Surname Researchers
Surname Researchers

As Genealogy is purely a collaborative effort, I wish to thank those who have
dedicated countless hours towards researching our lineage. Names are listed
in alphabetical order. In no way is this list complete......

Pam Craft, Descendant
Adair, Bateman, Green, Hall, Harris, Hart (2), Hill, Isbell,
Lindsey, Mayes, McKee, Moutray, Roberts,
Sullivan, Tannahill

Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

Wendy Davis Lane, Descendant
Dixon, Robinson

Diana Powels, Descendant
Bateman, Pershall

Michael Moore, Descendant
Bateman, Gardner, Moore

Kate Weaver, Descendant
Bateman, Bivins, Funderburke, Gardner, White

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