1. Richard Dale “Rick” Snyder: b. 19 Aug 1958 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI; Governor of Michigan 2010-




2. Dale F. Snyder: b. 15 Jun 1911 MI; d. 12 Mar 1991 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI  [SSN 369-10-0834, issued MI bef. 1951]

[obit of sister in Lansing State Journal, 30 Jun 2004: “Reames, Dorothy Snyder  Grand Ledge, MI….passed away on Sunday, June 27, 2004….Born September 19, 1913, in Sebewa Township, Ionia County, she was the sixth of seven children born to Maria Theresa Sindlinger Williams and George W. Snyder….she married Robert Max Reames….[survived by, among others] Nephew, Richard D. Snyder…”]

3. Helen LouellaPody” ___: b. 10 Oct 1912; d. 14 Jul 1993 Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI  [SSN 384-07-7624, issued MI bef. 1951]



4. George W. Snyder: b. 26 Sep 1880 Danby, Ionia Co., MI; d. between 1920 and 1930; m. (2nd) 4 Mar 1908 Sunfield, Ionia Co., MI  (m. 1st Lola M. ___ c1898/9)

5. Theresa Maria (Maria Theresa) (Sindlinger) Williams: b. 6 Dec 1874 Sebewa, Ionia Co., MI  (m. 1st Lewis G. Williams c1897/8)



8. George W. Snyder, M.D.: b. 26 Aug 1845 Chemung Co., NY; m. 25 Feb 1866 Barry Co., MI

[Portrait and Biographical Album of Ionia and Montcalm Counties, Mich… (Chicago, 1891), pp. 385-386: “George W. Snyder, M.D….hung out his ‘shingle’ here in the fall of 1878, immediately after his graduation from the Bennett Medical College in Chicago….Dr. Snyder is of Dutch descent in the paternal line, but prior to the American Revolution one of his progenitors was living in Canada and crossed the border to enter the Colonial army….Another of the ancestors was John Cooper, who also fought in the Revolutionary forces, he having emigrated from Ireland prior to the Declaration of Independence.  John A. Snyder, father of the Doctor, was born in Schoharie County, N. Y., and removed to this State in 1862, settling in Barry County, where he is still living.  His wife, formerly Fanny M. Palmatier, was of French and Dutch descent, and was a daughter of Thomas and Martha (Drumm) Palmatier.  She was a native of the same county as her husband, and….entered into rest in 1865….Dr. Snyder of whom we write, was born in Chemung County, N. Y., August 26, 1845….on October 1 [1864] enlisted in Company H., Twenty-first Michigan Infantry….he received his discharge June 16, 1865….In February, 1866, Mr. Snyder was united in marriage with Mary C. Bowman, daughter of Henry and Mary Bowman of Johnstown, Barry County.  Mr. Bowman was a native of New York, but immigrated to the wilds of Michigan about 1836.  He was by birthright a member of the Society of Friends….Dr. and Mrs. Snyder are the parents of five children—Edwin M., Fanny E., Winnie B., George W. and Henry P…”]

9. Mary Celestia Bowman: b. Jan 1846 MI

10. Jacob Frederick Sindlinger: b. c1820/1 Wuerttemberg, Germany; d. between 1880 and 1900 prob. Sebewa Twp., Ionia Co., MI  {submitted IGI: b. 3 Aug 1820 Moetzingen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg; son of Jacob Sindlinger and Maria Magdalena Kussmaul}

11. Barbara ___: b. Nov 1838 Baden, Germany



16. John A. Snyder: b. c1818 Schoharie Co., NY

17. Fanny M. Palmatier: b. c1820/1 Schoharie Co., NY; d. 1865

18. Henry P. Bowman: b. c1816 NY; m. (1st) 23 Oct 1839 Barry Co., MI [IGI extracted from FHL #1,008,320]  (m. 2nd Ellen M. Breese [Bresee] 19 Sep 1847 Barry Co., MI [IGI extracted from FHL #1,008,320])

19. Mary E. Culver:

[History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan… (Philadelphia, 1880), p. 451: “In the spring of 1839, Henry P. Bowman located in the township [Johnstown].  He was married in the fall of the same year to Miss Mary Culver by Squire S. V. R. York.  This, the first wedding in Johnstown, took place at the residence of the bride’s father, and the happy couple settled on a farm on section 29.”]




