Whiting (or, as it is sometimes spelled, "Whitings") is a section of Manchester Township in Ocean County. I currently have very little information on this sparsely populated place.

Below is a snippet of news items from Whitings that appeared in the New Jersey Courier on Feb. 15, 1918:
Miss Marian Hilliard has returned home from spending a few days in Forked River.
David Hilliard has been spending a few days with his parents.
Charles Estlow is able to come to school after having the whooping cough.
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Keisling spent Saturday in Phildadelphia. The latter is ill at this writing.

This is a ticket from the Tuckerton Railroad, with Whiting as the destination.

Here is a former gas station in Whiting, which I'm sure will be replaced with something else soon: