.

Lat:20° 36m S

Long:26° 28m W





Die Mercurii May 1

Caught a Shark 9 feet long, it has eyes much larger than a Bullock. When Mrs Duff is talking to one she rolls her eyes about so much, I have not come to the conclusion that she thinks it looks interesting. Wind East light & Variable. Cloudy.

Lat 21° 2m S.

Long:26° 13m W.


Ther: 81°



Die Jovis May 2

Fine Weather: It is continued labor between decks amongst the Emigrants so many are ill with dysentery & cleansing & fumigating is going on continually. Light wind East, & Variable. Sultry.

Lat:21° 22m S.

Long:26° 30m W.





Die Veneris May 3

Two Vessels in sight. The whole of Ursa Major in sight this evening. Mr Garratt is rather a queer tempered man sometimes wacking his Children & then cussing. Wind S. Easterly. Course S.W. by W.

Lat:21° 51m S.

Long:26° 30m W.





Die Saturnii May 4

A Barque in sight on our weather bow. This evening several small black clouds passed at some distance & then suddenly seemed to stand still & discharge their contents like out of a funnel, & melt completely away. Wind S.S.E. Course S.W.

Lat:22° 41m S.

Long:27° 34m W.





Die Solis May 5

Read Prayers & preached 6 Chap: St Matthew. Vel 11. The Steward & Cook got a blowing up about the tea water thro' my complaining, Ursa Major in sight. Wind S E. Course S.S.W.

Lat:23° 6m S.

Long:27° 18m W.





Die Luna May 6

Christina Paterson aet 3. dead, dropsy consequent on measles. Wind N.W. Course S.

Lat:25° 7m S.

Long:26° 4m W.





Die Martis May 7

A very disagreeable head sea. The royal yards lowered on deck. The ship very uneasy. Wind S. Course E. by S. Cloudy.

Lat:24° 26m S.

Long:23° 40m W.





Die Mercurii, May 8

Ship pitches very much. Charles Olliver assaulted Mr Roberts on the Forecastle & as the complaint came, knocked him down & kicked him last night after dark. This morning I was called to Mr Letts whom Mr C. Olliver had struck & made his face bleed & as the complaint came it was done without any provocation. I had the parties into the Cabin before myself & the Captain, a knife belonging to a young man of the name of Frost seemed to be the bone of contention, & after hearing what both parties had to say, we warned Charles Olliver of the consequences of taking the law into his own hands. An Albatross seen. Wind S.S.E. Course S.W. Cloudy.

Lat:25° 22m S.

Long:25° 0m W.





Die Jovis, May 9

The Emigrants are generally tired of each other & themselves. We make such slow progress, the men say they never knew their wives show such temper. Wind S.E. Course S.S.W. Cloudy.

Lat:26° 16m S.

Long:25° 13m W.





Die Veneris, May 10

Called up last night to Jas Ford at 6. convulsed. Wind S.S.E. Course East. Rainy weather.

Lat:26° 11m S.

Long:24° 44m W.





Die Saturnii May 11

I do not think Cap: Freeman sufficiently attentive to the comfort of the Cabin passengers, for when Mrs Duff or Mrs Garratt required anything more than usual on account of the illness of the children, the Steward or Cook, would be insolent & the Captain not notice it. A Squall with thunder & lightning. Wind S. & Variable. Rainy.

Lat:26° 15m S.

Long:23° 46m W.





Die Solis May 12

Read Prayers & preached 24 Chap. St Luke Ver 51.52. Wind from N.W. to S.W.

Lat:27° 6m S.

Long:22° 4m W.





Die Luna May 13

The Steward is a half-cast & a greater brute could not possibly have been found, his attentions are more disagreeable & his brutality & when the Captain speaks to him he is saucy, it serves him right. Saw Ursa Major. Wind S.E. by S. Course E.

Lat:26° 52m S.

Lat:19° 52m W.





Die Martis May 14

New Cooks elected by emigrants. Fired the guns that were loaded at the time of the Piratical alarm & put them below. Wind S.S.E. Course E. Clear.