32. ___ Snyder: b. Canada (perhaps Henry Snyder: b. c1790/91 NY)

33. (perhaps) Catharine ___: b. c1788/91 NY

34. Thomas Palmatier:

35. Martha Drumm:

38. John Culver: b. 6 Aug 1790

[transcript of family Bible at http://www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/resources/OLLibrary/Journals/NMGR/Vol10/nmgrp005.html and http://files.usgwarchives.org/ne/state/publications/nerecord/vol10/p3art019.txt]

39. Sarah Kip: b. 13 Feb 1796 Poughkeepsie, NY




76. James Culver: b. 7 Jul 1755; d. 5 Dec 1812; m. 9 Jun 1782

77. Adrietta/Ariantje DuBois: b. 23 Jan 1761; d. 12 Aug 1824 Hyde Park, NY


78-79. continued at address under #39



154-155. continued at address under #77




1930 – 1st Ward, Grand Ledge, Eaton Co., MI, e.d. 16, sheets 15a-b

Snyder, Theresa M.     Head   F W 55 Wd     MI WurtGer BadGer 

___, Donald G.           Son      M W 20 S        MI MI MI  Meat Cutter Meat Macker[sic]

___, Dale F.                Son      M W 18 S        MI MI MI

___, Dorothy B.          Dau     F W 16 S         MI MI MI

___, Leon B.               Son      M W 14 S        MI MI MI


1920 – Sebewa Twp., Ionia Co., MI, e.d. 99, sheets 2b-3a

Snyder, Henry P.        Head   M W 50 M                              MI NY MI  Drain Commissioner County

___, Eana M.               Wife    F W 48 M                                MI NY NY

___, Vern H.               Son      M W 29 S                                MI MI MI  Farmer

___, Mary J.                Dau     F W 26 S                                 MI MI MI

Snyder, George W.     Head   M W 39 M                              MI NY MI  Farmer

___, Theresa M.          Wife    F W 45 M                                MI Ger Ger

___, Map L.                Son      M W 13 S                                MI MI MI

___, Donald G.           Son      M W 10 S                                MI MI MI

___, Dale F.                Son      M W 8  S                                 MI MI MI

___, Dortha B.            Dau     F W 6 S                                   MI MI MI

            Leon B.           Son      M W 4 6/12 S                          MI MI MI

Sindlinger, Barbara     M-i-L   F W 81 Wd 1866 Na 1870     WurtGer Ger Ger


1900 – Sebewa Twp., Ionia Co., MI, e.d. 31, sheet 3a

Sindlinger, Barbara     Head   W F Nov 1878 61 Wd   2 2    Ger Ger Ger 1866 34

Williams, Theresa M.  Dau     W F Dec 18974 25 M 2 1 1    MI Ger Ger

___, Lewis G.             So-i-L  W M Feb 1877 23 M 2           OH OH OH  Farmer

___, Mamie L.             GDau  W F Feb 1900 3/12 S              MI OH MI

[7 households]

Snyder, Geo. Jun.       Head   W M Sep 1881 18 M 1           MI NY MI  Farmer

___, Lola M.               Wife    W F Jul 1879 20 M 1 0 0        MI ME MI

Snyder, Henry P.        Head   W M Apr 1869 31 M 10         MI NY MI  Farmer

___, Eva M.                Wife    W F Jan 1871 29 M 10 4 4     MI OH NY

___, Verne H.             Son      W M Mar 1890 10 S               MI MI MI

___, Mary J.                Dau     W F Mar 1893 7 S                  MI MI MI

___, Winnie B.            Dau     W F Jul 1895 4 S                    MI MI MI


1900 – Danby Twp., Ionia Co., MI, e.d. 7, sheet 9b

Snyder, George W.     Head   W M Aug 1845 54 M 34        NY NY NY  Physician

___, Mary C.               Wife    W F Jan 1846 53[sic] M 34 5 4  MI NY NY


1880 – Danby, Ionia Co., MI, e.d. 105, sheet 27 (p. 360c)

