GENERATION 1: Robert Linnell = ?


GENERATION 2: John Davis = Hannah Linnell

GENERATION 2: David Linnell = Hannah Shelly

GENERATION 3: Cousins Jabez Davis = Experience Linnell



Mr. ROBERT LINNELL [RIN-4048] born ca. 1584 in London, England,1 first wife unknown, married (2) PENINAH HOWES/HOUSE [RIN-4054] between 1633 and 16 Sept. 1638, died 23 Jan. 1662/3 in Barnstable. Peninah was born ca. 1599 in Eastwell, Kent, England. She was a daughter of John and Alice (Lloyd?) Howes. John Howes was the parish clerk of Eastwell.2 Peninah's sister Hannah was the wife of Rev. Thomas Lothrop.3 Peninah and her brother Samuel belonged to Rev. Lothrop's Independent Church in London. In 1632 she was questioned by the Ecclesiastical Division of the Court of High Commission regarding her connection with Rev. Lothrop's church.4

Robert and Peninah Linnell arrived in America in 1638. By 16 Sept. of that year they had joined Rev. John Lothrop's church in Scituate "having a letter of dismission from the church in London." Robert took the oath of allegiance to the King and of fidelity to the Colony 1 Feb. 1638/9. He was admitted a freeman 3 Dec. 1639 and a grand juror at the June term of the Court.5

The Plymouth Colony on 22 Jan. 1638/9 adopted the resolution: "A graunt of a plantacon called Seppekann [now Rochester] and the lands thereaboute, for the seatinge of a towneship for a congregation there, is made vnto Mr Thomas Besbeech, James Cudworth, William Gilson, Anthony Annable, Henry Rowley, Edward Foster, Henry Cobb and Robte Linnell, as committees to dispose of such lands lying there aboute as shalbe limmitted and bounded vnto them, reserueing a pcell of 300 or 400 acrees for a farme, or to be disposed of as the gouerment here shall thinke meete." However, no town was founded there at that time and apparently the grant was revoked by the court or rejected by the grantees.6

On 4 June 1639 a grant was made "to Mr. Joseph Hull and Thomas Dimoc with their associates to erect a plantation or town at or about a place called by the Indians Mattacheese." On 26 June 1639 "a fast for the presence of God in mercy to go with us to Mattacheese" was held with a Thanksgiving celebration when they had all arrived in that place now known as Barnstable.7 Among these church members were Samuel Fuller, George Lewis, Robert Linnell and Henry Rowley.8 Robert's houselot #10 contained 10 acres. It was bounded northerly by the harbor, easterly by the lot of Thomas Lombard, southerly by the highway and westerly by the home lots of William and John Casely. Robert also owned three acres of planting land in the Common Field, three acres of meadow at Sandy Neck and nine at Scorton. Robert Linnet was listed among Barnstable's townsmen and voters in 1640 and in the 1643 list of those able to bear arms. Capt. Miles Standish was in charge of this militia.9

Robert Linnell died 23 Jan. 1662/3 (Figs. 1 & 2). On 3 Mar. 1662/3 "Mr. Hinckley is appointed by the Court to adminnester an oath to such as are to take theire oathes to the will and inventory of the estate of Mr Robert Linnell, deceased: and that Joseph Laythorp and Nathaniell Bacon bee aded to the widdow Linnell to bee helpful to her in seeing the debts payed either out of the whole or pte of the estate."10 On 12 Mar. 1662/3 an inventory of Robert's estate was appraised by Thomas Lothrop and Thomas Lewis and widow Peninah so advised (Figs. 1 & 3). Robert had previously sold or given to his children not mentioned in his will his meadow at Scorton and his great lot containing "three score acres."11

In 1643 Pininna Lynnell was bequeathed by her brother Thomas Howse "10, and to every child she shall have living at my death 50s." Thomas was "of the parish of St. Stephen in Coleman Street, London, a Citizen and Brownbaker of London."12

On 29 Oct. 1669 widow Peninah filed the following complaint to recover the house her husband had left her from the hands of her stepson David:"In reference to the complaint of Penninnah Linnitt, widdow, against David Linnit, that hee hath possessed himselfe of her house and land ginen her by the will of her deceased husband, Robert Linnitt, and giueth her noe satisfaction for the same, the Court haue ordered, that if hee doe not giue her satisfaction about the same betwixt this and the next March Court, that then the Court will take course that hee shalbe disposessed thereof."

