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            Edward Henry's Account

Henry Bath & Son


     Marian Osler / Bath / Francis (1841 - 1915)

      Marian was the daughter of Edward Osler and Sarah Atkinson. Edward was a physician / surgeon at the Swansea Infirmary from 1819 -1825 and joined the Royal Navy as a ship's surgeon, doing a tour of duty in the West Indies. He gravitated to the literary field with his publication in 1835 of a biography of the Cornish Admiral, Viscount Exmouth and his authorship of several other books of a scientific nature and many hymns. He became the editor of the Royal Cornwall Gazette in 1841 and moved to Truro, Cornwall. A short biography and an audio of some of his hymns can be found at : Cyber Hymnal His father, also named Edward, was a merchant in Falmouth. His great grandfather, also Edward, is said to have been a merchant seaman and perhaps a pirate.


                                                                                                Edward Osler

      In 1866, some two years after the death of her husband, Henry Bath of Longlands, Marian Osler-Bath and her sister Jennette arrived in Dundas, Ontario, Canada to visit their uncle, Featherstone Lake Osler. Marian also brought along her two and a half year old son  Percy Atkinson Bath.(see Jennette's shipboard letter ) Compared to the towns of Swansea and Falmouth the Ontario wilderness during that fall and winter must have been quite a change for the two English ladies. Nevertheless, they appear to have established close, friendly ties with their Osler cousins that would last for the rest of their lives.

      In 1837, Featherstone Lake Osler became one of the first of Ontario's Anglican "saddlebag ministers" who ministered to the far flung wilderness communities. His previous occupation had been as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, at one time serving on HMS Victory. He turned down an invitation to serve on the "Beagle", as science officer, on it's historic voyage to the Galapagos Islands, because his father was dying.. He must have been a formidable man and an enlightened father for so many of his eleven children to make the mark they would have on Canadian history.

      Featherstone Osler (Jr.) was called to the bar in 1860 and made a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1879 and a Judge of the Court of Appeals in 1883. In 1880, he had refused an appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada because he didn't speak French. He retired from the bench in 1910 and became president of the Toronto General Trusts Corporation.

      Britton Bath Osler became a famous criminal lawyer most noted for being the crown attorney in the 1885 trial of Louis David Riel, the leader of two Metis / Indian "rebellions" in western Canada. The Metis were the offspring of mixed European and Indian marriages who depended on the Bison for their livelihood. The Bison were in turn dependant on free and open ranges. Furious at the off handed way the Canadian government had declared its sovereignty over the now province of Manitoba and had begun to survey the land in preparation for its sale to immigrants, Riel and his people seized control and expelled the government officials. He then attempted to negotiate a better deal for the Metis and native peoples, but faced with an approaching army fled to the United States. Several years later he was back, summoned by his people who had begun to feel the full effects of the encroachment of settlers and the loss of the Bison herds. This time the native Indian tribes rose with the Metis. The Canadian Government was faced with a serious challenge that may have resulted in the loss of all the western territories and responded swiftly with an army led by the British General Wollesley, who would later lead the British forces into the Sudan. Skirmishes and full flung battles took place between red coats and Metis / Native warriors with the early victories going to the latter. Riel was eventually defeated and captured, but his trial proved to be one of the most sensitive issues of that time. Riel and many of the Metis were Catholics and had family in French speaking Québec. Naturally, their cause had wide spread support in a province that contained approximately one half of the population of Canada and Riel's prosecution had to be handled in such a way as to leave no doubt that he deserved the sentence of the court. Therefore Britton Bath Osler was pricked as the crown attorney. Though Britton achieved the end with fair means by focusing the trial on Riel's ordering the execution / murder of a vocal opponent (murder being a capital crime), the issue of Riel's hanging still rankles the relationship between English and French Canadians even today.

     Sir Edmund Boyd Osler became a wealthy financier, president of the Dominion Bank, the Ontario Québec Railway, the Toronto Board of Trade, the Toronto Ferry Company and a Director of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canada North-West Land Company, among others. As such he was a major participant in the construction of Canada's transportation infrastructure that joined the Pacific to the Atlantic and retained British Columbia and the Prairie provinces in the Canadian Confederation. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Toronto, but was elected to the Parliament of Canada in 1896. He died at his home, "Craigleigh", in the Rosedale district of Toronto in 1924.

     Sir William Osler is probably the best known of Marian's cousins and the one with whom she had the closest friendship. He became a world renowned physician and professor of medicine on whom so much has been written that it's pointless to repeat it all here. Suffice to say that he has been claimed as the father of many modern medical practices and that he may have more medical institutions, libraries etc. named after him than any other individual.

