1. Susan Elizabeth Rice: b. 17 Nov 1964 Washington, DC; m. Ian Officer Cameron 3 Dec 2008 in Washington; incoming United Nations ambassador


2. Emmett John Rice, Ph.D.: b. c Dec 1919 Florence, Florence Co., SC


3. Lois Dickson: b. 28 Feb 1933 Portland, Cumberland Co., ME (m. 2nd Alfred B. Fitt)


4. Rev. Ulysses Simpson Rice: b. 19 Mar/May 1875/6 SC; d. 25 Nov 1927 Sumter Co., SC [33:19184]; m. c1905/6  [WWI draft registration card]

5. Sue Pearl (or Suepearl) Suber: b. 24 Feb 1881/4 SC; d. Sep 1968 (last residence Sumter, Sumter Co., SC)  [SSN 251-60-2905, issued SC 1955]

6. David Augustus Dickson: b. 25 Jun 1887 Watson Hill, Manchester, Jamaica; imm. 1911; d. 4 May 1979 Portland, Cumberland Co., ME [cert. 7903424]; m. 25 Dec 1912 Portland  [WWI draft registration card]  [SSN 004-07-7784, issued ME bef. 1951]

[from the passenger list of the Prinz Joachim out of Kingston, Jamaica, to NYC 16 May 1911: David A. Dickson; age 24; clerk; single; race “African”; last residence Manderville. Jamaica; closest relative in Jamaica father John Dickson of Watson Hill, Jamaica; paid for by self; going to join friend Mrs. Mariam S. Robinson of NYC; b. Watson Hill, Jamaica]

[applied for US passport 17 May 1920: “I, David A. Dickson…for myself and minor son, Leon A. Dickson, age six years.  I solemnly swear that I was born at Jamaica, B. W. I. on the twenty-fifth day of June, 1887; that my father, John W. Dickson, was born in Jamaica, B. W. I. and is…now deceased; that I emigrated to the United States, sailing from Kingston, Jamaica about May 11, 1911…I resided nine years…at Portland, Maine; that I was naturalized…before the United States District Court of Maine at Portland, Maine, on October , 1916….[passport wanted] for the following purpose: Jamaica, B. W. I., visit to mother…”]

7. Mary M. Daly: b. c1891 Jamaica; imm. 1912/14 

[perhaps the Mary Dickson who was b. 12 Sep 1891 and d. Oct 1981 (last residence Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI); SSN 007-10-3533, issued ME bef. 1951]

[or perhaps the Mary Dickson who was b. 13 Aug 1892 and d. Jul 1976 (last residence Houlton, Aroostook Co., ME); SSN 006-20-9569, issued ME bef. 1951]

[perhaps the following from the passenger list of the Albingia, out of Kingston to NYC 19 May 1913: Mary Daly; age 20y 10m; dressmaker; single; last residence Kingston, Jamaica; nearest relative or friend in Jamaica Mrs. Recro[?] of Kingston; going to Newark, NJ; joining friend Mrs. Ann Newman of Newark; born Manchester, Jamaica]


8. ___ Rice: b. SC

9. Clara C. [Dockerty?]: b. Jun 1859 SC  (m. 2nd c1899/1900 Griffin Alexander, who m. (2nd) Susie ___ by 1920 and d. 23 Oct 1926 in Laurens Co., SC [30:18694])

12. John W. Dickson: b. Jamaica; of Watson Hill, Jamaica, in 1911; d. bef. 17 May 1920


18. [___ Dockerty?: b. SC]

19. [Rachel Gordon?: b. c1838/9 SC]


38. Shadrack (Shadrick) Gordon: b. c1804/5 SC

39. Lucy ___: b. c1814/15 SC



1930 – 1st Ward, Portland, Cumberland Co., ME, e.d. 32, sheet 11a

Dickson, David P.       Head   M Neg 42 M 25          Jam Jam Jam 1911 Na  Shipper Music Store

