Ocean County Residents, Early 20th Century
Ocean County NJ
This page contains references to individuals living in Ocean County, New Jersey, Mostly in the early part of this century. Most of this information was gleaned from newspapers, which often gave the address and sometimes important family information, such as names of other relatives (i.e., "John Smith, father of William of Sea Bright" etc.)

The various newspaper sources are abbreviated in the table below;
The sources are abbreviated as follows:

Ocean County Residents in the Early 20th Century
Name Residence Details Source
Abbott, William Manahawkin father to William Abbott of Philadelphia TB 16 Aug 1917
Adams, Margaret attending Rutgers in 1920 NJC 25 June 1920
Adare, E.E. Tuckerton uncle to two different girls named Margaret McKeoun TB 16 Aug 1917
Allardice, James 2nd Ave, Beach Haven Uncle to Jessie Gallagher of Jersey City NJC 21 Dec 1923
Allen, Ellen married Stewart Applegate, 25 Dec 1907 NEP 3 Jan 1908
Allen, Forest M. Newark has family in Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Allen, George Toms River employed by E.R. Yoder NJC 28 Aug 1902
Allen, Dr. Howard New Egypt father of Sara and Rachel NJC 21 Dec 1923
Allen, Jessie Bayville Sister of Lucy Lonan of Bayville NJC 22 Oct 1903
Allen, John Bayville father of Violet Allen NJC 12 Oct 1923
Allen, Mary A. Pt Pleasant married Charles V. Hance at Squan Village last week NJC 24 June 1875
Allen, S.B. Tuckerton Father to Ruth Allen of Atlantic City NJC 14 Dec 1923
Allen, Thomas Lien St., Toms River fath. in law to Arthur Horner of Lien St, until Arthur divorced in 1920 NJC Dec 1901; NJC July 1920
Allinson, WJ orig. from Burlington;moved to Lien St, Toms River 1905 NJC 18 May 1905
Allison, Henry Cedar Run TB 16 Aug 1917
Allison, Howard Dayton Ave, Toms River NJC 23 July 1920
Allison, Mildred Cedar Run daughter of Mason Price of Parkertown; mother of Adele. TB 30 Aug 1917
Amon, John Moorestown Turnpike, near Camden died June 29 1875 NJC 1 July 1875
Anderson, Charles Hooper Ave, Toms River son of Charles; husband of Bertha Yates (md. 14 Oct 1903);brother of Ella NJC Oct 1903; NJC 6 Jul 1902
Anderson, David R. Toms River father of Iva Anderson NJC 21 Aug 1902
Andrews, Ida Mae Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Applegate, Andrew Barnegat Light His wife lived on Clifton Ave in Toms River NJC 18 July 1920
Applegate, Charles S. 39 Thomas St., Toms River NJC 5 Oct 1905
Applegate, Chillion Union St, Toms River after Oct 1905 NJC Oct 1905
Applegate, Connie Toms River cousin of J. Elberson of Pt Pleasant NJC 23 Jan 1902
Applegate, Henry T. Corner of Hooper Ave/ Dayton Ave, Toms River NJC 5 Oct 1923
Applegate, Ida Cedar Grove mother of Paul Applegate NJC 4 Nov 1927
Applegate, J.Frank Father of Edith Applegate NJC 4 Nov 1927
Applegate, Jim Toms River Life Saving Station NJC 15 Oct 1903
Applegate, Kate Long Union St, Toms River; in 1923
she moved to Allentown, NJ
NJC 5 Oct 1923
Applegate, Leon Toms River NJC 14 Sep 1905
Applegate, Solomon Hooper Avenue, Toms River NJC Dec 1904
Applegate, "Squire Joe" Main Street, Toms River NJC 20 Feb 1902
Applegate, Steve had cottage at Little Beach, Barnegat NJC 16 Jul 1920
Applegate, Steward married Ellen Allen 25 Dec 1907 NEP 3 Jan 1908
Applegate, William R. Chestnut St, Toms River NJC 15 June 1905
Archer, Samuel Florence, NJ son in law to John Halpin of Lakewood Rd NJC 4 Nov 1927
Armstrong, Bessie 2449 Seybert St, Philadelphia married Otto Aschman at Philadelphia, Aug 9, 1917 TB 30 Aug 1917
Aschman, Otto 2449 Seybert St, Philadelphia married Bessie Armstrong in Philadelphia, Aug 9 1917 TB 30 Aug 1917
Aspinwal, Rev. N.D. Forked River uncle to Rev R.N. Aspinwall of Columbus, OH NJC 21 Dec 1923
Atkinson, Mrs. Charles New Egypt mother of Roger and Earle NJC 14 Dec 1923
Atkinson, Samuel Burlington County father of A. Thomas Atkinson of Mt. Holly NJC 4 Nov 1927
Atkinson, Thelma daug. of Charles Atkinson; maternal grandfather was William Kinsley of Pemberton
