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Daniel L. Chambers was the son of Thomas Chambers and Isabella Barnhill, early Montgomery County settlers from Tennessee. He was born in Texas in about 1841. His mother died in about 1845, leaving nine children. He appears with his father and brothers and sisters in the 1850 census of Montgomery County.

He is also listed with his father in the Montgomery County census of 1860, at which time his age is nineteen. Daniel joined the Danville Mounted Riflemen on May 4, 1861, under Captain S. D. Wooldridge. He appears on the muster rolls for September 13, 1861 and February 14, 1862.

On March 29, 1862, Daniel enlisted as a Private in the Second Texas Lancers under Captain Wooldridge. He was enrolled at Danville by John E. George. Dan had to travel fifty miles to place of muster, Camp Carter at Hempstead. No value is given for his horse.

Dan was mustered in on April 28, 1862, was trained as a cavalryman, and rode his horse to Arkansas with the rest of the troops, where he was dismounted with the others.

He was present for the muster rolls through October, indicating that he went from Pine Bluff to Arkansas Post with his company. There the men were involved in building winter cabins and fortifications.

Dan was captured during the Battle of Arkansas Post on January 11, 1863, and his name appears on a list of Troops Captured at Arkansas Post. He was imprisoned at Camp Butler, Illinois, then was paroled and exchanged at City Point, Virginia, in April, 1863.

He is marked present on the muster rolls through August 31, 1863; one notation shows that he was last paid to June 30, 1863, by Capt. Moore.

There is a notation on his final muster roll that he was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga on September 20, 1863.

Chicamauga UDC Memorial, 1908

Sadly, one of Danís brothers , John H. Chambers, was also killed at Chickamauga.

At least three of Daniel's brothers also served with him in Company B under Capt. Wooldridge. His brother, Thomas, died at St. Louis, Missouri after the Battle of Arkansas Post. The only one who made it home was Oliver Perry Chambers.

Thanks to Chambers descendant Frankie Page for name of Daniel's mother.

For further information and records of all Confederate soldiers of Montgomery County, Texas, as well as histories of the regiments they served in, see Montgomery County, Texas, CSA by Frank M. Johnson. The book may be purchased by visiting Frank's website at frankmjohnson.net or by contacting Frank at fjohnson@wt.net.

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