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Descendants of David Boies

Generation One

117. David1 Boies; born 1689 at N. Ireland; married Anne Huston before 1716 at N. Ireland;75 died 15 Dec 1752 at Blandford, Hampshire, MA.75

He was (an unknown value) Immigrated at 1727. He Had 4 children with Anne: William, Samuel, John, and David. First settled in Hopkinton MA, later in Blanford, MA. The Boies were Huguenots who fled persecution in France to England and Scotland, and later some went to Northern Ireland. He was Deacon. He "DAVID BOlES: Historical Background

Although David Boies left a well-recorded history of his activities during all his years in Blandford, he left no record of his past. Had he preferred to live in the present - the past ignored? The fruitless search for infor-mation relating even to the earliest years after his arrival in America in-dicates this could be so.

In 1897, Henry W. Boies of Scranton, Pennsylvania, wrote, "I have employed a genealogist in Boston on this problem but with little result. We can find no trace of David and his family previous to the Blandford exodus in 1735. Gibbs states they came to this country in 1727 but whence they came and where they lived from 1727 it seems impossible to learn." Similar searches were made by others in 1943 and again in 1982. No mention of David Boies has ever been found prior to the record of his presence in Hopkinton, Massachusetts in June 1735.

Until recently discovered information from Ireland, reported in 1924, no evidence had been found that could be construed as being factual concerning the background or progenitors of David Boies. As is so often the case of those born in earlier times - and especially so in Ireland where during times of war or fire, so many records were lost - information concerning David Boies has long been confused by a dearth of records and an abundance of legend.

But there are well-founded traditions that have come down through the years - well-founded because they were recorded at a time when grandsons and great-grandsons of David were still alive to relate them. And how could they have had this information had it not come originally from David?

The earliest that has been recorded appeared in an Address Delivered Before the Literary Association, Blandford, Mass., Sept. 21, 1850, by William H. Gibbs in which he wrote, "The name Boies was originally Du Boyce, and their progenitor was from France. But during the persecution of the Protestants, from Charles the Ninth to Louis the Thirteenth, when the Protestant power was crushed by the influence of Cardinal Richelieu, he fled to Scotland and there took the name of Boies. Subsequently, amidst the convulsions which followed the reign of Oliver Cromwell, he went to Ireland... As nearly as can be as-certained, Deacon David Boies came to this country about the year 1727..."

A similar version, widely disseminated among Boies families by Carleton S. Boies who spent many years on Boies research, reads in part: "David Boies was born in Ulster, Ireland, of French parentage, and was reputedly the grandson of a Count du Bois, a lesser member of the French nobility. The Count was a Huguenot who suffered persecution under the French kings, and fled to Scotland..."

Still another account is that a member of the DuBois family first sought refuge in England but soon went to Scotland where he found the Presbyterian faith more consistent with his Calvinism. These Scotch Presbyterians were part of the lowland protestant group which aided the Parliament party against the Royalists, leaving Scotland to "settle" Ireland, replacing the dispossessed Catholic landowners in the north.

It appears quite certain that David Boies came from Northern Ireland, his birthplace probably having been County Antrim. All traditions handed down through the years give Ulster as his place of birth - with one exception.

It is unfortunate that information has been widely distributed among many members of the Boies family claiming that David Boies was the son of Samuel Boyes (Boyce) - of a long English line going back into English history to the year 1400 - and Samuelts wife, Lydia Beamond (or Beaumont), whom he married in Saybrook, Connecticut, February 3, 1668. This is clearly an impossibility, for this Samuel Boyes died October 5, 1683, at least six years before David Boies was born. Samuel's widow, Lydia, remarried April 15, 1684. (NEHGR, Vols. 4, 11, and others. Also, Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England, by James Savage.)

Although all that has been written concerning the progenitors of David Boies has, so far, been labeled as tradition, the term means merely that the facts were unproven, and not necessarily false. But now there is strong evidence having a sound basis for all these hitherto, so-called traditions.

Only recently (1982) very interesting information was discovered in a letter written by Jennie Vene Boise Smith dated Miami, Florida, July 15, 1924, which for the first time provides information that could be considered as fact.