___, Mary                    Wife    F Neg 39 M 21            Jam Jam Jam 1912 Na

___, Leon A.               Son      M Neg 16 S                 ME Jam Jam

___, Audley D.           Son      M Neg 12 S                 ME Jam Jam

___, David W. Jr.        Son      M Neg 11 S                 ME Jam Jam

___, Frederick S.         Son      M Neg 7 S                   ME Jam Jam

___, Cyril                    Neph   M Neg 26 S                 Jam Jam Jam 1921 Al  Elevator Operator Office Bldg.


1920 – Florence, Florence Co., SC, e.d. 45, sheet 16b

Rice, U. S. Rev.          Head   M Mu 45 M     SC SC SC  Minister Church

___, Sue Pearl             Wife    F Mu 38 M      SC SC SC  Teacher School

___, Gladys                 Dau     F Mu 13 S       SC SC SC

___, Pansey                 Dau     F Mu 8 S         SC SC SC

___, Infant                  Son      M Mu 1/12 S   SC SC SC


1920 – 1st Ward, Portland, Cumberland Co., ME, e.d. 27, sheet 10b

Dickson, David A.      Head   M Mu 32 M 1912 Na 1918     Jam Jam Jam  Shipper Music Store

___, Mary D.               Wife    F Mu 29 M 1914 Na 1918      Jam Jam Jam

___, Leon A.               Son      M Mu 6 S                                ME Jam Jam

___, Audley D.           Son      M Mu 3 9/12 S                        ME Jam Jam

___, David W. R.        Son      M Mu 10/12 S                         ME Jam Jam

(1 lodger)


1910 – 1st Ward, Winnsboro, Fairfield Co., SC, e.d. 65, sheet 7a

Rice, Ulysses S.          Head   M Mu 34 M1 4            SC SC SC  Minister Preaching

___, Suepearl              Wife    F Mu 28 M1 4 3 3       SC SC SC

___, Ulysses S. Jr.       Son      M Mu 3 S                    SC SC SC

___, Gladys C.            Dau     F Mu 1 6/12 S             SC SC SC

___, Pansy V.              Dau     F Mu 0/12 S                SC SC SC


1910 – Jacks Twp., Laurens Co., SC, e.d. 53, sheet 8b

Alexander, Griffin C. Head   M B 53 M1 25            SC SC SC  Farmer

___, Clara C.               Wife    F Mu 51 M1 25 2 1     SC SC SC

___, Thomas                AdSon F[sic] B 17 S               SC SC SC  Farm Laborer


1900 – Jacks Twp., Laurens Co., SC, e.d. 54, sheet 16a

Alexander, Griffin C. Head   B M Jul 1855 44 M 0              SC SC SC  Farmer

___, Clara C.               Wife    B F Jun 1859 40 M 0 2 2        SC SC SC  Farm laborer

Rice, Hattie                 StDau  B F Mar 1877 23 S                 SC SC SC  School teacher

___, Ulyses S.             StDau  B M May 1875 25 S               SC SC SC  School teacher

Alexander, Thos.         Neph   B M about 8 S                         SC SC SC


1900 – Scotia Seminary, 4th Ward, Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC, e.d. 23, sheet 21a

Suber, Suepearl           Student B F Feb 1881 19 S                SC SC SC  Student


1880 – Jacks Twp., Laurens Co., SC, e.d. 103, sheet 54 (p. 189b)

Gordon, Shadrick       B M 75                        Works in garden          SC MD VA

___, Lucy                    B F 65             Wife                                        SC VA VA

Dockerty, Rachel        B F 41             Dau     Farm laborer                SC SC SC

Rice, Clara                  Mu F 23          GDau  Sewing                        SC SC SC

Dockerty, Osceola      Mu M 19         GSon   Farm laborer                SC SC SC

___, Leoto                   Mu M 17         GSon   Farm laborer                SC SC SC

Briggs, Nius                B M 17            GSon   Farm laborer                SC SC SC

___, Lucy                    B F 16             GDau  Farm laborer                SC SC SC

Rice, Hattie                 Mu F 5            GGDau                                   SC SC SC

___, Ulius S.               Mu M 3           GGSon                                    SC SC SC