Aumack, G. Harry Toms River father of Curliss M. Aumack; Adele Aumack; son of John Aumack NJC 19 Dec 1903
Aumack, John father of G. Harry Aumack; died 21 June 1905 NJC June 1905
Austin, Frank R. Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Austin, Charles owned 500 N.Main St, Toms River property was for sale NJC 25 June 1920
Austin, Dr. Charles corner of Washington/ Lexington Ave, Toms River after June 1905 NJC 25 Jun 1920
Austin, Tyrel Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Ayres, Harry Main St, Toms River dry goods store NJC Mar 1905
Bachrach, William Tuckerton father of Mrs. Wilmer Foster; grandfather of Anna Foster TB 6 Sep 1917
Bailey, Col. Samuel C. Dealer in salted, fresh, and smoked meats corner of Washington and Main St., Toms River NJC 30 Mar 1905
Bahr, Fred Barnegat son in law of William Cranmer of Warren Grove. NJC 4 Nov 1927
Barnett, E.A. Hooper Ave, Toms River NJC 28 Nov 1901
Bartlett, Charles Atlantic City TB 16 Aug 1917
Bartlett, Ellen Atlantic City TB 16 Aug 1917
Bartlett, Martha Atlantic City TB 16 Aug 1917
Bartlett, S.P. Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Baylies, John Hornertown Brother to Kenton Baylies of New Egypt NJC 4 Nov 1927
Bayliss, Kemp father of Verna NJC 21 Dec 1923
Beatty, Captain----? Washington St, Toms River NJC 11 Jul 1905
Beidelman, George Ocean Gate Father of Frances Marshall NJC 11 Nov 1927
Bell, Lottie V. New Egypt Sister of Elizabeth Bell NJC 4 Nov 1927
Bement, Frank S. Water Street, Toms River NJC 17 Oct 1901
Bender, Eugene Toms River area b. abt 1884, killed at Pelican Island 6 Sep 1902 NJC Sep 1902
Bennet, Lamar Seward Ave, Toms River NJC 27 Mar 1902
Berens, Dr. Bernard Washington St, Toms River after May 1905 NJC 25 May 1905
Berrien, Charles confectionery store, Main and Water St, Toms River NJC 15 May 1902
Berrien, Lawrence owned original schoolhouse building on Dayton Ave, Toms River, which burned Oct 1904 NJC Oct 1904
Berry, E.H. Main Street, Toms River Father of Allan Berry; Father in law to Harry Grover NJC 13 Mar 1902; NJC 23 Aug 1905; NJC 24 Sep 1905
Berry, Fannie Camden daughter of Aaron Haines of Tuckerton; sister of Edna TB 16 Aug 1917
Bickel, W.H. Horner Street, Toms River NJC 5 Dec 1924
Bickens, Emma wife of Clarence Rogers, son of Roger, of Bayville NJC 8 Sep 1905
Bilderback, Rev P.W. Manahawkin TB 16 Aug 1917
Billam, Mrs.___ 35 Dayton Ave, Toms River NJC 27 Aug 1920
Birdsall, Amos Toms River Brother to Amy Conover of Waretown NJC 27 Aug 1920
Birdsall, Annie Main Street, Toms River NJC 5 Nov 1903
Birdsall, Clarence building home on Washington St, Toms River 31 Jul 1902
Bishop, Annie Manahawkin mother of Carrie Bishop of Camden TB 16 Aug 1917
Bishop, George A. Tuckerton Father of James Bishop of Philadelphia TB 16 Aug 1917
Bishop,Maria Manahawkin Mother of Barton Bennett TB 16 Aug 1917
Black, E.N. West Creek TB 16 Aug 1917
Black, John died in Springfield Twp, 24 June 1875 NJC 1 Jul 1875
Blackmore, Thomas corner of Main/ Washington St, Toms River througout 1904
Blair, Hannah Philadelphia TB 16 Aug 1917
Blake, Anna Forked River employed as a teacher NJC 25 Jun 1920
Blumer, Isaac orig. from Jersey City; later East side of Main St, Toms River NJC 11 May 1905
Bogert, Lewis A. Toms River Husband of Bertha B. Bogert NJC 16 Mar 1905
Bond, Joseph W. Trenton Died June 19, 1875 age 55 NJC 1 July 1875
Bonney, Bert 27 Aug 1920;
19 Oct 1923
orig from Philadelphia; built bungalow at Money Island son in law to Lottie Bareford of Waretown
Borden, Al Clementown TB 16 Aug 1917
Borden, Anna Toms River married Samuel F. B. Reid in Toms River on 6/28/1875 NJC 1 July 1875
Borden, Ralph Point Pleasant Father of Ralph Borden NJC 4 Nov 1927
BORGAS GARAGE business on Lakehurst road NJC 5 Oct 1923
Bowns, William Believed to be crazy; lived in a cabin in Whiting and chopped wood for George Giberson. In March of 1905 he ran nearly naked through the woods thinking he was being chased, all the way to Forked River. Prior to that he had attempted suicide.
