1. Jennifer Anne Ehle: b. 29 Dec 1969 Winston-Salem, NC


2. John Marsden Ehle Jr.: b. 13 Dec 1925 Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC; author; m. (2nd) 21 Oct 1967

3. Rosemary Harris: b. 19 Sep 1927 Ashby, Suffolk, England; actress


4. John Marsden Ehle: b. 5 May 1904 WV; d. 16 Oct 1978 Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC; m. c1925  [SSN 239-03-6912, issued NC bef. 1951]

5. Gladys Starnes: b. 26 Feb 1903 NC; d. 24 Sep 1984 Buncombe Co., NC  [SSN 244-72-9441, issued NC 1962]

[North Carolina: The Old North State and the New (Chicago, 1941), 4:438-439: “O. Edwin Starnes, of Asheville….is a lineal descendant of the Smith and Starnes families, two of the oldest and best known families of the western part of the county.  The Starnes family is of German lineage and was established in the new world in 1770.  Colonel John Starnes was a soldier of the American Revolution and his son, John Starnes, the great-grandfather of O. Edwin Starnes, became a large land and slave owner and was one of the pioneer settlers of Buncombe County, establishing his home at Starnes Cove….His son and namesake, the grandfather of O. E. Starnes, was likewise owner of extensive land holdings and was a soldier of the Confederate Army in the War between the States.  His son, John P. Starnes, the father of O. E. Starnes, was born and reared on a farm at Starnes Cove….[H]e became one of the organizers of the Imperial Mutual Life and Health Insurance Company, which was founded in 1905 and of which he remained the general manager until his death.  He married Lillian Smith, a daughter of the late R. Straud Smith, who was a leading farmer of the Emma section of Buncombe County.  Their children wereGladys, the wife of John M. Ehle, of Asheville…”]


8. John F. Ehle/Ihli: b. Nov 1869 Germany; imm. 1885/6/7; m. c1902/3

9. Nancy ___: b. c1873/4 England; imm. 1875/9  {perhaps the Nancy M. Ehle who d. 6 Jul 1943 in Bladen Co., NC, age 69}

10. John P. Starnes: b. Aug 1866 Starnes Cove, Buncombe Co., NC; m. c1886

11. Lillian Smith: b. Sep 1868 NC


20. John Starnes: b. NC

22. Ransom Straud Smith: b. Dec 1831 NC (m. 2nd between 1870 and 1880 Susan A. ___, though from 1900 census she would appear to be the same as #23)

23. Evelyn ___: b. c1843/4 NC


40. John Starnes:


80. John Starnes:



1930 – 5th Ward, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, e.d. 22, sheets 2a-b

Ehle, John M.               Head    M W 25 M 21 WV Ger Eng  Manager Advertising Life Insurance Co.

Ehle, Gladys S.             Wife     F W 26 M 21   NC NC NC

___, John M.                Son      M W 4 S          NC NC NC

___, Robert S.             Son      M W 2 0/12 S  NC NC NC


1920 – 3rd Ward, Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV, e.d. 106, sheet 9a

Ihli, John F.                  Head    M W 50 M 1885 Na 1890       Ger Ger Ger  Tailor Shop

___, Nancy                  Wife     F W 46 M 1879 Na 1880        Eng Eng Eng

___, John M.                Son      M W 15 S                                WV Ger Eng

___, George L.             Son      M W 14 S                                WV Ger Eng

___, Carl B.                 Son      M W 5 S                                  WV Ger Eng


1910 – 1st Ward, Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV, e.d. 77, sheet 2a

Ihli, John F.                  Head    M W 40 M1 7             Ger Ger Ger 1886 Na  Tailor Shop

___, Nannie                 Wife     F W 36 M1 7 2 2         Eng Eng Eng 1875 Al

___, John M.                Son      M W 6 S                      WV Ger Eng

___, George L.             Son      M W 4 S                      WV Ger Eng


1910 – 4th Ward, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, e.d. 16, sheet 22a

Starns, John P.             Head    M W 42 M1 23           NC NC NC  Sick Benefit Insurance

___, Lillie B.                 Wife     F W 41 M1 23 8 8       NC NC NC

___, Ava                      Dau      F W 18 S                     NC NC NC

___, John P. Jr.            Son      M W 14 S                    NC NC NC

___, Everett L.             Son      M W 10 S                    NC NC NC

___, Gladys                  Dau      F W 7 S                       NC NC NC

___, Charles B.            Son      M W 1 S                      NC NC NC


1900 – Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV, e.d. 85, sheet 11b

Eley, John F.                Lodge  W M Nov 1869 30 S   Ger Ger Ger 1887 13 Na  Tailor


1900 – 4th Ward, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, e.d. 141, sheet 12b

Starnes, John P.            Head    W M Aug 1866 33 M 14         NC NC NC  Insurance Agent

___, Lillia                     Wife     W F Sep 1868 31 M 14 6 6     NC NC NC

___, Nettie                   Dau      W F Dec 1887 12 S                 NC NC NC

___, Edward                Son      W M Jun 1889 10 S                 NC NC NC

___, Lucie                    Dau      W F Aug 1890 9 S                   NC NC NC

___, Avie                     Dau      W F Apr 1892 8 S                   NC NC NC

___, Pinkney                Son      W M Dec 1895 4 S                 NC NC NC

___, Everet                  Son      W M Sep 1899 8/12 S             NC NC NC

___, Walter                  Neph    W M May 1875 25 S               NC NC NC  Life Insurance Agent


1900 – Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, e.d. 131, sheet 18a

Smith, Ransom S.         Head    W M Dec 1831 68 M 34         NC NC NC  Farm

___, Susan A.              Wife     W F Oct 1843 56 M 34 2 2     NC NC NC

___, W. Edwin             Son      W M Jun 1866 33 M 7            NC NC NC  Farm

___, Mary E.                D-i-L   W F Dec 1871 28 M 7 2 2      NC NC NC

___, Edwin                   GSon   W M Sep 1894 5 S                  NC NC NC

___, Thomas                GSon   W M Aug 1897 2 S                 NC NC NC

___, George                 GSon   W M Dec 1898 1 S                 NC NC NC


1880 – Asheville Twp., Buncombe Co., NC, e.d. 35, sheet 24 (p. 152d)

Smith, Ransom S.         W M 47                       Farmer                         NC NC NC

___, Susan A.              W F 37            Wife                                         NC NC NC

___, Wm. E.                W M 13           Son      Farm hand                    NC NC NC

___, Lillie                     W F 10            Dau                                          NC NC NC

Starns, Thos. C.           W M 25           Board   Farmer                         NC NC NC


1870 – Sulphur Springs, Buncombe Co., NC, p. 13

Smith, Ransom             36 M W           Farmer             1600 289         NC

___, Eviline                  26 F W                                                            NC

___, Willie                    3 M W                                                             NC

___, Lillie                     1 F W                                                              NC