Strathaven Cemetary MI's


Strathaven Cemetary MI's 


Hello, my name is Anne Barrie and I am interested in genealogy. As part of my search for ancestors, I have copied and photographed gravestones from the cemetary at Strathaven, Lanarkshire. This is Avondale, parish no 621.

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The Cemetary is is three sections - the Old section, the Old/New section and the New section. My families are taken from the first two. There is a whole listing on the Old Section, kindly sent to me by Alan Mitchell. I have put my families first. Please scroll down for the Old Section.


Barrie Elizabeth









Steele(Eliz & James)

Steel (Wm, Mgt, Mary, Jessie)




Steel (Georgina)/Shearer (James)

Steel (John)/Shearer (Janet)





Taylor (Cathy)

Taylor (Andrew & Isabella)




Taylor (Isa, Helen & Jean)














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The following are all in the Old Section.

I will list the names as per stone so just click away

























































Stewart John

Stewart Thomas

Stewart Robert













In loving memory of James Torrance Barrie, Saddler, who died 27 December 1920, aged 79. Also his wife Janet Brown, died 25 January 1919, aged 65. Their daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Donaldson, died at Wilsontown on 8 July 1917, aged 42. Their sons Claude, driver, RFA, died in service in Mesopotamia on 18 May 1916, aged 30, and Alexander, died in Winnipeg, Canada, on 19 November 1918, aged 27. (My family)

Elizabeth Barrie, Barn Street, Strathaven, who died 7 June 1894 aged 65. (My family)

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Erected by Annie Davidson in loving memory of her husband Thomas F Barrie who died 19 January 1912 in his 72nd year. Also the above Annie Davidson who died 5 June 1938 in her 93rd year. Beloved father and mother of Andrew Barrie. Also the above Andrew Alston Barrie who died 16 March 1966 aged 81.

In grateful remembrance of Thomas Brownlie Stewart, who died at Bracklinn on 25 July 1954 aged 84. Also his beloved wife Margaret Paterson Barrie, who died 25 January 1954 aged 86. Also their daughter Margaret P Stewart, died 30 April 1988, aged 81, widow of T Massey and A Fleming. (my family)


Erected by Jeanie Barrie in loving memory of her husband William Meikle, Builder, who died 28 October 1912 aged 67. Their daughter Jeanie, beloved wife of James Ogg, who died at Ibrox on 15 January 1914 aged 29. Also their four children who died in infancy. The above Jeanie Barrie who died 13 July 1917 aged 70. John Mackenzie 1885-1947 and his wife Marion Logan Meikle 1868 - 1954. (my family)

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In loving memory of Agnes C Jackson who died 9 August 1975, dear wife of Robert Barrie who died 11 March 1979.

In loving memory of William Barrie, beloved husband of Janet Kemp, died 8 February 1938 aged 82. Also his wife Janet Kemp, died 25 July 1942 aged 86. Also their beloved daughter Elizabeth Hamilton Barrie, died 25 August 1948.

In loving memory of Rhoda T Nicholson, beloved wife of James P Taylor, who died 9 September 1949. Also the above James P Taylor who died 9 January 1971.

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In loving memory of Kathleen Leven Broomhall, beloved wife of Peter Taylor, who died 18 January 1964 aged 67. Also the above Peter Taylor, born in Shanghai on 29 October 1896, died 3 November 1969.

In treasured remembrance of Dinah McAra Davidson, beloved wife of Alexander Taylor, who died 4 March 1955 aged 73. Also the above Alexander Taylor, died 23 August 1964 aged 89.

In loving memory of Cathy Y Taylor, died 6 January 1999.

In loving memory of our dear brother Andrew Paton Taylor, died 11 October 1978. Also our sister Isabella M Y Taylor, who died 3 March 1995.

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In loving memory of Margaret Taylor or Holmes, 14/2/1907 - 16/2/1968. Beloved wife of Charles J W Campbell 10/12/1906 - 16/8/1970.

In loving memory of Alexander Craig Taylor, beloved husband of Agnes Hamilton Watt, who died 17 May 1919 aged 55. Their son Alexander Watt Taylor, Pte 9th HLI, Glasgow High, killed in action in France on 16 May 1917 aged 23. Chrissy and Nannie (twins) born 6 September 1893, died 7th and 21st May 1894. Also their daughter Maggie Tudhope Taylor, died 2 February 1920 aged 29. Also the above Agnes Hamilton Watt died 23 December 1932 aged 69. Also their daughter Mary Eliza Wilkie, died 17 August 1939. Also their daughter Agnes Taylor, died 28 August 1964 aged 63. John Spence Taylor, died 23 May 1973, aged 76.