                                               Sir Edmund Boyd Osler                                           Britton Bath Osler                                          Sir William Osler

          Marion, Jennette and Percy returned to Britain in 1867. She probably moved back into Longlands House in Swansea, left to her in Henry Bath's will, for on November 21, 1867 she married George Grant Francis Jr. at St. James Church in that town. George Francis was the son of a notable Welsh antiquarian (also named George Grant Francis) and was employed as a mining agent. By 1870 George and Marian had emigrated permanently to Canada and had taken up residence in the St. Antoine district of Montréal, Québec. They were to have eight children together despite George's frequent absences on business for the West Canada Mining Co.. Marian's sister Jennette, who sadly never married, became a permanent household member, a second mother to the Marian's brood and "Little Auntie" to the future grandchildren. That their mother had died shortly after Marian's birth may have some bearing on this close relationship.

                                                                                                         The Francis house at 66 McGill College Ave. (C.  1869)

           Another fixture of the Francis household was William Osler, then a student and later a professor of medicine at McGill University. The future Sir William seems to have suffered from an initial lack of confidence and it was to Marian and Jennette that he turned for help. They would form a practice audience for his lectures, proofread and type his writings and provide a second home for him to which he was closely attached. Sir William had a special affinity for children and would spend much of his leisure time in playing with the Francis brood. As his fame grew and he was called upon to take up positions in the United States and Britain and formed a family of his own, he always kept in contact with Marian. Much of their correspondence has survived and can be found at the Osler Library of McGill University.

          Percy grew up in Montréal and apparently also attended McGill.  In 1886 he married Alice Ruth Whitney and moved with her to Toronto. Though his career as a stockbroker remains in obscurity it is probable he came under the wing of Sir Edmund Boyd Osler and Edmund's sometime business partner Sir Henry Pallet, the builder of Casa Loma in Toronto. From Toronto, the family moved to Oakville, Ontario, where Percy bought a home called "Belaire", built in 1856, right on the shore of Lake Ontario. There the family enjoyed their own beach and maintained a large cherry orchard as part of the property. In 1908 Percy became the first president of the Oakville Sports and Leisure Club, served on the town council and by 1912 had begun, in partnership with V. Robin, the first Ford Motor dealership in the town. Percy and Alice raised three sons and a daughter at Belaire and would make arduous journeys over the poor roads to attend services at St. James Anglican Church in the town. Today, both Belaire and St. James appear much as they were in Percy's time.

"Belaire" (built 1856) , Bath St., Oakville, Ontario.


St. James Anglican Church, Oakville, Ontario.

          Bath & Robin Garage, Oakville 1911

          Two of Percy's sons served with the Canadian Forces in the First World War. Edward (Todd) Bath was a Captain in the 48th Highlanders of Toronto, was gassed and captured at the 2nd Battle of Ypres, (Apr. 1915) escaped, recaptured and was released shortly before the Armistice in October of 1918. Unfortunately, the injuries he suffered in the gas attack caused him to succumb to the influenza epidemic shortly after he was liberated. There is a memorial and biography for Todd at the St. Andrew's College site. A letter written to his mother describing some of his adventures can be found on the Edward Bath page. Henry Bath served as a lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps. Charles was excluded due to a heart defect of which he would die at the age of 48.

          Percy continued to live at Belaire after Alice's death in 1928. He acquired an interest in genealogy and compiled the "family tree" as given below. He had always been a lover of sailing and during his final years had acquired a sailboat aptly called "Wanderer"; for that was what he did whenever possible, spending most of his summers cruising the Great Lakes. He died shortly before Christmas, 1949 in his 86th year.

                                                                                                                 "Belair," Oakville, Dec. 1937.

                                                   To The Family

                                                               It gives me great pleasure to send a copy of the "Family Tree" which

                                                    I hope will be found interesting.

                                                              Please do not feel under any obligation to me, as the work was a

                                                    "Labour of Love" and the expenses of reproduction were taken off my


                                                               With grateful thanks to all those who have helped me.

                                                                                                           Yours sincerely,

                                                                                        (signed)        Percy A. Bath


(Transcription notes: The layout was changed to fit this web page. Some additional information has been entered in blue. An original copy may be found at the Hamilton Public Library.)  


