Paternal Ancestry of Sarah (Heath) Palin

Updated 15 Sep 2008


Since posting my original page on the ancestry of Gov. Palin (, which only carried her paternal line as far as her father, I received a number of letters regarding her possible paternal ancestry.  One correspondent, Tom Brown, suggested that #2 was the Charles Richard Heath who according to the California Birth Index was born 24 March 1938 in Los Angeles County (mother Brandt).  Another correspondent, Michael Hurdle, confirmed that identification from obituaries and other documentation and carried the ancestry back further.  The information below on #2 and his ancestors is mostly quoted from Mr. Hurdle’s posts to me, with some minor changes in format.  My own additions appear in this color.  Others provided additional information and are credited in the relevant areas.




1. Sarah Louise (Heath) Palin: b. 11 Feb 1964 Sandpoint, Bonner Co., ID; m. Todd Mitchell Palin 29 Aug 1988 Palmer courthouse, AK; governor of Alaska 2006-, 2008 Republican V.P. candidate


2. Charles Richard “Chuck” Heath: b. 24 Mar 1938 Los Angeles County, CA

3. Sarah “Sally” Sheeran: b. Oct 1940; resided Richland, Benton Co., WA


4. Charles F. Heath: b. 25 Oct 1901 Chicago, Cook Co., IL; d. 6 Jan 1980 Hope, Bonner Co., ID; m. c 17 June 1928 Los Angeles Co., CA.

5. Nellie Marie "Marie" Brandt: b. 14 September 1900 Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., CA; d. 3 Feb 1988 Sandpoint, Bonner Co., ID.

6-7. continued at 


8. Charles R. Heath: b. Mar 1872 IL; d. 15 Jun 1933 Los Angeles Co., CA [cert. #32295: brought to my attention by Tom Brown]; m. c 25 October 1898 Chicago, Cook Co., IL  (m. 2nd c 1903 Agnes ___, who was born 9 April 1874 Canada and died 31 May 1959 Los Angeles Co., CA)

[sister Mrs. Lena Heath Wood in DAR (#69214) in right of Jeremiah Bingham (also Elisha Field Jr., Elisha Field Sr., Elias DeLong, and Elijah Kirkham); see below]

9. Alice Adaline Maria “Addie” Oriel: b. 16 Nov 1874 Chicago, Cook Co., IL [extracted IGI]; d. 25 Sep 1902 Chicago

10. Henry Charles Brandt: b. Jun 1867 MN; d. 28 Mar 1939 Los Angeles Co., CA [cert. #17340: brought to my attention by Tom Brown]; m. c 29 Jun 1894 Los Angeles Co., CA  (divorced; m. 2nd bef.1930 Ola B. ___)

11. May Belle Ruddock: b. Oct 1867 WI; d. 1 Sep 1934 Salt Lake City, UT; bur. Rosedale Cemetery


16. James W. Heath: b. c1847/8 IL; m. 13 Apr 1868 Knox Co., IL [E:32]

[Field 498]

17. Alma Miranda Rhodes: b. Jan 1845 VT; d. 1904  [submitted IGI: b. 15 Jan 1845 Richmond, Chittenden Co., VT]

[apparently records relating to #17 and her parents at]

[Williams 72]

18. Francis H. "Frank" Oriel: b. May 1832 Canada; d. 30 Sep 1916 Genoa, DeKalb Co., IL [cert. 9684]; m. (2nd) 31 Jan 1870 St. Catharine’s, Niagara, Ontario, Canada

[ (brought to my attention by Tom Brown; see below for his note concerning #s 18-19).  Before I posted this update, Mike Meggison also contacted me with the above link.]

19. Ellen Dee: Aug 1842 Ireland; d. 28 Aug 1901 Chicago, Cook Co., IL [IL death index; Chicago Daily Tribune, 30 Aug 1901]

20. Charles C. Brandt: b. Mar 1837 Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany; d. between 1900 and 1910 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA; m. c1862 prob. Sigel, Brown Co., MN

21. Maria Criss: b. May 1840 Carroll Co., OH; d. aft 1910 San Diego, San Diego Co., CA?

22. Thomas S. Ruddock: b. Feb 1818 Franklin Co., MA; d. aft 1880; m. 1847

23. Maria N. Newell: b. c1828 MA; d. aft 1880


32. William M. Heath: b. 11 May 1815 Washington Co., NY; d. 31 Mar 1882 Wataga, Knox Co., IL; bur. Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox Co., IL; m. 3 Aug 1837 Knoxville, Knox Co., IL [1:9]


[Stuart C. Wade, The Bottskill Baptist Church: Greenwich, Washington Co., N.Y… (pp. 115-117: “…There is some historical and Revolutionary interest in the fact that some of the papers of the patriot Major-General Heath, have been discovered in the possession of a descendant at Galesville[sic], Illinois, thus strengthening the tradition that these Washington County Heaths are of the same old Roxbury, Mass. Stock, whence the patriot soldier  sprang….The earliest origin of the Washington County Heaths, so far traced dated back to Joseph Heath, born about 1730 (or prior thereto in Mass. Or Conn.) who married Sarah ---, and about 1760 (or thereabouts), settled at Middle Falls, then, and by him, named Heath’s Mills….he had issue….[including] Joseph Heath, born probably in Massachusetts April 6, 1753 came with his parents to Heath’s Mills, married Mabel Rising.  He died in Greenwich --- Union Village--- June 21, 1830.  His wife died Oct. 29, 1820, aged 64 years, 8 months and 12 days.  Both rest in the Baptist burial ground, where monumental inscriptions supply their data.  Their children were….Sidney Heath, moved to Galesburg, Illinois….Sidney Heath (son of Joseph), born at Greenwich, Married ----  Issue: William Heath, died in Galesburg, Ill., leaving a son, William Heath, living and possessing General Heath’s safe and papers.”]


33. Lucinda M. Field: b. 16 Jun 1819 Cornwall, Addison Co., VT; d. 11 Jul 1899 Galesburg; bur. Hope Cemetery

[Field 497-499]


34. Charles W. Rhodes: b. 20 Jan 1815 VT; d. 24 May 1880; bur. Wataga Cemetery, Sparta Twp., Knox Co., IL  [submitted IGI: Charles Westcott Rhodes; m. 11 Apr 1836 Richmond, Chittenden Co., VT]

[Williams 72]

[ brought to my attention by William A. Reitwiesner]

35. Jane Goodrich:  b. 12 Apr 1816 VT; d. 21 Aug 1869; bur. Wataga Cemetery

[ brought to my attention by William A. Reitwiesner]

36. Henry Francis Oriel: b. c1799 England; d. 11 Oct 1853 Bermuda; m. (2nd)  (m. 1st 29 Mar 1817 in Quebec Mrs. Catherine (Campbell) Goddard)

[from the Drouin Collection: “Henry Francis Oriel Esqre., of the City of Quebec, Clerk in the Commissareat[sic], Bachelor, aged twenty one years, was married (by License and with consent of her Mother) to Miss Mrs. Catherine Godard, of the same City, spinster widow, aged twenty years, this twenty ninth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen…”  For Mrs. Goddard, see also and]

[The Gentleman’s Magazine, vol. 41 (London, 1854), p. 439: “[deaths] Oct. 11.  At Bermuda, of the epidemic fever, aged 55, Assistant Commissary-General H. F. Oriel”; online at]

[#36 and family (four children) sailed to London in the Walrus in 1826:]

37. Mary ___: b. c1810 England; d. aft. 1870 Monroe Co., NY

40. Carl Christian Brandt: b. c1808 Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany; d. c1889 New Ulm, Brown Co., MN; m. Germany

[immigrated to Cleveland, OH, USA, in 1852, settled in Brown County, MN in 1856]

41. Wilhelmina Plath: b. c1812 Friedland, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany; d. c1880 New Ulm, Brown Co., MN

42. Henry Criss/Crist: b. 3 May 1804 Brooke Co., VA; d. 8 Feb 1877 Carroll Co., OH; m. 4 June 1827 Columbiana Co., OH

43. Bathsheba Walton: b. 16 May 1804 New Garden, Columbiana Co., OH; d. 20 Oct 1852

[Walton 358]

44. Justus Ruddock: b. c1792 Buckland, Franklin Co., MA; d. aft 1850 WI?; m. 25 Nov 1813 Hawley, MA

45. Rhoda Damon: b. Aug 1795 Hawley, MA

46. Asa Newell: b. 8 Apr 1799 MA; d. aft 1860 Berlin, Green Lake Co., WI; m. 18 May 1818

47. Nancy M. Boyden: b. 9 Dec 1795 MA or NH; d. 13 Dec 1879 Berlin, Green Lake Co., WI?


64. Sidney Heath: b. c1789/90 Greenwich, Washington Co., NY  {according to PRF, b. 15 Feb 1791 Washington Co., NY, and d. 19 Oct 1859 Woodhill, IL}