In this letter to a cousin in Cherry Valley, New York, she wrote, "Yesterday I received a letter from a genealogist in Lame, Ireland (whom Mrs. Smith later identifies as 'Miss Semple") who gives the name of the first Boies to come from France as Anthony DuBois who was born about the year 1590 in Bois le Duc. He came to Ireland, County Antrim, near Belfast, and married Frances Fulton, an English lady from Devonshire. Their son, William DuBois, married Elizabeth Graham of Ayrshire, Scotland. Their son, David, was our ancestor who married Annie Huston. These old people of Ireland know a great deal about their family history and take pains to pass it on down. Miss Semple says she finds no trouble at all in tracing the old families back... She knows several DuBois families who are descendants of Anthony DuBois and says that there is at present living in the old farm at King's Moss (co. Antrim), Robert DuBois and family, and she adds 'and a very good man he is.'"

Miss Semple was known to other genealogists and historians in the United States. One was Charles K. Bolton who quoted from one of her letters in his Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America, in which she described Aghadowey in Co. Londonderry, saying that "throughout its length can be traced houses built by its first Scotch settlers."

It was this same "Miss Mary Semple of Monthill, Lame, Co. Antrim" who as-sisted William Blair when he went to Londonderry in 1891 in tracing the Blair family from Scotland to Ireland, and connecting them with the Blandford Blairs.

Therefore, Miss Mary Semple should be considered as having been a most competent and reliable Irish researcher, and the evidence she found on the progenitors of David Boies may very well be accepted as factual. Unfortu-nately, the letter written by Miss Semple in 1924 has not as yet come to light. Since the death of Mrs. Smith in 1965, the family records collected by her over a long period of time, have been in the custody of a aunt in Ohio. It is regrettable that these records, which undoubtedly contain the original letter from Ireland, are unavailable for review.

Interest has been shown among a few Boies historians in a possible con-nection between the families of David Boies and of Louis DuBois who settled in New Paltz, New York, in 1660 Louis DuBois, a Huguenot, was born in French Flanders in 1626 and first fled to Mannheim, Germany where he married in 1655, coming to America shortly after the birth of his second son.

Obviously, any such "possible connectiqn" is mere conjecture. However, it is of interest to note that Anthony DuBoies; and Louis DuBois came from the same general area - Anthony from 's Hertogenbosch (Fr..Boies-le-Duc), capitol of North Brabant province in S. central Netherlands; Louis, from French Flanders, a former province in N. France, later awarded to The Netherlands. These areas were heavily populated by Huguenots.

Much of the history of the David Boies family is open to speculation. Was it mere coincidence that among the first settlers of Blandford were three men - Robert, John and William Huston - having the same surname as the reputed maiden name of Anne Boies? Or could there have been a relationship - pos-sibly brothers of Anne?

And, could David have had a brother who came to America shortly before David did? There is evidence of that possibility. Reference was found of a William Boyce who acted as a witness of a deed of Armour Hamilton's 14 Nov. 1726, Hamilton then being a resident of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. (Armour's brother, Patrick Hamilton, also of Hopkinton, was the father of Mary Hamilton who married William Boies, second son of David.)

Also, a petition of Suffield inhabitants, dated April 6, 1741, mentions a David Boys, Esq., and a Will Boies, Esq. Winifred Lovering Holman, the emi-nent New England genealogist, wrote, "Surely the latter was not David's son William, and one wonders if this signer is not identical with the above 1726 witness and possibly a brother of David?" (When, due to nearby Indian uprising in 1747 the people of Blandford fled to other towns, it was the town of Suffield - then in Massachusetts, now in Connecticut - to which the Boies family fled.)

In Osborne's History of Hopkinton, there is reference to a James Boies of Milton, Mass., who was assigned 70 acres of land on the north slope of Bear Mountain, in Hopkinton. James was born in Ireland in 1702.

As intriguing as these various references may be, the most exciting infor-mation found to date is that quoted from the Irish genealogist, Miss Mary Semple. This seems to be the most reliable information to come to light so far, and as such is repeated briefly: Anthony DuBois married Frances Fulton, an English lady from Devonshire; their son, William, married Elizabeth Graham of Ayrshire, Scotland; and their son, David Boies, married Annie Huston.

Despite what is known, or may be surmised of the early years of David Boies, it is wished that much more might be known. However, there is little hope of obtaining more information from Ireland due to the terrible destruction of vast amounts of Irish records.

The greatest catastrophe occured on 30 June 1922. On that day, nearly the entire historical record of Ireland was lost when members of the I.R.A. blew up the old Four Courts Building in Dublin containing the Public Records Office.

More recently, on 22 June 1973, over 60,000 volumes - many of which were irreplaceable - were deliberately burned when the Derry County Library was destroyed by rebel action.

