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Descendants of Griffith Bowen

Generation One

297. Griffith1 Bowen;212 born circa 1600 at Langenith, Glamorgan, Wales;212 married Margaret Fleming, daughter of Henry Fleming and Sarah Dawkins, circa 1627 at Wales;212 died 1675 at London, England.212

He Bowen Ancestry:

"The lineage from King Henry I to Griffith BOWEN, as prepared by Herman Nickerson, has been accepted by the Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of the Kings of Britain (Lineage No. 156), and appears in the Sep. 1979 National Genealogical Society Quarterly. Essentially the same line, except for the fifth generation listed, appears in the 7th edition of Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, by Frederick Weis (1993), and is presented here. An alternate line to Twdwr Mawr, King of South Wales had been in the 1964 third edition of Ancestral Roots....

Henry I, King of England b Selby, York., 1070 d 1135 had illegitimate son

Robert, E. of Gloucester b c. 1090 d 1147 by Maud FitzHamon d 1157 was father of

William, E. of Gloucester d 23 Nov 1183 had illegitimate daughter

Mabel married c. 1158 Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach d 1211 and was mother of

Rhys ap Gruffudd by an unknown wife was father of

Joan f. Rhys ap Gruffudd married Sir Ralph Maelog and was the mother of

Ann Maelog married Sir Gwrgi Grant and was mother of

Jenkin ap Gwrgi was father of

Gwilym ap Jenkin was father of

Ann married Hywel ap Gruffudd Fab and was mother of

Hywel Fychan ap Hywel married Catrin f. Ieuan Llwyd and was father of

Gwilym Gam ap Hywel Fychan married Gwenllian f. Gwilym and was father of

Hywel Melyn of Ynys Derw ap Gwilym Gam was father of

Ieuan Gwym ap Hywel Melyn married Mabel f. Wilcock Cradock and was father of

Jenkin married Jonet and was father of

Owain (Owen ap Jenkyn) married Alice f. John of Swansea and was father of

Gruffudd Bowen of Slade married Ann f. Nicholas Berry of Berryharbor and was father of

Philip Bowen of Slade married Elsbeth f. Hopkin John Vaughan and was father of

Francis Bowen married Ellen Frankleyn and was father of

Griffith BOWEN married Margaret FLEMING.

145 He Notes on Griffith Bowen

The exact place and date of birth of Griffith Bowen is not known, but either at Langenith, Slade, or Burryhead, Co. Glamorgan in England. He bought land from Phillip Pyg of Penrcce, Co. Glamorgan, he being of Ilston in said Co., Gentleman. In 1637, 1638, and 1639 he sold his lands in England, mostly in Oxwich, Co. Glamorgan and with his wife and the majority of his children came to Boston, New England, where he is found in the records of the First Church of Boston, as "Griffyn Bowen & his wife Margarett taken in for members of ye Congregation The 6t of ye 12th month [1638]". He was freeman 22 May 1639. His estate in Boston was situated on the east side of Washington Street, between Bedford and Essex.

(R. Comm. Rep. II: 19) (p. 87) Griffith Bowen, house and garden. Here, within the houseyard stood the "Liberty Tree", which is said to have been planted in 1646, became famous in the Stamp-Act times, and was cut down in spite by the Tories in 1775.

Griffith Bowen was a witness to a grant by Henry Fleming of Llanrhidian of land in Swansea to Philip Jones. Dated 17 Dec. 1650.

Bowen thus returned to England about 1649-50, and resided later in the Parish of Swansy, Co. Glamorgan in 1662. On the 7 Apr. 1669 he was in London, Co. Midd., in the Parish of St. Saviours, Southwark, Co. Surrey.

(Suff. Deed VI: 122-3) Griffith Bowen sometimes of New England now resident in London, . . . in Consideration of a Contract of marriage now consumateded betweene Isaac Addington of Boston in new England Chirurgeon, & my daughter Elizabeth Bowen, . . . giue . . . vnto my sonn Isaac Addinton . . . my . . . title in two parcells of Land, Lying . . . in Boston . . . at prsent in possession & Occupation of Capt: William Dauis, vizt: One parcell being three quarters of an Acree bee it more or less lying neere to the dwelling house & ground of mr Jacob Elliott, being butted & bounded by the high way to the Southward, & by the high way leading to Roxbury to the westward, & by the Land of William Adley to the northward the Other parcell lying somthing distant from the Land aforesajd to the Eastward, being butted & bounded by the highway to the northward, & by another high way to the Eastward, & by the Land of Thomas Buttolph to the westward, bee it halfe an Acree more or less. . . . Signed by Griffith Bowen on the 7 Apr.