Lat:27° 7m S

Long:20° 4m W.


Ther:70° -50°



Die Mercurii May 15

The diseases 0n board seem endless, no sooner got rid of measles than Typhus & Dysentery appears, get that under Scarlet fever appears. Wind S. & Variable. Course W.S.W.

Lat:27° 46m S.

Long:20° 0m W.


Ther:72° -50°



Die Jovis May 16

The sea very smooth. Will Dawkins aet 5m dead, Idiopathic Scarlet fever. Wind S.E. Course S.W. by S. Hazy weather.

Lat:29° 23m S.

Long:20° 26m W.





Die Veneris May 17

The Bugs, Lice & fleas between decks are unlimited I am obliged to shift & wash frequently & even that does not flee me of them entirely. Wind E.S.E. Course S.

Lat:30° .52m S.

Long:20° 43m W.





Die Saturnii May 18

Our Captain takes his wack of grog daily & in the evening he very fond of discussing religious subjects after several glasses of Brandy & water, & enters well into its benefits, as a spiritual discerner. Wind S.E. by E. Course 5. by W. Wind E.N.E.

Lat:32° 22m S.

Long:20° 32m W.





Die Solis May 19

Lovely weather Whitsunday! What happy times does not that bring to the recollections! & all passed as a shadow, never more to return, except the bitterness of ones folly. Read Prayers & preached 3 Chap. St John ver 7. Wind N.E. Course S.E. by E.

Lat:33° 45m S.

Long:18° 19m W.





Die Luna May 20

Cooper's wife fallen down & broke her clavicle. Mrs Garratt ill. Wind N.N.E. Course E.S.E. Wind Variable again & hazy weather.

Lat:34° 37m S.

Long:15° 20m





Die Martis May 21

The Emigrants have a bit of a quarrel sometimes but we have not the dogs for uproar as we had last voyage; a shift of wind on a sudden the Emigrants rushed on deck to assist, after turning in. Wind N.E. Course S.E. by S. Hazy.

Lat:35° 36m S.

Long:11° 32m W.





Die Mercurii May 22

Cape Pigeons about the Ship. The Emigrants fry a great many pancakes but not so many as last voyage. Wind N.N.E.

N.N.W. & W.S.W. Course E.S.E.

Lat:35° 58m S.

Long:7° 15m W.





Die Jovis May 23

An uncomfortable swell from the South West. Wind S.S.W. Course E.S.E.

Lat:35° 58m S

Long:3° 53m W.





Die Veneris May 24

The Emigrants have been stunning us all day with firing at the unfortunate pigeons & Albatrosses. Wind S. light variable. Rainy.

Lat:35° 58m S.

Long:1° 49m W.





Die Saturnii May 25

Passed the Meridian of Greenwich last midnight. If I could have conceived for a moment there would have been so much sickness on board, I would have had a much better supply of medicines. Wind S.W. by S. Course S.E. by E. Squally.

Lat:36° 14m S.

Long:1° 45m E.





Die Solis May 26

Read Prayers, I had a hint that it was too cold to detain them by preaching also, I suppose they have had enough of my discourses: very flattering. Wind S by W. Variable. Cloudy.

Lat:35° 30m S.

Long:3° 50m E.





Die Luna May 27

The Ship rolls very much. We sit down tea in Number to dinner on Sundays eleven. We have never seen a bottle of Pickles on table, except a few of the hot red Pepper. Wind W.S.W. Course S.E.

Lat: 36° 2m S.

Long:6° 12m E.





Die Martis May 28

Lovely day. The dinner table never groans beneath the weight of grub placed on it. Wind W. Course S.E. Rainy.

Lat:37° 14m S.

Long:9° 49m E.





Die Mercurii May 29

This day put one in mind of the joyous times that are past, when with other children we gloried in having the largest bunch of oak apples. Mrs Duff's Child 6 months Wind W.N.W. Course S.E. Fine.

Lat:38° 5m S.

Long:12° 20m E.