Edward Osler Born: 1732 Died: 1786 Married: 1758 Joan Drew

Children:   1) John

                 2) Edward b. July 26, 1768. ( see A below)

                 3) Jane

                 4) Richard

                 5) Benjamin b. Feb. 12, 1775 (B)

                 6) Samuel

(A) Edward Osler Born: July 26, 1768. Died: 1832. Married: 1795 Mary Paddy, Born: 1772. Died: April 1864. Daughter of Edward Paddy & Mary Rowling (m. Dec. 26, 1771). Mary Paddy’s sister, Elizabeth, married Henry Bath of Rose Hill, Swansea Nov. 7, 1796. ( see Paddy Family)

Children:(1) Edward Born: Jan 31, 1798 at Falmouth. Died: March 7, 1863 at Truro, Cornwall. Married: < 1822 (1) Jennette Powell, daughter of Mary and William Powell of the town of Swansea / Architect, d. aged 35, Swansea Mar. 15, 1828. Children: Mary Ann Osler, d. aged 7, Swansea Feb. 1829 , Edward Llewellyn Osler d. Sept. 1844 aged 22, Truro, Cornwall. Jennette and Mary Ann are interred in the Powell plot at the Parish Church of SS. David & Cyfelach, Llangyfelach.

                  Married (2) Jan. 1838 Sarah Atkinson, Born: 1805. Died: 1842.

                   Children: I) William Henry b. Oct. 17, 1838 d. Oct. 14, 1872.

                                II) Jennette b. Dec. 26, 1839. d. Feb. 14, 1936.

                               III) Marian (Marion) b. Jan. 25, 1841 d. April, 1915. Married firstly Nov. 14,

                                     1862, Henry Bath of Longlands, Swansea (son of Henry Bath of Rose Hill)

                                      b. Aug. 15 1797 d. Oct. 13, 1864.

                                      Children : Percy Atkinson Bath b. April 22, 1864 d. Dec. 16, 1949.(see Bath below)

                                     Married secondly Nov. 17, 1867, at Swansea, George Grant Francis (Jr.), d. 1907.

                                     Children: i) George Grant (II) b. Apr. 10, 1870. d. June 7, 1888.

                                                   ii) Marian Georgina b. May 14, 1871 d. Sept. 5, 1931 Married 1st May

                                                      13,1893 Charles Lambert Bath. b. 1858 d. 1899.

                                        Children: a) Charles Lambert Bath Jr. b. Sept. 9, 1894,(m. 1929 Laurie Brophy).

                                                      b)Marian Bath b. Sept. 20, 1895 m. 1917 Rae Simpson.

                                                      Married 2nd1908 H.C. Osborne.

                                                  iii) Gwyn Ll. b. May 7, 1874. Married Apr. 21, 1903 Violet Langmuir

                                                      Children: a) Jean Grant b. Feb. 8, 1904 Married Julian Miles Avery

                                                                        Children: aa) Margot Clarissa b. July 7, 1931

                                                                                      bb) Sara Gay b. Apr. 17, 1933

                                                                                      cc) Marian Lynn b. Dec. 11, 1934

                                                                    b) Violet Elizabeth b. Feb. 26, 1908

                                                  iv) Britton Bath Osler. b. Dec. 19, 1876. Married June 10, 1903 Maud Powell

                                                      Children: a) Lola Maud b. Apr. 30, 1904

                                                                     b) Britton Powell b. Sept. 11, 1905 d. Oct. 29 1981. Married (1) Naomi Jean Harris

                                                                          Children: aa) Pamela Anne b. Nov. 1933

                                                                                                       Britton married (2) Apr. 8, 1942 Leila Florence Flinter

                                                                           Children bb) Linda Maureen b. 1944, m. 1964 Erik Fritz Larsen

                                                                                                   Children: aaa) Yvonne Lee b. 1965 m. 2000 Eric Diebert

                                                                                                                 bbb) Anita Lynn b. 1972

                                                                                                                 ccc) Kevin Erik b. 1979

                                                                                          cc) Britton Michael Francis b. 1947, m.1969 Heather Pinchbeck b. 1951

                                                                                                    Children: aaa) Sharlena b. 1969 m. James Lofty

                                                                                                                          Children aaaa) Jessica Lofty

                                                                                                                                        bbbb) Hailey Lofty

                                                                                                                  bbb) Deidre b. 1974  -  Wayne Tyson

                                                                                                                           Children aaaa) Dylan Tyson

                                                                                                                                        bbbb) Dustin Tyson

                                                                                                                   ccc) David Britton b. 1984

                                                                                          dd) Diane Kathleen Francis. b. 1952 m. (1) Don Lindley (2) Paul Gutensohn

                                                                                                      Children: aaa) Nathaniel Don Gutensohn b. 1974

                                                                                                                    bbb) April Diana Gutensohn. 1976  

                                                                 c) Keith Grant b. Dec. 12, 1908

                                                   v) William Willoughby. b. Apr. 8 1878 Married Mar. 14, 1921 Hilda Martha Colley.