65. Ann ___: b. c1794/5 NY (OR Phebe Foster)

66. Luman Field: b. 28 Mar 1794 Cornwall, VT; d. 30 Sep 1846 Galesburg, IL; m. 3 Dec 1816

[Field 497]

67. Abigail DeLong: b. 28 Apr 1799 VT; d. 19 Apr 1862

[Bingham 85]

68. William Rhodes: b. 21 Jun 1772 Warwick, RI; d. 1853

[Westcott 182; Williams 71]

69. Sally Salisbury: b. 1776 Cranston, Bristol Co., RI  {PRF: b. 18 Feb 1776 Cranston; d. 6 May 1861 Richmond, VT}

[Stone 80]


80. Julius Brandt: d. Germany

81. ___: d. Germany

84. John Michael Crist: b. 30 May 1774 Harmons Creek, Washington Co., PA; d. 17 Sep 1845 Augusta Twp, Carroll Co., OH; m. 11 February 1795

85. Sarah Tolan:

86. Gabriel Walton: b. 17 Nov 1777; d. 18 Apr 1845; m. 1801 or 12 Mar 1802

[Walton 174-175]

87. Mary Townsend: b. 8 Sep 1781; d. 15 Nov 1862

88. Edward Ruddock: m. 1789 Whately, MA

89. Martha Sanderson: b. 10 Feb 1772 Whately, MA

90. Stephen Damon: (Rev. War); b. 16 Feb 1757 Ware, MA; d. 18 Nov 1842 Hawley, MA; m. Nov 1785

91. Rhoda Thayer: b. 2 Oct 1767 Ware, MA; d. 3 or 8 July 1839 Hawley, MA

92. Asa Newell: b.c1760 MA; d. 8 Jul 1845; m. (1st) 24 October 1790 Charlton, Worcester Co., MA

[corrections from Tim Dowling]

93. Ruth Kelley: b. 1770; d. Apr 1828

94. Eli Boyden: bp. 4 Sep 1768; d. c1840 Chesterfield, NH; m. 22 Jan 1794 Barre, MA

95. Patty Hinds:


128. Joseph Heath: b. 22 May 1754 Tolland Twp., Tolland Co., CT [see under #256]; d. 21 Jun 1830 Greenwich Village[?]  {according to PRF m. 25 Sep 1777 Suffield, Hartford Co., CT}

129. Mabel Rising: b. c 17 Feb 1756; d. 29 Oct 1820 (age 64y 8m 12d)  {PRF: b. 17 Oct 1756 Suffield}

132. Elisha Field Jr.: b. 3 Mar 1763 Bennington, VT; d/ 18 Feb 1852 Cornwall, VT; m. 10 Mar 1790

[Field 333]

133. Ruth Kirkham: b. 10 May 1770 Marlboro, MA; d. 21 Jun 1835

134. Aaron DeLong:

135. Sylvia Bingham: b. 18 Dec 1778 Bennington, VT; d. 7 Jun 1812

[Bingham 85]

136. William Rhodes: b. 1749 Warwick, RI; according to DAR “served, 1775, as lieutenant on one of the vessels which was ordered for the defense of the Colony of Rhode Island, under the command of Christopher Whipple”; d. 1776 Warwick; m. (2nd) 2 Jul 1769

[Williams 71]

137. Ann Westcott: b. 17 Mar 1746

[Westcott 182]

138. Nathan Salisbury: b. 1 Dec 1751 Cranston, RI; d. 4 May 1817 Cortland Co., NY; m. 16 May 1771

[AFN: GQ5T-BN (pointed out to me by William Reitwiesner)]

139. Abigail Stone: b. 16 Oct 1753; d. 14 Dec 1836

[Stone 80]

168. John Michael Criss: b. 21 Sep 1746; d. 1831; m. 1 June 1769

169. Ursula Hawkins: b. 1746; d. 1820

170. John Tolan:

171. Esther Dwire:

172. Benjamin Walton: d. bef. 30 Sep 1818; m. (2nd)

[Walton 81]

173. Ruth Bond: b. 1744/1745 Bucks Co., PA; d. 2 Jun 1805

174. Benjamin Townsend: Quaker preacher of Chester County, PA

176. Edward Ruddock: d. at sea

177. Esther ___:

178. Thomas Sanderson: b. 16 Mar 1746; m. 1 Dec 1774

179. Lucy Wright:

180. Dr. Edward Damon:  b. 1704 Reading, MA; d. 15 Mar 1801 Ware, MA, aged 96; m. 25 Dec 1740 Reading, MA  (m. 1st 6 Jun 1735 Hartford, CT, Lois Spencer)

[Bulkeley 193]

181. Elizabeth Smith: b. 7 Dec 1720 Reading, MA; d. 12 Dec 1804 Ware, MA

182. Micah Thayer: b. 29 Jun 1740/41; d. 4 Jan 1779 Ware, MA; m. 17 Nov 1763

[Bass 20; MB&D 263]

183. Lois Thayer: b. 7 Jul 1744

[Thayer 149]

186. Robert Kelley: m. 22 Oct 1771 Warren, MA (m. 1st c 22 Sep 1759 Ruth Wheelock)

187. Lydia Marrs: of Western Warren, MA

188. Micah Boyden: b. 17 Sep 1744 Medfield, MA; d. 1770 Barre, MA; m. 1 Nov 1764 Barre, MA

189. Phebe Sears: (m. 2nd 7 Oct 1773 John Partridge)

[Sears 106]


256. Joseph Heath: d. 1802 Washington Co., NY

[will signed 2 Aug 1802, proved 5 Oct 1802: Joseph Heath of Hartford, Washington Co., NY; names wife Sarah and children Winslow Heath, Stephen Heath, Timothy Heath, Joseph Heath, Jacob Heath, Jemima (m. Andrew Hall), Sarah (m. John Austin), Thankful (m. Elisha Phelps), Jerusha (m. John Merann[?]), Levi, Abigail (m. Daniel Allen), and Simeon]

[children of Joseph and Sarah Heath from the Barbour Index as extracted in the IGI:

            Sarah (3 Aug 1742 Tolland Twp., Tolland Co.)

            Simeon (7 Mar 1744 Tolland Twp.)

            Joseph (3 Aug 1746 Tolland Twp., d. 9 Feb 1752)

            Winslow (7 Sep 1748 Tolland Twp.)

            Stephen (10 May 1750 Tolland Twp.)

            Joseph (22 May 1754 Tolland Twp.; just father listed)

            Jacob (11 Feb 1756 Somers Twp., Tolland Co.)

            Sarah (3 Sep 1757[sic] Somers Twp.)

            Jemima (23 Sep 1757[sic] Somers Twp.)

            Thankfull (24 May 1759 Somers Twp.)

            Jerusha (2 Mar 1761 Somers Twp.)

            Simeon (13 Feb 1763 Somers Twp.)

            Abigail (19 Jan 1765 Somers Twp., d. 17 Apr 1765)

            Benjamin (16 Aug 1767 Stafford Twp., Tolland Co.)]

257. Sarah ___:

264. Elisha Field: b. 1 Jul 1717 Sunderland, MA; d. 18 Jan 1791 Cornwall, VT; m. 11 Jan 1753

[Field 231]

265. Betty Pratt: b. 6 May 1726 Westboro, MA; d. 18 Feb 1809

266. Elijah Kirkham:

267. Molly Webster:

268. Elias DeLong:


269. Isabel Dickinson:

270. Jeremiah Bingham: b. 26 Jun 1748 Norwich, CT; d. 24 Jun 1841/2 Cornwall, VT; m. (1st) 1771

[Bingham 50; Hyde 203]

271. Abigail (___) Hawks: d. 17 May 1817

272. Anthony Rhodes: b. 27 May 1722; d. 13 Dec 1752

[Williams 71]

273. Elizabeth ___: b. c1718; d. 6 Feb 1809

274. Nathan Westcott: b. 23 Mar 1711 Cranston, RI; d. 25 Feb 1791 Warwick, RI; m. (1st) 6 Mar 1735

[Westcott 182]

275. Anne Greene: b. 4 Dec 1712; d. 6 Jan 1744/5

278. Joseph Stone: b. 1727

[Stone 35]

279. Anna Kent/Brown:

336. Johanne Nicolas Heinrich Criss: b. 29 Oct 1716; d. Feb 1783; m. 25 Jan 1738/39

337. Ana Cathrin Nowlin: b. 10 Oct 1722; d. 10 Feb 1783

344. Isaac Walton: m. c1736

[Walton 38-39]