While in no way can we be satisfied with what we have learned about David Boies, his wife Anne, and the vast number of their descendants - many of whom are still unknown - we can be grateful for what we do have, thanks to the work of such people as Miss Mary Semple and the many dedicated Boies family historians."76 He "The Boies family were Huguenots who having been driven out of France by persecution for the faith that was in them went to Scotland and Eng1and. During; the strife and disorder of the Cromwel1ian period in England some members of the fami1y went to Ireland where they renamed for a time.-

Fina1ly some of the family went to America in the early part of the seventeenth century, establishing their homes in the New England Colonies.

The official records of Blandford, Mass., of an early period make frequent reference to members of the Boies family as conspicuous in the affairs of the town wherein they held important places, legislative and executive, and were leaders among the people.

They also show the important relations of these Boies ancestors to the church and the moral and material welfare of the community.

Deacon David Boies, was the progenitor of the Boies family which this little work is concerned with.

He was born in l689 and died in 1752.

He married Anne whose family name and the date of her marriage are not procurable

David Boles came to America in 1727, locating in Hopkinton, Mass., and later moving to Blandford Mass., of which latter town he was one of the earliest settlers. He was a very pious man and on April 18, 1738, wrote a "Covenant with God, which for nearly 200 years has been treasured by his descendants as a precious memorial of his piety."27 He "1. DAVID BOlES, b. in Northern Ireland 1689/1690; d. in Blandford, Hampshire Co., Mass., 15 Dec. 1752; m. in Ireland, Anne (whose surname was probably HUSTON), b. 1684; d. in Blandford 25 Aug. 1766. David and Anne are buried in the Old Cemetery, Blandford.

They, and their four sons, were among the first settlers of Blandford, Mass. David Boies was very active in the settlement and development of the town, consistently holding responsible positions in both town and church af-fairs, as well as having been a ruling elder in the Blandford church until his death in 1752.

(More complete information about David Boies - including his probable pro-genitors appears in the preceding pages.)

Children of David and Anne Boies, all b. in Northern Ireland:

John BOIES, b. 1716

William, b. 1721

Samuel, b. 1724

David, b. 1726


In the Name of God Amen

The eighteenth Day of June in ye year of our Lord God 1750 I David Boies in

Blandford in y County of Hamshier yeman being very frail and weakly in Body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be Given to God therefor Calling to mind ye Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die Do make and ordain this my Last will and testament that is to say Principally and first of all I Give and Recommend my Soul into the hands of God that Gave it and for my Body I Recomend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian Like and Decent manner at the Discreation of my Exacutor nothing Doubting but at the General Resarection I shall Recive y same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching such worldly Esteat as God hath Beene

pleased to Bless me with in this Life I Give Bequeth and Dispose of y same in ye following manner and form

imprimis - I Give and Bequeth unto anna my Dear and well Beloved Wife Sixty pounds Old Tenor and a Cow and all the Bedding and furnitur of my hous and also the East room of my Dwelling hous in Blandford and Convenience of the Seler while she lives I Give my well Beloved son David Boies my home place and one acre of that Loot I purchased of Ensign Adam Knox ye Two accres be Laid out along ye South Side of my home Loot from ye Street an along my home Loot until it Come to a Little Swamp I Give my son David also my Second Division Loot with all ye priveledges belonging to both first and second Divisions only ye East room of my Dwelling hous which I have Given to my Dear and well Beloved wife while she lives and then sd room to return to my son David I also Give and Bequeth unto my son David all that remains of my movable Esteat of evry sort and kind whatsoever I also order my son David to take care of his Dear mother and keep a Cow for her summer and winter and give her yearly and Every year twelve Bushals of meal as she needs it at her hous that is to Say eight Bushals of indian meal and four Bushals of Rye meal every year and also to provide fier wood for her Cut and ready at her Door and also to Lay in Sufficient of sauce for her and I order that she shall have part of the apples or syder every year this I order my son David to Do for and give unto my Dear wife in Lew of her thirds if she Look after any thirds of ye Esteat my son David is free from being obliged to provide and Do these things for my Dear wife befor mentioned

item- I Give unto my well Beloved son John Boies Thirty Accres of land of that two hundred acres I purchased of Colnal Francis Brindle ye south side of sd Loot

