Corn Purchase for Carter's Brigade



In May of 1862, Carter's Brigade gathered at Crockett, Texas, and began its march to Arkansas. There were three regiments of cavalry comprised of approximately three thousand men, their slaves, and their horses.

Providing food for the men and fodder for the horses immediately became a problem, especially because Carter had not as yet received his commission and had no cash and no authority to purchase the needed supplies.

This document was in private hands and was offered for sale. It sheds light on a segment of the brigade's march to Arkansas that has not been previously known. After the image of the document is a transcription of it.

Confederate States of America
To J.M. Harper Dr

June 16 For 532 Bus Corn @ 75 C / 399.00

I certify on honor that the above account amounting to
Three hundred and ninety nine dollars is correct and
just the articles were purchased and used for Carters
Brigade while enroute to Little Rock Arkansas, and
have not been paid for because I have no funds from
the Quartermasters department for that purpose.
the articles above will be accounted for in my property
return for the Quarter ending on the thirtieth day
of June 1862. .......F FauntleRoy
Camp Robertson Smith Co........ Lt. Keeneys Compy A
Texas, June 16,1862 .......... A.A.QM Carters Comd C S A

Received at____________________the______day of
_______1862 of ________assistant Quarter
master, C. S. Army the sum of Three hundred and
ninety nine dollars, in full of the above account
(Duplicate)................John M. Harper

Written across the text, vertically on page:

Approved D. C. Giddings
Lt. Col Camdg
1st Regt Carters Comd

The original document was folded in four parts, and on the outside the description of the contents was written, "Estate of John M. Harper," with a date of 28 February 1869.

Since the source of this document is not known--the dealer states that he bought it at a show--we don't know who owned it originally. It looks to me as though it might have been in the estate packet of John Harper, who, it appears, died in 1869. There is a John Harper living in Henderson County, next door to Smith County, in the census of 1860. He is age 39, a farmer, born in Tennessee.

This document may have been stolen from the courthouse, or, as some of you have pointed out, it could have been among the "worthless old papers" disposed of by county officials. I plan to donate it to the Texas State Archives so that it can again become part of the public domain. I certainly abhor the stealing of public documents for personal gain. It is the worst kind of theft, in my opinion, stealing from all of us our right to access important public documents.

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