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The immigrant Throckmorton ancestors of Job Throckmorton were John & Rebecca (Farrand) Throckmorton (See   my GEDCOM at for their ancestry and note that John married Rebecca Farrand [not Colvill]1 and that they did not emigrate in 1630/1631 aboard the Lyon with Roger Williams as have been previously reported). Apparently they settled at Throckorton's Cove on Forest River in what is now Marblehead but in the 1630s was part of Salem South Fields.1a  On 23 Sept. 1635 John Woollcott sold to William Lord (both of Salem) a house, etc., and "a Tenn acre Lott of ground  on the south syd" for "Fifteene pounds Tenn shillinge to mee in hand paid (according to an order of Arbitermt mad by mr Throckmorton, & John Woodbury, indiffertlie chosen by vs both for that purpose)."  Roger Williams had formerly occupied this house.1b

 The Williams and the Throckmorton families first settled in Salem, Mass., where John Throckmorton was a merchant and ship owner and Rev. Williams pursued his call to the ministry.

In Jan. 1636 Roger Williams fled the tyranny and persecution of the Salem Church to what is now Providence, R. I., where he purchased land from the Narragansett Indians. John Throckmorton probably joined Roger Williams in Providence that summer. Throckmorton was among Roger Williams’ twelve associates to whom Williams deeded some of his Indian land. When Roger Williams established the first Baptist church in America, John & Rebecca Throckmorton were on the "List of Original Members Received in 1638." This re-baptism of adults, who had been previously baptized by sprinkling, offended the Salem church which promptly excommunicated members who believed in adult baptism.

On 22 Apr. 1639 John Throckmorton purchased the northern half of Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay from Roger Williams and settled there, thus establishing the Throckmortons as the first white family to live on that island.

In Sep. 1642 John Throckmorton petitioned the Dutch governor of New Amsterdam for permission to settle twelve miles east of Manhattan. The Dutch called the area Vredelandt, or Land of Peace, but it is now known as Throg’s Neck (a corruption of Throckmorton’s Neck) and is readily identified at the north end of the Throgs Neck Bridge. Indian uprisings, and their attendant massacres, were frequent in this area, causing the Throckmortons to return to Rhode Island. In 1652, John sold all of his Vredelandt land to Augustine Heerman.

In the spring of 1672, George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends (Quakers) visited Rhode Island and, through his eloquent preaching, converted many of the leading inhabitants to Quakerism, among them John Throckmorton.

On 8 Apr. 1665 John Throckmorton joined with residents of Gravesend, Long Island, in the purchase of land in Monmouth County, N. J., becoming the owner of two shares. Although John did not actually settle there, several of his children did. It was while visiting these children in 1684 that John Throckmorton died and was buried in the Throckmorton-Lippit-Taylor burying ground in Middletown, N. J.

Job Throckmorton, fifth child and second son of John & Rebecca, was born 30 Sep. 1650 in Providence. At the age of 16 he accompanied his elder brother, John, to Monmouth County and drew lot no. 22 in the division of land at Middletown 30 Dec. 1667. He married in Freehold, N. J., on Feb. 1684/5 Sarah Leonard, whose parents, Henry & Mary Leonard, had emigrated from Bilston, Staffordshire, England in the late 1640s.

Henry Leonard, with his brother James, distinguished himself in the ironworks of Lynn and Braintree, Mass. About 1670 Henry established a bloomery at Rowley Village (near Salem). Although the endeavor was a technological success, the illiterate Henry fell heavily into debt and in 1673 he and his family moved to Monmouth Co., N.J. where he and his sons built a forge at Tinton Falls (see #1.vii. and #1.vii.f. in my companion article "Leonard Siblings Henry, James, Philip, Sarah & Thomas in America & Some of their Descendants."

Among the children of Job & Sarah (Leonard) Throckmorton was a son, Job. He married Frances Stout, the daughter of John & Elizabeth (Crawford) Stout, in 1720 in New Jersey. John Stout was born 1645 in Gravesend, Long Island, N.Y. and, in 1667, drew lot no. 19 in Middletown. Frances was born ca. 1700 on her father's property in Middletown.

Frances Stout was the granddaughter of Penelope (Van Princen) and Richard Stout. Richard was one of twelve patentees of what is now known as the Monmouth Patent. By 1667, Richard Stout held lot no. 64 and upland country in Middletown. In 1668 the First Baptist Church of New Jersey was organized in the Stout home. John, the eldest son, was among the eighteen male charter members.

Job & Frances (Stout) Throckmorton are the progenitors of the following genealogy. They were the parents of eleven children – three girls and eight boys – born over a period of 25 years. These children are distinguished by Arabic numerals, 1 through 11. The initials and numbers following the children’s names reference book authors and pages (see List of Abbreviations below).

The Job Throckmorton’s grandchildren are designated by small Roman numerals, and their great-grandchildren, by lower case letters. Subsequent generations are denoted by capital Roman numerals, small Roman numerals, open circles, filled-in squares and bullets ().

To help the reader keep track of this large family, the first three generations, beginning with the children of Job & Frances Throckmorton (with birth and death dates) are listed below. Please note that each of the eleven Throckmorton children are treated in entirety (so far as is known) before a new child is introduced into the text, so that the eleventh and last child does not appear until the very last page.

For an expanded list of Throckmorton descendants, please access my GEDCOM at http://worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb. com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=bartstam.

Because of the length of this document, the text is presented in four parts. Please use the following list to ascertain in which part your ancestor may be found. Relevant endnotes appear in each part.


  1. Sarah (Throckmorton) Grandin (1721 – 1761)
  2. Mary (Throckmorton) Foster (m. 1750)
  3. John Throckmorton 1724 – 1775)
  1. Joseph Throckmorton (1765 – 1851)
  1. William Throckmorton (1730 – 1796)
  1. John Throckmorton 1760 - ? )
  2. Hannah (Throckmorton) Nelson (ca. 1761 - ?)
  3. Job Throckmorton (ca. 1762 – ca. 1839)
  1. John Throckmorton (179_ - ?)
  2. Samuel Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  3. William Throckmorton(dates unknown)
  4. Job Throckmorton (1801/2 - ?)
  5. Thomas Throckmorton (1803 - ?)
  1. Rachel (Throckmorton) Demoss (ca. 1764 - ?)
  2. William Throckmorton, Jr. (1765 – 1814)
  1. John Throckmorton (1792 – 1844)
  2. Peter Throckmorton (1793 – 1857)
  3. Sarah Ann (Throckmorton) Wissler/Whisler (1795 – 1834)
  4. Hannah (Throckmorton) Abernathy (1797 – 1873)
  5. William Throckmorton (1798 – 1874)
  6. Samuel Throckmorton (1801 – 1884)
  7. Mary (Throckmorton) Dreisbach (1803 – 1878)
  8. Nicholas Throckmorton (1805 – 1876)
  9. Elizabeth Throckmorton (1807 – 1872)
  10. Susanna (Throckmorton) Lyons (1810 – 1894)
  11. Eleanor Throckmorton (1812 – 1883)
  1. Thomas Throckmorton (1767-8 - >1834)
  1. Philip Cline Throckmorton (1806 – 1846)
  2. Job Throckmorton (1807 – 1862)
  3. Wiley Throckmorton (1809 – 1860-70)
  4. Mary Throckmorton (1834 – 1914)
  5. John Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  6. Samuel Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  7. Sarah Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  1. Jane(Throckmorton)Demoss (1773 – 1838)
  1. Rachel (Demoss) Wilkinson (1798 – 1879)
  2. Sarah (Demoss) Ewans (ca. 1800 - ?)
  3. Rebecca (Demoss) Jones (ca. 1802 - ?)
  4. Mary (Demoss) Wilkinson (ca. 1805 - ?)
  5. Jane (Demoss) Vesey (ca. 1808 - 1848)
  6. Lewis Demoss (ca. 1810 - ?)
  7. Catherine (Demoss) Ramey (dates unknown)
  1. Mary (Throckmorton) Raimey (1779/80 - ?)