Die Jovis May 30

The Ship rolls very much. It is a great difficulty for our Captain to get to a blowing up point, but when he does begin, he is determined to have enough. Wind N.W. Course S.E. by E. Rainy at times.

Lat:38° 22m S.

Long:15° 56m E.





Die Veneris May 31

Delightful weather. Table mountain 200 miles over our beam. Wind N.W. Course S.E. by E. Rainy at times.

Lat:38° 52m S.

Long:18° 52m E.





Die Saturnii June 1

Mrs Garratt ran foul of Mrs Duff & nearly knocked her down. Mrs D. said she did it on purpose & blew up Mr Garratt because he would not blow up his wife. A north-western expected. Wind N.E. Variable & Calm. Fine.

Lat:39° 0m S.

Long:19° 48m E.





Die Solis June 2

Read Prayers. A strong Northerly current. Mrs Duff told me she did not believe that the two oldest of Mrs Garratts children were Mr Garratts, she said there was some mystery about it. Wind S.E. Course E.N.E. & S.S.W. Current ripple & heavy sea.

Lat:37° .55m S

Long:20° 17m E.


Ther 68°



Die Luna June 3

A strong Northerly current. Foggy weather. Wind S.E. Course S.S.W. Current ripple & heavy sea. Cloudy.

Lat:37° 29m S.

Long:20° 48m E.





Die Martis June 4

The last day of Potatoes for Emigrants. A Barque came up with us & spoke, the "Forth" of Alloa from Leith to Calcutta 51 days from the Equator. Wind S.E. Variable. Course N.E. by E.

Lat:37° 18m S.

Long:21° 10m E.





Die Mercurii June 5

A severe thunder shower & several going round. After dark the electric fluid stood on the tips of the three masts like a small flame for some time, while a cloud passed. Wind N.N.W. Course S.E. by E.1/2E. Lightning to S.W. at night. Cloudy.

Lat:37° 47m S.

Long:23° 47m E.





Die Jovis June 6

Thos. Read aet 6m dead Scarlet fever. Mrs Garratts child a tooth. Wind N.W. & variable. Course S.E. by E.1/2E. Thunder Squalls.

Lat:37° 34m S.

Long:26° 27m E.





Die Veneris June 7

Lovely morning, a great swell from S.W. Caleb Read aet 3. dead Scarlet fever. Wind N. Course S.E. by E. Light wind & pleasant weather.

Lat:38° 21m S.

Long:29° 5m E.





Die Saturnii June 8

Mrs Duff told me that she went up to Mrs Olliver the mother of Mrs Garratt, & said to her suddenly, Mr Garratt is Mrs G's second husband, Mrs Duff said the old woman coloured up to her eyes, & said yes, it was; I made the remark that women were terrible hands at finding out any thing about a person & ran away for fear she should get any thing out of me. Wind N.N.E. Course S.E. by E. Squally.

Lat:38° 24m S.

Long:32° 18m E.





Die Solis June 9

A very tumultuous sea. A Thunder Squall. Prayers stopped by the Squall. Wind N.E. Course S.E. by E. Thunder Squalls.

Lat:38° 35m S.

Long:35° 30m E.





Die Luna June 10

A Shoal of bottle nosed Porpoises. Mr Garratts oldest boys go as his own. Wind W.S.W. variable. Thunder Squalls.

Lat:38° 39m S.

Long:38° 46m E.





Die Martis June 11

Daniel aet 4m dead, Scarlet fever. People generally are beginning to lose their tempers & become spiteful. Wind S.E. Variable. Course E.N.E. Cloudy.

Lat:37° 45m S.

Long:40° 19m E.





Die Mercurii June 12

We have had the last of our cheese today after dinner, no more on board. Wind N.W. by W. Course E.S.E. Fine.

Lat:37° 45m S.

Long:42° 30m E.





Die Jovis June 13

The Emigrants are very anxious to get ashore to see how it is, & many I think ask themselves a few questions as to what brought them here at all. Wind N.W. Course S.E. by E.1/2E.

Lat:38° 15m S.

Long:47° 37m E.





