1. Maj.-Gen. Jonathan Scott Gration: b. ? St. Charles, Kane Co., IL; probable future NASA Administrator

[passenger manifest of flight #151/15 from Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, to Idlewild, NY, 15 Dec 1956:

            Mr. John Gration

            Mrs. Gration Dorothy

            Chd. Gration Jonathan

            Inf. Gration Barbara]


2. John Alexander Gration: b. May 1926 Princeton, NJ; missionary; m. 19 Jul 1948 Cook Co., IL [#2041082]


[in Who’s Who in Religion, 1975-1977 (not seen)]

[brother Selby Upton Gration (library director and consultant) in Who’s Who in America]

3. Dorothy E. Harpel: b. c1925/6


4. Alexander George Gration: b. 12 May 1889 Overton, Lancashire, England; imm. 1920; d. Jul 1963 (last residence NJ); m. c1922/3  [SSN 157-14-7675, issued NJ bef. 1951]  [WWII draft registration card]

[passenger list of the Caronia, from Southampton to NYC 31 Dec 1920: Alexr. George Gration, 31, single; farmer; last residence Overton England; nearest relative in England sister Mabel B. Gration of School House, Overton, near Lancaster; final destination Cleveland, OH; joining friend Ester Verey of 4438 Warner Rd., Cleveland; born Overton, England]

5. Margaret Eva Upton: b. 14 Jul 1891 Colton, Staffordshire, England; imm. 1923; d. Oct 1977 (last residence Midland Park, Bergen Co., NJ)  [SSN 137-54-3549, issued NJ 1972]

[passenger list of the Franconia, from Liverpool to NYC 3 Jul 1923: Margaret Ena[sic] Upton; 31; nearest relative in England brother W. H. Upton of 8 Gordon St., Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent; joining future husband Alex. Gration of 517 Fairview St., Riverside, NJ; born Colton, Staffords]


8. Henry Gration: b. c1842/3 Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England; m. (2nd)

9. Elizabeth ___: b. c1848/9 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

[first wife: http://genforum.genealogy.com/allcock/messages/138.html; buried in old churchyard, Clifton, Bedfordshire, England: http://www.clifton-beds.co.uk/ChurchyardPB/graves_in_the_old_churchyard.htm]

10. John Upton: bp. 21 Dec 1851 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England [IGI extracted from FHL #435,833]

11. Harriett ___: b. c1850/1 Colton, Staffordshire, England  [from IGI extracted from FHL #426,528: either Harriet Cope (bp. 17 Nov 1850 in Colton, dau. of Thomas and Harriet) or Harriet Jane Bevans (bp. 9 Jun 1850 in Colton, dau. of John and Harriet)]


16. Levi Gration: b. c1815/16 Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England; d. 1899 [rec. Basford district, either Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire]

17. Sarah ___: b. c1820/1 Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1894 [rec. Basford district]

20. William Upton: bp. 2 Apr 1826 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England; m. 27 Dec 1848 Rugeley [IGI extracted from FHL #1,040,786]

21. Sarah Birch: b. c1824/5 Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, England


40. John Upton: bp. 7 Mar 1790 Blithfield, Staffordshire, England [IGI extracted from FHL #417,171]

41. Elizabeth ___: b. c1800/1 Cannock, Staffordshire, England


80. William Upton: b. c1764/5 Staffordshire, England; d. between 1841 and 1851 (prob. Blithfield, Staffordshire, England); m. 13 Aug 1789 Blithfield [IGI extracted from FHL #417,171]

81. Ann Ashe: b. c1767/8 Gnossall, Staffordshire, England



1930 – Millburn Twp., Essex Co., NJ, e.d. 505, sheet 5a

Gration, Alexander G. Head  M W 40 M 33 Eng Eng Eng 1921 Al  Servant Private family

  “        Eva M.            Wife    F W 38 M 31   Eng Eng Eng 1923 Pa

  “        John A.            Son      M W 3 S          NJ Eng Eng

  “        Selby U.          Son      M W 0 S          NJ Eng Eng


1901 – Colton, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, p. 12

John Upton                 Head   M 49    County Court Bailiff  Staffordshire Rugeley

Harriett Upton            Wife    M 50                                        do Colton

John H. Upton            Son      S 24     Blacksmith                  do do

Harriett Ma. Upton     Dau     S 23                                         do do

Alfred E. Upton          Son      S 19     Broker’s Bailiff           do do

Walter H. Upton         Son      S 16     Commercial Clerk       do do

Charles E. Upton        Son      S 14                                         do do

Margaret E. Upton      Dau     S 9                                           do do


1891 – Overton and Sunderland, Lancaster, Lancashire, England, p. 140

Henry Gration             Head   M 48    Schoolmaster   Nottinghamshire Hucknall

Elizabeth Gration        Wife    M 42                            Nottingham

Mabel Gration             Dau     S 15     Pupil…            Bedfordshire Clifton

Marjory Gration          Dau     S 7       Scholar            Nottingham

Alexander Do             Son      S 1                               Lancashire Overton

