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Descendants of John Read

Generation One

165. John1 Read; born 1598 at Ryborough, Lincoln, or Kent, England;112 married Sarah Lessie, daughter of William Lessie, before 1640;113 died 7 Sep 1685 at Rehoboth, MA.113

He 14 children. He "(I) John Reed or Read was born in 1598, supposed to be son of William and Lucy (Henage) Reed. He was brother of William Reed, of Weymouth, Massachusetts. He came to America in 1630 and lived for a time in Weymouth, where he was in 1637. He was of Dorchester in 1638, and removed from there to Braintree. In 1643 or 1644 he went to Rehoboth with Rev. Mr. Newman and his church, and his name is third on the list of proprietors of that town. He was constable, and a man of affairs. He kept an inn. He married Sarah (???). He died September 7, 1685, aged eighty-seven. Children: Samuel, William, Abigail, baptized in Dorchester, December 30, 1638; John, born in Braintree, August 29, 1640; Thomas, November 9, 1641; Ezekiel (twin), died young; Zachariah (twin), died young; Moses, October, 1650; Mary, January, 1652; Elizabeth, January, 1654: Daniel, March, 1655; Israel, 1657; Mehitable, August, 1660: Josiah, mentioned below."69 He "1) JOHN READ, the first of this branch of the family to come to America, is thought to have been a son of William and Lucy (Heneage) Reade. He was born probably at Maidstone, County Kent, near London, England, in 1598, and sailed from London for America on April 1, 1630, with the great fleet of eleven ships, which accompanied Governor John Winthrop, with about seven hundred persons, arriving at Salem, Massachusetts, June 22, 1630. He was of Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1637, of Dorchester in 1638, and from there removed to that part of Braintree which is now Quincy, where he was a freeman, May 13, 1640. In the spring of 1643/44, he joined the company of the Reverend Samuel Newman, of Weymouth, in founding a settlement at Seekonk, which Indian name he replaced with the Scripture town name, Rehoboth; and the name of John Read is the third in the list of estates in 1643; according to which, the allotments of land were distributed. His estate was valued at lbs. 300, a large property for those times. He served as constable, and lived at the Rim, now in the town of Seekonk, where he was proprietor of an inn, and a leading man of the town. He died Sept. 7, 1685, at the age of eighty-seven years, and was buried in the old Seekonk Burying Ground, the inscription on his gravestone, "J. R. aet eighty-seven, D. S. 1685." He and his wife, Sarah, were the parents of thirteen children."114 He "JOHN,

Dorchester, rem. to Weymouth or Braintree, freem. 13 May 1640, ar.

co. 1644, had Abigail, b. at Dorchester; John, 29 Aug. 1640; and

Thomas, 20 Nov. 1641; rem. to Rehoboth, 1645, there had, perhaps,

William; Samuel; Moses, Oct. 1650; Mary, June 1652; Eliz. Jan.

1654; Daniel, Mar. 1655; Israel, 1657; and. Mehitable, Aug. 1659;

was one of good prop. and influence, whose gr.stone, still extant, it is

said, shows; that he d. Sept. 1685, aged 87. JOHN, jr. Rehoboth, s. of

the preced. who had sh. in div. of lds. 1668, and by w. Sarah had John,

b. 8 Dec. 1669; Thomas, 23 July 1672; beside Sarah bur. 19 July

1678, was k. by the Ind. at Pierce's fight, 26 Mar. 1676."61 He "27. (9) A tre of Atturney generall from John Reade of Braintree & Sarah his wife the daughter of Will Lessie of Blyborough in Suffolke to Receive all debts duties gifts Legacie due to either of them from any pson or psons: who tre of Atturney was made to mr Wm Tyng of Boston Resident in London wth power to substitute one Atturney or more wth like or limited power & pticulerly was expressed a gift given by William Lessie aforesaid to his Daughter Sarah. Witnesses Thomas Deighton & Thomas wilmot " on 27 Sep 1645.115

Children of John1 Read and Sarah Lessie were:

Generation Two

166. John2 Read (John1); born 29 Aug 1640;116,113 married Rachal Unknown before 1669; died 26 Mar 1676 at age 35; Killed by Indians at Pierces Fight.113

He 4 children: Sarah, Mehitabel, John, and Thomas. He "JOHN, jr. Rehoboth, s. of

the preced. who had sh. in div. of lds. 1668, and by w. Sarah had John,

b. 8 Dec. 1669; Thomas, 23 July 1672; beside Sarah bur. 19 July

1678, was k. by the Ind. at Pierce's fight, 26 Mar. 1676."61

Children of John2 Read and Rachal Unknown were:

Generation Three

167. Thomas3 Read (John2, John1); married Martha ______; born 23 Jul 1672;117,113 died 25 Nov 1748 at age 76.113

He 6 children: Thomas, Martha, Noah, Hannah, Sarah, and Peter.

Children of Thomas3 Read and Martha ______ were:

Generation Four

168. Thomas4 Read Jr. (Thomas3, John2, John1); married Bethsheba _______; born 10 Mar 1711 at Rehobeth, MA; died after 1754.118

He 6 children: Lois, Sarah, Bethsheba, Orinda, Huldah, and Hannah.

Children of Thomas4 Read Jr. and Bethsheba _______ were as follows:

Generation Five

169. Lois5 Read (Thomas4, Thomas3, John2, John1); married Abel Walker, son of Caleb Walker and Abigail Dean, at ?; born 27 May 1741 at Rehoboth, MA; died 24 Mar 1801 at ? at age 59.

She was (an unknown value) 13 children.

Children of Lois5 Read and Abel Walker were as follows:

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