1669, in the prsence of John Roe, John Jacob. Rec. 18 Oct. 1669.

(Suff. Deed VII: 182-3) I Griffith Bowen nowe resident in the Citty of London Sometime of Boston in New England Send greeting Where as by a Deed of Gift bearing Date the Seaventh day of Aprill Anno Dni Christi. One thousand Sixe hundred Sixty and nyne vnder my hand and Seale I did . . . confirme vnto my Sonne Isaac Adington of Boston in New England in the County of Suffolke Chirurgeon my two pastures or parcells of Land . . . in . . . nowe in the possession . . . of the abovesaid Adington vizt the one pasture or parcell of Land bee it three quarters of an Acre more or less lying nigh to the dwelling house and ground of mr. Jacob Elliot of the abovesaid Boston being . . . bounded by the highway leadin to Roxbury on the west and by the streete or Lane comonly called mr. Rainsford lane on the South and by the land of Isaac Rottingus on the East Side and by the Land Lately the Land of Jeremiah Bumstead on the north Side the other pasture or parcell of Land lying something distant to the Eastward of the Land aforesaid be it three quarters of an Acre more or less being . . . bounded on the South or South East by the Street or Lane comonly called mr. Rainsfords Lane, and on the East and North East by the street or Lane running from the Seaside vp to the Comon feild by the house of Edward Cowell, and on the west and Northwest by the Land of the widdow Buttolph relict of Thomas Buttolph Sen Deceased and by the Land Lately the Land of Thomas Munt.

Signed 28 Mar. 1671. by Griff: Bowen, in the presence of John ffairewether, Simon Amory. Rec. 13 July 1671.

The Inventory of the Estate of Mr. Griffith Bowen, formerly of Boston,

was apprized at oe535, by William Davis and Edward Morris, and included 176 acres of land. Presented 26 Feb. 1676-7 by Henry Bowen.

At a Court held in Boston 6 Nov. 1683, Mr. Jacob Eliot of Boston, Leiut. Samuel Ruggles, & John Bowles, both of Roxbury, appointed a Committee for Division & Settment of the Estate of Mr. Griffith Bowen formerly of Boston deceased, intestate. To Francis his eldest son, a double portion, & equal portions to the other children. with the consent & to the satisfaction of those concerned viz: Mr. William Bowen, Mr. John Weld, widow Child, & Henery Bowen. Dated Rox. 21 Feb. 1683-4.


Children of Griffith1 Bowen and Margaret Fleming were as follows:

Generation Two

298. Margaret2 Bowen (Griffith1);55 born 2 Apr 1629 at Wales, UK;55 married John Weld, son of Joseph Weld and Elizabeth Shatswell, 24 Dec 1647 at Roxbury, MA;55 died 13 Sep 1692 at Roxbury, MA, at age 63; "as Margarett the widow of Mr. John Weld."55

Children of Margaret2 Bowen and John Weld were:

299. Henry2 Bowen (Griffith1);214 born circa 1633/34 at Wales;214 married Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of Capt. Isaac Johnson and Elizabeth Porter, 20 Dec 1658 at Roxbury, MA;214 died 13 Mar 1723/24 at Woodstock, CT; age 90.214

Children of Henry2 Bowen and Elizabeth Johnson were:

300. Mary2 Bowen (Griffith1); born 1635/36; married Benjamin Child, son of Benjamin Child and Sarah Shenton, 1653 at Boston, MA;178 died 31 Oct 1707 at Roxbury, MA.

Children of Mary2 Bowen and Benjamin Child were:

Generation Three

301. Mary3 Bowen (Henry2, Griffith1); married Joseph Deming, son of John Deming and Mary Mygatt;119 born 1666.119

Children of Mary3 Bowen and Joseph Deming were:

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