345. Alice Davis:

346. Joseph Bond: b. 6 Aug/Oct 1704; d. bef. 1760 New Garden, Guilford Co., NC

347. Martha Rogers:

356. Joseph Sanderson: b. 30 Aug 1714; d. 20 Mar 1772; m. 1737 Groton

357. Ruth Parker: b. 2 Jul 1716; d. 8 Dec 1780

358. Asahel Wright: d. 4 Dec 1816

359. Lucy (Waite) Bardwell: b. 27 Sep 1727 Hatfield, MA; d. 1 Apr 1814

[Warner 105]

360. Thomas Damon: b. 31 Jan 1658/1659 Reading, MA; d. 20 Oct 1723 Reading; m. 16 May 1683 Reading

361. Lucian Emerson: b. 2 Oct 1667 Milton, MA; d. 17 Jan 1739/1740 Reading

[Bulkeley 144-145]

362. Abraham Smith: b. c1690 Reading, MA

363. Elizabeth Pierce: b. c1690 Reading

364. Dr. Jonathan Thayer: b. 28 Feb 1701/2; m. 1722

[Bass 20]

365. Elizabeth Samson (not Alden):

[MB&D 262]

366. Moses Thayer: b. May 1710

[Thayer 149]

367. Hannah ___:

376. Joshua Boyden: b. 20 Aug 1709 Medfield, MA; d. Oct 1770 Barre, MA; m. 3 Feb 1743 (m. 1st 18 Jun 1732 Sarah Allen, born 1715 and died 19 Aug 1742; m. 3rd 19 May 1748 Mrs. Rachel Bullard, of Wrentham)

377. Sarah Smith: d. 21 Jan 1748 (m. 1st Isaac Chenery)

378. Silas Sears: b. 11 Feb 1719/20 Yarmouth, MA; d. 29 Feb 1780 Greenwich, MA; m. 9 Jun 1743 Harwich, MA

[Sears 105-106]

379. Deborah Buck:

[Sears 106]


512-515. carried further in AF and PRF

528. Joseph Field: b. 9 Jun 1689 Sunderland, MA; d. 4 Feb 1754; m. 13 Sep 1716

[Field 161-162]

529. Mary Smith: b. 24 Sep 1697; d. 9 Mar 1767

530. John Pratt: m. 4 Jan 1716

531. Bathsheba Fay: b. 1 Jan 1693 Marlboro, MA  {sister of John Fay, who was great(x6) grandfather of George H. W. Bush, 41st President and great(x7) grandfather of George W. Bush, 43rd President}

[Fay 24]

536-537. carried further in AF

540. Dea. Joseph Bingham: b. 4 Jun 1709 Norwich, CT; d. 4 Nov 1787 Bennington, VT; m. 25 Nov 1731

[Bingham 23]

541. Ruth Post: b. 15 Oct 1711 Norwich; d. Bennington

[Hyde 57-58]

544. Maj. John Rhodes: b. 20 Nov 1691; d. 1776; m. (1st) 29 Apr 1714

[Williams 68]

545. Catherine Holden: d. 25 Jul 1731

548. Josiah Westcott: b. 2 Dec 1675 Old Warwick, RI; d. 11 Nov 1721 Cranston, RI; m. 1 Jan 1701

[Westcott 181]

549. Hannah Gardiner:

550. Maj. Peter Greene: b. 20 Jan 1682; d. 3 Dec 1767; m. 29 Jun 1710

551. Keziah Davis: d. 17 Mar 1753

556. John Stone: b. 1674; m. (2nd)

[Stone 1]

557. Abigail Foster:

688. Samuel Walton: b. c1689; d. c1758; m. 15 Feb 1709 Byberry Meeting

[Walton 19-20]

689. Marcy Waterman:

692. Benjamin Bond: m. 20 Feb/Apr 1686 Slaughterford, Wiltshire, England

693. Ann Paradise:

714. Isaac Parker:

715. Ruth ___:

718. Joseph Waite: b. 11 Nov 1688 Hatfield, MA; m. (2nd) 22 Sep 1720

719. Mary Warner: b. 17 Aug 1694; d. 18 Aug 1792 Whately, MA

[Warner 104-105]

720. Thomas Damon: bp. 28 Oct 1627 Faversham, Kent, England; d. 7 Dec 1683 Reading, MA; came to America in 1650

722. Rev. Joseph Emerson: bp. 25 Jun 1620 Bishops-Stortford, Hertford, England; d. 3 Jan 1679/80 Concord, MA; m. 7 Dec 1665 Concord

723. Elizabeth Bulkeley: b. c1638; d. 4 Sep 1693 Reading, MA

[Bulkeley 128]

728. Josiah Thayer: b. Mendon, MA; d. c1728 Mendon; m. 7 Jan 1690

729. Sarah Bass: d. Mendon

[Bass 20]

730. Stephen Samson:

[MB&D 262]

731. Elizabeth ___:

732. Isaac Thayer: b. Mendon, MA; m. (2nd)

[Thayer 147]

733. Mary ___:

752. Jonathan Boyden: b. 30 Jul 1674 Medfield, MA; d. 3 Mar 1719 Medfield, MA; m. (1st) 17 Nov 1698 (m. 2nd 12 Feb 1713 Esther Thurston)

753. Rachel Fisher: b. 24 Mar 1680; d. 31 Mar 1712

756. Capt. Joseph Sears: b. c1675 Yarmouth, MA; d. 7 May 1750; m. 19 Sep 1700 Yarmouth

[Sears 67]

757. Hannah Hall: d. 28 Jul 1753

758. John Buck: m. 10 Mar 1719/20

759. Phebe Sears: b. 26 Jun 1694 Yarmouth, MA

[Sears 64]


1056. Capt. Joseph Field: b. c1658 Hartford, CT; d. 15 Feb 1736 Sunderland, MA; m. (1st) 28 Jun 1683

[Field 117-118]

1057. Joanna Wyatt: b. 1663; d. 25 Mar 1722

1058. Joseph Smith:

1059. Canada Wait: b. 22 Jan 1678 Canada

[Wait 13]

1062. John Fay: b. 30 Nov 1669 Marlboro, MA; d. 5 Jan 1747; m. (1st) 1 Dec 1690

[Fay 20-24]

1063. Elizabeth Wellington: b. 29 Dec 1673; d. 8 Mar 1729

1080. Thomas Bingham: b. 11 Dec 1667 Norwich, CT; d. 5 Apr 1710; m./ 17 Feb 1691/2

[Bingham 9]

1081. Hannah Backus:

1082. Samuel Post: b. 8 Mar 1668 Norwich, CT; d. 23 Apr 1735; m. 17 Mar 1698

[Hyde 11]

1083. Ruth Lathrop/Lothrop: d. 10 Aug 1750

1088. John Rhodes: b. 1658; d. 14 Aug 1716; m. 12 Feb 1685

1089. Wait Waterman: b. 1668; d. 1711

[Williams 68]

1090. Charles Holden:

1091. Catherine Greene:

1096. Jeremiah Westcott: b. c1633/4; d. 1686; m. 27 Jul 1666

[Westcott 155]

1097. Eleanor England: b. 1644 Portsmouth, RI

1098. George Gardiner:

1099. Tabitha Tefft:

1100. Peter Greene: b. 4 Feb 1654; d. 12 Aug 1723; m. 16 Dec 1680

1101. Elizabeth Arnold: d. 5 Jun 1728

1112. Hugh Stone: b. c1638

[Stone 1]

1113. Abigail Busecot:

1376. Daniel Walton: b. c1660; d. 20 Apr 1719; m. c Aug 1688

[Walton 9-11]

1377. Mary Lamb:

1378. ___ Waterman:

1379. Margaret ___:

1384. Edward Bond: of Bewley, Laycock Parish, Wiltshire, England

1436. Sgt. Benjamin Waite: b. 1644; d. 29 Feb 1704 Deerfield, MA; m. 8 Jun 1670

[Wait 13]

1437. Martha Leonard: b. 15 May 1649

1438. Daniel Warner: b. 1666 Hadley, MA; d. 12 Mar 1754 Hardwick, MA; m. (1st) 12 Dec 1688

[Warner 58-59]

1439. Mary Hubbard: b. 10 Apr 1669

1446. Rev. Edward Bulkeley: bp. 12 Jun 1614 Odell, Bedford, England; d. 2 Jan 1695/6 Chelmsford, MA  [RD600 pp. 419 (descent from William I of Scotland) and 442 (descent from Henry II of England)]

[Bulkeley 111-112]

1447. Lucian ___:

1456. Fer(di)nando Thayer: d. 28 Mar 1713 Mendon, MA; m. 14 Jan 1652

[Thayer 141]

