1. Henry G. Carey (Harry Carey, Jr.): b. 16 May 1921 Saugus, CA


2. Henry DeWitt Carey II (Harry Carey Sr.): b. 16 Jan 1878 Bronx, NY; d. 21 Sep 1947 Brentwood, CA; m. Jan 1920

3. Olive Fuller Golden (or Golden Fuller): b. 31 Jan 1896 New York, NY; actress; d. 13 Mar 1988 Carpenteria, CA  [CADI: father Fuller, mother Maxwell]


4. Henry DeWitt Carey: b. 24 Mar 1844 Minisink, NY; lawyer, president of sewing machine company 

[Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (New York, 1899), pp. 108-109: “Henry DeWitt Carey.…Born, Minisink, N.Y., March 24, 1844.  Late Justice of the Peace of town of Pelham, N.Y.; Police Justice of same; President of Board of Health of same; Judge of Court of General Sessions of Westchester County….Son of Samuel Carey and Arminda Mullock; grandson of Absalom Carey and Temperance Cooley, and of Jesse Mullick (or Mullock) and Amy Raynor; great-grandson of Elihu Carey and Catherine North, and of Nathaniel Cooley and Sarah Carpenter; gt2-grandson of John Lemuel Carey and M. DeVoe, and of Benjamin Carpenter; gr3-grandson of John Carey and Elizabeth Godfrey; gt4-grandson of Joseph Carey; gt5-grandson of John Carey, who came from England about 1635, and settled in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Mass.”]

5. Ella J. Ludlum: b. Jul 1855/6 NY

6. George Fuller Golden (born George Michael Fuller): b. 1868 Bay City, Bay Co., MI; d. 17 Feb 1912; m. 1894 (rec. Dec 1894 Lambeth dist., London or Surrey, England)

[from a now-defunct website: “Called ‘our first intellectual monologist’ by vaudeville historian Joe Laurie Jr., George Fuller Golden worked his way through more strenuous professions -- prize fighting, circus acrobatics (Golden and Quigg) and dancing (Golden and Dolan). It was after leaving Dolan that the man from Bay City, Michigan became a monologist. He also became a force in show business when, in 1900, he founded the ‘White Rats of America,’ the first vaudeville union. His pioneering, upright style -- the handsome performer used no funny clothes or outrageous accent -- included references to his friend Casey….Golden was very popular in London. The Military Mail wrote in 1903, ‘It is many years since an artist appeared at the Palace Theatre who has received such an enormous reception...the audience cheered him again and again.’ During the last six years of his life, the popular star battled a variety of ailments, including lung trouble and pneumonia. He had a wife and three children, and they were the subject of a benefit for him in 1906. He claimed a bout with tuberculosis in 1909 was cured via Christian Science, and improved enough to play a command performance for King Edward in 1910. He died of tuberculosis two years later. His body was cremated, and in a well-attended ceremony, George M. Cohen scattered the ashes from the Statue of Liberty.”]  {in Encyclopedia of Vaudeville (1994), not seen}

