1. John Uhler “Jack” Lemmon III: b. 8 Feb 1925 Boston, MA; d. 27 Jun 2001 Los Angeles, CA


2. John Uhler Lemmon Jr.: b. 1 Apr 1893 Baltimore, MD; in Navy in WWI; president of donut company; d. 30 Mar 1962 Los Angeles Co., CA  [CADI: mother Hanafin]  [WWI draft registration card]

3. Mildred Burgess/Larue/Rue Noel: b. 8 Aug 1896/7 MD; d. 3 Sep 1967 Los Angeles Co., CA  [CADI: mother Larue]


4. John Uhler Lemmon: b. Sep 1867 PA; m. c1889/90

5. Agnes S. Hanafin: b. Dec 1867 CT

6. Edgar Marion Noel: b. 13 Oct/Sep 1865/6 Fluvanna Co., VA; m. 1 Apr 1891  

[“Baltimore: Its History and its People” (1912), vol. 2, pp. 222-224: “(I) Baptist Noel, immigrant ancestor, came to this country from England about 1700, and settled in Virginia.  (III) John G. Noel, grandson of Baptist Noel, lived in Virginia during the Revolutionary period.  (IV) James N. Noel, grandson of John G. Noel, was the owner of a large number of slaves in Virginia.  (V) Lemuel Marion Noel, son of James N. Noel, has now retired from business.  He married Mary Jane, daughter of Morgan Burgess.  (VI) Edgar M. Noel, son of Lemuel Marion and Mary Jane (Burgess) Noel, was born in Fluvanna county, Virginia, September 13, 1865.  Educated in the public schools of Charlottesville, in his native county, he was apprenticed at the age of seventeen years to the trade of carpentering, and at the termination of his apprenticeship, 1886, went to Baltimore....Mr. Noel organized the Noel Construction Company in 1902....among the buildings constructed by them may be mentioned: The Chicago City Hall...the Naval Adademy Building, Annapolis....Mr. Noel married, April 1, 1891, Sadie E., daughter of Captain Rue, of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.  They have children: Edna M., Marie Louise, Helen Rue, Mildred Burgess, Edgar M. Jr., Wilbur, Marjorie, Virginia and Eugene Merrill....”]

http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mrsd3&id=I0453  (gives different ancestry)

7. Sarah/Sadie M/E. Larue: b. Dec 1871 PA


8. B. H/F. Lemmon: b. c1832/3 MD

9. Jane E. ___: b. c1843/4 MD

10. Patrick Hanafin: b. Mar 1832 Ireland; imm. 1848

11. ___: b. LA; d. bef. 1900

12. Lemuel Marion Noel: b. Jan 1834 VA

13. Mary Jane Burgess: b. c1829/30 VA; d. bef. 1900

14. Capt. ___ Larue: b. PA; “of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company”

15. ___: b. MD


24. John Noel: b. c1794/5 VA

25. Elizabeth ___: b. c1794/5 VA

26. Morgan Burgess:


48. John G. Noel:


96. ___ Noel:


192. Baptist Noel:



1910 – 13th Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 197, sheets 6b-7a

Noel, Edgar M.            Head    M W 44 M1 20           VA VA VA  Contractor

___, Sadie E.               Wife     F W 38 M1 20 8 8       PA PA MD

___, Edna M.               Dau      F W 19 S                     MD VA PA

___, Marie L.               Dau      F W 17 S                     MD VA PA

___, Helen R.               Dau      F W 15 S                     MD VA PA

___, Mildred L.            Dau      F W 13 S                     MD VA PA

___, Edgar M.              Son      M W 11 S                    MD VA PA

Noel, Wilbur B.            Son      M W 10 S                    MD VA PA

___, Marjorie E.           Dau      F W 8 S                       MD VA PA
___, G. Virginia            Dau      F W 7 S                       MD VA PA

___, Eugene M.            Son      M W 4 S                      MD VA PA


1900 – 1st Precinct, 12th Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 147, sheet 15b

Lemmon, John              Head    W M Sep 1867 32 M 10         PA PA PA  Printer

___, Agnes S.              Wife     W F Dec 1867 32 M 10 3 3    CT Ire LA

___, Mary                    Dau      W F Aug 1891 8 S                   MD PA CT

___, John                     Son      W M Apr 1893 7 S                  MD PA CT

___, Frank                   Son      W M Mar 1895 5 S                 MD PA CT

Hanafin, Patrick            F-i-L    W M Mar 1832 68 Wd            Ire Ire Ire  1848 52 Na

___, Frank                   B-i-L    W M Sep 1877 22 S                CT Ire LA  Printer

___, Nannie                 Si-i-L   W F Nov 1878 21 S                CT Ire LA


1900 – 10th Precinct, 16th Ward, Baltimore, MD, e.d. 211, sheet 2b

Noel, Edgar                  Head    W M Oct 1866 33 M 10          VA VA VA  Builder

___, Sarah M.              Wife     W F Dec 1871 28 M 10 6 6    PA PA MD

___, Edena M.             Dau      W F Apr 1891 9 S                   MD VA PA

___, Marie L.               Dau      W F Mar 1893 7 S                  MD VA PA
___, Hellen                   Dau      W F Oct 1894 5 S                   MD VA PA

___, Mildred R.            Dau      W F Aug 1896 3 S                   MD VA PA

___, Edgar M.              Son      W M Oct 1898 1 S                  MD VA PA

___, Wilber                  Son      W M Feb 1899 3/12 S             MD VA PA

(2 servants)


1900 – 3rd Ward, Charlottesville, Albemarle Co., VA, e.d. 90, sheet 10a

Noel, Lucius W.           Head    W M Jul 1856 43 S                  VA VA VA

___, Lemuel M.            Father  W M Jan 1834 66 Wd             VA VA VA

Channing, Sarah E.       Sister    W F Oct 1862 37 Wd   2 2      VA VA VA

Channing, Rufus M.      Neph    W M Nov 1883 16 S               VA VA VA

___, William                 Neph    W M Dec 1885 14 S               VA VA VA


1880 – Burlington Twp., Burlington Co., NJ, e.d. 15, sheet 16 (p. 108d)

Lemmon, B. H.             W M 47                       Printer              MD MD MD

            Jane E.             W F 36            Wife                             MD MD MD

            Charles A.        W M 17           Son      at Printing         MD MD MD

            Thomas J.         W M 16           Son                              MD MD MD

            John Uhler        W M 11           Son                              PA MD MD

            Frank               W M 7             Son                              PA MD MD

            Laura               W F 5              Dau                              PA MD MD


1860 – Seven Islands P.O., Fluvanna Co., VA, p. 79 (711)

John Noel                     65 M    Farmer             7500 6546       VA

Elizabeth                       65 F                                                     VA

Lemuel M.                    26 M    Overseer                                  VA

Mary J.                        30 F                                                     VA

John W. M.                  5 M                                                      VA

Lucius W.                     1 M                                                      VA

James B. Duncan          17 M                                                    VA