The children of Robert and his first wife were all born in England:

  1. SARAH LINNELL [RIN-4055], married THOMAS EWER [RIN- 4055], married () THOMAS LOTHROP [RIN-4056] 11 Dec. 1639. Thomas and Sarah Ewer emigrated in 1635. Thomas Ewer died in 1638. Sarah's second husband, Thomas Lothrop, was born in 1621, a son of Rev. Thomas Lothrop.14 Note that Rachel Wynn does not include Sarah as a daughter of Robert Linnell.15
  1. DAVID LINNELL [RIN-4034] born ca. 1627 [see #2. below].
  1. HANNAH LINNELL [RIN-3990] born ca. 1629, married JOHN DAVIS, S. [RIN-3984] 15 Mar. 1648 at Nocett by Mr. Prince16 [see Our Davis Line, 2.].17
  1. MARY LINNELL [RIN-4051] born ca. 1631, married RICHARD CHILDE [RIN-4057] 15 Oct. 1649 "by Mr. Collier at my Brother (i. e., Rev. John Lathrop's brother) Linnett's house." Richard was born in 1624.

The children of Richard and Mary Childe [MRIN-1513] were:18

  1. RICHARD CHILDE [RIN-5354] born in March 1653 in Barnstable.
  1. SAMUEL CHILDE [RIN-5353] killed by Indians 26 Mar. 1676 at Rehoboth.


  1. ABIGAIL LINNELL [RIN-4052] born ca. 1633, married JOSHUA LOMBARD [RIN-4058] 27 May 1651 by Mr. Prince in Barnstable, died ca. 1690. Joshua was a son of Thomas and Joyce Lombard. The children of Joshua and Abigail Lombard [MRIN-1514] were:19
  1. ABIGAIL LOMBARD [RIN-5352] born 6 Apr. 1652, married ISRAEL HAMBLEN [RIN-5347]. Israel was a son of James Hamblen.
  1. MERCY LOMBARD [RIN-5351] born 15 Jan. 1665.
  1. JONATHAN LOMBARD [RIN-5350] born 28 Apr. 1657, married ELIZABETH EDDY [RIN-5346] 11 Dec. 1683.
  1. JOSHUA LOMBARD [RIN-5349] born 16 Jan. 1660, married HOPESTILL BULLOCK [RIN-5345].


The children of Robert and Peninah Linnell [MRIN-1510] were:

  1. SHUBAEL (or SAMUEL) LINNELL [RIN-5994] probably born in Ameica though there is no record of his birth in Scituate or Barnstable, killed 26 Mar. 1676 at the Battle of Rehoboth in King Philip's War. Note that Kerry Bate does not include Shubael as a son of Robert.
  1. BETHIA LINNELL [RIN-4059] baptized 7 Feb. 1640/1 in Barnstable, married (1) HENRY ATKINS [RIN-4060] 25 Mar. 1664, married (2) STEPHEN HOPKINS [RIN-4061] 7 Apr. 1701, died 25 Mar. 1726 in Harwich, Barnstable Co. Henry married (1) Elizabeth [-?-] 9 July 1647. Elizabeth died 14 Mar. 1664. Henry died before 1700. Stephen died 10 Oct. 1718.