item- I Give unto my well Beloved son William Boies forty acres of said Loot which forty accres I order to be laid out next to my son John Thirty accres item- I Give unto my son Samuel Boies thirty accres of y above said Loot to be Laid out along side of his own hundred accres Likewis I Constitut make and ordain my son Samuel my only and Sole Exacuter of this my Last will and testament to take care of his mother my Dear and well Beloved wife that she be not wronged of what I have left her and to see that She Suffer not for Lacke of anything I have Left her I Likewis order if there by any monney Left after all is cleared off that it be equaly Devided between my Dear wife and my Children; and I do hereby utterly Disanul all and other every former Testament will and Legasies and Exaucutor ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my Last will and Testament in virtue whereof I have hereunto sate my hand and Seal the Day and year *above writen Signed and Sealed in presence of witnesses

my son Samuel Boies is to have that Lot of Land I purchased from Ensine Adam Knox now for his possession (Excepting yt acre and Three Quarters above men-tioned) my son Samuel paying the sixty Pounds old Tenor that I laid out for him the alteration made or the interlining with Respect to the acre and three quarters was made before signing further I Bequeth to my son Willm Boies Ten acres of Land to be Laid out with the forty above mentioned and to be taken from the Thirty acres of Land which I gave to my son Samuel Boies signed sealed (illegible) In presence of us

James Morton

James Montgomery (Signed) David Boies

John Hamilton

*At this point, David must have layed his will aside and continued at a later date - possibly shortly before his death. By this time his writing had become large and irregular in contrast to his previous small and precise writing. He then continues, making a few alterations before finally signing in the presence of the three witnesses.

The will was presented for Probate in the Court at Northampton; County of Hampshire, Mass., "on the second Tuesday of April being the 10th day of the month an Dom 1753" to Timothy Dwight, Judge of the Court, by the Executor therein named."76 He "1. DAVID3 BOIES (WILLIAM2 DUBOIS, ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1690 in Northern Ireland, and died 15 December 1752 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA. He married ANNE HUSTON in Northern Ireland. She was born 1684 in Northern Ireland, and died 25 August 1766 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA.

Children of DAVID BOIES and ANNE HUSTON are:

2. i. JOHN4 BOIES, b. 1716, Northern Ireland; d. 28 February 1783,

Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA.

3. ii. WILLIAM BOIES, b. 1721, Northern Ireland; d. 09 July 1804, Blandford,

Hampshire Co., MA.

4. iii. DEACON SAMUEL BOIES, b. 06 June 1724, Northern Ireland; d. 14

September 1804, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA.

5. iv. DAVID BOIES, JR., b. 1726, Northern Ireland; d. 21 September 1757,

Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA."75

Children of David1 Boies and Anne Huston were:

Generation Two

118. William2 Boies (David1); born 1721 at Ireland; married Mary Hamilton, daughter of Patrick Hambleton and Ann Montgomery, 10 Feb 1744/45 at Westborough, MA;75 married Mary Hamilton, daughter of Patrick Hambleton and Ann Montgomery, 10 Mar 1745 at Westboro, MA; died 1804 at Blandford, MA?; died 9 Jul 1804 at Blandford, MA.75

He "2. WILLIAM BOlES, second son of David and Anne Boies, was born 1721 in Northern Ireland; d. 9 July 1804 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., Mass.; m. 10 Feb. 1745 Nary Hamilton, b. 29 Sept. 1721 in Hopkinton, Worcester Co., Mass.; d. 20 May 1797 in Blandford, dau. of Patrick and Ann (Montgomery) Hamilton. William and Mary were married in Westborough, Worcester Co., Mass.

25 Oct. 1742 William bought of Daniel Stone, for the sum of five pounds, Lot #21 west in the first division containing sixty acres. He eventually owned 660 acres but in later years had sold much of it. However, it was upon Lot #21 that he and Mary lived until their deaths. It was known as the "Deacon William Boies Home Farm."

William was a deacon of the church and very active in town and state af-fairs. He was town clerk from 1762 to 1766. On May 2, 1775 he was voted a delegate to the Convention held at Watertown, Mass.; from 1777 to May 1779 he was Representative to the Massachusetts State Legislature. Aug. 20, 1779 he was chosen to go to Cambridge, Mass., for the convention to assist in pre-paring the Constitution. He was a member of the Continental Congress and represented Blandford at the General Court in Boson in 1780. In that same year he was named a member of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety. He also served in the Revolutionary War from Jan. 22, 1777 to Mar. 25, 1777

William left his Great Bible to his son Captain David Boies. It is now in the possession of David Boies of North Hampton, New Hampshire (the eighth gen-eration).