  1. Elijah Gillett Throckmorton (1781 - ?)
  1. Mary (Throckmorton) Speakman (1818 - ?)
  2. Julia Ann (Throckmorton) Pancake (1819 - 1894)
  3. John Throckmorton (1820 - ca. 1890)
  4. William Throckmorton (1822 - 1892)
  5. Thomas Throckmorton (1824 - ?)
  6. Elizabeth (Throckmorton) Speakman (1826 - 1861)
  7. Lewis Throckmorton (1827 - 1837)
  8. Violetta Throckmorton (1829 - ?)
  9. Wilson Throckmorton (1832 - ?)
  10. Sarah Ann Throckmorton (1835 - ?)
  11. Gillett Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  1. Thomas Throckmorton(173_ - 1763)
  1. Thomas Throckmorton (<1763 - ?)
  1. David Throckmorton (1735 - ?)
  2. Daniel Throckmorton (1734-5 - 1798)
  1. Daniel Throckmorton (1773 – 1852)
  1. William Throckmorton (1797 – 1844)
  2. Jane Throckmorton (1800 - 1839)
  3. Daniel Throckmorton (1802 - 1851)
  4. Phelby Throckmorton (1804 - 1890)
  5. Isaac Throckmorton (1806 - 1883)
  6. Mary Ann Throckmorton (1808 - 1890)
  7. James Throckmorton (1810 - 1810)
  8. Rachel Throckmorton (1812 - 1816)
  9. Nancy Throckmorton (1814 - 1818)
  1. Rachel (Throckmorton) Cooper (dates unknown)


  1. Job Throckmorton (ca. 1740 – 1800)
  2. Rebecca (Throckmorton) Demoss (ca. 1742/3 - >1792)

10.Lewis Throckmorton (1745/6 – 1798)

  1. Job Throckmorton (176_ - 1780)
  1. Sarah Throckmorton (dates unknown)
  2. Mary Throckmorton (dates unknown)

ii. Jonathan (John) Throckmorton (dates unknown)

iii. Lewis Throckmorton, Jr. (1769/70 – 1857-60)

  1. Sarah (Throckmorton) Foster (1795 – 1865)
  2. Susanna (Throckmorton) Detty (1797/8 - >1880)
  3. Elsie (Throckmorton) Crabtree (1800 - 1887)
  4. Daniel Throckmorton (1800/1 - 1893)
  5. Elizabeth (Throckmorton) Loop (1804 - 1900)
  6. Lewis Throckmorton (1806 - 1883)
  7. Ann (Throckmorton) Crabtree (1808 - 1866)
  8. Rachel (Throckmorton) Crabtree (1810 - 1872)
  9. Drusilla (Throckmorton) Crabtree (1813 - 1875)
  10. Mary (Throckmorton) Foster (1818 - ?)
  11. Thomas Throckmorton (1818 - >1880)
  12. Joseph Throckmorton (1825 - 1891)


  1. Sarah (Throckmorton) Spriggs (ca. 1778 – 1865)
  1. Joseph Spriggs (1800 - 1875)
  2. Lewis B. Spriggs (1801 - 1842)
  3. Sarah (Spriggs) Sheward (1802 - 1875)
  4. Rachel (Spriggs) McCain (1804 - 1896)
  5. Daniel W. Spriggs (ca. 1805 - 1886)
  6. William Spriggs (ca. 1806 - 1875)
  7. Peter Spriggs (ca. 1809 - ?)
  8. Ivy (Spriggs) Turner (ca. 1810 - <1846)
  9. Nancy Anne (Spriggs) Arthur (ca. 1812 - 1847)
  10. Benjamine Franklin Spriggs (1813 - ?)
  11. Ebenezer Spriggs (ca. 1814 - ca. 1854)
  12. Delilah (Spriggs) Radabaugh (1816 - ?)
  1. Thomas Throckmorton (1780 – 1857)
  1. Catherine Throckmorton (1810 - <1850)
  2. Joseph Throckmorton (1812 – 1888)
  3. Hannah (Throckmorton) Witcher (1815 - <1850)
  4. Rachel (Throckmorton) Spicer (1718 - ?)
  5. Elizabeth (Throckmorton) Arnold (1820 – 1902)
  6. Mary Ann (Throckmorton) McCormick (1822 - ?)
  7. Sarah Ann (Throckmorton) Landrum (1822 – 1902)
  8. Charity (Throckmorton) Landrum (1825 – 1899)
  9. Silas Throckmorton (1827/8 - ?)
  10. Brewer Throckmorton (1830 – 1909)
  11. Ezra Throckmorton (ca. 1830 – 1884)
  12. Clarissa Witcher (Throckmorton) Heskitt (1834 – 1916)
  13. Milton Throckmorton (1836 – 1836)
  1. Joel Throckmorton (ca. 1782 - ?)
  1. William Throckmorton (ca. 1784 - ?)
  1. Daniel Throckmorton (1785 - ?)
  1. Julia Throckmorton (ca. 1811 - ?)
  2. William Allen Throckmorton (1811 - 1893)
  1. Joseph Throckmorton (ca. 1786 - ?)
  1. Joseph Throckmorton (1746–1755 – 1763)
  2. Elizabeth Throckmorton



The following abbreviations are used throughout the text and in the endnotes:

CWT: Charles Wickliffe Throckmorton, A Genealogical & Historical Account of the Throckmorton Family in England & the United States, (1930)

FGS: Frances G. Sitherwood, Throckmorton Family History, (1929)

JES: John E. Stillwell, Historical & Genealogical Miscellany, (1932), 5 vols.

LBS: Loraine B. Swiger, Family Sketches of the Throckmortons of Southern Ohio, (1975)

LDS: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

RJT: Robert J. Throckmorton, The Birth Order Index System for Classifying Family Roots, (1977)


The eleven children of Job and Frances (Stout) Throckmorton – and some of their descendants - follow. Please note that only those children who migrated to Virginia and Ohio are dealt with in depth in this account.

  1. SARAH THROCKMORTON [FGS, 80-81] was born 1 Nov. 1721 in Middletown, N.J., married her cousin DANIEL GRANDIN at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, N.J., by license dated 20 Sep. 1749, died 1 Feb. 1761. Daniel was born 11 May 1723 in Freehold, N.J., died 1 Nov. 1790. His parents were Daniel & Mary (Throckmorton) Grandin.1c Mary was a sister of Sarah’s father, Job. Both Sarah and Daniel were interred in the Old Topanemus Graveyard, Middletown, N.J. It appears that this line did not join the late 18th-century westward migration to Virginia and Ohio.
  1. MARY THROCKMORTON [FGS, 81] born ca. 1725, had license to marry REUBEN FOSTER 21 June 1750. Samuel Grandin was the voucher.  Reuben was born ca. 1725.

Mary was mentioned in the will of Sarah Nichols. Mary was to receive her share of the 30 to be equally divided among John Throckmorton, William Throckmorton, Mary fouster wife of Reuben fouster, Daniel Throckmorton, Job Throckmorton, Rebackah Throckmorton, Lewis Throckmorton and Joseph Throckmorton.2 Sarah (Throckmorton) Nichols was the eldest daughter of Job & Sarah (Leonard) Throckmorton, i.e., Mary’s aunt.3 Sarah had died 6 Apr. 1755. Nothing further is known of Reuben and Mary Foster.

 3. JOHN THROCKMORTON [FGS, 98] was born ca. 1724 (ca. 1728?) in Freehold, Monmouth, Co., N.J., married LYDIA WEST 3 Oct. 1752, died 1775 in     Freehold4 (Figures 1 & 2).