                                                      Children: a) Marian Grace b. Jan. 10, 1922

                                                  vi) Gwendolyn b. Oct. 2, 1879. Married Oct. 2, 1879 Edward Bertram Gay Andras

                                                           Children: a) Margaret Gay b. June 10, 1907 Married Sept. 26, 1925 John C.


                                                                         Children: aa) Vivian Josephine b. July 2, 1926

                                                                                       bb) John Clive b. Feb. 18, 1928

                                                                                       cc) Nancy Jean b. June 9, 1931

                                                                     b) Kenneth Bertram b. Apr. 5, 1909 Married Sept. 12, 1936 Eliz.Boyd Graham

                                                                     c) Violet Isabel b. Nov. 14, 1911

                                                                     d) John Ladislaus b. Dec. 25, 1912

                                                 vii) Beatrice Bath b. Mar. 13, 1881.

                                                 viii) James R. b. Dec. 25, 1883 d. 1929. Married 1914 Joan Raikes

                                                      Children : a) Robin Felicity b. 1925

                                                                     b) Richard Osler Moberly b. 1927.

                   Edward Osler married (3) Charlotte Susanna Free b.1805 d. 1868, at Clifton; 2 Apr. 1850.

            2) Samuel b. May 9, 1800. d. 1889 Married Harriet Read

                 Children: I) Samuel b. Feb. 28, 1827. Married Sarah Hughs – 2 sons

                              II) Charles b. Jan. 29 1824

                             III) Elizabeth b. Aug. 19, 1826. Married 1845, William H. Spencer – 1 Dau. Henrietta

            3) Featherstone Lake b. Dec. 14, 1805 d. 1895. Married Feb. 6 1837 Ellen Free Picton b. Dec. 14, 1806 d. Mar. 18, 1907.

                 Children: I) Featherstone b. June 4, 1838. (C)

                              II) Britton Bath b. June 19, 1839 d. Feb. 5, 1901. Married 1st Caroline Smith 2nd 1897 Elizabeth Ramsay.

                             III) Ellen M. b. Mar. 18, 1841 d. Mar. 20, 1903. Married Oct. 20, 1868 A.E. Williamson.

                                   Children: i) Alexander E. b. 1871 d. 1936. Married Sept. 24, 1909 Anna Stevenson.

                             IV) Edward Lake b. Nov. 20, 1842. (F)

                              V) Edmund B. b. Nov. 20, 1845. (D)

                            VI) Charlotte b. Dec. 6, 1847. (E)

                           VII) Francis L. b. Dec. 6 1847 d. 1932. Married May 24, 1882 Isobel Fowler

                                  Children: i) Ralph b. Oct. 17, 1891 d. 1916.

                          VIII) William b. July 12, 1849 d. Dec. 29, 1919. Married 1892 Grace Revere Gross, widow of Dr. Samuel Gross of


                                   Children: i) Paul Revere. b. 1893 d. 1893

                                                 ii) Edward Revere. b. Dec 28, 1895 d. Aug. 30, 1917. Lt. Royal Field Artillery, Killed in action.

            4) Mary Married Thomas Dash.

                Children: I) Edward b. 1840 d. 1870.

                             II) Mary b. 1838 d. 1891.

                            III) Emma b. 1842 d. 1926. Married 1st Thomas Truran – 2nd ? Cookin.

                            IV) George b. 1844. Married Mary Simmons.

            5) Elizabeth b. 1808 d. 1895

            6) Richard b. 1808 d. 1857. Married Anna (Corne, Arthur?).

                Children: I) Richard b. 1831 d. 1850.

                             II) John b. 1833.

                            III) Arthur b. Sept. 2, 1836. d. June 27, 1888. Married Mary Hodge

                                  Children: i) Edward

                                                ii) Johnathan

                           IV) Anna b. Sept. 22, 1888

                            V) William b. July 16, 1840. d. Mar. 29, 1882. Married 1888 Alice H. Hall.

                           VI) Mary b. 1841 d. 1844.

                          VII) Edward b. Jan 21, 1844 d. 1891. Married 1871 Amelia ? – 1 Dau.

                         VIII) James b. 1846 d. 1866

                           IX) Jane b. 1848

            7) Emma Married 1st – Henry Blee, 2nd – Thomas Hickes

            8) Henrietta b. 1813. Married William Boundy.

            9) Henry Bath b. Aug. 19, 1815 d. Mar. 8, 1902. Married 1844, Harriet Parsons b. 1816 d. 1903.