Arthur Do                   Son      S 3mo                          Lancashire Overton


1891 – Colton, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, p. 8

John Upton                 Head   M 39    County Court Bailiff  Staffordshire Rugeley

Harriett do                  Wife    M 40                                        do Colton

William H. do             Son      S 19     Clerk                           do Colton

Fredrick G. do            Son      S 17     Coal Agents Assistant do Colton

John Howard do         Son      S 14     Gardener                     do Colton

Harriett M. A. do        Dau     S 13     Scholar                        do Colton

Alfred Ernest do         Son        9        do                                do Colton

Walter Harry do          Son        6        do                                do Colton

Charles Edm. Do        Son        4        do                                do Colton


1881 – Clifton, Bedfordshire, England, p. 6

Henry Gration             Head   38        Nat. Schoolmaster       Notts Hucknall Torkard

Elizabeth Do               Wife    32                                            Nottingham

Walter Harry Do         Son      14        Scholar                        Beds Clifton

Gertrude Blanche Do  Dau     11        Do                               Do Do

Edgar Cecil Do           Son      8          Do                               Do Do

Mabel Emma Do         Dau     5          Do                               Do Do

(1 servant)


1881 – Colton, Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, p. 12

John Upton                 Head   29        Brass Finisher              Stafford Rugeley

Harriett Do                  Wife    30                                            Do Colton

William H. Do             Son      9          Scholar                        Do Do

Frances G. Do             Son      7          Do                               Do Do

John H. Do                  Son      4          Do                               Do Do

Harriett M. A. Do       Dau     3                                              Do Do


1871 – Clifton, Bedfordshire, England, p. 33

Henry Gration             Head   28        National School Master          Hucknall Notts

Harriet Do                   Wife    28        School Mistress                       Moor Green Notts

Walter H. Do              Son      4          Scholar                                    Clifton Beds

Gertrude B. Do           Dau     12mo                                                   Do Do

(1 servant)


1861 – Cheltenham, Gloucester, England, p. 36

[Normal Training College]

Henry Gration 18        Student           Nottinghamshire Hucknall


1861 – Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, England, p. 21

Levi Gration                Head   46        Framesmith employing 3 men Notts Hucknall

Sarah Do                     Wife    40                                                        Scotland Glasgow

Agnes Do                    Dau     20        School Mistress (National)      Belgium Brussells

Walter Do                   Son      13        Scholar                                    Notts Hucknall

Frederick Do               Son      11        Do                                           Do Do

Emma Do                    Dau     9          Do                                           Do Do

(1 apprentice)


1861 – Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, p. 2

William Upton            Head   36        Wood Sawyer             Stafford Rugeley

Sarah Upton                Wife    36                                            do Abbots Bromley

William            “          Son      11        Scholar                        do Rugeley

Sarah               “          Dau     11          “                                do do

John                 “          Son      9            “                                do do

Henry              “          Son      8            “                                do do

Ann Upton                  Dau     5            “                                do do

George            “          Son      2                                              do do

James Upton               Son      8mo                                         do do


1851 – Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England, pp. 15-16

Levi Gration                Head   35        Framesmith     Notts Hucknall

Sarah Do                     Wife    30                                Glasgow Scotland

Agnes Do                    Dau     10                                Brussels Belgium

Henry Gration             Son      8          Scholar            Notts Hucknall

Walter Do                   Son      3                                  Do Do

Frederick Do               Son      1                                  Do Do

(1 apprentice, 1 servant)


1851 – Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, p. 5

William Upton            Head   26        Sawyer            Stafford Rugeley

Sarah Upton                Wife    26                                do Abbots Bromley

William Upton            Son      1                                  do Rugeley

Sarah Upton                Dau     1                                  do do


1851 – Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, p. 8 (313)

John Upton                 Head   64        Wood Sawyer             Stafford Blithfield

Elizabeth do                Wife    50        Wood Sawyers Wife   do Cannock

George do                   Son      14        Ag. Lab.                      do Rugeley

Mary do                      Dau     11        Scholar                        do do

Joseph do                    Son      6          do                                do do


1851 – Blithfield, Staffordshire, England, p. 23

Ann Upton                  Head   84        Pauper (Ag. Labourer)            Stafford Gnossal

William Ditto              Son      59        Farm Labourer                        Ditto Blithfield

Mary Ditto                  GDau  29        Seamstress                               Ditto Ditto


1841 – Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, p. 5

John Upton                 50        Sawyer            Y

Elizabeth Do               40                                Y

Willm Do                    15                                Y

Thomas Do                  10                                Y

George Do                  4                                  Y

Mary Do                      1                                  Y


1841 – Blithfield, Staffordshire, England, pp. 4-5 (14-15)

(St. Stephens Wood)

William Upton            76        Ag. Lab.          Y

William Do                  45        Ag. Lab.          Y

Ann Do                       73                                Y

Ann Upton                  40                                Y

Mary Do                      15                                Y