John was a carpenter. He served as administrator of his father’s estate. On 25 July 1748 Frances (John’s mother) renounced her right as administratrix in favor of John. John and Samuel Throckmorton (John’s uncle?), yeoman, of the same place, signed a bond for 500.5 In a private communication from CWT to Philip H. Waddell Smith, Princeton, N.J., 15 Sep. 1933, CWT wrote that "John probably went to Virginia."6

John & Lydia Throckmorton had at least one child, viz: JOSEPH THROCKMORTON, born 14 June 1765 in Sussex Co., N.J., died in 1851. Joseph was a ship carpenter and farmer.7 Revolutionary War pension #S14689 appears to satisfy the above meager information, viz: "Joseph Throckmorton, N.J. line, S14689, applied [for a pension] 3 Oct. 1832, McKean Co., Penn., aged 67. Soldier lived in Monmouth Co., N.J. at enlistment, soldier was born 14 June 1765 in Sussex, Co., N.J., after military service he moved to Middletown, N.J., then moved to Utica, N.Y., then moved to Auburn, N.Y., then to Geneva, N.Y., then moved to Hector in Potter Co., Penn., where he lived when he applied in McKean Co., Penn."8 Joseph Throckmorton, Revolutionary War veteran age 75, was living in 1840 in Hector Twp., Potter Co., Penn., with E. Throckmorton.9


  1. WILLIAM THROCKMORTON [FGS, 98-99; CWT, 222 & 226] was born 27 Jan./June 1730 in Freehold, N.J., married SARAH GILLET 26 Dec. 1759 at the First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N.J.,10 died Oct. 1796 in Berkeley Co., Va. (now W. Va.). Sarah was born 2 Apr. 1742 in Morris Co., N.J., daughter of Elijah & Jane Gillet (Figure 3 and Figure 4).

William was a merchant and a soldier (a private) in Virginia.11 Note that Stillwell’s article (Figure 4) apparently covers the lives of two William Throckmortons – the first until 1770 and the second starting in 1782. We are only interested in the first one.

The above statements that William was married in a Presbyterian church and that he was a soldier may be at variance with Simeon Wilson Dixon’s 22 Feb. 1919 letter to Dr. Tinsley Brown in which he states that William (and other Throckmortons living in Shrewsbury) were Quakers, having kept "the faith the entire family had brought from Rhode Island – Quaker."12 These Quakers, being non-resistant people, in the Revolutionary War were called Tories and some of them were. Simeon Dixon goes on to state that William and his sister Rebecca (see 9. below) were the first of the family to remove to Virginia. They were said to have left New Jersey partly because of their position on the Revolutionary War. William was believed to have carried into Virginia money and immovables belonging to other family members who feared confiscation at the hands of the Patriots in the old home.

In 1754 William Throckmorton located lands where Succasunna & McCainville now stand in Roxbury Twp., Morris Co. He sold the same land to Cornelius Slaight.12a

In the 1755 will of Sarah (Throckmorton) Nichols (William’s aunt), William received his share of the 30 to be equally divided between John Throckmorton, William Throckmorton, Mary fouster wife of Reuben fouster, Daniel Throckmorton, Job Throckmorton, Rebacah Throckmorton, Lewis Throckmorton and Joseph Throckmorton. William received an additional 17.13

In her 1962 DAR Application #492567 Miss Ellen Douglass Bender, 1014 Florida Ave., Martinsburg, WV, obtained her membership on the basis that our William Throckmorton received warrant #4798 for 100 acres in the Virginia Military District of Ohio for 3 years’ service as a private in the Virginia Continental Line. This warrant was issued 3 June 1797. A Robert Gibbons received the warrant for William. Ellen is descended through William & Sarah’s son Thomas (see, below).

According to Federal Land Series, vol. 4, Part I, Grants in the Virginia Military District of Ohio by Clifford N. Smith (1982), p. 120, warrant #4798 for 100 acres was issued 3 June 1797 to a William Throckmorton. The patentee was John Harrison and the actual settlers in 1826 were heirs of Benjamin Houghs and A[llen] Latham. The land was located on the Scioto River in Franklin Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio (Survey #S-3356, 96 acres, Survey Book C, p. 279).

In the 1787 Virginia census for Berkeley Co., William Throckmorton was charged with tax on his 4 horses, mares, colts & mules and 4 cattle. He also paid the taxes for his son William, Jr., who was listed separately (see v. below).14

On 13 Dec. 1778 a William Throgmorton of Berkeley Co. bought from John Briscoe 350 acres alongside Thomas Throgmorton’s land.15 On the same date John Briscoe by Berkeley & Frederick Co. deeds sold to a Thomas Throgmorton of Frederick Co. lands lying in Frederick and Berkeley counties.  Witnesses to the Frederick Co. deed included a William Throckmorton and 2 Albion Throckmortons.16  Then on 3 Oct. 1785 William Throckmorton of Frederick Co. sold for 5 shillings to John Wright 105 acres of the land he had bought from John Briscoe.  Witnesses included a Thomas Throckmorton.16a  William's wife did not sign this deed because she could not conveniently come to the Court.  Consequently on 3 & 4 Oct. 1785 Thomas Throckmorton and William Helm, Gent., Justices of the Peace, were authorized and directed to go to William Throckmorton's wife Mary Throckmorton to receive her "acknowledge" thereof and examine her privately and apart from the said William her husband.16b  Thus it appears that William's wife was named Mary (not Sarah) and consequently we may have here the wrong William Throckmorton.  Were the above William and Thomas Throckmorton part of the Virginia line of Throckmortons?

The 1794 Landbook for (West) Berkeley Co. listed William Throckmorton, Sr. with 50 acres.17 

No will for William Throckmorton has been found. On 5 Nov. 1796 William Throckmorton's estate was appraised at 219/10/0 by Colbert Anderson, Richard Ridgeway and Robert Holyday.18 A transcription of the inventory of William’s estate appears in Figure 5A and the certification of it in Figure 5B. (Note error in the date above the names of the three appraisers: 1791 should be 1796.)

The nine children of William & Sarah Throckmorton were:

  1. JOHN THROCKMORTON, born ca. 1760, Morris Co., N.J. John appears on p. 090 of the 1820 census for Berkeley Co., Va.
  1. HANNAH THROCKMORTON, born ca. 1761 in Morris Co., N.J., married [-?-] NELSON.
  1. JOB THROCKMORTON, born ca. 1761/1762, Morris Co., N.J., married MARGARET SHAFFER ca. 1794 in Little Georgetown, Berkeley, Co., Va., died ca. 1839 (Figure 6).

The index to the 1820 census for Berkeley Co., Va., lists a Job Throckmorton on p. 104. On 31 Aug. 1822 for $2,500 Job bought by deed of trust two tracts of land containing 149 acres and 96 acres on the east side of Back Creek from Isaac & Mary Clawson (Figure 6A).19 On 15 Apr. 1839 Job’s heirs, Thomas, John & William Throckmorton, sold their interest in two tracts of land containing 262 acres.20

The children of Job & Margaret Throckmorton were:

  1. JOHN THROCKMORTON, born 179_.
  1. WILLIAM THROCKMORTON may have been living in Hocking Co., Ohio, in 1826 when a William Throckmorton was listed in the Hocking Co. Tax List for Salt Creek Twp. with 1 horse valued at $40 for a total tax of $0.36.
  1. JOB THROCKMORTON, born 1801/2 in Little Georgetown, Berkeley Co., Va., married ELIZABETH SHAFFER 6 Apr. 1826 in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co. In the 1827 Hocking Co. Tax List for Salt Creek Twp. Job was listed with 1 horse and 1 cattle valued at $48 for a total tax of $0.48. In the 1830 Tax List he was recorded as owning 1 horse and 1 cattle valued at $56 for a total tax of $0.68.

In the 1850 census for Duchouquet Twp., Auglaize Co., Ohio, Job was head of the following household:

  • Job Throckmorton, 48, farmer, value of real estate $2,000, born Va.
  • Elizabeth Throckmorton, wife, 44, born Va.
  • J. W. Throckmorton, 13, born Ohio, attended school within the year
  • Margaret Shafer, 70, born Penn. [Elizabeth’s mother]

Job & Elizabeth Throckmorton had a son JOHN WILLIAM THROCKMORTON born in 1838 in Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co., Ohio. (See third name in census above.)

  1. THOMAS THROCKMORTON, born 16 Sep. 1803 in Colston Mills on the Potomac River, Little Georgetown, Va., married MARGARET SHAFFER 26 Mar. 182921 in Hocking Co., Ohio, died in 1879. Margaret was born in 1808 and died in 1878 in Springfield, Ohio. She was a daughter of James & Margaret Shaffer. In 1839 Thomas & Margaret were living in Allen Co., Ohio.

