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There were two young men named Timothy J. Cude who were born in Walker or Montgomery County, and were of the age to have fought in the Confederate army.

One Tim J. Cude was the son of Timothy and Serena (Johnson) Cude, and appears with them on the 1850 census of Montgomery County. He was born in Texas, some sources give 30 June 1843.

This Tim Cude married Mattie I. (Martha Irene) Foshee on August 30, 1871. She was the daughter of Louvinda Cheatham and her second husband, George Washington Foshee. The Foshee family lived near the Cudes in the vicinity of Danville.

According to the Montgomery County history book, in an article by a Mr. Timothy Cude, another Timothy J. Cude was born 29 March 1846 and was the youngest son of William A. Cude, Jr., and Lillie Ellen Winters Adams Cude. He appears with his mother, step-father Charles O. Edwards, and four brothers in the 1850 census of Montgomery County, near the other Cude family.

The family of the second Timothy Cude is said to have moved to Live Oak County. Mr. Cude quotes a story which J. Frank Dobie, the famous Texas historian, wrote about the young Tim and his way with oxen. Mr. Cude also states that this Timothy joined the Confederate forces when he was only sixteen. He gives the death of the second Timothy as September 17, 1929 in San Antonio. This second Timothy, in his pension application, claimed to have fought in Company K Second Texas Cavalry, but the war department found no record of his service. He said that he was a resident of Beeville at the time of his service.

In the Texas records as found on the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, two Tim Cudes are listed. One record shows that a T. Cude joined Captain Samuel Wooldridge in Co. B, 24th Regiment Texas Cavalry. The other joined Co. H, 26th Texas Cavalry.

It is apparent that the T. Cude who was with Captain Wooldridge in Company B of the 24th Regiment was the Timothy J. Cude who was the son of Timothy and Serena. According to Internet sources, Timothy Cude Sr. was born in Tennessee in about 1804. He is said to have married Serena Johnson in 1829. Timothy, Sr., died in 1861 at Plantersville, Grimes County, in 1861. There is no marker for him in the Cude Cemetery.

Timothy, Jr., was eighteen when he enlisted in the Second Lancers at Danville on March 29, 1862. He gave the value of his horse as $150.00, his equipment as $15.00, and the distance from his home to place of rendezvous at Camp Carter at Hempstead as fifty miles.

He trained with the other men at Camp Carter and then started riding with them to Arkansas.

Timothy Cude's muster roll of August 31st has a notation that he was discharged July 28th. The regiment was at El Dorado, Arkansas on that date. There is no further record for Tim in the rolls of the 24th Cavalry. July 28th was the day upon which the regiment received notice from General T. C. Hindman that they were to be dismounted, their horses were to be sent home, and they were to proceed on foot to be trained as infantry. It is likely that Tim was greatly weakened by measles or another camp disease and was discharged and sent home. Two of the older men of the company were discharged the same day.

I think it is probable that this T. Cude who was discharged from Capt. Wooldridge's company is the same T. J. Coode (Cude) who joined Company H of the 26th Cavalry (DeBrays), as many of the men in the 26th were from Walker and Montgomery Counties. This regiment served in the Trans-Mississippi and mostly stayed in the Texas area. Perhaps he was discharged because of an illness, then joined the 26th when he became well enough to serve.

T. J. Coode (Cude) joined Company H as a private. He enrolled September 1, 1863, at Hockley, which is about thirty-five miles south of Montgomery. His name is on the muster roll dated January-February 1864, at which time it was noted that his pay was due from the time of enlistment. There is only one muster roll for T. J. Cude in Company H.

In 1870, Tim is shown to be living with his mother, Serena, in Montgomery County. The next year on August 30, 1871, he married Mattie (Martha Irene) Foshee (Fooshe). She was the half-sister of Henry Golding. She was a first cousin to Thomas Golden.

According to Internet sources, Tim died 27 October 1877 leaving Mattie with three children. She is listed in the household of her parents in 1880 in Precinct I of Montgomery County.

Tim is thought to be buried in an unmarked grave in Cude Cemetery, Montgomery County.

The information on the two Tim Cudes was compiled from county and census records, from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System on the Internet, from the Montgomery County History book, from the Confederate Pension Records at the Texas State Archives, and from the Compiled Service Records, on file in the National Archives and accessed on microfilm at the Confederate Research Center at Hillsboro and later on Footnote/Fold3.

Family information on the Golding and Foorshe-Foshee families is provided by Cheatham descendant David Frame.

For further information and records of all Confederate soldiers of Montgomery County, Texas, as well as histories of the regiments they served in, see Montgomery County, Texas, CSA by Frank M. Johnson. The book may be purchased by visiting Frank's website at frankmjohnson.net or by contacting Frank at fjohnson@wt.net.

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