1. Elijah Jordan Wood: b. 28 Jan 1981 Cedar Rapids, IA



2. Warren W. Wood: b. c1949

3. Debra D. Krause: b. c1948

[Kossuth County Advance, 3 Apr 1951: “Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krause are parents of a son….They also have a daughter, Debra, two years old.”  SAME, 23 Oct 1952: “A Krause reunion was held at the town hall Sunday….This was the first reunion of the Krause family….Officers are: Emma Krause, LuVerne, president; Mrs. Fritz Krause, Renwick, secretary.  In attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Krause, Mrs. Bertha Krause, Renwick; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krause, daughter Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schipull, of Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krause, children, Debra and Randy, Irvington; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jones, sons Douglas and Gary, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Krause, Joanne and Jerry, Gustave Krause, Emma Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Krause, son Richard, LuVerne.”]


4. Charles F. (“Chuck”) Wood: b. 11 Dec 1918 IA; d. 1 Sep 2001 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA  [SSN 479-14-5891, issued IA bef. 1951]

5. Eloise (“Ellie”) ___: b. c1926

6. Don(ald) G. Krause: b. c1927 IA; of Iowa City, IA, 2002 (m. 2nd Joyce ___)

[Kossuth County Advance, 23 Aug 1955: “Sunday guests of Miss Emma Krause were her nephew Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krause and family, of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schmidt and family, of Goldfield.”]

7. Beverly A. Stebritz: b. c Jun 1928 IA (m. 2nd Robert J. Hanson, real estate agent in Cedar Rapids 2002)

[Kossuth County Advance, 15 Oct 1957: “Joan Elizabeth Stebritz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stebritz, and Jerome G. Klepper…were married Saturday….The bride’s attendants were her sisters, Mrs. Don Krause, Beverly, as matron-of-honor, and Mary and Diane Stebritz….Debra Krause, niece of the bride, was flower girl…”]


8. William [P.] Wood: b. c1879/80 England; imm. 1890/1899/1908; m. c1909

9. Elizabeth A. ___: b. c1889/90 England; imm. 1890/1902/1906

12. Arthur Krause: b. c1902/3 IL; m. c1925/6

[Kossuth County Advance, 28 Aug 1952: “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones….went to LuVerne to visit Mr. Krause’s father and sister, Gus Krause and Emily.”  SAME, 4 Dec 1952: “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause were recently visited by the former’s uncles, Leo and Frank Krause, of Monmouth, Ill.  Other guests have been Mrs. Krause’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Benedict, of Milwaukee, Wis….Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause Thanksgiving day were their children and their families, Mr. and Mrs. Don Krause, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones.”]

13. Kathryn L. Hansen: b. c1904/5 WI

[Kossuth County Advance, 11 Sep 1952: “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause were visited…by the latter’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Art Schnacht, of Racine, Wis.  SAME, 23 Oct 1952: “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause have as guests this week the latter’s brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hansen, and daughter LaVonne, of Middletown, N.Y., who will go from here to Racine, Ill., to visit Carl’s and Mrs. Krause’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen.”]

14. Henry W. “HeinieStebritz: b. c1887/8 Austria; imm. 1886; drummer; m. c1924/5

15. Rose H. Madsen: b. c1902/3 IA

[Kossuth County Advance, 9 Aug 1955: “Mrs. Emil Hagg, 54, the former Gladys Madsen, died….Mrs. Hagg was a daughter of Mrs. Anna Madsen, Algona….Two sisters, Mrs. Heinie Stebritz and Mrs. Geo. Miller live in Algona, and a third sister is Mrs. W. E. McCamey, Adel.  There are also two brother Clifford, Fort Dodge, and Raymond, Des Moines…”]


24. Gustav Krause: b. 1868 Germany; imm. 1891; d. 1954; bur. LuVerne Cemetery, LuVerne, Kossuth Co., IA; m. 8 Feb 1898 Warren Co., IL [E:62, “Gustof Krouse”]

