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Descendants of Thomas Casey

Generation One

234. Thomas1 Casey;162 born circa 1637 at IRE;163 died 1711 at East Greenwich, RI.163

He "In at least fifteen States of the Union there are families named Casey, all descended from Thomas Casey, a settler at Newport, Rhode Island, as early as 1658. From a short history of the Casey family,The Casey Family of East Greenwich, R. I., published in 1927 in connection with the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the town.37 written by Edward Pearce Casey, we learn that Thomas Casey was born in Ireland about 1637. And according to a tradition handed down in the successive generations of the family, Thomas Caseys parents were killed during the Irish insurrection in 1641. The orphan child was carried by his nurse to England, whence he emigrated to this country at the age of twenty-one and located at Newport, of which community he became one of the leading business men and is mentioned as occupying a place of considerable social importance for many years. With other citizens

Charles McCarthy before mentioned, he was one of the founders of the town of East Greenwich in 1677, and twenty-five years later he was listed as one of the proprietors of the common lands in Newport. He died in 1711, leaving three sons, Thomas (born 1663), Adam (born 1667) and Samuel (born 1675).Austins Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island.38 Thomas Casey (2) remained in Newport, where he inherited his fathers estate, but Adam and Samuel struck out for themselves, settling at Warwick and Kingston, R. I., respectively, and these three were the ancestors of several Rhode Island families of the name. Thomas Casey (2) and his wife, Rebecca, had sons, John and Edmund, and daughters, Rebecca and Sarah, born at Newport between 1695 and 1704; Adam Casey and his wife, Mary, had Thomas, Silas, Edward, Mary and Sarah, born between 1706 and 1718, and Samuel Casey was the father of Thomas, John, Samuel and Gideon, whose births were recorded between 1716 and 1726.Vital Records of a remarkable family, and in town books, probate and land records, parish registers, tax lists, military rolls and other public records, representatives of successive generations of Caseys appear for two hundred and fifty years after the original immigrant came to this country. Several of the Caseys are mentioned as successful merchants and shipping masters in command of vessels trading with Southern ports and the West Indies. Indeed, we are told that Thomas Casey was one of those famous shipowners of Narragansett Bay whose enterprise laid the foundations of Rhode Islands industrial history.The Casey Family of East Greenwich, by Edward Pearce Casey.40 They well preserved the record of the Fighting Race, for in every generation of the Caseys there have been officers of the name in the army and the navy, beginning with the Indian war in the even to the present day. One of them, Silas Casey, born at East Greenwich in 1807, was a distinguished American soldier. He served with the United States Army in numerous Indian conflicts on the western frontiers, the Seminole War in Florida, the Mexican and the Civil Wars, and in two campaigns against the Indians on the Pacific Coast. It was he who led the forlorn hope at the storming of Chapultepec, in which he was severely wounded, and he gallantly defended with his division his position at Fair Oaks, Virginia. He retired in 1868, after forty-two years military service, with the rank of Major-General. Colonel Thomas Lincoln Casey, also a distinguished officer in the Civil War, Captain Silas Casey of the Navy and Edward P. Casey, architect of one of the handsomest public buildings in the United States, the Library of Congress at Washington, were also of this family. Much more can be said to show what an important American family the Caseys were, but one searches in vain in New England histories for any mention of the fact that their immigrant ancestor was an Exile from Erin, as far back as 279 years ago!"164 He emigrated before 1658.163 He "7-Thomas Casey (1637-1711), b in Ireland, was taken to Eng. in infancy, came to Newport, R. I., as early as 1658, m Sarah."165

Children of Thomas1 Casey and an unknown spouse were:

Generation Two

235. Adam2 Casey (Thomas1) of Warwick RI;41 born 1667 at East Greenwich, RI;166 married Mary Greenman, daughter of Edward Greenman and Mary Unknown, 8 Mar 1706.162,167

Children of Adam2 Casey and Mary Greenman were:

Generation Three

236. Mary3 Casey (Adam2, Thomas1);82 born 19 Sep 1710 at Warwick, RI;82 married Benjamin Weaver, son of William Weaver and Elizabeth Harris, before 1734;82 died 20 Jul 1776 at Scituate, MA, at age 65; (possible date).82

Children of Mary3 Casey and Benjamin Weaver were:

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