In the 1850 census for Duchouquet Twp., Auglaize co., Ohio, Thomas Throgmorton was head of the following household:

  • Thomas Throgmorton, 46, born Va., farmer
  • Margaret Throgmorton, wife, 40, born Va.
  • Wilson Throgmorton, son, 19, born Ohio, farmer, in school
  • Mary E. Throgmorton, daughter, 17, born Ohio
  • David S. Throgmorton,son, 13, born Ohio
  • Elizabeth A. Throgmorton, dughter, 8, born Ohio
  • John A. Throgmorton, son, 6, born Ohio
  • Abram Throgmorton, son, 1, born Ohio.

Thomas moved his family to Springfield, Ohio, in 1875. He was a school director and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

The children of Thomas & Margaret Throckmorton were:

  1. WILSON THROCKMORTON, born 1831 in Auglaize Co., Ohio.
  1. MARY E. THROCKMORTON, born 1833 in Auglaize Co., Ohio
  1. DAVID S. THROCKMORTON, born 1837 in Auglaize Co., Ohio, married SARAH ANN WHITNEY, died 1922. He was a farmer in Parkston, S.D.

The children of David & Sarah Throckmorton were all born in Auglaize Co., Ohio:

A. ALICE THROCKMORTON, born 1865,died    after 1936.

B. DELLA THROCKMORTON, born 1868,died 1933.

C. MARGUERITE THROCKMORTON, born 1877, died 1943.

D. THOMAS J. THROCKMORTON, born 1878, married KATHRYN L. ROGAN, died 1935.

The children of Thomas & Kathryn Throckmorton were:

  1. ELIZABETH A. THROCKMORTON, born 1842 Auglaize Co., Ohio.
  1. Dr. JOHN ALLEN THROCKMORTON, born 5 Oct. 1844, in Wapakoneta, Ohio, married NAN R. THOMAS 1884, died 30 Jan. 1928 in Sidney, Ohio. He served as scout for the Union Army during the Civil War. Enlisted 1 May 1864, in 156 Ohio, Co G; under Col. Parker, 22 Army Corps; Army of the Potomac; mustered out July 1865 at Washington, D.C. He was a dentist at Sidney, Ohio, from 1875. No children.

The following comes from one of Dr. Throckmorton’s many press articles:

"When, some time ago, former President Roosevelt succeeded in making a military ride of 96 miles in a single day, he was justly regarded as having performed no ordinary feat. Pres. Roosevelt is still a comparatively young man, and it would hardly be expected that any but a young man would be able to equal or surpass him in long-distance riding. However, a 65 year old gentleman, Dr. J. A. Throckmorton, of Sidney, Ohio, has far outdone our famous and strenuous retired executive. Dr. Throckmorton in one day rode three horses in relays from Sidney, through Piqua, to Troy, Ohio, twenty-one miles and return, three times, or one hundred and twenty-six miles in all. The actual time in the saddle was 12 hours and 36 minutes. Two of his horses made 21 miles each, one horse made 32 miles and the Kentucky black charger made 52 miles, in four relays of 13 miles each, in 200 minutes, smashing all records of any horse in history. On the day of his long ride, Dr. Throckmorton weighed 130 pounds. Before starting on it, he prayed for protection and guidance, and to this he attributes his success. . . . Although the day ended rainy and muddy, the doctor was greeted by large crowds along the route. And on his return to Sidney on the last trip he was welcomed by a brass band. . . . .The result was telegraphed to Pres. Roosevelt."

  1. ABRAM THROCKMORTON,born 1849 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, married HATTIE STALKSTILL in 1894, died after 1894. He was a hotel man in Sidney, Ohio.
  1. IRENE THROCKMORTON,born 1850 in Wapakoneta, Ohio.
  1. RACHEL THROCKMORTON,born ca. 1764 in Morris Co., N.J., married [-?-] DEMOSS.22
  1. WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, born 13 Nov. 1765,married MAGDALENA BUNN 27 Sep. 1791 in Frederick Co., Va., died 17 Apr. 1814 near Hallsville, Colerain Twp., Ross Co., Ohio. Magdalena was the daughter of Peter & Mary (Lewis) Bunn. She was born 12 Feb. 1771, died 14 June 1849. She was buried in the Throckmorton Cemetery located approximately one mile north of Hallsville, west of Whissler Road [CR233].23

FGS, on p. 135, records the following information on William Throckmorton:

WILLIAM THROCKMORTON (William 46, Job 20, Job 7, John 1), b. Morris Co., N.J., 13 Nov., 1765. Removed to Virginia during or soon after, the American Revolution. Had license to m. Magdalena Bunn, dau. of Peter and Mary (Lewis), in Frederick Co., Va., 20 July, 1791 (Reported by Wm. Harvey–Index Marriages, 1780-1853, p. 20, Co. Clks. Office, Winchester, Va.). According to the Bible record the wedding took place 27 Sept., 1791. Res. Hampshire Co., Va. (now W. Va.) until the autumn of 1801, then with wife and six children removed to Coleraine Tp., Ross Co., Ohio, where five more children were born. His wife was an expert spinner of flax and wool; in the possession of her descendants in Ohio is a little spinning wheel with which she spun and won a race with five other women. There is still extant one of the individual pewter plates brought from Va. in 1801. Mr. Throckmorton d. at his home near Hallsville, O., where he first settled, 17 April, 1814. She d. 14 June, 1849, aged 78 years., 4 mos., 2 ds.

Peter Bunn was twice m.: 1st to ----- Swisher; 2d, to Polly Lewis. He had 21 or 22 children. Settled in Jackson Co., O., about 1801; probably accompanied his daughter there."

It is interesting to note that William Harvey also reported the marriage of Thomas McClury (McCleary) and Polly (Mary) Linn 18 Dec. 1792 (see my companion article "The Family of Thomas & Mary (Linn) McCleary of Brook Co., VA (now WV)," #1.). 

Further information on the children of William & Magdalena Throckmorton:

The Berkeley Co., Va. tax that was assessed William Throckmorton Jr. in 1787 was paid by his father William Throckmorton.

William Throckmorton, Henry Bunn and Robert Young were the witnesses to John Keener’s Hampshire Co., Va., will on 25 Mar. 1801.24

In the fall of 1801 William, Jr., and his growing family settled about one mile west of Hallsville, Colerain Twp., Ross Co.,25 where he was a merchant.

In the 1830 census for Colerain Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 294) Magadalina Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In 1835 Throgmorton and Bunn were listed in the Virginia Military District of Ohio, Town of Kingston, Green Twp., Ross Co.26

At the time of the 1840 census Magdalena was living with her son William (see e. below).

The eleven children of William & Magdalena Throckmorton were:

  1. JOHN THROCKMORTON, born 8 July 1792 in Hampshire Co., Va., married MARIA BUNN27 5 Apr. 1821,28 died 30 Dec. 1844, buried in Throckmorton Cemetery, Hallsville. Maria was born 1800, daughter of Ezekiel & Mary Bunn.29 John was a soldier in the War of 1812. Apparently at the time of his death he resided in Pickaway Co., Ohio.

In the 1830 census for Salt Creek Twp., Pickaway Co., Ohio (p. 008) John Throgmorton was head of the following household:

In the 1840 census for Salt Creek Twp., Pickaway Co., Ohio (p. 206) John Throgmorton was head of the following household:

John wrote his will in Aug. 1844. In it he mentioned his wife Maria, his mother Magdaline, his brothers and sisters and the children of his sister Sally Whisler. Executors of his will were Aaron Jones, Sr., and William Brown (Bunn?), cousins of his wife. The witnesses were C. W. Doan and L. Wyman. The will was probated 6 Jan. 1845.30

John and Maria Throckmorton had a son WILSON THROCKMORTON, born 3 June 1822 in Ross Co., Ohio, died 6 July 1841, aged 19 years, 1 month and 3 days. Wilson never married.

  1. PETER THROCKMORTON, born 23 Sep. 1793 in Hampshire Co., Va., married MARY BUNN 16 May 1822 in Ross Co., died 1857. Mary was born 16 Sep. 1805 in Ross Co., died 1885. She was a daughter of Ezekiel & Mary Bunn.

Peter served as a private in Capt. Monnett’s Company, Ohio Militia, in the War of 1812. Mary (his widow) filed pension application #38700 [#28700?] (original) and #26903 (certificate).31

In the 1830 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio, (p. 284) Peter Throckmorton was head of the following household (recorded between James Bunn and Ezekiel Bunn):

In the 1840 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 432) Peter Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In the early 1840s Peter and his family moved to Harris Twp., Fulton Co., Ill.