                Children: I) Edward Henry b. Feb 21, 1845 d. June 29, 1931. m. Kate Fairbanks b. 1853 d. Nov. 23, 1925.

                                 Children: i) Douglas Fairbanks b. Mar. 10, 1880

                                               ii) Stratton Harry b. Oct. 18, 1882 d. 1930 m. Jan. 10, 1922 Marjorie

                                                  Twining. 2 Dau’s Mary Kate b. 1925, Kathleen Ruth b. 1927.

                                              iii) May Eugenie b. Dec. 8, 1886 m.. Nov. 25, 1915 Fred Inkster.

                                                  Children: Katherine b. 1918, Robert b. 1920, Muriel Fairbanks b. 1922.

                                              iv) Kathleen Frances b. Nov. 26, 1888 m. May 15, 1916 James Mess.

                                                  Children: John Osler b. 1918, Suzanne Kathleen b. 1928.

                             II) Frances H. b. Dec. 13, 1847. Married 1889 F. Banks d. 1910

                            III) Mary b. 1849 d. Sept. 1899. Married 1877 Horace Thorne. b. 1844 d. 1913.

                                  Children: i) Harold Spencer b. Feb. 1 1879 m. Dec. 3, 1919 Elsie Danner.

                                                ii) Stuart Mills b. Aug. 1, 1880 d. 1921.

                                               iii) Elsie Marion b. Dec. 23, 1884 m. 1930 Charles Gorman.

                           IV) Emma b. June 2, 1852 d. 1924

                            V) William Parsons b. 1854 d. Feb. 28, 1925. Married 1883 Laetitia Millet d. Oct. 22, 1921

                                 Children:  i) Moira K. b. Apr. 28, 1885 Married Mar. 4, 1919 Jas. M. Crawford

                                                   Children: a) Stewart Osler b. Sept. 12, 1922

                                                                 b) Emma Louise b. Jan. 6, 1923

                                                                 c) Jean Margaret b. Sept. 13, 1926

                                                                 d) Irene F. b. June 29, 1890 Married 1918 Ernest V. Lamache

                                                                     Children: aa) Letitia Gertrude b. June 15, 1921

                                                                                   bb) William John b. Sept. 6, 1922

                                                                                    cc) Ernest Henry b. May 23, 1892 Married Oct.30,1938

                                                                                         Clara Ellen Peagram

                                                                                   dd)Gertrude L. b. Aug. 25, 1895 d. 1926

                        VI) Ernest b. Aug. 3, 1857 d. 1929.

                       VII) Gertrude Ellen b. 1860 d. Oct. 12, 1901. Married 1885 John Edward Boswell b. May 18, 1859

                               d. Aug. 20, 1920

                             Children: i) Ernest Beverley b. Aug. 15, 1886 d. Apr. 23, 1925 Married Aug. 16, 1914

                                              Winifred A. Boulden

                                           ii) Edward Campbell b. Feb. 10, 1888 Married 1st Phoebe Louisa Smith d. Mar. 8, 1934

                                              Children: a) Walter Edward b. Sept. 29, 1929

                                                             b) Mary Elizabeth Frances b. May 26, 1931

                                          iii) Walter Osler b. Jan. 19, 1890 d. Mar. 3, 1919

                                          iv) Henry Grove b. Jan. 7, 1892 Married 2nd Aug. 1939 Mary Louise Chidley

            10) Joanna

            11) Phillipa

(B) Benjamin b. Feb 12, 1775 M. Jane Sawle

      Children: 1) Sarah

                    2) Susan

                    3) Jane - Married Joseph Toy.

                        Children: I) Mary - Married J. W. Dodge.

                                          Children: adopted(?) i) Susan – Married Ivan T. Rule

                                                                          ii) Mary W.

                                                                         iii) George T.

                                     II) Susan M. - Married Ralph H. Ensign.

                                          Children:  i) Joseph R.

                                                         ii) Susan A. – Married W. I. Morse

                                                         iii) Julia – Married R. Darling

                                   III) Ann – Married L. S. Ellsworth.

                                         Children: i) Annie S. – Married Emmet Schultz

                                                       ii) Henry E.

                                                      iii) John S.

                                   IV) Julia – Married Charles H. Buck.

                                         Children: adopted(?) i) William

                                                                         ii) Sarah – Married A. C. Crehore

                                  IV) Benjamin - son; Rev. Benjamin Osler

                                   V) Stephen – son; Dr. Thomas Henry Osler

Note: Sarah Watson, Australia ; Susan Devine, Flumstead Cape Town ; Rev. Benj. Osler, Exmouth ; Dr. Thomas Henry Osler, Cape Colony ; Ensign Simsbury ; Morse, Lynn, Mass. ; Ellsworth, Simsbury, Conn., James S. Ellsworth, New Canaan, Conn. ; Chas. S. Buck, 409 N. Broadway, Yonkers.