In loving memory of my husband Daniel Hamilton Taylor who died 30 March 1933 in his 51st year. Also Mary Watson, beloved wife of the above died 29 August 1953 in her 72nd year. Also Isabella Watson (Aunt Bell) who died 15 June 1946 aged 70.

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In loving memory of Isa W Taylor who died 16 April 1969 aged 69. Helen H Taylor, died 8 June 1975 aged 53. Jean W H Taylor who died 11 January 1994 aged 76.

Erected by Robert Kerr in loving memory of his wife Jessie Millar, who died at Enfiel, Strathaven on 21 October 1911 aged 75. Also the above Robert Kerr who died at 44 Ballgreen, Strathaven on 14 September 1917. Jane Kerr Taylor, niece of the above, who died 15 May 1938, aged 58.

In loving memory of John Taylor, beloved husband of Mary Herbertson who died 15 March 1945 aged 74. Their son Alexander died 6 June 1949 aged 45. Also Mary Herbertson who died 21 February 1961 aged 28. On flower vase at bottom of headstone - William Taylor 25 July 1995.

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In loving memory of Alexander Watt Taylor died 10 July 1993 aged 63, beloved husband of Edna M Naismith.

In loving memory of John Spence Taylor who died 23 January 1915 aged 48. Also his wife Mary Lindsay who died 8 November 1958 aged 86. Also their daughters Mary W Taylor who died 3 August 1963. Jean C Taylor who died 30 May 1987.

In memory of William Beveridge, J.P.. died 27 September 1948 aged 73. His wife Mary Wilkie Taylor who died 4 April 1949 aged 79. Their son Alexander who died in infancy. Also their son William who died 2 November 1958 aged 46, beloved husband of Agnes W MacSkimming. who died 20 March 1985 aged 74.

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In loving memory of our dear mother Catherine Richmond Steele who died 4 March 1942 aged 77. Also her daughter Margaret Steele Law who died 6 September 1957 aged 65.

In loving memory of Annie (Nan) Kane, beloved wife of Hugh Steel, who died 22 November 1953 aged 35. Also the above Hugh Steel who died 6 August 1971 aged 55.

In loving memory of Elizabeth Steele, died 10 January 1971, aged 81. Also her husband James Steele, died 9 October 1974?, aged 84.

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In loving memory of Elizabeth Steel, wife of William J Craig who died at Holmsfarm on 8 March 1914 aged 64. Also the above William J Craig who died at Holmsfarm on 8 October 1925 aged 81.

William & Margaret Steel - in loving memory of his sister Mary Steel who died at Sandford on 21 February 1904 aged 58. Their granddaughter Jessie Shepherd Steel who died at Sandford 22 June 1914 aged 11 months. The above William Steel who died at Sandford 23 May 1920 aged 75. Also the above Margaret Steel who died 10 September 1932 aged 80.

In loving memory of William Lawson, beloved husband of Helen Steele, who died 2 June 1941 aged 76. Also above Helen Steele, who died 13 March 1948 aged 83.

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In loving memory of Robert Steele, beloved husband of Marion Hamilton died 18 March 1971 aged 58. Also the above Marion Hamilton died 30 January 1992 aged 78.

In memory of Margaret, beloved daughter of Thomas Haldane & Margaret W Steel, who fell asleep 26 September 1936 aged 30. The above Margaret W Steel, who fell asleep 6 May 1937 aged 58.

In loving memory of James Shearer who died 7 April 1983 aged 81, beloved husband of Georgina Steel who died 25 January 1999 aged 89.

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Erected by John Steel in memory of his wife Janet Shearer who died 24 May 1899 aged 53. The above John Steel died 27 July 1901 aged 53.

Erected by Margaret Steel, in memory of her husband, William Johnston died 26 November 1887 aged 73. Also her father, John Steel died 23 December 1856 aged 72. Also her mother Margaret Wilson died 19 April 1869 aged 71. Also ?????? Catherine ?????? died 27 August 18 ?6. Also the above Margaret Steel died 17 December 1907 aged 90.

In loving memory of James Fleming, Hawkwood, beloved husband of Margaret Barr, who died 3 October 1945 aged 58. Also the above Margaret who died 28 April 1997 aged 86.