All of the children of Peter & Mary Throckmorton were born in Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio:

  1. WILLIAM NEWTON THROCKMORTON, born 7 July 1823, married ELEANOR CRAMBLET in 1852, died 1901. Eleanor was born in 1829, died in 1915. William was a farmer. All of the children of William & Eleanor Throckmorton were born in Fulton Co., Illinois:
  1. MARY ALICE THROCKMORTON, born 1853, died after 1902. She was a teacher.
  2. EMMA ADALINE THROCKMORTON, born 1854, died 1917. She was also a teacher.
  3. CLARA LUELLA THROCKMORTON, born 1856, died after 1924. She was a teacher and a bookkeeper.
  4. WILLIAM SHERMAN THROCKMORTON, born 1866, married EVA HARRAH BUSHNELL in 1893, died 1925. William was a traveling salesman.

The children of William & Eva Throckmorton were:

The children of Fred & Florence Throckmorton were

  • JEAN THROCKMORTON, born 1918.
  1. CAROLINE THROCKMORTON, born 28 Sep. 1827, died 23 Nov. 1827, Green Twp., Ross Co.32
  1. ALLEN JOHN THROCKMORTON, born 14 Nov. 1828, died 1868. He never married.
  1. EZEAKIEL BUNN THROCKMORTON, born 2 Sep. 1834, married RACHEL ANN CRAMBLET in 1859, died 1881. Rachel was born 1837, died in 1917. Ezeakiel was a farmer and stock buyer.

All of the children of Ezeakiel & Rachel Throckmorton were born in Fulton Co., Illinois:

  1. IDA LENORE THROCKMORTON, born 1862, died 1863.
  2. ARTHUR LINCOLN THROCKMORTON, born 1863, died 1866.
  3. NELLIE FLORENCE THROCKMORTON, born 1866, died after 1927.
  4. FRED THOMAS THROCKMORTON, born 1868, married FLORENCE HADLEY in 1900, died after 1925. Florence was born in 1879. Fred was an electrician.

The children of Fred & Florence Throckmorton were:

  1. SARAH ANN THROCKMORTON, born 5 Aug. 1795, married GEORGE WISSLER/WHISLER, 5 June 1823 in Ross Co., died 17 Aug. 1834 (Figure 7).
  1. HANNAH THROCKMORTON, born 17 Aug. 1797 in Hampshire Co., Va., married JAMES ABERNATHY 25 Feb. 1824 in Ross Co., died 8 June 1873 in Fulton, Ill. (Figure 8).
  1. WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, born 27 Nov. 1798 in Hampshire Co., Va., never married,33 died 23 Apr. 1874, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Hallsville, Ross Co., Ohio.

In the 1840 census for Colerain (Green?) Twp., Ross Co. (p. 432) William Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In the 1850 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 465) William was head of the following household:

Elizabeth and Eleanor were two of William’s sisters (see i. & k. below). Samuel and John were sons of William’s brother Samuel (see f. below).

In the 1860 census for P. O. Chillicothe, Green Twp, Ross Co., Ohio (p. 196) William Throckmorton was head of the following household:

FGS (p. 134) said the following of William Throckmorton:

WILLIAM, b. 27 Nov., 1798. His father d. when he was fifteen and he became the main support of his mother and the younger children. He was a careful farmer; raised fine stock and was famous as a maple sugar and molasses producer. He had a very large sugar camp and three or four furnaces, each containing from six to ten large iron kettles, in which the juice was boiled into syrup and made into molasses and sugar. Chillicothe was his market, and after a "good run of sap," he would hitch four horses to a big wagon and go to market. His molasses was first class and always brought the highest price. His reputation for cleanliness was a great feature, -- there was no need of Pure Food Laws to keep him straight. He never married, and he and his maiden sisters, Eleanor and Elizabeth, lived together on the old homestead until death separated them. He d. 23 April, 1874.

  1. SAMUEL THROCKMORTON, born 15/18 Feb. 1801 in Hampshire Co., Va., married ELIZABETH PONTIOUS 23 Nov. 1828 in Ross Co., died 1884. Elizabeth was born 1811 in Ross Co., died 1837. Samuel was a farmer.

In the 1830 census for Colerain Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 294) Samuel was head of the following household:

In the 1835 Tax Duplicate for Colerain Twp. Samuel was listed several times.34

In the 1840 census for Colerain Twp. Samuel Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In the 1850 census for Colerain Twp., Ross Co., (p. 251) Samuel Throckmorton was head of the following household:

Note that son John was also counted in his Uncle William’s household (see e. above). Also note that son Jacob later married Mary Glenn.

All six children of Samuel & Elizabeth Throckmorton were born in Ross Co., Ohio.36

  1. JACOB THROCKMORTON, born 1 Oct. 1828, married MARY ANN GLENN, died 1880. Mary was born 1832 and died 1921. Jacob was a farmer and a contractor.

The children of Jacob & Mary Throckmorton were:

  1. WILLIAM FERMAN THROCKMORTON, born 1852 in Ross Co., Ohio, married MEDORA ELVA READY in 1880, died 1913. Medora was born 1860.

Both children of William & Medora Throckmorton were born in Adair, Illinois:

The two children of Dana & Erma Throckmorton were born in Peoria, Ill.:

  1. MARY ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 1867 in Adair, Ill., died 1930.
  1. Judge JONATHAN LLOYD THROCKMORTON, born 23 Oct. 1830 in Colerain Twp., married MARY ADALINE THROCKMORTON 11 Aug. 1863 in Ross Co., died 1905. (A J. L. Throckmorton died 20 Oct. 1905 in Athens Co., Ohio).37 Mary was born in 1841, died 1917. She was his cousin (see Nicholas Throckmorton, 4.v.h. below).

Jonathan was a 1st Lt. in the Civil War. He was a judge and law partner of Judge J. M. Van Meter in Chillicothe.

Jonathan & Mary Adaline Throckmorton had a son HARLEY BEECHER THROCKMORTON, born 12 Mar. 1864 in Chillicothe, married (1) ELIZABETH DINES in 1886, married (2) CORA LILLIAN HOLDER in 1893, died 1934. Cora was born 1873, died 1961. Harley worked with Al Fields in Lancaster, Ohio, as a musician in vaudeville.

Harley & Elizabeth Throckmorton had a son, Judge DEAN CARLYLE THROCKMORTON, born 1891 in Chillicothe, married ELIZABETH ETHEL JONES of Ross Co.38 Dean was a lawyer and municipal judge in Lancaster. In 1980 Dean was living in Junction City, Perry Co., Ohio.

Harley & Cora Throckmorton had a son ROBERT LLOYD THROCKMORTON, born 1900, married DORIS CARTER in 1927, died 1978. Doris was born 1905. Robert was a taxi driver. Robert & Doris Throckmorton had a son ROBERT JAMES THROCKMORTON, born 27 July 1928 in Lancaster, Ohio, married EUGENIE ABASKIN in 1950. Robert retired in Apr. 1989 (Figure 9). In 1991 he was living at 1267 Douglas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89102. He is the inventor of the Birth Order Index System.

  1. Major JOHN ISAAC THROCKMORTON, born 20 Feb. 1832 near Hallsville, married MARY ANN HOLMAN 22 Sep. 1857 in Ross Co., died 19 May 1920. Mary Ann was born 27 Aug. 1838, died 11 Mar. 1860.39 At the time of the 1850 census John was living with his Uncle William (see e. above). John began law practice with Minshall and later was associated with Judge J. M. Van Meter. LBS reported that a set of books by Minshall & Throckmorton are in the Ross County Library.

In the 1880 census for Chillicothe Ward 2, E.D. 137, Ross Co., Ohio (p. 28) John I. Throckmorton was living alone in a house at the intersection of Deer Creek & Paint Streets. He was a widower, age 48. His profession was listed as lawyer. The next house visited by the census taker was at the intersection of Deer Creek & Water Streets. It was occupied by two females, ages 27 and 23. The profession of each of them was listed as prostitute.