1457. Huldah Hayward: d. 1 Sep 1690 Mendon

1458. Thomas Bass: b. c1635/9 Roxbury, MA; d. 8 Jan 1719/20; m. (1st) 4 Oct 1660

[Bass 11]

1459. Sarah Wood: b. 1 Oct 1642; d. 29 Sep 1678

1460. Henry Samson: bp. 15 Jan 1603/4 Henlow, Bedfordshire, England; Mayflower passenger; d. 1684/5 Duxbury, MA; m. 6 Feb 1635/6 Plymouth, MA

1461. Anne Plummer:

1464. same as #1456

1465. same as #1457

1504. Jonathan Boyden: b. 20 Feb 1652 Boston, MA; d. 30 May 1732; m. 26 Sep 1673 (m. 2nd Anne ___, who died 1735)

1505. Mary Clark: b. 12 Mar 1649 Dedham, MA

1506. John Fisher: b. 18 Feb 1652 Dedham; d. 15 Oct 1727 Medfield, MA; m. 6 Mar 1674

1507. Hannah Adams:

1512. Lt. Silas Sears: d. 13 Jan 1697/8 Yarmouth, MA

[Sears 48]

1513. Anna ___: d. 4 Mar 1725/6 Yarmouth

1518. Silas Sears: b. 1661 Yarmouth, MA; d. 1732; m. (1st) 1692

[Sears 64]

1519. Sarah Crosby: b. 24 Mar 1667; d. 20 Mar 1705/6


2112. Zechariah Field: b. c1596; d. 30 Jun 1666 Hatfield, MA; m. c1641

[Field 97-100]

2113. Mary ___:

2114. John Wyatt:

2115. Mary Bronson:

2118. same as #1436

2119. same as #1437

2124. John Fay: d. 5 Dec 1690; m. (1st)

[Fay 14-18]

2125. Mary Brigham: d. 1676 Watertown, MA

2126. Benjamin Wellington:

2127. Elizabeth Sweetman:

2160. Thomas Bingham: bp. 5 Jun 1642 Sheffield, England; d. 16 Jan 1729/30 Windham, CT; m. 12 Dec 1666

[Bingham 3-8]

2161. Mary Rudd: b. 1648; d. 4 or 5 Aug 1726

2162. Lt. William Backus:

2164. John Post: d. 10 Feb 1711 Norwich, CT; m. Mar 1652 Saybrook

2165. Hester Hyde: d. 13 Nov 1703 Norwich

[Hyde 4]

2166. John Lothrop: bp. 7 Dec 1645 Boston, MA; d. 25 Aug 1688 Wallingford, CT; m. 15 Dec 1669

2167. Ruth Royce:

2176. Zachariah Rhodes: d. 1665

2177. Joanna Arnold:

2178. Resolved Waterman:

2179. Mercy Williams: b. 15 Jul 1640; d. 1705

[Williams 54]

2180. Randall Holden:

2181. Frances Dungan:

2182. Dep. Gov. John Greene: b. c1620; d. 27 Nov 1708

2183. Ann Almy:

2192. Stukely Westcott: b. c1592; d. 12 Jan 1677 Portsmouth, RI

[Westcott 123]

2200. same as #2182

2201. same as #2183

2202. Stephen Arnold:

2752. William Walton: bp. 19 Aug 1629 Oxhill, Warwickshire, England; m. 30 Sep 1657

[Walton 1-3]

2753. Alice Martin:

2872. Thomas Wait: b. c1601; d. bef. Apr 1677 Portsmouth

[Wait 10-11]

2874. John Leonard:

2876. Lt. Daniel Warner: d. 30 Apr 1692 Hatfield, MA; m. (1st)

[Warner 40-44]

2877. Mary ___: d. Sep 1672

2878. John Hubbard: b. c1630; d. 1702 Hatfield, MA

2879. Mary Merriam:

2912. Thomas Thayer:

2913. Margery ___:

2916. Dea. Samuel Bass: b. c1600; d. 30 Dec 1694 Braintree, MA

[Bass 1-5]

2917. Ann Savell:

3008. Thomas Boyden: m. (1st)  (m. 2nd 3 Nov 1658 Boston, MA Hannah (Phillips) Morse, widow of Joseph Morse)

3009. Frances ___: d. 17 Mar 1658 Boston

3010. Joseph Clark: one of the earliest settlers of Dedham, and one of the thirteen who undertook the settlement of Medfield

3011. Alice ___:

3012. Lt. Joshua Fisher: d. 1672 Dedham, MA

3014. Peter Adams: of Medfield, MA

3015. Rachel ___:

3024. Richard Sears/Sares: bur. 26 Aug 1676 Yarmouth, MA

[Sears 23-32]

3036. same as #1512

3037. same as #1513

3038. Rev. Thomas Crosby:

3039. Sarah ___:


4250. Thomas Brigham: d. 19 Dec 1653

4252. Roger Wellington:

4253. Mary Palgrave:

4328. Stephen Post: d. 16 Aug 1659 Saybrook

4330. William Hyde: d. 6 Jan 1681 Norwich, CT

[Hyde 1-3]

4332. Samuel Lathrop: d. 29 Feb 1700 Norwich, CT; m. 28 Nov 1644 Barnstable, MA

4333. Elizabeth Scudder:

4334. Robert Royce:

4358. Roger Williams: b. c1601; d. 19 Apr 1683

[Williams 1]; m. 15 Dec 1629 High Laver, Essex, England

4359. Mary Barnard: d. 1676

4362. John Greene: b. c1597; surgeon; d. 1658 Warwick, RI

4363. Joanna Tattershall:

5752. Andrew Warner: d. 18 Dec 1684

[Warner 13-28]

5756. George Hubbard: b. c1600

5757. Mary Bishop:


8506. Dr. Richard Palgrave:   [RD600 p. 333 (descent from Edward I of England)]

8507. Anna ___:

8664. Rev. John Lothrop: d. 8 Nov 1653 Barnstable, MA

8665. Hannah Howse:



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1880 – Wataga, Knox Co., IL, e.d. 149, sheet 27 (p. 363c)

Heath, William M.      W M 65                       Carpenter        NY NY NY

___, Lucinda M.         W F 60            Wife                            VT VT VT


1870 – Wataga, Knox Co., IL, p. 8

Heath, William            55 M W           Farmer             3000    1500    NY

___, Lucinda               51 F W                                                            VT

___, William                8 M W                                                             IL


1870 – Sparta Twp. (Wataga P.O.), Knox Co., IL, p. 18

Rhodes, Charles          55 M W           Farmer             5500    2000    VT

___, George                33 M W           Farmer                                     VT

___, Hiram                  28 M W           Farmer                                     VT

___, Jane                     16 F W                                                            IL

___, Louisa                 14 F W                                                            IL

Neslin, Peter                18 M W                                                           Sweden


1860 – Henderson, Knox Co., IL, p. 518

Wm. Heath                  40 M    Farmer             200                  NY

Lucinda                     40 F                                                     NY

Sidney                       20 M                                                    IL

Mary                          17 F                                                     IL

Morgan                      14 M                                                    IL

Jas.                            12 M                                                    IL


1860 – Richmond, Chittenden Co., VT, p. 45 (483)

W. Rhodes                  88 M    Farmer             15000  3500    RI

Sally                          84 F                                                     RI

Wm.                          51 M    Farmer                                     NH

Caroline                     49 F                                                     VT

Maria                         22 F                                                     VT

Horatio                      49 M    Farmer                                     VT

Byron Barber              46 M    Farm Laborer                          VT

Maria                         36 F                                                     NY

Geo.                          12 M                                                    VT

Matilda D. Fox[?]       18 F     Servant                                    NY

Geo. Thacher               22 M    Farm Labroer                          ME


1851 – Pittsburg, Frontenac, Canada West (Ontario), Canada, p. 11

Henry F. Oriel Commissariat Offc.     England           Protestant        52

Mary Oriel                                           England           Protestant        42

Eliza Oriel                                           England           Protestant        27

Francis H. Oriel                                   Canada West   Protestant        20

Mary Ann Oriel                                   Canada East    Protestant        18

Emma S. Oriel                                     Canada East    Protestant        16

Leya[?] E. Oriel                                  Canada East    Protestant        14

Fredk. Oriel                                         Canada East    Protestant        11

Charles Oriel                                       Canada East    Protestant        9


1850 – Twp. 12 N. 2 E., Knox Co., IL, p. 777 (390a)

Sidney Heath              60 M    Farmer             800                  NY

Ann                           55 F                                                     NY

Juliett                        18 F                                                     NY

Margaret Eli                35 F                                                     NY

William Heath             35 M    Waggon Maker  1200             NY

Lucinda                     32 F                                                     VT

Sidney                       8 M                                                      IL