The children of Henry and Bethia Atkins [MRIN-1515] were:20

  1. JOHN ATKINS [RIN-5344] born 15 Dec. 1666, died young.
  1. NATHANIEL ATKINS [RIN-5343] born 25 Dec. 1667.
  1. JOSEPH ATKINS [EIN-5342] born 4 Mar. 1669.
  1. DESIRE ATKINS [RIN-4053] born 7 May 1665.
  1. THOMAS ATKINS [RIN-5341] born 19 June 1671.
  1. Capt. JOHN ATKINS [RIN-5340] born 1 Aug. 1674, married ELIZABETH NEWCOMB [RIN-5337] 5 Mar. 1699. Elizabeth was a daughter of Lt. Andrew Newcomb of Edgartown.
  1. MERCY ATKINS [RIN-5339] born 24 Nov. 1676.
  1. SAMUEL ATKINS [RIN-5338] born 25 June 1679.



DAVID LINNELL [RIN-4034] born ca. 1627, married HANNAH SHELLEY [RIN-4035] 9 Mar. 1652/3 by Mr. Prince in Barnstable, died between 17 Nov. 1688 and 6 Mar. 1689. in Barnstable. Hannah was born ca. 1637, died between 2 Feb. 1708/9 and 5 Apr. 1709. She was a daughter of Robert and Judith (Garnet) Shelley.

David was able to bear arms in 164321 and was chosen "hayward of the General field" in 1679.22

"David Linnell & Hannah Shelley beeing questioned by the church uppon a publique ffame toutching carnall & uncleane carriages betwixt them tow, beeing in ye congregation confessed by them, they were both by the sentence & joynt consent of the church, pronounced to bee cutt off from that relation wch they hadd formerlye to the church, by virtue of their parents covenaunt, acted & done by ye church, May 30, 1652." David and Hannah had violated the law enacted by the Pilgrim fathers, "That if any shall make any motion of marriage to any man's daughter, or mayde servant, not haveing first obtayned leave and consent of the parents or master so to doe, shall be punished either by fine of corporal punishment or both at the discretions of the bench." Under this law "They both were for their ffaults punished with Scourges [i.e., whips] here in Bernestable by the Sentence of Magestracye Jun. 8, 1652."23

David inherited his father's homestead where he built his 2-story single house with a lean-to. He delayed joining the church until 1 July 1688. His wife did not join.

David wrote his will 17 Nov. 1688. It was proved 6 Mar. 1689 (Fig. 4). The inventory was taken 28 Feb. 1688/9 (Fig. 5).

Hannah's will, dated 2 Feb. 1708/9, probated 5 Apr. 1708/9 mentioned Abigail Linnel, Mary Sergeant, wife of John, Experience, wife of Jabez Davis, Susanna, wife of Eben Phinney, and her granddaughter Hannah Davis, daughter of Dolar. She signed with a mark and appointed John Phinney, Jr., executor.25

The children of David and Hannah Linnell [MRIN-1502] were all born in Barnstable:

  1. SAMUEL LINNELL [RIN-4036] born 15 Dec. 1655.
  1. ELISHA LINNELL [RIN-4037] born 1 June 1658.
  1. HANNAH LINNELL [RIN-4015] born 15 Dec. 1660.
  1. MARY LINNELL [RIN-4038] married JOHN SERGEANT [RIN-4043] before 1709.
  1. ABIGAIL LINNEL [RIN-4039] married RALPH JONES [RIN-4044] 17 Mar. 1721. Ralph was born 5 Jan. 1692, son of Matthew & Mercy (Goodspeed) Jones [see Our Fuller Line, 5.ii.a.].26
  1. EXPERIENCE LINNELL [RIN-4016] born 1664, married (1) her cousin JABEZ DAVIS [RIN-4004] 20 Aug. 1689 in Barnstable, married (2) BENJAMIN HATCH [RIN-6103] 13 Feb. 1711/2, died 31 Dec. 1736. The parents of Jabez Davis were John & Hannah (Linnell) Davis [see Our Davis Line, 3. and 1.iii. above].
  1. JONATHAN LINNELL [RIN-4090] born 1668, married (1) ELIZABETH [—?—] [RIN-4045], married (2) REBECCA [—?—] [RIN-4046], died 8 Sept. 1725 in Eastham. Elizabeth was born in 1667 and died 26 July 1723. Jonathan Lynnel was listed as a first settler of Barnstable.27 He removed to Eastham ca. 1695.28

