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Descendants of Thomas Lord

Generation One

156. Thomas1 Lord;102,61,103 born 1585 at Sudbury, Suffolk, England;102,61,103 married Dorothy Unknown 1611 at Towchester, England;102 died after 1637 at Hartford, CT.102,61,103

1THOMAS1 LORD, wife and family, were registered 29th April, 1635, for transportation from the port of London to New England, in the ship "Elizabeth and Ann," of which Captain Robert Cooper was Master. Thomas was fifty years old, (born 1585); his wife, Dorothy, forty-six, (born 1589); and their children, Thomas, sixteen; Ann, fourteen; William, twelve; John, ten; Robert, nine; Aymie, six; Dorothy, four. (Hotten's Original Lists.)

Thomas Lord first settled at Newtown, afterward called Cambridge, Massachusetts, where his eldest son, Richard, born in 1611, had already established himself in 1632. Savage (in his Genealogical Dictionary) says that his father "perhaps had sent him to look out the most desirable place for his friends, Governor Haynes and Reverend Thomas Hooker," who came over in 1633 with " hundred other passengers of importance to the colony." Here he remained "a year or more." But in 1636-37 this family were of that large company which was led, by Rev. Thomas Hooker, from Massachusetts, to form a new settlement on the Connecticut River. Thomas Lord thus became an original proprietor, and one of the first settlers of Hartford. He lived on the "north side," fronting Mill River, a near neighbor of Gov. Haynes, Rev. Mr. Hooker, Mr. Goodwin, Gov. Wyllys, Mr. Matthew Allyn, and others of the prominent inhabitants. His sons, Richard and Thomas, had lots next to his. That part of Hartford called Lord's Hill took its name from this family. Mr.Henry Dutch Lord, of Boston, a recognized authoity, says: Thomas Lord, the first, of Hartford, was a merchant and mill owner, and that in the descriptions of the Burnham estate, Burnham mentions his half-interest in the mill with Thomas Lord. In these transactions Thomas Lord bears the prefix of "Mr." The date of his death is not known. Porter (in "Historical Notices of Hartford,") says: "he died early." The place of his burial is not known, but there is quite a number of Lord tombstones of descendants of his, in the early generations, in the rear of the First Church, of Hartford. The names of Thomas Lord and his son Richard are inscribed on the granite monument in the old grave-yard of Hartford as prominent among the first settlers. His widow, Dorothy, died in 1675 at the age of eighty-six years, and her will, dated February 8, 1669, is now on file among the Probate Records, in the office of the Secretary of State at Hartford.

As no will of 1Thomas1 Lord is on record it may be inferred that he died intestate, so that his widow had only her legal portion, dividing with her seven children. Her will speaks of "that litle estate the Lord hath lent me." Yet, besides disposing of a "dwelling house and Barn" and a "Home lott," it devises a "lower lott in the North meadow," several acres constituting an "upper lott in the long meadow," together with "wood land that is allready layd out or to be layd unto me within the Bounds of Hartford," beside "Moveable estate and Cattell," in five portions, and various household-stuff distinctive of a gentlewoman to a considerable amount, including a "silver drinking bowl." The seal which Dorothy Lord affixed to it, showing the coat of arms which "doubtless had been her husband's." The bearings correspond "exactly with those of the Laward, alias Lord, family, as given in Berry's Encyclopaedia and Burke's Armour, S. N." "Av, on a fess gu, between three cinque foils, az, a hind pass, between two pheons, or."