Die Veneris June 14

William Cove had a fork run into his thigh by way of a lark. A Gale from South East, under close reefed topsails. Wind S.E. by S. & variable. Course E.N.E. Brisk Gales & Cloudy.

Lat:37° 4m S.

Long:50° 6m E.





Die Saturnii June 15

A unpleasant head sea. & Mrs Garratt ran up & snatched Mrs Duff's out of her arms & hugged it & kissed it, rather surprised lookers on. Wind E.S.E. Course N.E. by N.

Lat:36° 1m S.

Long:49° .54m E.





Die Solis June 16

No Prayers. The Mate has a squabble now & then with the Emigrants. Wind N.N.W. Course S.E. by E. Fine weather.

Lat:36° 10m S.

Long:51° 54m E.





Die Luna June 17

Captain Freeman tires us all out, by not carrying on more, in everything as soon as a squall appears & then it is so long before it goes out again. Wind N.N.W.

Course S.E. by E.1/2E.

Lat:36° 10m S.

Long:54° 25m E


Ther 65°



Die Martis June 18

A great swell on our weather quarter. Mrs Duff & Mrs Garratt are now sworn friends. A Fine Lunar. Rainbow. Wind S.W. Course S.E. by E.

Lat:36° 45m S.

Long:57° 46m E.





Die Mercurii June 19

Lemon an impudent blackguard & his wife nearly as bad. The days are beginning to be counted to Kangaroo Island, say, 22 days, July 11. Wind N.W. & Variable. Course S.E. by E.1/2E.

Lat:36° 45m S.

Long:60° 54m E.


Ther 64°



Die Jovis June 20

Very heavy squalls of wind, rain, hail & Lightning.-Nearly lost the Mainsail in furling it, obliged to have all hands. Cap: Duff said he never knew a stronger wind. When the squalls came last night, he & Captain Freeman were up all night. Wind W.N.W. Course S.E. by E.1/2E. Windy & rainy.

Lat:37° 10m S.

Long:64° 34m E.





Die Veneris June 21

Everybody talks as if we had had a severe gale of wind. I was up part of the time & was not surprised or frightened, as it was not worse than I had witnessed. Wind W.S.W. Course. E.S.E.

Lat:36° 43m S.

Long:68° 7m E.





Die Saturnii June 22

Wind W.N.W. Cross sea. Strong winds & rainy. The Emigrants seem more and more cross & tired of one another every day. Course E.S.E.

Lat:36° 47m S.

Long:71° 44m E.





Die Solis June 23

Wind W.S.W. Called up last night to Mrs Duffs Infant. Read Prayers Mrs Duff was talking about her Father as having been very eccentric. I asked if he was alive & she said, yes, but dead to her. Course E.S.E. Light showers of rain. Wind N.N.W.

Lat:36° 52m S.

Long:74° 17m E.





Die Luna June 24

A nice breeze, but rather showery. The Island of Amsterdam about 60 miles on our S. beam. Wind N.W. Westerly. Course E.S.E.

Lat:36° .48m S.

Long:77° .43m E.

Bar: 29.90

Ther: 59°



Die Martis June 25

Some large patches of Seaweed seen, a Dolphin playing about one patch. Some very large Albatrosses flying about. Wind S.W. Westerly. Course E.S.E.

Lat:36° 54m S.

Long:80° 12m E.





Die Mercurii June 26

Lovely day & a nice breeze. Poor Griffin cannot be in his right senses. After dinner Mrs Garratt accused the steward of striking one of her children he said it was false several times before Cap. Freeman & Mr Garratt. A discussion on the Moon. Wind N.W. Course E.S.E.

Lat:37° 2m S.

Long:83° 42m E.





Die Jovis June 27

Cloudy. Fine breeze, but as usual in the night all her sails nearly are taken in. Mary Chandler aet 4.dead, Scarlet Fever. Captain Freeman stopped the grog of the seaman Hudson for calling the "Asia" a floating Workhouse. Wind W.N.W. Course E.S.E.

Lat:37° .19.m S.

Long:87° 53m E.





