From Immigrants to New World Inhabitants....


Our Bateman Family origins have encompassed many theories throughout the decades.  Though quite a few descendants have spent many weeks, months, & years researching the family of James Dunn Bateman, we still have very little hard evidence in which to derive answers.

What we "do" know is that James Dunn was born 11 Nov 1804 in Delaware.  He married Margaret Elizabeth Roberts, born 11 Aug 1817 in Tennessee.  The  marriage of James Dunn & Margaret Elizabeth produced 11 children: Mary Ann,  Elisha Summerfield,  Lucy Jane,  Victoria, Henry Freshour,  John,  William Justus,  James Andrew,  Sarah Samantha,  Margaret Elizabeth,  & Mary B.

The most popular speculation,  relative to the father of James Dunn,  has been that he came from England and settled in Jersey City, NJ.  Whether he traveled to these shores alone, with family, or with a young bride still remains a mystery.  It has been thought that our American lineage is linked with Hester Bateman, English Silversmith. While there are publications on Hester's story,  a link with her has not yet been proved or disproved.  As for the direct origin of James Dunn's father, some believe he came from Manchester... others from Isle of Man.  There has been some mention that James Dunn's father had three siblings: William,  Mary Ann,  & Sarah.  Others have stated that "William" was the name for James Dunn's father, having immigrated from England. Military records for the American Revolutionary War have 4 listings for a William Bateman. Interestingly, one was from New Jersey. Could this have been the father of James Dunn? An uncle? I'm hoping we can find out......

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