Children of Thomas1 Lord and Dorothy Unknown were:

Generation Two

157. William2 Lord (Thomas1);61,103 born 1623 at England; Came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635 with Father at age 12;61,103 married Lydia Buckland, daughter of William Buckland and Mary Bosworth, 13 Jun 1660 at Rehoboth, MA;91 married Lydia Buckland, daughter of William Buckland and Mary Bosworth, 1664;103 married Lydia Buckland, daughter of William Buckland and Mary Bosworth, 3 Jun 1664; died 17 May 1678 at Saybrook, CT.61,103

He " p71: "...came to America with his parents in 1635 and lived in Hartford, CT... first wife, about 1642, possibly Hattie Nickerson and settled in Saybrook, CT, about 1645...was there at the division of lands in 1648 and became a large landowner in Saybrook and also in Lyme...bought a large tract from the Indians in Lyme which land was subsequently exchanged with the town for various other parcels by his sons Thomas and Richard...He obtained for the town of Lyme the tract of land that afterwards made the town of Salem: in April 1669, Chapeto, a kinsman of Uncas, gave to William Lord of Lyme, eight miles square; subsequently known as the Paugwonk lands, and appears to have included all or nearly all of the present township of Salem; this deed was confirmed to his sons in 1681..."

Source also indicates he married Lydia Buckland, widow of John Brown. Her third husband was supposedly Abraham Post

From "Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord" by K. Lord, 1946, via Nancy at

He II. WILLIAM LORD, born in England about 1623; died May 17, 1678; settled at Saybrook about 1645; was there at the division of lands 1648; became a large landed proprietor both in Saybrook and Lyme. He bought great tracts of the Indians. He married twice. The name of his first wife is unfortunately not preserved. His second marriage occurred in 1664 to Lydia Brown. By his first wife he had seven children: William, b. 1643; Thomas, Jr., b. 1645; Richard (our ancestor), b. 1647; Mary, b. 1649; Robert, b. 1651; John, b. 1653; and Joseph, b. 1656. By his second wife he also had seven children.

105 He " NEHG "Register" 113:223 [Memoirs of Mr. Lord who compiled "Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Lord" published in NY 1946] His paternal line of escent:

(1) Thomas Lord, b. England 1585; d. 1667; m. Dorothy Bird, b. in Littl Ilford, Eng. 1589; d. 1676

(2) William Lord, bpt. in Eng. 27 Dec. 1618, came to America with parents in 1635; d. Saybrook, CT 17 May 1678; m. (2) Lydia (Buckland) Brown, widow of John Brown of Rehoboth, MA and dau. of William and Mary Bosworth Buckland."

Children of William2 Lord and Lydia Buckland were:

Generation Three

158. James3 Lord (William2, Thomas1);106 born 2 Apr 1668 at Saybrook, CT;106 married Elizabeth Hill, daughter of John Hill and Thankful Stow, 13 Dec 1693 at Saybrook, CT;107 died 10 Feb 1730/31 at Saybrook, CT, at age 62.106

Children of James3 Lord and Elizabeth Hill were:

Generation Four

159. Hezekiah4 Lord (James3, William2, Thomas1); born 19 Mar 1698 at Saybrook, CT;108 married Sarah Fish, daughter of Captain Samuel Fish and Sarah Stark, 9 Feb 1724; "Hezekiah s. of James;"39 married Zerviah Backus 2 Jun 1738 at Scotland, Windham, CT.30

Children of Hezekiah4 Lord and Sarah Fish were:

There were no children of Hezekiah4 Lord and Zerviah Backus.

Generation Five

160. Dr. Elisha5 Lord (Hezekiah4, James3, William2, Thomas1); born 18 Jul 1733 at Preston, New London, CT;39 married Alathea Ripley 18 Jan 1759 at Pomfret, CT;109 married Tamasine (Tamerson) Kimball, daughter of Job Kimball and Mary Green, between 1762 and 1766.

There were no children of Dr. Elisha5 Lord and Alathea Ripley.

Children of Dr. Elisha5 Lord and Tamasine (Tamerson) Kimball were as follows:

Generation Six

161. Sarah6 Lord (Dr.5, Hezekiah4, James3, William2, Thomas1); born 17 Jun 1769 at Pomfret or Abington, CT; married James Danielson, son of Colonel William Danielson and Sarah Williams, 2 Dec 1788; died 28 Apr 1852 at Danielson, CT, at age 82.

Children of Sarah6 Lord and James Danielson were as follows:

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