Boyer, J.H. Colfax St, Toms River NJC 22 June 1905
Brandt, Martin Main Street, Toms River father of Martin Brandt NJC 22 Dec 1904 et al
Brant, A.A. Toms River father of Henry NJC 7 Mar 1902 et al.
Brewer, Charles Beach Haven Father of Charles and Joe NJC 21 Dec 1923
Brewer, David C. Hooper Avenue, Toms River husband of Fannie Kalb of Philadelphia. Married 26 Feb 1902 NJC Mar 1902
Brinley, Samuel W. Toms River after 1902 father in law of Ray Parker NJC Oct 1921
Brittain, Robert Philadelphia son in law to W.R. McDaniles of Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Britton, Frances Dayton Ave, Toms River ; and Sunnyside Daughter of Imlay Britton; sister of Ethel Britton NJC 4 Nov 1927
Britton, Imlay Dayton Ave, Toms River NJC 5 Dec 1924
Broome, H.E. Center Street, Beach Haven NJC 14 Dec 1923
Brouwer, Carrie Main Street, Toms River wife of Dr. Frank Brouwer; mother of Evan and Allan; sister of Trevonian Hyer of Lakewood; daughter of I.K.L. Hyer of Lakewood; sister of Elizabeth, Gilbert and Benjamin. She died of Bright's disease, Sep 18 1921 NJC Sep 1921
Brouwer, Dr. Frank Main Street, Toms River Husband of Carrie Brouwer NJC 20 Oct 1904
Brower, Clara Toms River Mother in law to Arthur Malatte NJC 26 Oct 1923
Brown, A.W. Dayton Ave, Toms River NJC 5 Dec 1924
Brown, Henry Barnegat/ Coast Guard Station 114 Son of Mary J. Brown (died 1923) NJC 14 Dec 1923
Brown, Joseph A. Main Street, Toms River NJC 25 Jun 1920
Brown, Joseph H. Tuckerton father of Fannie and Gertrude TB 16 Aug 1917
Buchanan, Dr. Thomas Jefferson Toms River husband of Laura Koehnlein; father of Frank Applegate Buchanan; fahter in law to Elizabeth Sutton Hyers (the daughter of Alonzo Hyers) NJC 10 July 1910
Buckalew, Raymond New Egypt Father of Ethel NJC 4 Nov 1927
Buckwalter, Hattie Toms River daughter of Charles L. Holman; wife of Rowland Buckwalter NJC 22 Oct 1903
Buckwalter, R.C. Washington Street, Toms River NJC 27 Aug 1920
Buckingham, Josephine Lakehurst daughter of Joseph Duby, wife of John D. Buckingham. Sister of Mrs. William Shinn of Lakehurst; Mr. John Garrity of New Haven, Ct; Adolph Duby of Vincetown; Joseph Duby of Long Branch NJC 6 Jul 1917
Budlong, O.H. Washington, D.C. son in law to James D. Smith of Lakewood NJC 5 Nov 1903
Bugbee, Prentice Sailors Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY TB 16 Aug 1917
Bunnel, Charles W.C. Bayville son of Chalres and Elmira [Vanderveer] Bunnel; Brother to Fred and Samuel; husband of Annie; father to George, John, Eleanor, Alice, Dorothy, Clark, and Kenworthy. NJC 30 May 1919
Bunnel, Helen Barnegat Grandmother to Jane Penrod of Beach Haven NJC 14 Dec 1923
Bunnel, S.N. Dover Street, Toms River Father to Fred N. Bunnel of Barnegat NJC 11 Nov 1927
Bunting, Hannah New Egypt daughter of Z.H. Bunting; sister in law of William Suples of Palmyra,NJ NJC 22 Oct 1903
Burd, Houston Tuckerton TB 16 Aug 1917
Burnham, Estelle Hartford, CT wife of John H.; died in Hartford Jan 25 1876 NJC 3 Feb 1876
Burr, Elias Silverton Father of Stella Cadmus of Ridgewood,NJ NJC 21 Dec 1923
Burr, George E. Main St, Toms River NJC 26 June 1902
Burr, J. Brown Brooklyn/ Water Street, then Allen St, Toms River NJC May 1905/ June 1920
Burton, John T. Father of Helen C. Morey of Tuckerton NJC 5 Nov 1903
Cadmus, Stella Ridgewood daughter of Elias Burr of Silverton NJC 21 Dec 1923
Caldwell, James brother of George, of Brooklyn who died 10 Jan 1902 NJC Jan 1902
Cale, Thomas Tuckerton Father to Ralph Cale NJC 14 Dec 1923

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