Immigrants in The Baronage of Scotland


As the title would indicate, most of the people named in Sir Robert Douglas' The Baronage of Scotland

lived in Scotland.  However, a number of the individuals, particularly in the latter generations, were

recorded to have lived, worked, or died in other countries.  As these mentions can be useful for connecting

transplanted Scots to their families of origin, I have attempted to compile them in an easily-accessible




*  Sorted by location:

     **  Continental North America

     **  Caribbean / West Indies

     **  England and Ireland

     **  Continental Europe and Western Asia

     **  India / East Indies

     **  Africa

     **  "Abroad"

*  Sorted by name (with links to the location pages on which they appear)


Identified immigrants

Several of the immigrants listed in the indexes above appear in Gary Boyd Roberts's The Royal Descents

of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States (2004); for each of those "RD600" and

the relevant page number appear in the "notes" column.  Several others are otherwise well-known, have

been identified in print or online, and/or can be readily identified.  A non-exhaustive list of those appears


Thomas Ainslie

Peter Cheape

Dr. Charles Leith

Kenneth Mackenzie

Margaret Mackenzie

James Macpherson

John Macpherson

George Riddel(l)

Alexander Rose

Andrew Scot(t)

George Scot(t)