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Bathe and de Bathe,

of English and Irish Origins.

           Being a work wherein the lives of some notable holders of these names are memorized, from the most approved authors, both in print and manuscript.


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The High Sheriffs of Devon  1066 – 1472 (Updated)

Henry Bath, Knight: from the Worthies of Devon

The Post Mortem Inquistion of Walter of East Raddon, 1276

On the Irish Family of de Bathe, by Joseph Henry Bath, 1835

A Sketch Map of de Bathe Holdings in Devon

A Sketch Map of de Bathe Holdings in Somerset

Bath /Bathe Distribution in the 1901 British Census  

Medieval Records


The Legend of Bathe Pool

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The Baths of Alltyferin

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   Note: The holders of the family pedigrees may not agree with all the theories and postulations presented on this site.

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The de Bathes of Athcarne, Meath, Ireland,

whose arms are:

Gules, a cross between four lions rampant argent.

        Crest: A lion rampant argent holding in the arms a dagger of the first, pommel and hilt or.

Motto: Nec Parvis Sisto; "I stand not on trifles".

Amongst whose members are included:

Sir Luke (Lucas) de Bathe of Athcarne, Baronet,1666,

James Michael de Bathe of Kingstown Cashel, Baronet,1801.

   Who are said to be the descendants of Hugo de Bathe, a "companion in arms" to Richard de Clare, "Strongbow", Lord of Strigul and hereditary Earl of Pembroke, who led the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169.


Who are also said to have been the distant relations of:


The Baths of Alltyferin, Carmarthenshire, Wales,

whose arms are:

Gules, a chevron paly of six argent and or between three plates. On a chief or, three wolves’ heads erased sable.

Crest: On a wreath gules and or, a wolf’s head erased sable collared vair, holding a rose leafed and slipped proper.

Motto: Habere et Dispertire; (I have and I will share.)

Also: He conquers who endures.

wolf5.jpg (31023 bytes)

Amongst whose members are included:

Henry Bath of Longlands House, Swansea, Gentleman, these arms being granted to the sons of his body in 1868.


Edward Henry Bath, D.L. of Alltyferin, his grandson and ultimate heir, who died in 1908.


   Who are said to be descended from Sir Henry de Bathe / Bathonia, a Justice of the King’s Bench during the reign of Henry III (1216 – 1272), who it is said, was a related descendant of the aforementioned Hugo de Bathe. 

These families both claim their name and origin began with Bathe / Barton/  House in Devonshire.


  This site, as well as our ongoing research, is intended to investigate these and other claims related to the origins of these and other Bath, Bathe and de Bathe families.