Mary                          6 F                                                       IL

Morgan                      4 M                                                      IL

James                         2 M                                                      IL


1850 – Richmond, Chittenden Co., VT, p. 153 (77a)

William Rhodes          78 M    Farmer             10000              RI

Sally                          74 F                                                     RI

Nelson                       40 M    Laborer                                    VT

Charles                      35 M    Farmer                                     VT

James                         34 M    Farmer                                     VT

George G.                 12 M                                                    VT

Anthony                    10 M                                                    VT

Myron                       7 M                                                      VT

Alma M.                    5 F                                                       VT

Abigail A.                 2 F                                                       VT

Mary Corbett              19 F                                                     VT

Stephen Barker           22 M    Laborer                                    Ireland

Eldred McBride          21 M    Laborer                                    Ireland



NOTE for #s 18-19: message from Tom Brown (dated 5 Sep 2008):

I've done some searching on Francis H. Oriel and discovered that he was married to Ellen Dee on 31 January 1870 at St. Catharines, Niagara, Ontario, Canada.  Both were residents of Rochester, NY


Looking at the 1860 and 1870 census, one can tell that Francis was married before to a woman named Hellen who most likely passed on before 1870.  Francis' children from this first marriage consisted of Eliza Helen "Birdie", Blanche A (possibly died in infancy), Florence, and Emma.  It seems that after Francis married Ellen, that he soon departed for Chicago leaving his three surviving daughters to live with Frank's elder unmarried sister Eliza.  (Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Rochester, Monroe, New York; Roll: T9_864; Family History Film: 1254864; Page: 426.1000; Enumeration District: 112; Image: 0675.)


The 1900 census record is misleading.  Frank and Ellen (listed as Allna) state they had five children together and been married for 45 years (ca. 1855).  Apparently, Frank was attempting to say that he's been married since 1855 and that he was adding the total number of children he had from both marriages.  So technically, Alice Addie Oriel only had one full blooded sibling - Nellie.


I also found a Frank H. Oriel living at Oak Grove, IL with his third wife Mary (b. ca 1850 in NY) in 1910.  However Frank's age is incorrect.  Should be 77 instead of 67.  However, all other data seems to indicate that this is Gov. Palin's ancestor.  Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Oak Park, Cook, Illinois; Roll: T624_239; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 75; Image: 913.


So we can assume that Ellen Dee Oriel passed on before 1910.


And in conclusion:  the Illinois death index states that Frank H. Oriel died at Genoa, De Kalb Co, Illinois on Sept 30, 1916 Certificate #0009684.  No age is given but because his surname is so rare, I'm almost certain this is him.







Source: 1870 Census of Knox County, IL (Wataga)

92/96   Heath, James               23MW Mining coal                             IL

            Heath, Maranda          25FW  Keeps house                            VT

            Heath, Liu                   0FW    At home                                  IL


Source: 1880 Census of Knox County, IL (Galesburg, Dist 133)

281/367   Heath, J. W.            WM32 Head   Married   Engineer                  IL/NY/OH

                Heath, Alma            WF35  Wife    Married   Keeping house        VT/VT/VT

                Heath, Lena            WF10  Dau     Single                                       IL/IL/VT

                Heath, Charles        WM8   Son      Single                                       IL/IL/VT

                Heath, Olive            WF4    Dau     Single                                       IL/IL/VT


Source: 1900 Census of Knox County, IL (Galesburg Ward 2, Dist 38)

123/142   Heath, Elma                        WF55  Jan 1845          Married 4/6 ch VT/VT/VT

                Heath, Lena            Dau     WF30  Feb 1870         Single              IL/VT/VT

                Armstrong, Fred     Lodger WM33 Jan 1867          Single              IL/IL/IL


Source: 1910 Census of Knox County, IL (Galesburg, Dist 148)

84/87       Wood, Arthur         Head   MW41 M2 5yrs                       NY/NY/NY

                Wood, Lena            Wife    FW40  M1 5yrs 0/0 ch            IL/IL/VT


Source: California Death Index


Lena May Wood, b. 2 Feb 1870 (IL), d. 17 Jul 1950 (Los Angeles County), fa: HEATH, mo: RHOADS


Source: DAR Lineage Books

Mrs. Lena Heath Wood. DAR ID Number: 69214

Born in Knoxville, Ill.

Wife of Arthur Wood.

Descendant of Jeremiah Bingham.

Daughter of James W. Heath and Alma Rhodes (1845-1904), his wife.

Granddaughter of William Heath and Lucinda Field, his wife.

Gr-granddaughter of Lumon Field and Abigail Delong, his wife.

Gr-gr-granddaughter of Aaron Delong and Sylina Bingham, his wife; Elisha Field Jr., and Ruth Kirkham, his wife.

Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Jeremiah Bingham and Abigail Hawks, his wife; Elisha Field and Betty Pratt, his wife; Elias De Long and Isabel Dickinson, his wife; and of Elijah Kirkham.

Jeremiah Bingham (1748-1842) was a private in the Vermont militia, serving at the battle of Bennington, 1777. He was born in Norwich, Conn.; died in Cornwell, Vt.

Elisha Field and his son Elisha served in frontier defense. They are both buried at Cornwall, Vt.

Elijah Kirkham was at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Elias De Long served under different commands and as lieutenant of Levies under Col. William Malcom.


Possible obit connections in Chicago Sun-Times thru 1940

1875 - Patrick Heath, age 48 years, funeral by cars to Calvary

1935 - Michael E. Heath, beloved brother of Thomas, Mrs. Mary Kelly and the late James Heath. Interment Calvary.


16 July 1929 -

Mrs. Heath, Oldest Citizen of Libertyville, Is Dead

   Mrs. Martha Jane Heath, 92 years old, pioneer resident of Lake county and the oldest resident of the village of Libertyville, died late Sunday night at her Libertyville home after a short illness. At the age of 16 years Mrs. Heath came to Libertyville from Corinth, Vt., making the trip in a covered wagon. The funeral will be held on Thursday at 3:30 pm, from her home. Burial will be in the Lakeside cemetery at Libertyville. [1880 Census: Isaac Heath, age 47, Martha Heath, age 42, Omer A. Heath, age 22, Warren M. Heath, age 16, Mary C. Heath, age 68] -- not a match



Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 25 October 1898

Marriage Licenses Issued

Charles R. Heath, age 26, and Alice A. Oriel, age 22, both parties residents of Chicago


Source: 1900 Census of Cook County, IL (Chicago Ward 12, ED 352)

48/105 Heath, Charles R.        Head   WM28 Mar 1872 Marr 1 yr     IL/IL/VT

            Heath, Alice C.           Wife    WF24  Nov 1875 Marr 1 yr    IL/Can-Eng/Ire

            Heath, Francis O.        Son      WM0   Apr 1900 Single          IL/IL/IL


Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 26 Sep 1902

HEATH - Addie Oriel, Sept. 25, aged 26 years, wife of Charles R. Heath, 1219 Jackson blvd. Funeral notice later.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times, 27 Sep 1902

HEATH - Addie Oriel. Funeral today at 10 a.m. from 1219 Jackson blvd. to Our Lady of Sorrows church, thence by carriage to Calvary.



Source: 1910 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Assembly Dist 74, ED 75)

39/41   Heath, Charles R.        Head   MW38 M2 7    IL/US/US  Telephone electrician

            Heath, Agnes              Wife    FW3?  M1 7    1/1 ch  Can-Eng/Can-Eng/Can-Eng

            Heath, Charles F.        Son      MW9   Single  IL/IL/IL


Source: Los Angeles Times, 17 June 1928

Intention to Marry

HEATH-BRANDT, Charles F. Heath, 26; Nellie M. Brandt, 25


Source: 1922 Voter Registration List for Los Angeles County

161 Heath, Charles R, store mgr, 1318 N Edgemont st, R


Source: 1930 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Dist 29)

5390 Romaine Street

94/95   Heath, Charles R.        Head   MW58 Marr@25         IL/IL/VT Proprietor, Radio Store

            Heath, Agnes              Wife    FW56  Marr@26         Can-Eng/Can-Eng/Can-Eng  Clerk, Radio Store


Source: 1930 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Dist 616)

143/143 Heath, Charles F.      Head   MW28 Marr@26         IL/IL/Can-Eng Salesman, retail electric supplies

            Heath, Marie B.          Wife    FW28  Marr@26         CA/MN/WI  Public school teacher


Source: California Birth Index, 1905-1995

Carol Frances Heath, b. 16 Aug 1936 (Los Angeles County, CA), mother's maiden name: Brandt

Charles Richard Heath, b. 24 Mar 1938 (Los Angeles County, CA), mother's maiden name: Brandt


Source: California Death Index, 1940-1997

Agnes Heath, b. 9 Apr 1874 (Canada), d. 31 May 1959 (Los Angeles County)

Checked Los Angeles Times obituaries, not found



Source: SSDI

Charles Heath, b. 25 Oct 1901, d. Jan 1980, lr: Hope, Bonner, ID, iss: CA

Marie B. Heath, b. 14 Sep 1900, d. 3 Feb 1988, lr: Sandpoint, Bonner, ID, iss: ID



Source: Saindpoint (ID) Daily Bee, Wed, 23 Jan 1980, page 11

Charles F. Heath, a 31-year resident of Hope, died Jan. 6 in a Yuma hospital from an apparent heart attack. A photographer for many years in the Los Angeles area, he drove a school bus in the Hope area and was an avid fisherman. He is survived by his wife, Marie, at Yuma; a son Charles R. Heath, and four grandchildren, all of Wasilla, Ark. [sic]


Source: Sandpoint (ID) Daily Bee, 16 Feb 1988

Former Hope resident and teacher Marie B. Heath died Feb. 3 in Sandpoint, according to information received from the family. She was 87. No local services were held, but the family suggests memorials be directed to the Sandpoint First Church of Christ, Scientist, 422 Pine St.

