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At the outset, I want to acknowledge Harry Wilson for his extensive research into the Zettelmeyer family. Without him I would not have a good deal of this information.

Our family story begins with the Zettelmeyers. I realize that it seems as though it should begin with the Barrett family, but the first proven line I have of the Barretts actually begins with the intermarriage of Cyrus Barrett to Susannah Zettelmeyer, so I will begin this story by telling you about her family.

Before I get into the actual family history of the Zettelmeyers I think it is important for you to realize that there are at least 59 different spellings of the name, even different ones in the same household. Of course, there are also those who dropped the "meyer" part and became just Zettle, Settle, Seidel, etc. Many of the reasons for the different spellings are due to illiteracy or how the census takers chose to spell the name, not to mention the Shipmasters. So, without further adieu, here is the different spellings of one of our family names:


Another note on family naming patterns: Naming records of the old Germanic families, and many other families, I am sure, relied heavily on naming after the older family members. Johann and Anna were commonly used as first names for many children in a family. These were common saints names in a family. The child was usually called by the second name on a common basis. This makes for discerning the correct family members a difficult job.

Our family records begin with Hans Georg Sedelmohr. Georg was a tinker or a Kessler in Germany. Georg was Catholic but his wife was Lutheran so they raised the children Lutheran. He was also buried at the Lutheran church at Reichelsheim, about 7 miles NW of Dorf Erbach.

Johann Jacob Zettelmeyer was the lastborn child of Georg and his wife Anna Maria Dorffler. Jacob and his family set sale aboard the ship Neptune in 1751, landing in Philadelphia on 24 September 1751. The common belief is that he had 6 children born in Germany and six children born in Pennsylvania. If you'd like to see the immigration records of our family line of Zettelmeyers, please click HERE. (You can find the direct lineage to us on the Zettelmeyer family chart below.) Since he was able to come to America with his family and not as an indentured servant as many of the emigrants of that day it is safe to assume that he brought with him his own money. Jacob was able to purchase land in Berks Co, PA in 1752 in what is now the Lenhartsville area. Here is a map of mid 1700 Berks County. It was probably similar land to what his homeland was like with its rolling hills and gentle streams. There is now a bridge across the Maiden Creek near where Jacob raised his family that is called the Zettlemoyer Bridge. Greenwich Bridge

The Zettelmeyer family attended the Smoke Church, which is now St Paul's Lutheran Church in Windsor, Greenwich Township, PA. This is the same church where Jacob and other members of his family are buried. If you ever happen to be in the area, you can see his headstone behind St Paul's Lutheran church, the 12th row from the church and 7th grave from the road. His headstone is to the right. It is said there are unmarked graves close to him. These could be those of his wife and children or other family members. Other members of his family attended The New Jerusalem Church in Greenwich, which was also called Dunkel's church, and the Zion Church in Windsor, which as called Windsor Castle Church. Several family members are buried at New Bethel Church and The Jerusalem Church in Albany Township. All of these churches are Lutheran.

Jacob's son George Adam Zettelmeier (notice the different spelling of his name), was born in 1753 in Berks County, PA and he is the father of Susannah, who married Cyrus Barrett. George Adam seemed to be a large scale farmer until at least 1785. He was born in 1753, the second son born to Jacob after he immigrated to America. He lived on his father's farm with his wife Christina Keinhard. They had 10 children, Maria Magdalena, George Michael, Henry, Johannes, Catharina, Martin, George Adam, Susannah, Christian (or could be Christianna), and Elizabeth.

Maria Magdalena married John Sously. George Michael married Elizabeth Weiser first and Maria Weiler second. Catharina married Henry Reinhart. Martin married Catharine Reinhart. George Adam married first Mary Magdalena Miller and second Esther Reichelderfer. Susannah married Cyrus Barrett, which I will expand on in a bit. Christian married Daniel Huffman, who went with them to Ohio. Elizabeth married John Bochert.

George Adam died in 1838 in Greenwich Township on his father's farm. In his will he lists Susannah's husband as Sierous Parrot. Since many people in that day could not write, he may not have known how to spell the name of our forefather Cyrus Barrett. In his will, it is stated, "It is my will & I do order & Direct that Sierous Parrot, have received heretofore from me in Land for the value of eight hundred dollars, which said sum of money shall be deducted from his share of legacy after my decease." [Will Book 7, page 350, Berks County Register of Wills] It is around this time that Cyrus and Susannah moved west to Ohio. You can see his will in full HERE.

Cyrus and Susannah's children were baptized at Smoke Church, which is now called St. Paul's Church in Windsor, Greenwich Twp, Berks County, PA. Susannah Zettelmeyer was confirmed at Smoke Church on 18 April 1813. Smoke Church records also show that Cyrus Barret was received into membership and received his first communion from Dr. Freidh. Miller, Pastor, on Easter Sunday, the 22 of March 1818. The baptismal records of children of Cyrus and Susannah can be found at St. Paul's (Smoke) Church in Windsor Twp, Berks Co, PA. The 1850 Census for Mill Creek, Madison Twp, Williams Co, Ohio shows that they first moved from Pennsylvania to New York before moving on to Ohio.

The Zettelmeyer family is very large, and they live all over the country, moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and as far west as Oregon. Feel free to check out Harry's site that I mentioned above to see where all of the family dispersed to.


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