William and Mary had nine children - all born in Blandford:

.i. Anna Boies, b. 1 Dec. 1746, d. 1746, bur. in Old Cemetery, Blandford.

ii. Anna, b. 3 Nov. 1748

iii.David, b. 15 Jan 1750

iv.Joel, b. 7 June 1753

v.Sarah, b. 5 Jan. 1756, d. ____ m. (mt. 28 Aug. 1775) Robert Blair, b. ca 1754, d. ____ son of James Blair.

They had children.

vi.William Jr., b. 21 Oct. 1758

vii.Molley (Mary), b. 22 Sept. 1760

viii.Abigail, b. 20 Jan. 1764

ix.Elias, b. 21 Aug. 1768, d. ____ Said to have gone to Augusta, N.Y.


In the name of God, Amen, the Twentieth Day of March One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Four. I William Boies of the Town of Blandford in the County of Hampshire and Commonwealth of Maf sachuf etts Yeoman, being in Health of Body and of Perfect mind and Memory, Thanks be to God - Therfor calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing it is appointed for all Men Once to Die, do make and Ordain this my laft Will and Teftament, that is to say, Principly, and firft of all I give and recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it, and my Body I recommend to the Earth, to be buried in decent Chriftian Burial at the difcretion of my executors; nothing doubting but at the General Refurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God. And as touching such things of this Worlds Good wherewith it hath pleafed God to blefs me with in this life, I give and demife and difpofe of the same in the following manner and form:

Imprimis - I give unto my dearly beloved Wife Mary Boies one Horfe and Mair, One Good Cow, six Sheap and One suit of Mourning Apperral; and if she should live longer than me she shall have the Ufe of my Stock of Cattle, and Houf-hold Furniture and Money if any I shouldhave at my Defefs more than what is sufficient to pay my juft Debts and Funeral charges, and notwithstanding what is above written that she Should be comfortably~provided for During her natural Life at the Dlfcretion of my Executors and at the Defecefs of myself and Wife Mary - I leave or Give to my Children as follows: viz.-

To my Beloved son David Botes I give the Sum of Six Shillings and Eight pence and my Great Bible, and to my Beloved son Joel Bofes I give Twelve Shillings and Eight pence, To my Beloved son William Boies I give my Defk. And to my Beloved son Elias Boies the sum of Thirteen Shillings and a plain Cheft and if any money should remain after the defefs of myself and Wife I give the same to Elias, and my farming Utenfels, wearing Apperal and Books to be Equaly Divided between my Four sons above named.

Itam. to my Beloved Daughters Anna Scott, Sarah Blair, Molly Shepard and Abigail Shepard I give my Houfhold furniture to be Equaly Divided amongst them, excepting what I have otherwifed Difpofed of.

I Conftitute ant appoint my sons David and William Boies to be the sole Exec-utors of this my Laft Will and Teftament and do Pronounce Publish & Declare this and this only to be my Laft Will and Teftament in Prefence of:

John Boies (Signed) William Boies

and Andrew Wilfon."76 He "William Boies, son of Deacon David and Anne Boles, was born in 1721, and died in 1804.

He married Mary Hamilton in Westboro Mass., March 10, l745. She was born in 1726 and died in 1796.

William Boies was apparently quite prominent in town affairs. He was chosen, July 6, l775, delegate to Congress at Watertown. On May 15, 1777, he was chosen to represent the town at the great and general court to be held at Boston. On May 20, 1778, he was chosen Representative. He was chosen with Samuel Boies a committee to consider the constitution that had been sent us for approbation or disapprobation and make report to the town of their doings. On August 30, 1779, he was chosen to go to Cambridge, September 1, 1779, to assist in framing a constitution or bill of rights. In 1779 he was chosen delegate to Mass. Constitutional Convention. On May 10, 1780, he was chosen moderator and Major." He 3. WILLIAM4 BOIES (DAVID3, WILLIAM2 DUBOIS, ANTHONY1) was born 1721 in Northern Ireland, and died 09 July 1804 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA. He married MARY HAMILTON 10 February 1744/45 in Westborough, Worcester Co., MA, daughter of PATRICK HAMILTON and ANN MONTGOMERY. She was born 29 September 1721 in Hopkinton, Worcester Co., MA, and died 20 May 1797 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA.


i. ANNA5 BOIES, b. 01 December 1746, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

1746, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA.