   She was born Sept. 14, 1900 in Santa Monica, Calif., attended UCLA and taught for 45 years. After many years in North Hollywood, the family moved in 1948 to Hope, where she taught until she retired in 1967.

   She is survived by her son Chuck Heath of Wasilla, Alaska, and four grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charlie, and daughter, Carol.






Source; 1860 Census of Monroe County, NY (Rochester Ward 10)

/2790   Oriel, Francis H.          27M     Dry goods merchant                           Canada

            Oriel, Hellen F.           26F                                                                  New York

            Oriel, Eliza H.             3F                                                                    New York

            Oriel, Blanche A.        1F                                                                    New York

            Cavaughn, Jane           21F      Servant                                                Canada

            Oriel, Elisa C.              40F                                                                  England


Source: 1870 Census of Monroe County, NY (Rochester Ward 10)

220/252 Oriel, Frank               36MW Hatter                                                  Can

            Oriel, Charles              27MW Hatter                                                  Can

            Oriel, Mary                  60FW                                                              England

            Oriel, Eliza C.             45FW  Keeping house                                    England

            Oriel, Birdie                14FW  At school                                             New York

            Oriel, Florence            9FW                                                                New York

            Oriel, Emma                8FW                                                                New York

            McCarty, Nora            22FW  Domestic servant                                New York


Source: 1880 Census of Cook County, IL (Chicago)

317/433 Oriel, Frank               WM45 Head   Married           Hatter              NY/NY/NY

            Oriel, Ellen                  WF38  Wife    Married           Keeping House Ire/Ire/Ire

            Oriel, Nellie                 WF8    Dau     Single  At school                     IL/NY/Ire

            Oriel, Addie                WF5    Dau     Single                                      IL/NY/Ire

            Cole, Louise                WF22  Boarder           Single  Seamstress       NY/MA/Ire


Source: 1900 Census of Cook County, IL (Cicero, Dist 1145)

23/24   Oriel, Frank                 Head   WM68 May 1832 Marr 45 yrs            Can/Eng/Eng

            Oriel, Anna                 Wife    WF57  Aug 1842 Marr 45 yrs 5/5 ch  Ire/Ire/Ire

            Oriel, Nellie                 Dau     WF25  Nov 1874 Single                     IL/Can/Ire

            Gutherson, Adna        Servant WF24 Jun 1875 Single                       Swe/Swe/Swe






Source: Brown County (New Ulm), Minnesota Pioneers and their Families, Excerpted from History of Brown County, Minnesota: Its People Industries and Institutions, by Dr. L. A. Fritsche (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1916)


pp. 37-38

Judge Ernst Brandt, former judge of probate for Brown county, former county commissioner and for twenty-two years editor of the newspaper Fortschritt, at New Ulm, now living retired from the more active duties of life in that city, is a native of Germany, having been born in Roga, by Friedland, Mecklenberg-Strelitz, October 1, 1838, son of Carl Christian and Wilhelmina (Plath) Brandt, both natives of Friedland, who were the parents of four children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the second in order of birth, the others having been Charles C., Fritz and Wilhelmina.


Carl Christian Brandt was the youngest of the four children born to his parents, Julius Brandt and wife, the others having been August, Eda and Theresa. Julius Brandt was a school master and took an active part in local church work in his native land. Both he and his wife died in Germany. Carl C. Brandt was carefully reared and received an excellent education, for some time in his young manhood having been a school teacher in his native land. He was trained to the millwright's craft and became a very proficient artisan in that form of industry. He married in the Fatherland Wilhelmina Plath, youngest of the three children born to her parents, the others having been Hans, who died in New Ulm, this county, and Herman, who is now living, at the age of eighty-four years, in Yakima, Washington.


In the year 1852 Carl C. Brandt and his family came to the United States, locating at Cleveland, Ohio, where they remained until 1856, in which year they came to Minnesota, locating in Brown county, thus being among the pioneers of this county. Carl C. Brandt homesteaded a quarter of a section of land in Sigel township and there established his home, quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading pioneers of the county. He had brought a complete set of millwright's tools with him from Cleveland and shortly after settling here erected on his farm the first grist-mill ever constructed in the state of Minnesota.  This mill was operated by wind power and its great wings for many years were familiar objects in the landscape there. The stone for the buhrs of the mill was taken from the bed of Cottonwood river and for years this substantial old mill faithfully performed its office of grinding the corn of the neighbors for miles about in that vicinity. In addition to his extensive farming and milling operations Carl C. Brandt was active in promoting the general interests of the new community and took a prominent part in civic affairs. He was for years a member of the school board in Sigel township and served the county for some time in the capacity of county commissioner. When well past middle age he and his wife moved from the farm and located in New Ulm, where they spent the remainder of their lives in the comfortable frame house they erected on the site now occupied by the residence of Doctor Fritsche. Mrs. Brandt died at the age of sixty-eight, her husband surviving for some years, he being eighty-one years of age at the time of his death.


Source: 1860 Census of Brown County, MN (Cottonwood, PO: New Ulm)

454/446 Brandt, Charles         50M     Farmer                                     Mecklenberg

            Brandt, Whilhemina    46F                                                      Mecklenberg

            Brandt, Frederick        22M     Painter                                     Mecklenberg

            Brandt, Ernest             24M                                                     Mecklenberg



Source: 1870 Census of Brown County, MN (New Ulm)

68/76   Brandt, C. Ch.            62MW Retired farmer                         Mecklenburg

            Brandt, Wilhelmine     58FW  Keeping house                        Mecklenburg


Source: 1870 Census of Brown County, MN (Sigel)

32/32   Brand, Charles            33MW Farmer                                     Mecklenburg

            Brand, Maria               28FW  Keeping house                        Mecklenburg

            Brand, Emma              6FW                                                    Minnesota

            Brand, Clara                5FW                                                    Minnesota

            Brand, Henry              3MW                                                   Minnesota


Source: 1880 Census of Brown County, MN (New Ulm, Dist 21)

79/34   Brandt, C. Ch.            WM72 Head   Wid     Retired farmer             Meck/Meck/Meck

            Brandt, Emma             WF16  Gdau   Single  Keeping house            OH/Meck/OH


Source: 1880 Census of Brown County, MN (Sigel, Dist 25)

93/101 Brandt, Charlie C.       WM43 Head   Married           Farmer             Meck/Meck/Meck

            Brandt, Maria              WF40  Wife    Married           Keeping house OH/OH/OH

            Brandt, Clara              WF15  Dau     Single  At home                      OH/Meck/OH

            Brandt, Henry C.        WM12 Son      Single  At home                      MN/Meck/OH


Source: Los Angeles Times, 29 June 1894

Henry C. Brandt, a native of Minnesota, aged 27 years, a resident of San Diego, to May Belle Ruddock, a native of Wisconsin, aged 26 years, a resident of Covina.



Source: 1900 Census of San Diego County, CA (San Diego Ward 6, ED 196)

144/194 Brandt, Chas C.        Head   WM63 Mar 1837 Marr 38 yrs             Ger/Ger/Ger

            Brandt, Maria C.         Wife    WF60  May 1840 Marr 38 yrs            OH/OH/OH

            Brandt, Clara G.         Dau     WF35  Mar 1865 Divorced                 OH/Ger/OH

            Bellis, Samuel             Boarder WM60 Apr 1840 Widowed              IA/IA/IA


Source: 1900 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Ward 3, ED 28)

171/228 Brandt, Henry           Head   WM32 Jun 1867 Marr 6 yrs    MN/Ger/OH

            Brandt, May C.           Wife    WF32  Oct 1867 Marr 6 yrs    WI/MA/MA

            Brandt, Charlie R.       Son      MW4   Oct 1895 Single          CA/MN/WI


Source: 1910 Census of San Diego County, CA (San Diego Ward 9, ED 164)

462/480 Brandt, Maria C.       Head   MW69 Widowed                    2/3 ch  OH/VA/OH

            Brandt, Clara G.         Dau     FW44  Divorced                     OH/Ger/OH


Source: 1910 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Assembly Dist 72, ED 198)

212/254 Brandt, Henry Chas. Head   MW42 M1 15 yrs                    MN/Ger/OH  Mechanical engineer, machinery ?