(C) Featherstone Osler Born June 4, 1838 Died 1924. Married 1861, Henrietta Smith Born May 20, 1839 Died Mar. 15, 1902.

       Children: 1) Henry Smith b. Nov. 8, 1862 d. Dec. 8, 1933. Married July 3 1900, Janet Winifred Christie.

                         Children: I) Philip Featherstone b. Sept. 2, 1901 Married Audrey Ethel Stewart – 2 Dau.

                      2) Georgina Pickton b. Oct. 27, 1864 d. Sept. 6, 1939. Married Aug. 30, 1892 Alex C. Abbott d. Sept. 11, 1935.

                                           Children: I) Alex b. 1893 d. 1894

                                                        II) Britton Vaughan b. 1897

                                                       III) Katherine b. Apr. 0, 1899. Married May 28, 1924 Thomas A. Malloch.

                                                       IV) William Osler Abbott b. July 26, 1902. Married June 7, 1928 Lucy Waldo.

                       3) Henrietta Maria Penfold b. Aug. 12, 1866 d. Feb. 1, 1904. Married June 26, 1895 N. F. Davidson.

                                          Children: I) Amy Caroline b. July 25, 1897.

                                                        II) Marjory Ferrah b. Aug. 12, 1898 d. Mar. 23, 1899.

                       4) Clara Dubois b. June 16, 1868. Married Feb. 5, 1896 Gerald Fitzgerald.

                      5) Beatrice Bath b. Sept. 23, 1872. Married June 4, 1899 Rev. Jno. Mockridge.

                                         Children: I) Elizabeth b. Dec. 9, 1899.

                                                      II) Harold b. Sept. 24, 1901. Married June 1, 1928 Katherine Ewart.

                                                     III) Beatrice b. Jan. 15, 1904. Married 1931 Darcy Harcourt

                                                     IV) John Britton b. Apr. 28, 1907. Married Dec. 15 1933 Elizabeth Bateman.

                      6) Featherstone Britton b. July 5, 1874. Married Sept. 8, 1909 Marion Pickton Gwyn b. June 6, 1887.

                                        Children: I) Britton Michael b. June 10, 1910. Married June 8, 1935 Mary L. Foreman.

                                                          Children: i) Anthony William Britton b. Oct. 2, 1936.

                                                                        ii) Marion Lorraine b. Mar. 21, 1939

                                                     II) John Gwyn b. May 20, 1912. Married Oct. 6, 1938 Ursula Caroline Carr Bennett

                                                    III) Elizabeth Henrietta b. May 30, 1915.

                                                    IV) Campbell Revere b. June 21, 1918. Married Jan. 12, 1940 Dorothy Eliz. Ridout

                      7) Edward Glyn b. Sept. 20, 1876. Married June 19, 1908 Florence K. Scarth

                                        Children: I) Britton Bath b. Dec. 17, 1904. Married Apr. 23 1930 Barbara Green

                                                          Children i) Glyn Wentworth b. Feb. 3, 1931.

                                                                       ii) Derek Britton b. July 8, 1933.

                                                                       iii) Pamela Green b. July 20, 1937

                                                     II) Glyn F. b. Aug. 8, 1906. d. July 15, 1939

                                                    III) Barbara Scarth b. Jan. 9, 1918.

                                                    IV) Peter Scarth b. May 31, 1916.

(D) Edmund Boyd Osler b. Nov. 20, 1845 d. Aug. 4 1924. Married Sept. 20, 1873 Ann Farquharson Cochran b. 1848 d. 1910.

      Children : 1) Francis Gordon b. Nov. 28, 1874 Married Oct. 17, 1900 Margaret Scott Ramsey.

                          Children: I) Phyllis Amy b. Apr. 4 1902 Married 1st. June 3, 1925 George Dean d. 1926, 2nd Oct. 30, 1929 Allen Aiken.

                                           Children: i) Sarah Ann b. Sept. 25, 1930.

                                                         ii) Allen Osler b. May 5, 1932.

                                                         iii) Jane b. Aug. 13, 1934.

                                      II) William Ramsay b. June 24, 1903.

                                     III) Gordon Stuart b. Apr. 28, 1905 Married June 28, 1935 Susan Wisner

                                           Children: i) David Stuart b. June 22, 1936.

                                    IV) Robert Free b. Dec. 26, 1910. Married Sept. 5, 1936 Evelyn E. Harty.