9. ii. ANNA BOIES, b. 03 November 1748, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

16 April 1832, Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.

10. iii. DAVID BOIES, b. 15 January 1749/50, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

06 February 1839.

11. iv. J OEL BOIES, b. 07 June 1753, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 28

March 1809, Cattaraugus, Co., N.Y..

v. SARAH BOIES, b. 05 January 1756; d. Unknown; m. ROBERT BLAIR, 28

August 1775; b. Abt. 1754; d. Unknown.

12. vi. WILLIAM BOIES, JR., b. 21 October 1758, Blandford, Hampshire Co.,

MA; d. 22 July 1816, Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.

13. vii. MOLLY BOIES, b. 22 September 1760, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA;

d. Unknown.

14. viii. ABIGAIL BOIES, b. 20 January 1764, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

19 May 1816, Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.

ix. ELIAS BOIES, b. 21 August 1768; d. Unknown."75

Children of William2 Boies and Mary Hamilton were:

Generation Three

119. Captain David3 Boies (William2, David1); born 15 Jan 1750 at Blanfdord, MA;75 married Dolly Blair, daughter of Robert Blair and Hannah Thompson, 1 Dec 1772;32,75 married Clarissa Metcalf 24 Sep 1809;75 died 6 Feb 1839 at Blanfdord, MA, at age 89.75

He was Captain. He "Captain David Boles, son William and Mary Hamilton Boies, Was born in 1750, and died in l839.

He Married Dolly Blair, who was born in l752, and died in 1807.

In 1801 Captain David Boies was Surveyor of Highways, in l802, 1st Selectman and moderator and in 1805, 1806 and 1816 representative."

27 He "10. DAVID5 BOIES (WILLIAM4, DAVID3, WILLIAM2 DUBOIS, ANTHONY1) was born 15 January 1749/50 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA, and died 06 February 1839. He married (1) DOLLY BLAIR 01 December 1772, daughter of ROBERT BLAIR and HANNAH THOMPSON. She was born 09 December 1752 in Worcester, Worcester Co.,MA, and died 13 September 1807. He married (2) CLARISSA METCALF 24 September 1809, daughter of ABEL METCALF. She was born 29 July 1767 in Lebanon New London Co., CONN, and died 21 December 1810.

Children of DAVID BOIES and DOLLY BLAIR are:

35. i. WILLIAM6 BOIES, b. 24 July 1773, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 24

September 1823, Waterford, Washington Co., OH.

36. ii. GARDNER BOIES, b. 02 May 1775, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.


37. iii. RUFUS BOIES, b. 17 October 1777, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

01 April 1860, Homer, Cortland Co., NY.

iv. SOPHIA BOIES, b. 30 January 1780; d. Unknown.

38. v. DAVID BOIES, JR., b. 17 August 1781, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

18 September 1852, Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.

vi. JOSEPH BOIES, b. 02 October 1783, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

11 February 1866, Greenwich, Washington Co., NY; m. ANNA EIGHTS,

13 October 1813; d. Unknown.

vii. LEMUEL BOIES, b. 15 February 1786, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d.

21 July 1832, Blandford, Hampden Co., MA; m. EXPERIENCE KEEP, 03

November 1813; d. Unknown.

viii. CYNTHIA BOIES, b. 11 August 1788; d. 21 December 1843, Blandford,

Hampden Co., MA.

ix. ORPAH BOIES, b. 24 September 1790, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA;

d. 17 May 1834, Tinmouth, Rutland Co, VT; m. SPENCER WALDO, 15

February 1820; d. Unknown.

x. ARTEMAS BOIES, b. 08 September 1792, Blandford,Hampshire Co.,

MA; d. 25 September 1844, New London, CONN; m. (1) ABIGAIL ELY,

10 October 1821; d. Unknown; m. (2) SUSAN LAMSON, 10 September

1827; d. Unknown.

xi. JUSTUS BOIES, b. 21 March 1795, Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 26

September 1859, Northampton, Hampden Co., MA; m. SARAH ELY, 29

October 1823; d. Unknown."75 He "THIRD GENERATION:

5. DAVID BOlES (William , David ), b. 15 Jan. 1750 in Blandford,

d. 6 Feb. 1839; m. 1st, 1 Dec. 1772 Dolly Blair, b. 9 Dec. 1752 in Worcester, Worcester Co., Mass.; d. 13 Sept. 1807, dau. of Robert and Hannah (Thompson) Blair; m. 2nd, 24 Sept. 1809 Clarissa Metcalf, b. 29 July 1767 in Lebanon, New London Co., Conn., d. 21 Dec. 1810 from childbirth, dau. of Abel Metcalf.