John & Mary Ann Throckmorton had a son LAWRENCE CRITTENDEN THROCKMORTON, born 19 Dec. 1858 in Chillicothe, died 25 June 1874.40

  1. JAMES THROCKMORTON, born 1833, died 1915.
  1. WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, born 29 May 1835, married SUSANNA HOLMAN 3 Aug. 1859 in Ross Co., died 27 Aug. 1872. Susanna was born 1832-1839 in Ross Co., died 3 July 1901.41 William was a farmer.
  1. SAMUEL N. THROCKMORTON, born 25 Feb. 1837 in Hallsville, married CHRISTINA HOUGH 17 Nov. 1857 in Ross Co., died 1872. Christina was born 1837, died 1920. At the time of the 1840 and 1850 censuses Samuel was living with his uncle William (see e. above).

In the 1860 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 196) Samuel was head of the following household:

The two children of Samuel & Christina Throckmorton were born in Ross Co., Ohio:

  2. WILLIAM LINCOLN THROCKMORTON, born 1860, died 1920. He was in the meat-market business.
  1. MARY THROCKMORTON, born 14 Sep. 1803 in Colerain Twp., Ross Co., married JONAS DREISBACH 14 Oct. 1824 in Ross Co., died 26 Dec. 1878, Macomb, Illinois.

FGS (p. 134) has the following account of Mary Throckmorton:

MARY, b. 14 Sept., 1803; m. Jonas Driesbach, of Pennsylvania Dutch descent, 14 Oct. 1824. About 1840 removed to Table Grove, Ill., where he d. 23 April, 1869; b. 30 July, 1802. She d. in, or near, Macomb, Ill., 26 Dec. 1878. She was a much loved woman of exemplary and beautiful character. Ch.: (1) Alfred, b. 15 April, 1830; d. unm., of typhoid fever 3 May, 1854. (2) Bennett, b. 10 March, 1834; d. unm. of typhoid fever 6 May 1854. (3) Leonidas, b. 25 Oct. 1837; m. Ravinna O. Johnson, dau. Of Franklin and Hope (King), Christmas eve, 1862. She b. New York, 5 May, 1840. Res. on the old Driesbach homestead, where his parents first settled when they moved to Ill., for eight years, then moved to Macomb, where he d. 22 Jan. 1900. "He was a common man with an uncommon love." After the death of their only child the widow broke up her home and boarded in various places in Iowa and Ill.; d. Fairfield, Ia., 23 Oct.1929, aged about 85 years. Ch.: Carrie Hope, b. 23 Nov., 1867; d. unm., 8 Feb. 1908.

  1. NICHOLAS THROCKMORTON, born 25 Sep. 1805 in Colerain Twp., Ross Co., married SARAH ANN BUNN 27 Sep. 1832 in Ross Co., died 10 May 1876 in Green Twp., Ross Co. Sarah was born 10 Jan. 1815 in Ross Co., died 29 Oct. 1894.42 Nicholas was a blacksmith and a judge.43 He was elected a probate judge in 1862.

In the 1840 census for Green Twp., Ross., Ohio (p. 432) Nicholas Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In the 1850 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 233) Nicholas Throckmorton was head of the following household:

In the 1860 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 195):

All of the children of Nicholas & Sarah Ann Throckmorton were born in Ross Co., Ohio:

  1. LYMAN WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, born 21 Feb. 1835, married SARAH (SADIE) M. JONES 3 Oct. 1861 in Ross. Co., died 1917. Lyman was a teacher and a farmer.

All the children of Lyman & Sadie Throckmorton were born in Chillicothe:

  1. EDWARD COLFAX THROCKMORTON, born 1863, never married.
  2. JOHN POWERS THROCKMORTON, born 1864, never married. He was a railroad man.
  3. BERTRAM N. THROCKMORTON, born 1867, wife unknown. Among the children of Bertram was THELMA THROCKMORTON, born 1900.
  1. MARY ADALINE (ADA) THROCKMORTON44 born 8 Feb. 1841, married JONATHAN LLOYD THROCKMORTON 11 Aug. 1863 in Ross Co., (see 4.v.f. above), died 1917. Ada was a teacher. At the time of the 1860 census Mary was living with her parents (see h. above).
  1. MYRTIS JANE THROCKMORTON, born 1 Nov. 1842, died 2 Mar. 1862. Myrtis was a teacher. She never married. At the time of the 1860 census Myrtis was living with her parents (see h. above).
  1. ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 4 Mar. 1807 in Colerain Twp., Ross Co., died 26 Feb. 1872. At the time of the 1850 and 1860 censuses Elizabeth was living with her brother William (see e. above). Elizabeth was a teacher. She never married.
  1. SUSANNA THROCKMORTON, born 19 Mar. 1810 near Hallsville, married NEWTON LYONS 31 Jan. 1836 in Ross Co., died 7 Mar. 1894. Newton was born 19 Mar. 1811, died 18 Apr. 1907. Both Newton and Susanna were buried in the Throckmorton Cemetery, Hallsville.

In the 1840 census for Green Twp., Ross Co., Ohio (p. 432) Newton Lyon was head of the following household:

No females were listed.

Sitherwood’s account of Susanna Throckmorton appears on pp. 134 & 135:

SUSANNA, b. 19 March, 1810; m. Newton Lyons, son of Morris and Keziah (Jones), 31 Jan., 1836; b. 19 March, 1811; d. 16 April, 1907; carpenter, cabinet maker and school teacher. She d. 7 March, 1894. A great spinner and weaver in her day. Ch.: (1) Laban Bruce, b. 6 July, 1837; m. Louise Hough, 5 Dec. 1861; d. 16 Feb. 1914. Railroad carpenter and for several years foremen of repair shops. She b. 20 Aug., 1837; d. 1 March, 1906. Ch.: Thaddeus Beecher, b. 26 June, 1866; m. Annie Deihl; ch.: (a) Robert Bruce, b. 26 June, 1900; (b) Kenneth Cornelius, b. 12 Sept., 1912; (c) Lucy Louise, b. 15 Jan., 1914; res. Chillicothe, O. Frank Wade, b. 29 March, 1870; d. unm., 9 Nov. 1890. Hattie Sue Maud, b. 1 Dec. 1872; d. unm., 16 Dec. 1912. (2) David Morton, b. 28 July 1839; carpenter and railroad man; d. unm., Denver, Col., 7 July, 1895. He was wounded in the battle of Averashore, N.C., 16 July, 1865; member of 73rd O.V. Inf., during the Civil War. Also wounded in the midnight charge at Lookout Valley, Tenn. Enlisted 9 Nov., 1861. (3) Nannie A. M., b. 15 May, 1846; m. John D. Nichols, son of John and Nancy (Anderson), 1 Feb., 1883. She furnished the family record, 1915. Res. Circleville, O., R. D. He b. 6 Oct., 1845. Ch.: Edward Morton, b. 7 May, 1884; d. 23 March, 1905. (4) Margaret Ellen, b. 17 June, 1853; d. 12 Jan., 1854.

  1. ELEANOR THROCKMORTON, born 3 Mar. 1812, died 4 Mar. 1883, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery. At the time of the 1840, 1850 and 1860 censuses Eleanor was living with her brother William (see e. above). Eleanor never married.
  1. THOMAS THROCKMORTON, born 1767-8 in Morris Co., N.J., married ELIZABETH CLINE ca. 1805, died after 1834 in Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio. Elizabeth was born ca. 1769, died after 1840 in Xenia [FGS, 135].45

Thomas removed at an early date to the Shenandoah Valley, Va., and lived in Hampshire Co. A Thomas Throckmorton appears in the index to the 1820 census for Berkeley Co., Va. (p. 101). He removed to Miami Valley, Ohio, ca. 1834.

All of the children of Thomas & Elizabeth Throckmorton were born in Berkeley Co., Va.:

  1. PHILIP CLINE THROCKMORTON, born 12 May 1806, maarried NANCY MERCHANT 23 July 1828,46 died 1846. Nancy was born 1807 and died 1885. They moved to Miami Valley, Ohio after 1836.

All the children of Philip & Nancy Throckmorton were born in Berkeley Co., Va.:

  1. MARY ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 1832, died 1919.
  1. WILLIAM WALTER THROCKMORTON, born 1836, married first cousin REBECCA ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON in 1865, died 1913. Rebecca was a daughter of Job & Leah Throckmorton [see below]. William was a soldier.