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In loving memory of John Millar, who died 20 December 1928 aged 71. Also Eliza Young, wife of the above who died at Westfield, Stonehouse, on 26 September 1941 aged 79. Also Mary, daughter of the above who died 18 December 1933 aged 42. Also Agnes Borland Millar, daughter of above who died 2 September 1945 aged 60. Also Janet Young Millar, daughter of above died Glasgow 19 May 1980 aged 86.

In loving memory of James Borland, beloved husband of Margaret Brackenridge, who died on 30 December 1941 aged 55. Also the above Margaret Brackenridge who died on 3 October 1967 aged 82.

In loving memory of John Parker Holburn, beloved husband of Agnes Gibson, who died 9 May 1929 aged 58 at Heathcote, Strathaven. Also the above Agnes Gibson Holburn, who died 3 February 1950 aged 76.

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In loving memory of Allan Cumming, died 5 August 1978, his wife Sarah Balmer, died 31 January 1984. Their son Angus, died 12 March 1979 aged 43. Their daughter Morag, died 20 February 1959 aged 5.

Erected by William Howat, in loving memory of his wife Helen Balmer, who died 9 February 1948 aged 83?. Also their daughter Jane Faulds, who died 25 April 1920 aged 14. Also the above William Howat who died 25 November 1952 aged 78.

In loving memory of Jeanie Struthers Tudhope died 22 September 1981 aged 86. Also her son John Struthers Tudhope who died 27 January 1987 aged 58.

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This is a large 4 sided pillar -

South side

John Currie, Merchant in Strathaven who died 23rd September 1818 aged 56 years and of Helen Leiper his wife, who died 23rd September 1825 aged 59 years. And of their children Mungo who died 28th April 1794, ??? who died 20th February 1824 aged 22 years.

John, who died 17th December 1850 aged 62 years and of Wilhemina Campaigh, wife of James Currie, Writer, Strathaven who died 28th November aged 29 years, and Helen their child who died in infancy

West side

William Currie, Trynlaw, who died June 25th 1831 aged 75 years and his first wife Isabella Marshall who died in August 1785 and their children Mungo, who died in infancy. And of Mungo Currie, Dykehead, who died in August 1795 aged 72 years and Catherine Marshall his wife who died in October 1791

North side:

Catherine Currie, who died at Trynlaw 21st June 1877 aged 84 years. Also Margaret Currie who died at Trynlaw 16th April 1878 aged 84 years. And of Jane Currie who died at Trynlaw 24th February 1890 aged 87 years

East side:

William Currie, Trynlaw, who died June 25th 1831 aged 75 years and Janet Thomson his second wife, who died December 4th 1824 aged 61 years; and their children Catherine and James who died in infancy and their grandchild William Kirkwood, who died October 6th 1833 aged 4 years.

James Currie of Trynlaw, Avondale and Pamrapo, N.J. United States, born June 1st 1800 and died at Trynlaw February 3rd 1870; " for he was a good man" Acts XI.24

In memory also of Mungo oldest son of William Currie who died at New York November 1st 1840 aged 48 years.

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In memory of Helen Fleming, spouse of John Donald, Hairshaw; who died 6 July 1865 aged 35. Elizabeth Hamilton, spouse of John Donald, who died on 26 May 1869, aged 29, and his daughter Isobella Orr, who died on 24 October 1886 aged 35 years 11 months.

John Donald, born August 1873, died 14 December 1897

Margaret Hamilton, born 9 May 1866, died 20 February 1920

William Donald, born 1853, died 12 ? 1929

Andrew, born 18 February 1897, died 27 March 1898

Margaret Hamilton, born 19 February 1883, died 1 April 1899

And of Major ? John Donald H.C. late of 3rd Dragoon Guards 1877 - 1969 ? Cremated at Aldershot, son of above William Donald. (All on the one stone)

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Erected by Hugh McColl; Hookhead, Avondale, in memory of Janet Wiseman, his wife, who died 8 May 1841 aged 36 years. Also of Janet Morrison, his wife, who died 5 June 1850 aged 35 years.

Also of Jane Strang, his wife, who died 20 June 1880 aged 67 years. Also of the above Hugh McColl who died at Hookhead 25 April 1880 aged 81 years. Also of William McColl, his son who died 13 June 1847 aged 9 years. Also of John McColl his son who died 1 October 1868 aged 33 years. Also Mary Fleming, beloved wife of James McColl (son of above) who died at Hookhead 24 March 1889 aged 51 years.