7. Ada Maxwell: b. c1872 Lambeth, Surrey, England; imm. 1896  (m. 2nd by 1930 Samuel A. de Grasse, actor)


8. Samuel Carey: b. c1799/1800 NY

9. Arminda Mullock: b. c1803/4 NY

10. William T. Ludlum: b. c1812/13 NY; app. d. bef. 1880

11. Melinda ___: b. c1820/21 NY

12. William O. Fuller: b. Sep 1835/6 NY; m. (1st)

13. Anna/Anne ___: b. c1836 Canada

14. William Maxwell: bp. 18 Apr 1841 Harting, Sussex, England

15. Mariann / Mary Ann ___: b. c1841/42 Lambeth, Surrey, England


16. Absalom Carey: b. 9 Apr 1765 Walkill, NY; wagoner in Rev. War; d. 30 Dec 1841 Chemung, NY

17. Temperance Cooley:

18. Jesse Mullick/Mullock: private in Rev. War

19. Amy Raynor:

22. ___: b. NY

23. ___: b. CT

24. ___ Fuller: b. VT/NY

25. ___: b. VT

28. John Maxwell: bp. 15 Dec 1809 Harting, Sussex, England

29. Louisa ___:


32. Elihu Carey:

33. Catherine North:

34. Nathaniel Cooley: Indian scout in Rev. War

35. Sarah Carpenter:

56. John Maxwell: bp. 28 Jun 1776 Harting, Sussex, England

57. Elizabeth ___:


64. Samuel Carey: m. 1704

65. Mary Poole:

70. Benjamin Carpenter: associator of Orange Co., NY; first Justice of the Peace in Goshen, NY

112. William Maxwell: bp. 14 Jan 1741 Harting, Sussex, England

113. Lucy ___:


128. Francis Carey: 

224. William Maxwell: m. 10 Jan 1739 Harting, Sussex, England

225. Ann Blackmore:


256. John Carey: to Bridgewater, MA, c1635



1930 – Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, e.d. 1604, sheet 1b

Carey, Henry D.           Head    M W 52 M 21 NY NY NY  Actor Motion Picture

___, Olive F.                Wife     F W 33 M 22   NY MI Eng

___, Henry G.              Son      M W 8 S          CA NY NY

___, Ella A.                  Dau      F W 6 S           CA NY NY

Fuller, Mignonne G.      Si-i-L   F W 26 S         Eng (AmCit) MI Eng


1930 – Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, e.d. 19, sheet 7a

de Grasse, Samuel A.   Head    M W 54 M 21 New Brunswick NB NB 1877  Actor Motion Pictures

___, Ada                      Wife     F W 57 M 23   Eng Eng Eng 1875

Fuller, George G.          StSon   M W 22 S        NY NB Eng  Actor Motion Pictures


1910 – 2nd Ward, Queens, Queens Co., NY, e.d. 1192, sheet 14b

Golden, George F.        Head    M W 41 M1 15           MI MI MI  Actor Theatre

___, Ada                      Wife     F W 35 M1 15 4 4       Eng Eng Eng 1896

___, Olive                    Dau      F W 14 S                     NY MI Eng

___, Ruth                     Dau      F W 9 S                       NY MI Eng

___, Mignonne             Dau      F W 6 S                       NY MI Eng

___, George G.            Son      M W 2 S                      NY MI Eng

Fuller, William              Bro      M W 51 Wd                NY MI MI  Speculator Theatre Tickets

Maxwell, Florence        Si-i-L   F W 27 S                     Eng Eng Eng 1905

Fuller, Anna                  Niece   F W 25 S                     MI MI MI


1900 – Bronx, New York Co., NY, e.d. 1061, sheet 18a

Carey, Henry D.           Head    W M Mar 1844 56 M 27         NY NY NY  Real Estate

           Ella J.               Wife     W F Jul 1855 44 M 27 4 2       NY NY NY

           Henry D. Jr.     Son      W M Jan 1878 22 S                 NY NY NY

           Allen L.            Son      W M Feb 1885 15 S                NY NY NY

(1 boarder, 3 servants)


1900 – 4th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., MI, e.d. 34, sheet 5b

Fuller, Wm. O.             Head    W M Sep 1836 M 27              NY NY VT  Teamster

___, Margaret E.          Wife     W F Aug 1856 M 27 10 8       Can Scot Eng 1855 45

___, Olive                    Dau      W F May 1877 23 S                MI NY Can  Telephone Operator

___, Archie                  Son      W M Aug 1880 19 S               MI NY Can  Laborer

___, Jean                     Dau      W F Apr 1885 15 S                 MI NY Can

___, Elmer                   Son      W M Sep 1892 7 S                  MI NY Can

___, Margaret              Dau      W F Jan 1894 6 S                    MI NY Can

___, Gladys                  Dau      W F Sep 1897 2 S                   MI NY Can

___, Guy                      Son      W M Sep 1897 2 S                  MI NY Can


1881 – Stockwell, Lambeth, Brixton, London, England

William Maxwell           Head    40        Carpenter                     Sussex Harting

Mariann do                   Wife     39                                            Surrey Lambeth

William H. do               Son      17        Carpenter’s assistant     do do

Harry do                      Son      15        Carpenter’s assistant     do do

Eliza do                        Dau      13                                            do do

Frederick do                Son      10                                            do do

Ada do                         Dau      8                                              do do

Percy do                      Son      6                                              do do

Alice do                       Dau      2                                              do do