The children of William & Rebecca Throckmorton were:

  1. JOHN MELLON LEE THROCKMORTON, born 1867 in Jefferson Co., W. Va., married LILLIAN MABEL ELDER in 1909, died 1929. Lillian was born 1887, died 1918. John was in the insurance business.

The two children of John & Lillian Throckmorton were born in Chicago, Ill.:

  1. LEAH COE THROCKMORTON, born and died 1870 in Jefferson Co., W. Va.
  2. PHILIP JOB THROCKMORTON, born 1871 in Berkeley Co., W. VA. died after 1925. He was a shoe merchant. He never married.
  3. WILLIAM KIRK THROCKMORTON, born 1874 in Berkeley Co., W. VA., died after 1925. He was a buyer of men's clothes. He never married.
  4. EVA MARY THROCKMORTON, born and died 1876 in Berkeley Co., W.Va.
  5. MABEL GRACE THROCKMORTON, born 1879 in Berkeley Co., W. Va., died after 1909. She was in the insurance business.
  1. JOHN NELSON THROCKMORTON, born 1845(?), died 1849.
  1. JOB THROCKMORTON, born 5 Aug. 1807 in Martinsburg, married LEAH HUGHES LEE 19 May 1831 (John Lee suretor and Nathan Young minister),47 died 6 Apr. 1862 in Richmond, Va. Leah was born 1 July 1811 in Berkeley Co., died 29 May 1884 in Middle Creek, Berkeley Co. She was a daughter of Thomas & Deborah (Dunn) Lee. Job was a Quaker as were the Lees. He, Leah and their five children joined the Hopewell Meeting in 1854.47a Job & Leah are buried in Arden Cemetery (Quaker) in Berkeley Co.

Job owned a farm and a mill near Buckelstown, Berkeley Co. During the Civil War, the Confederates claimed that he violated orders and sold flour and feed to "the Yankees." They arrested him as he was making his way to the Hopewell Friends Meeting House to attend a meeting and marched him 1140 miles up the river to Stauton, Va. He was 55 at the time. During the march he contracted typhoid fever but Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson refused to release him and he died a few days later.48 Upon hearing of his death, a neighbor drove to Staunton in a spring wagon, secured Job's body, and brought him home to Berkeley Co. for burial.

On 1 Apr. 1867, the widow Leah and her five children sold the 220 acres, 2 roods & 9 poles which Job Throckmorton had purchased for $10,000 from David Reiff on 1 Apr. 1854 (Berkeley Co. Deed Book 57:192). The purchaser of this land known as the Gee Tract was David P. Miller, who paid $8,381.25 (Berkeley Co. Deed Book 64:355). David Miller may have been the adoptive father of Job's grandson, Lee Charles (Throckmorton) Miller. (See below.)

On 15 Apr. 1867, Leah, her siblings, and four of her children sold to her son Thomas Lee Throckmorton 117 acres, 1 rood & 16 poles that was part of a larger tract known as the Lee Tract. Thomas paid $4,694 for the property (Berkeley Co. Deed Book 64:456).

All the children of Job & Leah Throckmorton were born in Berkeley Co., Va.:

  1. SARAH ANN THROCKMORTON, born 29 Jan.1832, died unmarried 17 June 1902.
  2. THOMAS LEE THROCKMORTON, born 3 Oct. 1833, married ANNIE ELIZABETH McDONALD 24 Jan. 1856, died 6 Apr. 1903. Annie was born 1833, died 1905.  

On 15 Apr. 1867, Thomas bought land formerly belonging to his father from his widowed mother, her siblings and his two brothers and two sisters. In 1872 Thomas & Annie moved to Wichita, Kans., where he was in the stock business.

The two children of Thomas & Annie Throckmorton were born in Berkeley Co., W. Va.:

  1. MARY LOUISE THROCKMORTON, born 1861, died after 1929. She was in the mortgage/loan business.
  2. WILLIAM BURNS THROCKMORTON, born 14 Dec. 1862, married ELIZABETH HANNAH SHEPPARD TUTTLE 17 Dec. 1884, died 13 July 1917 in Wichita, Kans. Elizabeth was born in 1865.  William was an investment financier and city treasurer.

The two children of William & Elizabeth Throckmorton were born in Wichita, Kans.:

The children of Oak Lee & Helen Throckmorton were born in Wichita, Kans.:

  • VIRGINIA LEE THROCKMORTON, born 6 May 1914 in Wichita, married FLOYD NELSON OSBORN 4 Dec. 1937.48a
  1. REBECCA ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 2 Jan./June 1836, married her first cousin WILLIAM WALTER THROCKMORTON 1865 (see above), died 1882 in Berkeley Co., W. Va. For the children of William & Rebecca (Throckmorton) Throckmorton, see above).
  2. MARY JANE THROCKMORTON, born 8 Aug. 1838, died 13 Sep.1841 in Martinsburg, Va.
  3. DAVID WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, born 31 Dec. 1840, married VIRGINIA ALMIRA/ELMIRA THOMAS in Oct. 1872, died 26 Oct. 1918, Berkeley Co. A daughter of James M. & Harriet (Stewart) Thomas, Virginia was born 3 Mar.1850 in Berkeley Co., died 5 June 1930 in Berkeley Co.49 David was a miller and carpenter. Both David & Virginia are buried in Arden Cemetery, Middle Creek, Berkeley Co.

All the children of David & Virginia Throckmorton were born in Berkeley Co., W. Va.:

  1. LEAH ALICE THROCKMORTON, born 1873-4,married PHILIP WASHINGTON SMITH, died 1902.
  2. EFFIE T. THROCKMORTON, born 5 Mar. 1876, died unmarried 27 Oct.1896.
  3. CHARLES LEE THROCKMORTON, born 1 Mar. 1878 in Mills Creek, died 1928. He was a sailor.
  4. MARY THERESA THROCKMORTON, born 10 Jan. 1880 in Middle Creek, married SIMON [-?-],died 1961.
  5. JESSIE ALMIRA THROCKMORTON, born 1882, died 1946.
  6. MABEL REBECCA THROCKMORTON, born 22 July 1883,married HARRY ORCUTT EVANS 26 June 1912, died 14 Apr. 1958. Children of Harry & Mabel (Throckmorton) Evans were JAMES WILLIAM B. EVANS and MOLLY E. EVANS.
  7. SARAH ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 18 Jan.1886, married ALLEN VAN METER, died 26 Nov. 1958.
  8. DAVID WILLIAM THROCKMORTON, Jr., born 1888, died 1963.
  9. ROSE STEWART THROCKMORTON, born 20 Dec.1889, married NORMAN ALEXANDER SNYDER 2 June 1910 in Martinsburg, died 8 July 1985. Norman was born 30 Oct. 1885 in Clark Co., Va., died 20 June 1963.49a Norman & Rose Snyder had a daughter CHARLOTTE ELLEN SNYDER born 28 Feb. 1911 in Berkeley Co., married DOUGLAS LAMAR BENDER 10 Jan. 1935. Douglas was born 6 Aug. 1909 in Martinsburg, W. Va.
  10. CARRIE VIRGINIA THROCKMORTON, born 1891,married CHARLES W. MILLER, died 1964.50

James Throckmorton was one of only six Quakers who fought with the Northern armies during the Civil War. He enlisted in rage and grief after his father died of mistreatment as a Confederate prisoner. (See above.) As a cavalry soldier, James saw combat.50a

James & Louise Throckmorton had one son LEE CHARLES THROCKMORTON, born 1865 in Martinsburg, W. Va., died after 1929. Lee was an infant when his mother died. He was adopted by his mother's sister who changed his surname to Miller. Lee was a mortgage executive.

All the children of James & Nancy Throckmorton were born in Goshen, Ind.:

  1. LEAH AMELIA THROCKMORTON, born 1876, died 1962.
  3. BURSON ROYAL THROCKMORTON, born 1879, died after 1924. He was a photographer.
  4. ELMER KERNEY THROCKMORTON, born 1885, died after 1924. He was a salesman.
  1. WILEY THROCKMORTON, born 1809, married DEBORAH WHITE 17 Oct. 1833, died 1860-1870.