James McColl died 29 March 1911 at Hookhead, Avondale in his 70th year.

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Erected by Janet McKibben in memory of her husband John Wiseman, Teacher, Gilmourton who died 26 March 1849 aged 44 years; also of Marion Wiseman, their daughter who died in infancy; also of their son Joseph Wiseman, Watchmaker, who died 15th March 1877 aged 30 years; also of their son Robert Wiseman, Joiner, who died 23 February 1894 aged 61 years. Also of their son John Wiseman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, who died 1st October 1911 aged 70 years; The above Janet McKibben died 18th May 1888 aged 79 years.

Erected in memory of Alexander Dewar, Teacher, Free Church School, Strathaven, by a few of his friends as a token of regard for his character, his zeal in training the young and his public spirit.

Born in the parish ??? 1825; Died at Strathaven 5th November 1867

Also died Agnes 1861 (19 Feb)

His wife Agnes Russell (14th October 1841)

His father John Dewar (27th July 1864)

His son William Scott (27th January 1867)

His son John Dewar (21st September 1874)

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This is a Celtic Cross with crest (Crawford). Over slab: 'Overtown'

Sophia Crawford, the beloved wife of James Lovis Crawford Esq of Overton died 11th April MD CCC/II aged XXIX. In memoriam

Also in memory of Tessie Crawford, wife of James Lovis Crawford who died 11th November MD CCC/vv aged /II (?)

In memory of William Robinson, Officer of Eccise, Strathaven, who died February 1st 1835 aged 36 years.

Erected by the Licensed Traders lately under his inspection.

William Robinson Steel, grandson of the above, born 23rd August 1857; died October 3rd 1858.

Mary C Steel, born June 24th 1859; died July 10th 1860

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Erected by Marion Muir in memory of her husband Robert McKibben who died 8th March 1851 aged 67 years. And their daughter Helen McKibben who died 9th February 1833 aged 19 years; and their son Joseph McKibben who died 21st September 1854 aged 30 years.

Also in memory of Marion Muir, wife of the above Robert McKibben, who died 20th September 1862 in her 76th year.

Back of stone - May the 8th day 1732. This is the burial place of Andrew Ayton M A

Front of stone - Heir lays the corps of John Aiton, Mason in Strathaven who departed of this life the 5th day of April 1751 aged 48

In memory of William Wilson, Wright, who died 14th December 1826 aged 80 and Ann Riddell, his spouse who died 23rd December 1833 aged 77 and Jame Tennant, daughter of John Tennant, Ochiltree who died at Strathaven 7th February 1855 aged 26, and Elizabeth Allan, spouse of Robert Wilson, who died 12th August 1885 aged 82 and the above Robert Wilson who died 24th August 1888 aged 87.

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1774 - This is the burial place of James Tayler of Drumcr... 1831, inter Alexander, son of Alexander Tayler, baker in Strathaven.

Other side

1831 - The burial place of Alexander Tayler, Baker and his spouse Elizabeth Craig and their children; also John Wilson, Farmer in Overhouse, Marion, his spouse died 28th December 1833 aged 35 years.

To the memory of Rev. Thomas Stewart, Minister of the Assoc. Cong. here of his spouse and their two children.

Uniting many excellencies. A sound patriot and true friend. A faithful pastor & warm Christian

Endeared by his friends. Venerated by his people. Esteemed by the public. To the great grief of all he was called

1810 - Gavin Wilson, Portioner of Dikes and Robert Wilson, Merchant in Strathaven

Also Robert Wilson, Sidehill, son of above Robert Wilson and his wife Christina McColl and their son Gavin Wilson died ?? February 1950 (???)

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In memory of John Wilson, Portioner of Carnduff, who died November 18th 1781, aged 50. And Helen Brownlie, his spouse who died 16th July 1811 aged 67 years.

1796 - Margaret Browning: spouse to David Longmuir of Strathaven born Aprille 22nd 1744; died March 1798 aged 54 years.

