T. W. "Buckshot" Lane

1940 - 1953

Wharton County Sheriff

T. W. "Buckshot" Lane Wharton Counties most colorful Sheriff was born October 7, 1903 in Matagorda, Texas.He was the son of W.G. and Nettie Lane. Married Margaret Christine McDent in November 1932 in Wharton.

Children: William G. Lane, James T. Lane and Tommy McDent Lane

Served as constable, sheriff Elected: Nov. 5, 1940

re-elected Nov 3 1942

re elected Nov 7, 1944

Almost shot over phone incident Dec 12, 1945, had phone jacks installed in holding cells after that.

reelected Nov 5, 1946

re-elected Nov. 2 1948

re-elected Nov 7, 1950 served until Jan 1, 1953.

1954 elected state representative

Ran unsuccessfully for Congress[what year]

Put together a display about Wharton County Sheriffs for Wharton County Fair in 1955.

This page researched and written by Janet Barrett Hobizal in June 2007,

From records found at the Wharton County Historical Museum

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