Die Veneris June 28

Wind Southerly light. Raining fast, & nearly all last night. Called up last night to see Mrs Mounster. Sickness continues. Therm on deck 44° . Our Captain takes in sail on every occasion. It is not likely we can make a passage. Wind W. Course E.S.E.

Lat:37° 9m S.

Long:90° 11m E.





Die Saturnii June 29

Cloudy & cold. Hail storms during the night. Therm on deck this morning 43° . Snow & Hail storms. An awful row this evening between Cap: Freeman & Mr & Mrs Garratt about the Steward. Wind S. by W. Course E. by S.1/2S.

Lat:36° 55m S.

Long:93° 23m E.





Die Solis June 30

Fine morning. No prayers, the Captain says it will be squally. A nice little breeze, our Captain came on deck & said, if I thought the wind would not go on the other quarter, I would put a stud sail or two on her, so we go creeping on with if the wind would remain in one place. Mrs Duff makes use of every Sunday evening for writing out recipes from the Cookery book. Cap: Duff married 3 years. Wind S. & variable. Course E by S.1/2S.

Lat:36° 55m S.

Long:95° 57m E.





Die Luna July 1

Fine morning & fresh breeze. On Salutation,

Arab, "Salem aleikum", Peace be with you.

Chinaman, "Ya, Fan"? Have you taken your rice.

Dutch, "Senaakelyk citen", may you eat a good dinner.

Another, "Hoe Vaart awe.?" How do you sail.

Spaniard "Come Esta"? How do you stand.

Frenchman "Comment vous portez vous"? How do you carry yourself.

Mrs Duff becomes daily more nervous about the weather & our landing safe. Wind S. & Variable. Course E. by S.1/2S.

Lat:36° 59m S.

Long:100° 3m E.





Die Martis July 2

Fine morning. Wind rather scant. Emigrants at one about landing &c. in the colony. A tremendous bout of singing this evening, even our old Captain & became very tozy into the bargain, "A taste for vocal music". Set the Fore top most stud sail! Wind S.W. Course E. by S.1/2S.

Lat:37° 8m S.

Long:103° .26m E.





Die Mercurii July 3

Fine, strong wind, South, reefed topsails last night. A dissertation this evening on Byron & Painting, Captain Freeman & Mrs Duff spokesmen, Prodigious! Wind S. by W. Variable. Course E by S.1/2S. Wind S.S.E

Lat: 36° .58m S.

Long 106° 49m E.


Ther: 55°



Die Jovis July 4

Beautiful morning. Almost a calm. Overslept my time. A breeze sprang up from N.E. this evening. When women drink anything more than usual, "it were vain their pretty tongues to tire" it is a bad habit, ladies get into the way of, on board, drinking. Wind S.E. by 5. Variable. Course E.N.E.

Lat:35° 47m S.

Long:108° 6m E.





Die Veneris July 5

Cloudy, a nice ,norther1y breeze. Called up last night to Robertson's child convulsed. Mrs Duff very vain, speaking of stays, she once was considered a very pretty figure, when people talk so much they must talk nonsense. Wind N. Course E by S.1/2S.

Lat:36° 6m S.

Long:110° 39m E.





Die Saturnii July 6

Cloudy, squally & very strong gusts of wind during the night. Our Captain did not get up & therefore we made better work of it, we should have been close reefed otherwise. Wind shifted from N.W. to South, taken in sail, ship very uneasy from the sea. Wind ,N.N.W. Course E by S.1/2S.

Lat:37° 63m S.

Long:114° 34m E.





Die So1is July 7

Fine morning, wind rather scant. A rebounding sea they say owing to the land a beam. No prayers. Wind S.W. & Variable. Course E by S.

Lat:36° 43m S.

Long:116° 45m E





Die Luna July 8

Fine morning. Wind more free. All the Emigrants packing up their traps & lively at the thought of going ashore, expect to be in Adelaide Sunday. Wind Variable S. by E. Course East.

Lat:36° 23m S.

Long:119° 58m E.