                                     V) Patrick b. Sept. 30, 1916.

                      2) Ellen Picton b. July 12, 1876 Married Jan 29, 1903 Bertram H. Bowen d. 1935.

                          Children: I) Edmund Herbert b. Dec. 25, 1903 d. Sept. 15, 1906.

                                        II) Bertram Osler b. July 1, 1905 Married July 16, 1930 Margery Schofield

                                             Children: i) Jane Osler b. June 5, 1931.

                                                           ii) David Bertram b. Mar. 29, 1935.

                                       III) Gwynneth Mary b. Sept. 13, 1906

                                       IV) Gwendolyn Laura b. Nov. 28, 1909 Married Themistocles John Frangopulo

                                        V) Mary Gordon b. Nov. 15, 1914

                                       VI) Ellen Margaret b. May 18, 1918

                     3) Annabel Margaret b. July 17, 1878 Married Aug. 27, 1903 Wilmot L. Mathews d. May 1933

                         Children: I) Ethel Ann F. b. Sept. 23, 1904 d. Apr. 4, 1934 Married Sept. 1928 Hugh C. Cayley

                                           Children: i) Hugh C. b. Aug. 30, 1932

                                      II) Wilmot Donald b. July 2, 1906 Married Aug 1, 1931 Janet McCullough

                                           Children: i) Jennifer Ann b. Apr. 2, 1934

                                                         ii) Wilmot Leslie b. June 27, 1936

                     4) Edmund Featherstone b. June 26, 1880 Married 1st Agnes Gwynneth Sim

                         Children: I) Gwyn Hamilton b. Jan 17, 1906 Married Feb. 9, 1932 Madeline Wills

                                          Children: i) Edmund Gordon b. May 15, 1935

                                                        ii) Andrew b. Feb. 17, 1938

                        Married 2nd Nadine J. H. Kerr

                        Children: II) Anne Evelyn b. Apr. 13, 1910 Married Dec. 21, 1933 Donald Gunn

                                     III) Margaret Katherine b. July 21, 1914

                                    IV) Jas. Gordon b. Sept. 27, 1915

                   5) Hugh Farquharson b. Nov. 17, 1881 Married 1st Nov. 20, 1907 Kathleen Harty d. Dec. 22, 1929

                       Children: I) William Edmund b. Oct. 31, 1908 Married May 10, 1930 Jessie O’Donnell

                                        Children: i) Kathleen Harty b. July 2, 1931

                                                      ii) William Edmund b. May 16, 1933

                                                     iii) John Cochran b. Oct. 1936

                                                     iv) Hugh b. Nov. 1937

                                   II) Hugh F. b. June 19, 1911 d. Mar. 31, 1920

                                  III) John Cochran b. Nov. 2, 1912 d. Jan. 28, 1913

                                  IV) John Harty b. Feb. 28, 1915 Married June 5, 1937 Elizabeth Nevill Guest

                                  V) Edmund B. b. Aug. 21, 1919

                                 VI) Gordon Peter b. June 19, 1922

                         Married 2nd Mar. 2, 1931 Embree McBride

                      Children:VII) Alan Embree b. May 26, 1936

                 6) Mary Eliz. L. b. May 2, 1886 Married 1st Sept. 25, 1907 Geo. S. Gibbons d. Oct. 24, 1919

                     Children: I) Alan Osler b. Dec. 18, 1908

                                  II) Ann Cochran b. Sept. 21, 1910 Married July 23, 1932 Robert Wilkinson

                                       Children: i) Robert Jeremy b. July 11, 1935

                                 III) Mary Elizabeth b. Oct. 19, 1911 Married Dec. 3, 1930 Eric S. Clarke Married 2nd June 22, 1926 Edmund Boyd

(E) Charlotte Elizabeth Osler b. Dec. 6, 1847 d. Jan. 26, 1925 Married July 3, 1872 Herbert Charles Gwyn b. Apr. 29, 1843 d. Jan. 8,      1926

Children: 1) Herbert Britton b. May 5, 1873 d. Mar. 12, 1934 Married 1st Kath. McConochie d. 1912. No Issue. Married 2nd Virginia Percival Children:  I) Herbert Campbell Percival b. Sept. 15, 1918 d. Sept. 28, 1927

              2) Norman Beechy b. Jan. 2, 1875

              3) Rachel Caroline b. Oct. 16, 1876 Married July 1907 Almon Abbott

                   Children: I) Henry Paul Gwyn Almon b. Apr. 25, 1909 Married Dec. 22, 1931 Elizabeth Lister Knight