            Brandt, May B.           Wife    FW42  M1 15 yrs        3/3 ch  WI/MA/MA

            Brandt, Charles R.      Son      MW14 Single                          CA/MN/WI

            Brandt, Nellie M.        Dau     FW9    Single                          CA/MN/WI

            Brandt, Grace M.        Dau     FW2    Single                          CA/MN/WI


Source: WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Charles R. Brandt, b. 13 Oct 1895 (Covina, CA), reg. Yolo County, CA, single


Source: 1920 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Assembly Dist 75, ED 466)

45/116 Brandt, Henry C.                    Head   MW52 Married           MN/Ger*/OH

            Brandt, Nellie M.                    Dau     FW19  Single              CA/MN/WI

            Brandt, Grace M.                    Dau     FW11  Single              CA/MI/WI

            Partain, Clara G.                     Sister   FW54  Divorced         OH/Ger*/OH

              * - Mechlenberger


Source: 1930 Census of Los Angeles County, CA (Dist 125)

718/754 Brandt, Henry C.      Head   MW62 Marr@27         MN/Ger/OH  Sales manager, ???

            Brandt, Ola B.            Wife    FW55  Marr@20         MN/Ger/Ger


Source: Los Angeles Times, 3-5 Sep 1934

BRANDT. May B. Brandt, at Salt Lake City, Utah. Announcement of services later by Pierce Brothers.

BRANDT. September 1, May B. Brandt, loving mother of Mrs. Charles Heath, Grace and Charles R. Brandt; sister of Mrs. N. Newell. Announcement of services later by Pierce Brothers.

BRANDT. Services for May B. Brandt 2 p.m. today at the Rosedale Cemetery chapel. Pierce Brothers, directors.


Source: California Death Index, 1940-1997

Clara Grace PARTAIN, b. 5 Apr 1866 (Ohio), d. 24 May 1941 (Los Angeles County), fa: BRANDT, mo: CRISS





Source: Canton (OH) Ohio Repository, 4 Oct 1833


The following named gentlemen are candidates for the offices respectively attached to their names:

Coroner -- Thomas McGavran, John Blackledge, Henry Criss.


Source: 1850 Census of Carroll County, OH (Augusta)

1907/   Criss, Henry                45M                 Farmer                         VA

            Criss, Bath'a                46F                                                      OH

            Criss, Isaac                  12M                                                     OH

            Criss, Maria                 9F                                                        OH
            Criss, Albert                6M                                                       OH

            Straline, Solomon        22M                                                     OH

            Straline, Malinda         19F                                                      OH


Source: 1870 Census of Stark County, OH (Paris Twp, PO: Minerva)

408/414 Criss, Henry              65MW             Retired farmer             VA

            Criss, Lina                   55FW              Keeps house                OH

            Criss, Williard             14MW                                                 OH

            Rudy, Bell                   19FW              Housekeeping             PA

            Pitney, Orren               48MW             Manufacture                NY


Source: 1880 Census of Stark County, OH (Minerva, Dist 152)

47/49   Criss, Linna     WF64  Head   Widowed        Housekeeping             OH/PA/PA

            Criss, Willard  WM23 Son      Married           Stone & Brick mason  OH/OH/OH

            Criss, Mary E. WF21  Dau-in-L  Married       Domestic duties          OH/OH/OH

            Criss, Frank     WM2   Son                                                                  OH/OH/OH



1. Henry CRIST, b. 3 May 1804 (Brooke County, VA/WV) and died 8 February 1877 (Carroll County, OH), married 4 June 1827 (Columbiana County, OH) to Bathsheba WALTON.

2. John Michael CRIST was born 30 May 1774 (Harmons Creek, Washington, PA) and died 17 September 1845 (Augusta Twp, Carroll County, OH). Married 11 February 1795.

3. Sarah TOLAN

4. John Michael CRISS was born 21 September 1746 and died 1831. Married 1 June 1769.

5. Ursula HAWKINS was born 1746 and died 1820.

6. John TOLAN

7. Esther DWIRE

8. Johanne Nicolas Heinrich CRISS was born 29 October 1716 and died February 1783. Married 25 January 1738/39.

9. Ana Cathrin NOWLIN was born 10 October 1722 and died 10 February 1783.






Source: Bond Genealogy, A History of the Descendants of Joseph Bond, by Samuel Bond Garrett (Muncie, IN: 1913)

p. 7

From "Wiltshire Notes and Queries,"

"Benjamin Bond, son of Edward Bond, of Bewley, Laycock parish, and Ann Paradise, of Slaughterford, were married 2 mo. 20, 1686, at Slaughterford."


p. 9-11

JOSEPH BOND, son of Benjamin and Ann Bond, of Devizes, Wilts (England) was born 8 mo. 6, 1704. Wife Martha Rogers (thought to be a kinswoman of martyr John Rogers). Lived in the early part of their time in Bucks County, PA in or near Richland Township, afterward moved (ca 1750) to New Garden, Guilford County, NC, died before 1760. Buried at New Garden, now Guilford College.

Children included Ruth Bond, b. 1744-45.


Joseph Bond was grandson of Edward Bond, of England, and son of Benjamin Bond and wife, Ann Paradise, of Wiltshire, England. He was born in England, emigrated to America - Pennsylvania -- about 1735, married Martha Rogers, lived in Bucks County, Penn., moved to Roan, now Guilford Co., N.C., about 1751,

p. 18

RUTH BOND, daughter of Joseph and Martha (Rogers) Bond, was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, about 1744-5. She married (date not known) Benjamin Walton, a Friend or Quaker. They lived some years in Eastern Pennsylvania, Bucks County, but later, prior to 1793, moved to a new settlement of Friends in Washington County of the same State. She died 2 June 1805, in the 61st year of her age. The date of his decease and birth is wanting. The Waltons were a numerous and prominent people in Pennsylvania. Residence, Pennsylvania. The children of Benjamin and Ruth (Bond) Walton include:

Gabriel Walton, b. Nov. 17, 1777


p. 38

GABRIEL WALTON (Ruth-Joseph), son of Benjamin and Ruth (Bond) Walton, born Nov. 17, 1777; married March 12, 1802: Mary Townsend, daughter of Benjamin Townsend, a Quaker preacher of Chester County, Pennsylvania. She became a preacher of some note herself. She was born Sept. 8, 1781 and died Nov. 15, 1862; he, Gabriel Walton, died April 18, 1845. Children include:


Bathsheba Walton, b. May 16, 1804; m. Henry Criss; she died Oct. 20, 1852; four children.






Source: 1880 Census of Cook County, IL (Chicago, Dist 109)

52/54   Ruddock, Thomas S.  WM62 Husb    Married           Lumber dealer N         Y/NY/NY

            Ruddock, Maria N.     WF52  Wife    Married                                               MA/MA/MA

            Ruddock, Chas H.      WM31 Son      Single              Lumber dealer             WI/NY/MA

            Ruddock, Fred S.       WM17 Son      Single              Clerk in lumber off     WI/NY/MA

            Ruddock, May B.       WF12  Dau     Single                                                  WI/NY/MA
            Ruddock, Nellie M.    WF8    Dau     Single                                                  WI/NY/MA

            Blackmon, Ada           WF30              Single              Music Teacher             MA/MA/MA



An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County, California - Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1889. Page 618.