25. Martha Kramer: b. 1868 Germany

26. Andrew Hansen: b. Denmark; in Racine, IL, 1952

27. ___: b. Denmark

30. ___ Madsen: b. Denmark

31. Anna ___: b. Denmark; of Algona, IA, 1955


1930 – 20th Precinct, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA, e.d. 65, sheet 26a

Wood, William             Head    M W 50 M 31 Eng Eng Eng 1899  Florist Park

___, Elizabeth A.          Wife     F W 40 M 21   Eng Eng Eng 1902

___, Wilma                  Dau      F W 20 S         IA Eng Eng  Saleslady Candy shop

___, Robert                  Son      M W 18 S        IA Eng Eng  Laborer Nursery

___, Eileen A.              Dau      F W 17 S         IA Eng Eng

___, Evelyn M.             Dau      F W 17 S         IA Eng Eng

___, Mary A.               Dau      F W 15 S         IA Eng Eng

___, William P. Jr.        Son      M W 14 S        IA Eng Eng

___, Charles F.            Son      M W 11 S        IA Eng Eng

___, Joseph H.             Son      M W 9 S          IA Eng Eng


1930 – Sherman Twp., Kossuth Co., IA, e.d. 37, sheet 1a

Krause, Arthur             Head    M W 27 M 23 IL Ger Ger  Farmer

___, Kathryn L.            Wife     F W 25 M 21   WI Den Den

___, Virginia T.            Dau      F W 3 10/12 S IA IL WI

___, Donald G.            Son      M W 2 8[?]/12 S  IA IL WI

Krause, Gustav             Head    M W 61 M 29 Ger Ger Ger 1891 Na  Farmer

___, Emma                   Dau      F W 31 S         IL Ger Ger


1930 – 3rd Ward, Algona, Kossuth Co., IA, e.d. 3, sheet 2a

Stebritz, Henry             Head    M W 42 M 37 Austria Au Au Hungarian 1886 Na  Player Orchestra

___, Rose H.                Wife     F W 27 M 22   IA Den Den

___, Robert A.             Son      M W 5 S          IA Au IA

___, Beverly A.            Dau      F W 1 9/12 S   IA Au IA


1920 – 20th Precinct, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA, e.d. 143, sheet 5b

Wood, William             Head    M W 40 M 1908 Na 1910       Eng Eng Eng  Manager City Park

___, Elizabeth               Wife     F W 30 M 1906 Na 1910        Eng Eng Eng

___, Wilma E.              Dau      F W 10 S                                 IA Eng Eng

___, Robert E.             Son      M W 8 S                                  IA Eng Eng

___, Ilene May             Dau      F W 6 S                                   IA Eng Eng

___, Eveline                 Dau      F W 6 S                                   IA Eng Eng

___, Mary Agnes         Dau      F W 5 S                                   IA Eng Eng

___, William F.             Son      M W 4 1/12 S                          IA Eng Eng

___, Charles F.            Son      M W 1 7/12 S                          IA Eng Eng


1910 – 2nd Precinct, Cedar Rapids, Linn Co., IA, e.d. 100, sheet 12a

Wood, William             Head    M W 30 M 1               Eng Eng Eng 1890  Florist

___, Elizabeth               Wife     F W 22 M1 1 1 1         Eng Eng Eng 1890

___, Wilma E.              Dau      F W 4/12 S                  IA Eng Eng


1910 – Sherman Twp., Kossuth Co., IA, e.d. 166, sheet 12b

Krause, Gustoff            Head    M W 41 M 12             Ger Ger Ger 1891 Na  Farmer

___, Martha                 Wife     F W 42 M 12 3 3         Ger Ger Ger 1885

___, Emma                   Dau      F W 11 S                     IL Ger Ger

___, Clarence               Son      M W 9 S                      IL Ger Ger

___, Arthur                  Son      M W 7 S                      IL Ger Ger