In his will proved 19 Sept. 1726 Jonathan named his wife Rebecca. To his son Elisha he gave land in Harwich bought of Sarah and Elizabeth Rogers, meadow near Hog Island, etc. To his son Jonathan the remainder of the estate in Harwich and Eastham. He named his daughter Abigail King. To his daughter Hannah Mayo he gave land in Bridgewater and Middle-boro, purchased of Elisha Mayo. He also named his grand-children Elizabeth Mayo and Elizabeth King. Jonathan signed his will with his mark. His estate was appaised at 1,465/15/9.29

  1. JOHN LINNELL [RIN-4018] born ca. 1671, married RUTH DAVIS[RIN-4007] in 1695 or 1696, died 9 Feb. 1747/8. Ruth was born in 1674, died 8 May 1748. [see Our Davis Line, 2.xii.]. Both John and Ruth were buried in the old graveyard in Chequaquet (now called Hyannisport).

John Linnel was listed as one of the first settlers of Barnstable.31 He was one of the earliest who removed to South Sea, as the south part of the township was then called. He resided a part of his life on his farm in the easterly part of Chequaquet and a part on the estate of his father-in-law John Davis. At his death John owned and occupied the house that stood opposite the residence of Deacon John Munroe.

In his will dated 1 Oct. 1737, proved 7 July 1748, John named his wife Ruth and his daughters Thankful Bearse, Bethia Bearse and Hannah Linnel. In a codicil dated 5 July 1748 he reported that his daughter Bethia was dead. To his daughter Hannah he gave his great chamber and privileges in the house so long as she remained single. To his son Samuel the southwest part of his farm or homestead at South Sea, containing 21 acres of upland and 7 of meadow; to his son John the middle portion containing 19 acres of upland and 3 acres of marsh; to his son Joseph the remaining or easterly part, containing 11 acres of upland and 3 of marsh; and to his son Jabez, "All his homestead farm lands, meadows, and house wherein he than dwelt."

John's widow, Ruth, owned real estate in her own right. Her will, proved 5 July 1748, was witnessed by Solomon Otis, David Crocker and Robert Davis. She referred to her sister Mercy [Mary?] Davis, deceased, and to her unmarried daughter Hannah. Ruth owned land on the east side of the Hyannis road, adjoining Nathaniel Baker's, formerly the property of her father.32

The children of John and Ruth Linnell [MRIN-1495] were:33

  1. SAMUEL LINNELL [RIN-5336] married widow HANNAH SCUDDER [RIN-5327] in 1725.
  1. JOHN LINNELL [RIN-5335] married MARY PHINNEY [RIN-5326] 24 Oct. 1734.
  1. JOSEPH LINNELL [RIN-5334] married DORCAS SMITH [RIN-5325] 26 Nov. 1747. Joseph removed to Yarmouth in 1755.
  1. HEMAN LINNELL [RIN-5333] born ca. 1756, died 10 Feb. 1848 at the Alma House in Yarmouth.
  1. JABEZ LINNELL [RIN-5332] married (1) SARAH BACON [RIN- 5324] 11 Nov. 1736, married (2) Mrs. SARAH STURGIS [RIN- 5323] 26 Sept. 1751.
  1. THANKFUL LINNELL [RIN-5331] married [-?-] BEARSE [RIN-5322].
  1. BETHIA LINNELL [RIN-5330] married [-?-] BEARSE [RIN-5321], died before 5 July 1748.
  1. HANNAH LINNELL [RIN-5329] died after 1748.
  1. REBECCA LINNELL [RIN-5328] born ca.1763, died 29 Apr. 1854.


  1. SUSANNAH LINNELL [RIN-4041] born ca. 1673, married EBEN PHINNEY [RIN-4047] 14 Nov. 1695.



HANNAH LINNELL [RIN-4015] born 15 Dec. 1660, married (1) JONATHAN [-?-] [RIN-4042], married (2) her cousin DOLAR DAVIS [RIN-4003] 3 Aug. 1681. [See Our Davis Line, 2.viii.]. Hannah probably died before 1710.



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