(See No. 5. in Descendants of John Boies for information on Dolly Blair's parents and siblings; she also had two other brothers, Robert and Asa).

David had a large farm, and was known as "Captain David Boies,"; was active in all town and church affairs. He was Moderator of the Town Meetings in 1765; appointed First Selectman Mar. 6, 1797; Surveyor of Highways Mar. 23, 1801; Representative to the State Legislature 1805, 1820 and 1821. On 13 Jan. 1813 David married a couple, at that time being a Justice of the Peace. May 6, 1816 David Boies Esq. was chosen to petition the Congress to revise the Law for due observance of the Lord's day.

David's service in the Revolutionary War: David Boies, private in Capt. William Cannon's Co., Col. David Leonard's regiment, drafted and marched on the Ticonderoga Expedition May 6, 1777, returned July 14, 1777, service 2 mos, 10 days, roll dated Blandford; Corporal in Capt. Solomon Brown's Co., Col. Elisha Porter's regiment, enlisted July 31, 1779, discharged Sept. 6, 1779, service 1 mo. 6 days at New London, Conn.

David gave all of his children a good education. three of his sons gradu-ated from Williams College in Mass.; William in 1801, Joseph in 1808 and Artemas in 1816. William and Artemas were ministers and Joseph a Judge. David was financially comfortable.

David and Dolly had eleven children - all born in Blandford:

i. William Boics, b. 24 July 1773

ii. Gardner, b. 2 May 1775

iii. Rufus, b. 17 Oct. 1777

iv. Sophia (Dolly), b. 30 Jan. 1780

v. David Jr., b. 17 Aug. 1781

vi. Joseph, b. 2 Oct. 1783

vii. Lerr~uel, b. 15 Feb. 1786

viii. Cynthia, b. 11 Aug. 1788, d. 21 Dec. 1843 in Blandford, unm.

ix. Orpha, b. 24 Sept. 1790

x. Artemas, b. 8 Sept. 1792

xi. Justus, b. 21 Mar. t795."76

Children of Captain David3 Boies and Dolly Blair were:

There were no children of Captain David3 Boies and Clarissa Metcalf.

Generation Four

120. David4 Boies (Captain3, William2, David1); born 17 Aug 1781 at Blandford, MA;75 married Elizabeth Gibbs, daughter of Ephraim Gibbs and Nancy Anderson, 26 Mar 1804;75 died 18 Sep 1852 at Blandford, MA, at age 71.75

He "David Boies, son of Captain David and Dolly Blair Boies, was born in 1781 and died in 1852.

He married Elizabcth Gibbs, who was born in 1780 and died in 1858.

In 1816 he was chosen to petition congress to revise the Law for due observance of the Lord's Day.

Mary Amelia Boies, daughter of David and Elizabeth Gibbs Boies was born in Blandford, Mass., May 6, 1826 and died in Bloomfield, New Jersey, November 9, 1901. She married Edward Bigelow at Meriden, Conn., June 27, 1853."

27 He "38. DAVID6 BOIES, JR. (DAVID5, WILLIAM4, DAVID3, WILLIAM2 DUBOIS, ANTHONY1) was born 17 August 1781 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA, and died 18 September 1852 in Blandford, Hampden Co., MA. He married ELIZABETH GIBBS 26 March 1804. She was born 28 March 1781 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., MA, and died 07 July 1858 in Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.


i AMIRA C.7 BOIES, b. 11 March 1806; d. Unknown.

ii. CURTIS HOOKER BOIES, b. 18 October 1807; d. Unknown.

iii. JOSEPH MILTON BOIES, b. 20 April 1809; d. Unknown.

iv. ALBERT R. BOIES, b. 02 February 1811; d. 09 January 1840.

v. RUSSEL BOIES, b. 06 July 1813; d. Unknown.

vi. CAROLINE E. BOIES, b. 06 July 1814; d. 11 September 1852.

vii. CATHERINE BOIES, b. 14 October 1815; d. 27 September 1843.

viii. ORPHA MARIE BOIES, b. 16 March 1818; d. 19 September 1843.