Snyder, George           W M 34                       Medical Dr.     NY NY NY

___, Mary                    W F 34            Wife                            MI NY NY

___, Edwin                 W M 15           Son                              MI NY MI

___, Henry                  W M 12           Son                              MI NY MI

___, Fannie                 W F 8              Dau                             MI NY MI

___, Minnie                 W F 3              Dau                             MI NY MI


1880 – Sunfield Twp., Eaton Co., MI, e.d. 63, sheet 21 (p. 74c)

Snyder, Dr. Chas.       W M 29                       Physician         NY NY NY

___, Hellen M.            W F 27            Wife                            MI NY NY

___, John A.                W M 63           Father  Farmer             NY Can NY

Youngs, Catharine      W F 64            M-i-L                           NY NY PA


1880 – Sebewa Twp., Ionia Co., MI, e.d. 104, sheet 23 (p. 342c)

Sendlinger, Jacob F.    W M 59                       Farmer             Wurt* Wurt Wurt

___, Barbary               W F 41            Wife                            Baden Baden Baden

___, Ester                    W F 7              Dau                             MI Wurt Baden

___, Teresa                  W F 5              Dau                             MI Wurt Baden

* - all “Wurt”s actually “Weertemberg”s[sic]


1870 – Sebewa Twp., Ionia Co., MI, p. 20

Sindlinger, Jacob F.    49 M W           Farmer             1500    400      Germany

___, Barbara                32 F W                                                            Germany


1860 – Chemung, Chemung Co., NY, p. 14

John A. Snyder           41 M    Farmer             1700    700      NY

Fanny                        39 F                                                     NY

William H.                 19 M    Farm Labor                             NY

Thomas J.                  16 M    Farm Labor                             NY

George W.                 14 M                                                    NY

Francis M.                 11 M                                                    NY

Charles                      10 M                                                    NY

John                           7 M                                                      NY

James                         4 M                                                      NY

Catharine                   71 F                                                     NY

Hannah Palmatier        8 F                                                       NY


1860 – Johnstown, Barry Co., MI, p. 60

Henry P. Bowman      43 M    Farmer             4000    764      NY

Ellen                            39 F                                                     NY

Sarah J.                        19 F                                                     MI

Edwin M.                    18 M                                                    MI

Celestia                       14 F                                                     MI

Henry M.                     9 M                                                      MI

Herbert                        4 M                                                      MI

Andrew Brayer           19 M                                                    NY

Nancy Brayer              73 F                                                     PA


1850 – Chemung, Chemung Co., NY, p. 350 (175b)

J. A. Snyder                32 M    Farmer             1000    NY

Fanny                        29 F                                         NY

Wm.                          9 M                                          NY

T. J.                           7 M                                          NY

G. W.                        5 M                                          NY

Francis                       2 M                                          NY

Betsey Cornell            20 F                                         unknown


1850 – Chemung, Chemung Co., NY, p. 351 (176a)

Henry Snyder              59 M    Farmer             850      NY

Cathaine[sic]             59 F                                         NY

Amy Patterson            35 F                                         NY

Henry                        15 M    Farmer                         PA

Matilda                      7 F                                           NY

Silas                           5 M                                          NY

Cathaine[sic]             18 F                                         PA


1850 – Johnstown, Barry Co., MI, p. 169 (86a)

Henry Bowman           34 M    Farmer             1000    NY

Ellen Bowman            30 F                                         NY

Sarah Jane Bowman    9 F                                           MI

Edwin Bowman          8 M                                          MI

Mary Bowman            4 F                                           MI

Andrew Breese           9 M                                          NY