                                             Children:  i) Faith Elizabeth b. Jan. 24, 1936

                                 II) Rachel Ella Almon b. Nov. 3, 1910 Married June 21, 1932 Stewart Ikeler

                                III) Osler A. b. June 6, 1912

                               IV) Faith E. b. Nov. 5, 1914

                                V) Nancy M. b. Apr. 13, 1921

             4) Amy Marian b. July 21, 1878 Married Sept. 1908 Thomas McRae d. June 30, 1935

             5) William Trevor b. Jan. 14, 1880 Married June 2, 1906 Emily Spragge

                 Children: I) Charles Featherstone b. Nov. 29, 1909 Married May 15, 1937 Marion McEachern

                               II) Elizabeth Emily b. Nov. 29, 1909

                              III) William b. May 6, 1914 d. Feb. 13, 1922

             6) Aylmer Hammond b. Feb. 3, 1883 Married 1913 Mildred R. Cowan d. Sept. 1, 1927

             7) Charles Campbell b. Dec. 5, 1884 d. Apr. 1917

             8) Marion Picton b. June 6, 1887 Married Sept. 8, 1909 Britton Osler (see above)

             9) Emma H. Nona b. July 7, 1889 Married Jan. 24, 1923 Cecil J. S. Stuart

                 Children: I) Amy Elizabeth b. Sept. 28, 1924

                              II) Ann Gwyn b. June 26, 1929

(F) Edward Lake Osler b. Nov. 20, 1842 d. Mar. 18, 1906 Married Oct. 27, 1866 Marion Wylde b. 1848 d. Mar. 9 1886

      Children: 1) Isobel Marion Ellen b. Jan. 18, 1868 d. May 19, 1937 Married Feb. 26, 1889 Arthur Meredith d. 1895

                        Children: I) Allen Picton Osler b. Oct. 31, 1889 Married Jan. 4, 1919 Jean A. Wright

                                         Children: i) Marion Osler b. Mar. 25, 1920

                                                       ii) William Wright b. July 7, 1921 d. Sept. 13, 1922

                                                       iii) Edmund Allen b. Apr. 3, 1924

                                                       iv) Michael b. Aug. 30, 1928

                                                        v) Henry Wright b. Mar. 25, 1931

                                     II) Paul Featherstone b. 1892 d. 1892

                                    III) Frances Marion Pauline b. July 8, 1893 Married Jan. 8, 1918 James O’Reilly

                                          Children: i) Isobel Margaret b. Dec. 17, 1919

                                                        ii) Jas. Meredith O’Reilly b. Feb. 28, 1926

                   2) Ethel b. Feb. 16, 1870 Married July 9, 1891 Mervyn Mackenzie d. Sept. 30, 1938

                        Children: I) Joan Isobel Marion b. Nov. 12, 1895 Married July 27, 1918 Douglas Fisken

                                          Children: i) Ellen Mary b. Dec. 13, 1927

                                                        ii) John Ledlie b. Sept. 16, 1933



Percy Atkinson Bath b. Apr. 22, 1864 d. Dec. 16, 1949 Married Apr. 28, 1886 Alice Ruth Whitney b. Nov. 15, 1863 d. Mar. 28, 1928     

         Children: 1) Charles Whitney Bath b. Apr. 5, 1887 d. Oct. 16, 1934 Married Oct. 28, 1915 Constance Linda Goddard b. Dec. 29, 1892 d. 1984

                            Children: I) Cooper Whitney b. 1916 Married Marion Mawhiney

                                         II) Marion Constance b. 1917 Married Sept. 2, 1939 Denis Nevitt

                                        III) James Edward b. 1920 Married Josephine McGowan

                                        IV) Marjorie Helen b. 1922 Married Benjamin Meyer

                                         V) Charles Richard b. 1924 Married Lorraine Techire

                                        VI) George William b. 1926 Married Kathleen (Kaye) Gapp

                                       VII) Nancy Ann b. Sept. 18, 1932 d. Dec. 17, 1933

                       2) Henry James Bath b. Feb. 12 1889 Married Aug. 16, 1915 Kathleen Louise Snider b. Oct. 10, 1886

                           Children: I) Winnifred Madeleine b. Jan. 5, 1918

                                         II) Donald Henry Whitney b. Mar. 30, 1925

                      3) Edward Osler Bath b. Mar. 23, 1892 d. Nov. 23, 1918

                      4) Gwendolyn Margaret Bath b. Nov. 7, 1895 Married Sept. 27, 1923 Franklin Field Wilson b. Mar. 30, 1887

                          Children: I) Edward James b. Apr. 25, 1928

                                        II) Elizabeth Ruth b. Sept. 17, 1931


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