ix. SYLVESTER WILLIAM BOIES, b. 28 December 1819; d. 03 April 1821,

Blandford, Hampden Co., MA.

x. NANCY CORDELIA BOIES, b. 18 March 1822; d. Unknown.

xi. MARY AURELIA BOIES, b. 06 May 1825; d. 09 November 1901."75 He "29. DAVID BOlES, JR. (David , William , David ), b. 17 Aug. 1781 in Blandford, Hampshire Co., Mass., d. 18 Sept. 1852 in Blandford; m. 26 Mar. 1804 Elizabeth Gibbs, b. 28 Mar. 1781 in Blandford, d. 7 July 1858 in Bland-ford, dau. of Ephraim and Nancy (Anderson) Gibbs. David and Elizabeth were married in Blandford by Jedediab Smith Esq.

David Jr. was a large property holder and built a large house for Elizabeth after they were married. It was told by the old timers of Blandford, that they were childhood sweethearts. After David's death, at the age of seventy-one, Elizabeth and her unmarried daughter, Almira, continued to live in the old homestead. David, Elizabeth and Almira are all buried in the same plot in the Hill Cemetery, Blandford, along side are two stones with the names, Albert R. and Caroline E. (Boies) Bigelow (Caroline died just seven days before her father, David Boies, Jr.)

David and Elizabeth had eleven children - all born in Blandford:

i. Almira C. BOLES, b. 11 Mar. 1806; d. 23 July 1860

ii. Curtis Hooker, b. 18 Oct. 1807

iii. Joseph Milton, b. 20 Apr. 1809

iv. Albert R., b. 2 Feb. 1811; d. 9 Jan. 1840 in Whitehall, Washing-ton Co. N.Y. Albert practiced law in Whitehall,

however, his career was short for he died at the young age of 28.

v. Russell, b. 6 July 1813; d. ____; Twin of Caroline E.

vi.Caroline E. b. 6 July 1813; d. 11 Sept. 1852 in Malden, Ulster Co., N.Y.; m. 9 June 1841 Edward Bigelow, b. 20 Aug. 1810 in Malden; d. 23 July 1889 in Saugerties, Ulster Co., N.Y., son of Asa and Lucy (Isham) Bigelow. Edward was a merchant. Edward's father, Asa Bigelow, was b. 18 Jan. 1779 in Glas-tonbury, Conn.; d. 1850 in Malden; m. 18 Feb. 1802 Lucy Isham, b. 22Sept. 1780 in Colchester, Conn.; d. 14 Sept. 1853 in Malden, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Adams) Isham. Asa was the founder of Malden-on-Hudson. Edward and Caroline had five children, all b. in Malden: The four known: I.A., Edward Payson, Caroline E., and Mary A. Edward Payson, b. 4 Nov. 1843; d. 20 July 1925 in New York City; m. 27 Aug. 1872 Mary Frances Ashley, b. 30 Apr. 1847 in Boston, Mass.; d. 30 July 1930 in New Brighton, N.Y. They had one known dau., Harriet Bigelow, b. 7 Sept. 1889 in New York City; m. there 18 May 1912 Paul Billingsley, b. 30 Nov. 1887. They resided in Burton, Vashon Island, Wa. After Caroline died in 1852, Edward married her sister, Mary Aurelia Boies.

vii. Catherine, b. 14 Oct. 1815; d. 27 Sept. 1843 in Blandford; unm.

viii. Orpha Marie, b. 6 Mar. 1818; d. 19 Sept, 1843; m. 3 Apr. 1841 David Robinson. No children.

ix. Sylvester William, b. 28 Dec. 1819; d. 3 Apr. 1821 in Blandford.

x. Nancy Cordelia, b. 18 Mar. 1822

xi. Mary Aurelia, b. 6 May 1825; d. 9 Nov. 1901 in Saugerties, N.Y.;

m. Edward Bigelow after her sister, Caroline E. (Boies) Bige-low, died. -

References: Blandford Town, Church and Cemetery Records; Colonial Families of the United States."76

Children of David4 Boies and Elizabeth Gibbs both born at Blandford, MA, were as follows:

Generation Five

121. Caroline E.5 Boies (David4, Captain3, William2, David1); born 8 Jul 1814 at Blandford, MA; married Edward Bigelow, son of Asa Bigelow and Lucy Isham, 9 Jun 1841 at Blandford, MA; died 11 Sep 1852 at age 38.

Children of Caroline E.5 Boies and Edward Bigelow were as follows:

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