Die Martis July 9

Fine morning & nice breeze. A Vessel in sight bound to the Westward, a Hombro' Barq: supposed to be the "Alma". Wind S by W. variable. Course E 1/2S.

Lat:36° 15m S.

Long:122° 45m E.






Die Mercurii July 10

Cloudy. Fine breeze. had a letter presented to me signed by the Emigrants thanking me for my attention to their comfort during the voyage, it was given me by Messrs Harris, Jerrard & Roberts; the Captain had one at the same time. Wind variable. W.S.W'. Course E 1/2S.

Lat:36° 15m S.

Long:126° 24m E.





Die Jovis July 11

Beautiful morning. Calm nearly all night, a light breeze now. Today at noon 395 miles from Kangaroo Island. Wind S.W. Course E. by S.

Lat:36° 29m S.

Long:128° 59m E.





Die Veneris July 12

Beautiful morning, fine breeze. Wind last night N.E. blowing strong at times, lightning to S.W. All anxiously thinking how soon we may land. Heard that two or three of the Emigrants who have not signed the letter of thanks to me now desire to do so. Our Captain has a most ungentlemanly manner in argument whether to ladies or otherwise.

Wind N. variable. Course E & E l/2N.

Lat:36° 29m S.

Long:131° 25m E.





Die Saturnii July 13

Fine morning & nice breeze. N.W. Course E.N.E. Heavy rain at noon. People are apt to find fault with others being greedy, when they themselves are setting the example by their own extortions. Made Kangaroo Island at 11 P.M. Unable to weather Cape Borda.

Lat:35° 58m S. (at night by Saturn)

Long:135° 2m E. (at noon)



Die Solis July 14

Just after midnight from not having steered high enough during the day, unable to weather Cape Borda of Kangaroo Island & our Captain being nearly drunk with Brandy could hardly be persuaded it was land & would have run us on the "breakers" if it had not been for Cap Duff, we then went about & he was such a fool as to try to weather the Cape again in an hour & again very nearly ran us aground, by that time we had drifted so much to leeward, that without a shift of wind we could not weather the Cape. Wind N.W. An awful squall of hail at noon, & soon after of rain accompanied with a shift to West of wind. Ship put about & after much trouble & anxiety weathered "Cape Borda" at 6 P.M & when it bore to us S.S.E. we headed E.N.E. Captain Freeman looks sheepish after last nights folly. No Prayers today. If the wind had not shifted to the West our situation would be very unpleasant. The old "Asia" when close hauled goes as much to leeward as ahead. Wind now South going 7 knots Kangaroo Island abeam now 10 P.M.



Die Luna July 15

Lovely mild morning, like summer in England. Off Pt Marsden at 7 A.M. Cape Jarvis in sight almost in calm. Cap. Duff up all night, our Captain in bed. Wind N.E. light. At 3 P.M. 5 miles off Rapid Bay. At 8 P.M. 25 miles from Holdfast Bay. Wind heading W again.



Die Martis July 16

Cloudy. Wind light down the Gulf, ran over to the land Yorke Peninsula & tacked at 7 A.M. & stood into the Bay, the wind being light I had a boat lowered & landed at Glenelg with Mr Armitage & Mr Garratt at 1 P.M. & walked with them to Adelaide. Called on Denham & had tea & then called on the Governor R.C. for instructions. Nearly upset into the Torrens out of a Bullock wagon. Pouring rain. Helped Denham.



Die Mercurii July 17

Cloudy, occasional rain. Left Denham's at 7 A.M.& walked to Glenelg to Breakfast, Ham, fresh Butter &C. The Boat came ashore with Captain Duff. I waited to see if the Emigration Agent would comedown to inspect the Emigrants, he did not come. We put off in the surf & came on board the "Asia" at 3 P.M. to dinner. Mr. Garratt & Mr Armitage came on board.



Die Jovis July 18

Fine day & quiet. Mr Williams the D.E.A. came on board & arranged for the landing of some of the Emigrants tomorrow. Captain & Mrs Duff & Child & Mr & Mrs Garratt & family left the ship today. Written to dear Father & Cap. Freeman took it on board the "Lady Emma" going to Launceston. Had eggs for tea.



