The Wharton Spectator

October 16, 1914

Killed in Runaway

Young Lady Thrown From Un-
manageable Horse, Suffering
Injuries that Cause Death

Miss Maggie Fairfield, living
with her parents in the vicinity
of Pledger, was thrown from a
horse on which she was riding
last Sunday, and sustained in-
juries which caused her death
on Monday night.
In company with a young
man of the same neighborhood
she was out riding, her escort
being mounted on a mule. At
a gate through which they had
passed, the horse rubbed his
bridle off and bolted, while the
young man was closing the gate.
On the mule he was unable to
overtake her. Some distance
from the gate the running horse
collided with a cow in the road
and the rider was thrown, fall-
ing upon her head. Nearby
residents who witnessed the ac-
cident ran out and picked up the
young lady, who was rendered
unconscious, and carried her in
the house. The next morning
she was brought to the Caney
Valley Hospital for treatment
but never regained conscious-
ness and died that night at
about 11 o'clock. The remains
were at once prepared for in-
terment and carried back to her
home for burial.

Miss Fairfield was fifteen
years of age, and in her untime-
ly death her parents have the
sympathy of all who know