Florence do                  Dau      3m                                           do do


1880 – New York, New York Co., NY, e.d. 636, sheet 13 (p. 508a)

Carey, Henry D.           W M 36                       Works in machine shop             PA PA PA

___, Ella                       W F 22            Wife                                                     NY NY NY

___, Henry                   W M 2             Son                                                      NY PA NY

(1 servant, 2 boarders)


1880 – Middletown, Orange Co., NY, e.d. 39, sheet 79 (p. 255c)

Corwin, Albert H.         W M 44                       Conductor on RRoad               NY NY NY

___, Adeline C.            W F 37            Wife                                                     NY NY NY

___, Albert C.              W M 14           Son                                                      NY NY NY

___, Clarence C.          W M 11           Son                                                      NY NY NY

___, Fannie M.             W F 9              Dau                                                      NY NY NY

___, Lulu J.                  W F 6              Dau                                                      NY NY NY

___, Fred R.                W M 4             Son                                                      NY NY NY

Decker, Angeline          W F 24            Serv     Servant                                     NJ NJ NJ

Ludlum, Malinda           W F 59            M-i-L   Lady                                        NY NY CT


1880 – 4th Ward, Bay City, Bay Co., MI, e.d. 17, sheet 2 (p. 406b)

Fuller, William O.         W M 44                       Saloon Keeper                         NY VT VT

___, Margurette           W F 22            Wife                                                     Can Scot Eng

___, William M.           W M 22           Son      Saloon Keeper                         NY NY Can

___, George M.           W M 12           Son                                                      MI NY Can

___, Martin M.             W M 10           Son                                                      MI NY Can

___, Charles M.           W M 4             Son                                                      MI NY Can

___, Olive                    W F 3              Dau                                                      MI NY Can


1871 – Stockwell, Lambeth St. Mary, Brixton, London, England

William Maxwell           Head    30        Carpenter         Sussex Harting

Mary A. do                  Wife     29                                Surrey Lambeth

William H. Maxwell      Son      7                                  Surrey Lambeth

Henry do                      Son      5                                  do do

Eliza do                        Dau      3                                  do do

Frederick do                Son      11m                             do do

Fanny do                      Sister    25        Dress Maker    Sussex Harting

Frederick Maxwell       Head    27        Carpenter         do do

Lucy do                        Wife     29                                Hants Havard


1870 – Bay City, Bay Co., MI, pp. 143-144 (448a-b)

Fuller, William              34 M W           Keeping Saloon                        NY

___, Anna                    34 F W                                                            Canada

___, William                 12 M W                                                           NY

Fuller, George              2 M W                                                             MI

___, Martin                  4/12 M W                                                        MI

Ford, Henry                 21 M W           Laborer                                    NY

Bidwell, Olive               52 F W                                    500                  VT

___, Sarah                   20 F W                                                            NY

Howe, Phebe               60 F W                                                            VT


1860 – Northmoreland, Wyoming Co., PA, p. 132

Saml. Carey                 60 M    Farmer                         8000 1000       NY

Arminda                       56 F                                                                 NY

Amy                             22 F                                                                 NY

Julia                              19 F                                                                 NY

Daniel                           17 M    Farmer                                                 NY

Dewitt                          15 F     Farmer                                                 NY


1860 – Wallkill, Orange Co., NY, p. 5

W. T. Ludlum               47 M    Boots & Shoes 2000 800         NY

Melinda                      39 F                                                                 NY

Adelaid C. “                 17 F                                                                 NY

Julia                             14 F                                                                 NY

Alice Jane “                  12 F                                                                 NY

Ella J.                          3 F                                                                   NY

Julia Carey                   83 F                                                                 NY


1860 – 1st Ward, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY, p. 17 (77a)

William O. Fuller          25 M    Copper Smith                           300      NY

Anne                            23 F                                                                 Canada

Olive Ann                    4 F                                                                   NY

William M.                  2 M                                                                  NY


1850 – Wallkill, Orange Co., NY, p. 205b (104b)

William T. Ludlum        37 F[sic]          Shoe Maker                 700      NY

Malinda                       28 F                                                                 NY

Adaline C.                   8 F                                                                   NY

Julia                             5 F

Allice J.                       3 F