The children of Wiley & Deborah Throckmorton were:

  1. MARY ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON, born 1830 in Charlottesville, Va., died 1914.
  2. JOHN W. THROCKMORTON, born 1834 in Ohio. He was a soldier.
  3. DAVID THROCKMORTON, born 1841 in Cedarville, Ohio, married MARY ANN ERNST 1868, died 1909.

David & Mary Throckmorton had MARTHA NEVADA THROCKMORTON, born 1870 in Henry Co., Iowa, died 1956.

  1. HARVEY THROCKMORTON, born 1840s in Ohio. According to RJT, Harvey enlisted in the Union Army in Ohio and vanished. Nevertheless, RJT lists CALVIN THROCKMORTON as Harvey’s son. Calvin was born 1861 in Christian Co., Ill., died 1927. He was living in Columbus, Kans. in 1911. He was a plumber.
  1. MARY THROCKMORTON, born 1834, died 1914.
  1. JANE THROCKMORTON, born 19 Sep. 1773 in N.J.,51 married LEWIS DEMOSS 29 Aug. 1797 in Berkeley Co. (Thomas Demoss suretor52), died 4 Dec. 1838 near La Ruex, Marion Co., Ohio. Lewis died June 1846. Both Lewis and Jane were buried in Vessy Cemetery, near La Ruex. Lewis was a son of Charles & Rebecca (Throckmorton) Demoss. Thus he and his wife were cousins (see 9. below).53 See Figure 10 for the seven children of Lewis & Jane Demoss).

To the above may be added the following data on Jane (Wilkinson) Brown (second daughter of Lewis & Jane Demoss’ eldest daughter Rachel [Demoss] Wilkinson, #1.b. in Fig. 10). This data was provided by Mrs. Mary (Brown) Slaughter, 9 Sachem Road, Greenwich, CT 06830 (a great-great-great-granddaughter of Lewis & Jane Demoss):

JANE WILKINSON of McArthur, Vinton Co., Ohio, born 23 Nov. 1824, married GEORGE BROWN 1847. George was born 4 May 1822 in McArthur, died 13 Jan. 1880. George & Jane lived in Vinton, Co. until 1873, when they removed to Caldwell Co., Mo.

The children of George & Jane Brown included:

  3. TINSLEY BROWN, Sr., M.D., born 23 Dec. 1849 in McArthur, Vinton Co., Ohio, married (1) HETTIE I. MARTIN 18 May 1881, married (2) MARY ROSELIA AUSTIN 3 May 1888 in Hamilton, Mo., died Feb. 1931. Hettie was born 5 June 1858, died 1 Nov. 1883. Mary was born 30 Sep. 1858 in Antwerp, N.Y., died 9 May 1930. Mary and her family came to Hamilton in May 1887.

Tinsley graduated from Missouri Medical College in 1876. He attended lectures in New York during the winters of 1880 and 1881. He began practicing medicine and surgery in Hamilton in 1876 where, except for eight months in Kansas, he continued until his death.

The children of Tinsley & Hettie Brown included:

The children of Tinsley & Mary Brown included:

The children of Tinsley & Gayle Brown included:

  • MENZIE AUSTIN BROWN, born 7 Nov. 1914, married JOSEPHINE MARY ENGLAND. Josephine was born 14 Jan. 1915.

    Menzie & Josephine Brown were the parents of:

    o MENZIE HORACE BROWN, born 23 Oct. 1935, married BEVERLY SUE SMITH. Beverly was born 30 May 1937.

    The children of Menzie & Beverly Brown are:

    - MELINDA SUE BROWN, born 3 Oct. 1959.

    - PAMELA JAYNE BROWN, born 7 Jan. 1962.

    - MICHAEL MENZIE BROWN, born 3 June 1965.

    MARY FRANCES BROWN, born 18 May 1922 in Kingston, Mo., married ELDON EUGENE SLAUGHTER 10 Mar. 1945. Eldon was born 26 July 1922 in Richmond, Mo. He graduated from the University of Missouri in 1948.

    The children of Eldon & Mary Frances Slaughter are:`

    o MARCIA BROWN SLAUGHTER, born 23 Jan. 1948 in Columbia, Mo., married DeWITT TAYLOR KENNARD, III, 19 Dec. 1970. Marcia graduated from the Peabody School for Teachers. She was teaching school in Nashville, Tenn. in 1971. DeWitt was born 24 Sep. 1941.

    The children of DeWitt & Marcia Kennard are:

    - DEWITT TAYLOR KENNARD, born 29 Sep. 1977.

    - BRADLEY ALEXANDER KENNARD, born 19 Nov. 1979.

    o JAMES ARTHUR SLAUGHTER, born 18 June 1953 in Kansas City, Kans., married DANA ELLEN ASTHEIMER. Dana was born 10 Jan. 1957.

    The two children of James & Dana Slaughter are:

    - EVAN JEFFREY SLAUGHTER, born 14 Nov. 1988.

    - ALISON SLAUGHTER, born 31 Dec. 1992.

  • MARY FRANCES BROWN, born 18 May 1922 in Kingston, Mo., married ELDON EUGENE SLAUGHTER 10 Mar. 1945. Eldon was born 26 July 1922 in Richmond, Mo. He graduated from the University of Missouri in 1948.

The children of Eldon & Mary Frances Slaughter are:`

o MARCIA BROWN SLAUGHTER, born 23 Jan. 1948 in Columbia, Mo., married DeWITT TAYLOR KENNARD, III, 19 Dec. 1970. Marcia graduated from the Peabody School for Teachers. She was teaching school in Nashville, Tenn. in 1971. DeWitt was born 24 Sep. 1941.

The children of DeWitt & Marcia Kennard are:

- DEWITT TAYLOR KENNARD, born 29 Sep. 1977.


o JAMES ARTHUR SLAUGHTER, born 18 June 1953 in Kansas City, Kans., married DANA ELLEN ASTHEIMER. Dana was born 10 Jan. 1957.

The two children of James & Dana Slaughter are:

- EVAN JEFFREY SLAUGHTER, born 14 Nov. 1988.

- ALISON SLAUGHTER, born 31 Dec. 1992.

  1. IRVIN BROWN, born 1852, died 25 July 1874.
  2. LYMAN BROWN (See below.)
  3. EMMA JANE BROWN, born 14 Feb. 1866, died 1949.

Another descendant of Lewis & Jane Demoss is Neal Chase Pitts, M.D., 1020 Highland Park Circle, Bluffton, Ind. 46714. Dr. Pitts provided the following data on Lyman D. Brown [son of Jane (Wilkinson) Brown] (see above):

  1. LYMAN D. BROWN, born 26 Aug. 1855 in McArthur, Vinton, Co., Ohio, married (1) SALINA GILLETT 25 Nov. 1877 at McArthur, married (2) BELLE WINN, 5 Feb. 1890 in Vinton, Co., died Hamilton, Caldwell Co., Mo., in 1920. Salina was born 28 Dec. 1857 in Belvedere, Boone Co., Ohio.

The children of Lyman & Salina Brown were:


- ROBERT KEITH JESKE, born 27 Aug. 1933 in St. Louis. Mo.

MARY MAURINE CHASE, born 10 Oct. 1911 in Ferguson, Mo., married WILLIAM ARTHUR CRUME.

William & Mary Crume had four children:





Lyman and Belle Brown had one child:


Mary and her husband Eldon Slaughter and Dr. Pitts also provided the author with copies of The Wilkinson Papers covering correspondence between Dr. Tinsley Brown and Simeon Wilson Dixon from 1916 to 1919. Dr. Tinsley Brown was living in Hamilton, Mo. in 1917. Simeon (Simon) Wilson Dixon was a son of Nathan Dixon & Angeline Wilkinson (see Fig. 11, #1.f). Thus Simeon was a cousin of Tinsley and Lyman Brown. Simeon’s address in 1919 was 6022 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.

  1. MARY (Polly) THROCKMORTON, born ca. 1779/1780 in N.J., married PRESLEY RAIMEY 16 Oct. 1797. Mary’s brother Thomas Throckmorton was surety on the marriage bond dated 16 Oct. 1797.54

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