1816 - In memory of John Kiddle, Cattle dealer who died 14th August 1805 aged 47 years and William Kiddle

William Davidson died 3rd June 1821 aged 71 and Janet Kiddle his spouse died ?????? aged 67 years

The burial place of John Smith of Allerstocks who died 1st August 1694 and the corps of Helen Hamilton his spouse who died 1714 ( the rest was illegible)

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1826 - There are deposited near this stone the remains of John Arbuckle who died 25 December 1821 aged 81 years and Marion Scott his spouse who died 1819 aged 72 years

Erected in memory of Marion Wilson, spouse of James McMillan, farmer in Laigh Bent, who died 21 December 1840 aged 42 years. Robert McMillan, the ........... who died 7th .............aged 22 years.

1829 - The burial place of Mungo Bryson, late Farmer in Burnbrae, who died 9th April 1785 and Jean Allison his spouse and their successors

1774 - William Cochran who lived in Littlekype who died 1774

Here lye the corps of Andreon Jackson who lived in Yeardbent; dyed January 15 in year 1769 aged 58

To the memory of Euphan Hamilton, wife of Alexander Forrest who died October 5th 1785 aged 30 years.

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This is the burial place of David Russell Smith who died 30th Aprille 1776

In memory of John Hamilton late in Brachanrig who died 1798 aged 70 years and Isabel Cochran and Janet Kirkland his spouse; also Alexander Hamilton his son late in Brownhill died 1827 aged 70 years.

Burial place of James Avchinleck; Agnes Currie died August 19th 1784

1800 - John Barr in Crookedstone; Agnes Dalgleish died ? August 1816 aged 52 years. N.B. ? died 26th July 1818 aged 27 years

1811 - The burial place of Alexander Strang, Farmer in Crowhall? and Janet ??? his wife; ...son Christopher whi died November 1812.

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This stone placed here by James Donald, Grocer, in memory of his first wife Isobel Horne who died 29 March ??91 aged 36 years and ??? Donald their ????? who died ?????? 1806 aged ??????

To the memory of James Wiseman, late in Holland? who died 179? and ?????? his brother, died 1799

To the memory of Ann Mitchle spouse to Robert Letham who died July 9th 1799 aged 50 years

The burial place of William Cochran of Craig who died April 1811 aged 98 and his spouse Elizabeth Millar.

This is the burial place of Thomas Stobo late clockmaker and his spouse Margaret Smith and their heirs (no dates on stone)

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This is the burying ground appointed for William Easton, Dyer (3), Janet Scoular his spouse and their children

Here lyes the dust of Janet Easton who died July 1786 aged ??? years

1814 - This is the burying ground of John Alexander who died April 1763 and Elizabeth Donald, his spouse who died August 28th 17??

1819 - Robert Lawrie and his spouse Lillias McAuley

1766 - This is the burial place of Robert Stewart PO??????? of Priestgilland

1820 - The burial place of JJJ Bryces

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1774 - The burial place of Robert John Mathiou and ??? Craig all ??? Avondale Paroch; also William Craig

1810 - DG: MM: Daniel Grey

1815 - the burial place of Mathew Taylor

1811 - Thomas Bryceson, Smith

Erected by John Barry of Strutherhead 1804

1814 - Henry Beveridge, Weaver, Ballgreen

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1809 - Robert Spence and David Spence

1818 - John Granger

1811 - James Robert Kyle

1827 - John Craig ; James Craig

1818 - John Liston?; Mary Findlay

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This is the burial place of James, William and Charles Louson 167?

1827 - James Haden

1825 - Laird Logan

1829 - The burial place of Thomas Millar, Coachman and Christian Keer, his spouse and their children

1826 - In memory of Mary Beegs and George Marr

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1818 - The burial place of Robert Wilson in Hookhead, Janet Meikle his spouse and their children

1814 - The burial place of Gavin Kirkland in Meikle Earnock, William Kirkland of East Quarter

1794 - the burial place of John Stewart, tennant in Goodsburn

The burial place of Robert Meikle of Raws in Kype 1791

This is the burial place of James McGovn and Jean Mertin and their children, tenants in Blackwood Yard. (No dates on stone)

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In memory of Alexander Lindsey, late brewer in Strathaven died 1761

Andrew Fleming of side, and ?? Fleming South Hall ( no dates on stone)

1809 - Henry Muir, Wright, and Frances Muir, Taylor

1767 - James Struthers

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1820 - The burial place of James Hamilton, and Helen Archibald, spouse, and their children

1820 - The burial place of William Dalgliesh ? in Allanton and Elizabeth Fleming his spouse and their children

This is the burial place of John Meur of Drumclog 1742

This is the burial place of William Walker 1780

1768 - H Muter

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