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John F. Chambers is probably the J. F. Chambers who appears in the 1860 census of Montgomery County in the home of A. Chambers, age seventy. His age in the census was given as 32. He was single and was born in South Carolina.

John joined the Danville Mounted Riflemen in Danville, Montgomery County, and his name appears on the muster rolls for February 14, 1862. On April 28th, he was mustered into the Second Texas Lancers, Carter's Brigade, Company B, under Captain Wooldridge. He gave his age as thirty-six. The value of his horse was $25.00 and his equipment was worth $30.00.

John F. Chambers may have been an uncle or cousin of the four Chambers brothers who were also mustered into this unit. They were John H. Chambers, Oliver Perry Chambers, Daniel Chambers, and Thomas Chambers.

John trained as a cavalryman at Camp Carter at Hempstead, then rode his horse with the other men to Arkansas in the summer of 1862, where he was dismounted along with the others. After training in infantry maneuvers at Camp Homes near Pine Bluff, John was sent with the other men to Ft. Hindman at Arkansas Post. (Note map of fort as background for this page.) The men spent the fall building winter cabins; many were sick and died because of the poluted water and the mosquito borne illnesses.

John was wounded at the Battle of Arkansas Post on January 11, 1863. His name was on a list of the wounded “carried off by the Federals,” as per notes made by Dr. Burton of Pine Bluff, and published in “The Texas Republican,” Marshall County, Texas, on Thursday March 26, 1863.

John was sent up the Mississippi on a steamship with the other soldiers and was placed in the hospital at Memphis, Tennessee. There he died of his wounds on January 17, 1863.

No record of his burial has been located.

For further information and records of all Confederate soldiers of Montgomery County, Texas, as well as histories of the regiments they served in, see Montgomery County, Texas, CSA by Frank M. Johnson. The book may be purchased by visiting Frank's website at or by contacting Frank at

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