Die Veneris July 19

Rained early this morning. Fine day. Landing the Emigrants 30 couples & their baggage. Cap: Freeman went ashore. Cap: Duff came on board.



Die Saturnii July 20

The Emigrants very anxious to go ashore. Wind Northerly, blowing almost too strong for landing the Emigrants. The "Lady Emma" sailed yesterday for Launceston. A Vessel in sight this morning beating up the Gulf. The wind shifted to Southerly & blowing strong the City of Adelaide come to an anchor about 3 P.M. has been dismasted obliged to go into Rio. Our long Boat driven on the beach. The weather too rough to land any more Emigrants. Cap. Duff gone ashore. Cap. Freeman in Adelaide. Our vessel pitches very much. A small Schooner the "Alexander" came & anchored near us after dark.



Die Solis July 21

Fine morning. Wind Southerly moderate. The 1st Mate gone ashore with a crew to get the L. Boat off. A Brig in sight. Asked to dine at Mr Hallett's at 4 P.M. cannot leave the ship because of the Emigrants. The Long B. brought to the ship after dark. Many sailors drunk, 7 run away.



Die Luna July 22

Beautiful morning, almost a calm. All the females taken ashore this morning. Some Guard-fish round the ship. Captain Freeman returned from Adelaide he is very much pleased with the country &c.



Die Martis July 23

Beautiful morning. Frosty. Finishing with the Emigrants baggage. Had my baggage taken ashore. Mr Denham & York met me on the beach, had my baggage taken by cart to Betts Cottage N. Adelaide, great trouble in getting it there, got stuck in the river Torrens & in sand heaps.



Die Mercurii July 24

Beautiful day, cloudy. Arranged my things in my room. Hear the Natives are troublesome, they are forbid to carry their spears, two have been hanged for killing two shepherds. Called on Mrs Garratt, met Mrs Olliver & Anne Olliver there. Called on Mrs Duff at Mrs Ha11etts dined & drank tea there. Mr & Mrs Smart & a Mr Turner there. Mr Hallett took the letters & said he would have them put in the Papers.



Die Jovis July 25

Up at 6 A.M. & worked in the Garden. Called at the emigration Office Iron Stores. Saw Mr Smilie he spoke as if pleased with my journal, saw Mr Gilbert & Fisher there. Called in Emigration Square to see all my Emigrants. Called on Mrs Whales & bled her. Walked out shooting the Bandicoots By moonlight. A shower or two of rain.



Die Veneris July 26

Fine Morning. Up at 6 A.M. Shot birds enough for Dinner. Worked in the Garden all day. Went out shooting this evening.

Therm. 50°


The Saturnii July 27

Fine rather chilly. Called on the Judge saw his sister Miss Cooper to whom I took a letter from Miss S. Hughes. Came home to dinner at Betts Cottage. N. Adelaide Went out shooting & shot a Bandicoot.

Therm 47°



Die Solis July 28

The sky without a cloud & cool air. Went to Church and heard Mr Howard from the subject of the woman with the issue of blood, preach a good sermon. Dined at home on shoulder of mutton & Potatoes as a luxury. Met Mr Penny & Mr Paterson, the latter has had a paralytic seizure. Mr Olliver called upon me in the morning. Mr Whaley & Harris this afternoon. Drank tea with the Yorks.

Therm 47°



Die Luna July 29

Beautiful day & frosty nights. Called on Mr Smilie the Em: Agent & received the Certificate for my money 5O pound. Had it countersigned by Mr Hall the Governor & Secretary. Called on Mrs Garratt & prescribed for her. Mr Penny called on me, he is called. the "Lady Emma" dandy. Walked out shooting. Cannot get out of the haunts of men now, without walking a great way.



Die Martis July 30

Beautiful day. Frosty nights. Stopped at home all day. Gardening, thinning turnips. Mr Johnson the Barrister called on me. Walked out shooting this evening, a great many parrots.

Therm 50o


"End of Extract"