Among the prominent capitalists of the East who have located in Los Angeles County, seeking its genial climate, etc., as a desirable place of residence, is the above-named gentleman, who is residing at 317 Grand avenue, Los Angeles.  Mr. Ruddock is largely interested in real estate in the county and is projecting and carrying out some, of the most extensive citrus-fruit planting in the San Gabriel Valley. He is the owner of 1,100 acres of land in the Puente, San Dimas, Glendora and Azusa school districts. Of this choice land 378 acres are located two and a half miles south and west of Glendora and three and a half miles southeast of Azusa. Mr. Ruddock is planting the whole of this tract to citrus fruits. He is sparing neither time nor money in his improvements, and is destined to build up one of the most magnificent orange groves in the United States. Of the 160 acres planted in 1889, he has the following choice varieties: 800 Jaffa, 1,500 Malta Blood, 500 Sanford's Mediterranean, 1,000 Hart's Tardiff, 400 Mediterranean Blood, a large acreage of Washington Navels, ten acres in lemons, and a variety of other citrus fruits, such as Ruby, Jell, etc. He is an enthusiast in his horticultural pursuits, and gives the matter his personal attention. He is seeking and obtaining the choicest varieties of citrus fruits to be obtained, and is planting many varieties heretofore unknown in that section of the San Gabriel Valley. He is the owner of 730 acres of land two miles west of his fruit lands, which is devoted to general farming. Mr. Ruddock is a successful business man and the founder of his own fortune. He is conducting his large horticultural pursuits upon the same basis that has secured his success in the various business enterprises of his life. He is a strong believer in the future wealth and prosperity that awaits the San Gabriel Valley, and recognizes no such word as failure in his enterprise. The brief facts obtained as to Mr. Ruddock's life and business successes are of interest. He is a native of New England, dating his birth in Franklin County, Massachusetts, in February, 1818. In 1831 his father moved to Onondaga County, New York, and was there engaged as a farmer and miller. Mr. Ruddock was reared to farm life, receiving such educational advantages as were afforded by the common schools. In 1842 he determined to strike out in the great West, and in that year located near Racine, Wisconsin, where he took up Government land and commenced life as a pioneer farmer, after which he located at Berlin, Green Lake County. In 1849 he came to California, and for the next four years was engaged in mining in Placer County and on the middle fork of the American River. Returning to Berlin in 1853 he entered into extensive business operations, conducting a large mercantile establishment and lumber business. He also built steamboats and established a packet and freight line on the Fox River and portage to the Wisconsin River, thus establishing water transportation from the Lakes to the Mississippi River. He extended his operations and established large lumber yards in Milwaukee and Chicago, and for twenty years was largely engaged in the manufacture of lumber in Manistee, Michigan, owning a mill and extensive pine lands in that vicinity; was also largely interested in the pioneer railroads of his State and the establishment of banking interests in Berlin. He became one of the most prominent business men in his section, building lake and river steamers, establishing machine shops, foundries, etc. In 1870 he took up his residence in Milwaukee. He was one of the first to raise cranberries in Wisconsin. In 1879 moved to Chicago, where he resided until 1888. In that year he took up his residence in Los Angeles. Mr. Ruddock is a man endowed with a strong constitution, and in early life was reared to industrious and energetic habits. With that as his capital he started in life and success has followed. In 1847 Mr. Ruddock married Miss Maria N. Newell, the daughter of Asa and Nancy M. Newell, of Massachusetts. There are three children living from this marriage, and three are deceased. The son, Charles H., married Miss Sarah Billings; he is now residing in Chicago, and is conducting his business enterprises at that point and in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two daughters are May B. and Nellie M. Mr. Ruddock's parents were both natives of Massachusetts. They were Justus and Rhoda (Damon) Ruddock.



Source: Family Tree of Warren Forsythe (

1. Malinda RUDDOCK was born 18 October 1828 (Conway, MA).

2. Justus RUDDOCK was born circa 1792 (Buckland, MA). Married 25 November 1813 (Hawley, MA).

3. Rhoda DAMON was born August 1795 (Hawley, MA).

4. Edward RUDDOCK was born circa 1762 (England).

5. Martha SANDERSON was born circa 1762 (prob MA or England).

6. Stephen DAMON (Rev. War) was born 16 February 1757 (Ware, MA) and died 18 November 1842 (Hawley, MA). Married November 1785.

7. Rhoda THAYER was born 2 October 1767 (Ware, MA) and died 3 or 8 July 1839 (Hawley, MA).

12. Dr. Edward DAMON was born 1704 (Reading, MA) and died 15 March 1801 (Ware, MA), aged 96. Married 25 December 1740 (Reading, MA). Married first 6 June 1735 (Hartford, CT) to Lois SPENCER.

13. Elizabeth SMITH was born 7 December 1720 (Reading, MA) and died 12 December 1804 (Ware, MA).

14. Micah THAYER was born circa 1737 (poss. MA)

15. Lois THAYER was born circa 1737 (poss. MA)

24. Thomas DAMON was born 31 January 1658/1659 (Reading, MA) and died 20 October 1723 (Reading, MA).. Married 16 May 1683 (Reading, MA).

25. Lucy Ann EMERSON was born 2 October 1667 (Milton, MA) and died 17 January 1739/1740 (Reading, MA).

26. Abraham SMITH was born circa 1690 (Reading, MA).

27. Elizabeth PIERCE was born circa 1690 (Reading, MA).

48. Thomas DAMON was baptized 28 October 1627 (Faversham, Kent, England) and died 7 December 1683 (Reading, MA).. Came to America in 1650.

49. ______

50. Joseph EMERSON was born circa 1637 (poss. England).

51. Elizabeth BULKELEY was born circa 1637 (poss. England).


Source: 1830 Census of Franklin County, MA (Buckland)

Ruddock, Justus - 1 male und 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female und 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30

Ruddock, Samuel A. - 2 males und 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30

Ruddock, Edward - 1 male 15-20, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 2 females 20-30, 1 female 50-60

Ruddock, Alvin - 1 male 20-30, 1 male 70-80, 1 female und 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 60-70


Source: History of Northern California, pp 355-357

Call number 979.41 M5a film 115 Reel 28 Book 5200

Calvin RUDDOCK, M D was the son of Edward RUDDOCK who emigrated from Scotland when he was about 18 years of age. His mother was a native of Whately, Mass. Edward enlisted in the American army at Bunker Hill and

served during the war.


Calvin's step-grandfather was STAFFORD, and his grand-father on his mother's side was Thomas SANDERSON and both were soldiers in the Revolutionary war as well.


Edward RUDDOCK first settled in Boston and did milk peddling. Then he moved to Wately, Franklin County MA. After his marriage he moved to the town of Buckland, making his permanent home. His wife's maiden name was Martha SANDERSON. She was 17 at the time of the marriage, her husband being three years her senior.


They lived together for 78 years, Edward being 98 when he died, and Martha being 97 at her death.


Calvin was born Jan 18 1814 in Buckland, Franklin County, MA. His first practice was in the town of Pitcher, Chenango County, New York, which, by the way, is the burial place of all his parents.


His brother was Samuel A. RUDDOCK, at one time a successful merchant in Boston, had only one eye, and was appointed as the Topographical Surveyor for the western country. He experienced a number of adventures in the area

he termed the "Coast Range of the Rocky Mountains." He wrote a letter to his brother, Calvin, relating his experiences with the Indians near Fort Hall and his meeting with Kit Carson after Samuel was captured and released by the Indians.


in 1849 Calvin managed to see Kit Carson at Placerville and spoke to him on the subject. Kit Carson remembered Calvin's brother and there are some more tales regarding Samuel's sojourn in CA and finding gold prior to Marshall's

discovery in 1848.


Calvin left NY state in 1848 because of the letters from his brother. He tried to keep the information regarding the gold a secret but was unable to do so. He traveled to Wisconsin and practiced medicine for a year and then continued on when Marshall's discovery of gold was announced.


He finally arrived in Sacramento in 1849, on the site of the old French Hotel on Front Street. Then he went to  Placerville where he mined and practiced medicine. In the Fall of 1851 he came to the Sacramento Valley and

made his home there.


He first located on the Monument ranch on the west side of the Sacramento River, eight miles above the city. About 1857 he bought land at Willow Slough, half way between Woodland and Davisville, near where Merritt's

Station now is.


In 1872 he moved to Woodland. In 1887 he purchased his present home on Oak Avenue west of Cleveland.


December 25 1862, Calvin married Mrs. A. B. GUILFORD, a native of Portland ME, daughter of William BELL.


Source: History of the town of Whately, Mass., Including a Narrative of Leading Events from the First Planting of Hatfield, 1660-1871, by J. H. Temple (1872)

p. 255

PARKER, ABRAHAM,3, Isaac,2, Joseph,1 from Groton; b. Sept. 24, 1726; built a log hut in Canterbury, 1749; drowned, March 12, 1757. He m. March 16, 1749, Lois Blood, dau. of James, b. Aug 25, 1727, d. Sept 27, 1814.


p. 257

RUDDOCK, EDWARD, 1789; m. Martha Sanderson, and had 12 children.


SANDERSON, JOSEPH,1 (lineage not ascertained); b. Aug. 30, 1714; settled in Canterbury, 1752 or 3; d. March 20, 1772. He m. (at Groton,) 1737, Ruth Parker, dau. of Isaac and Ruth, b. July 2, 1716; d. Dec. 8, 1780; chil. Ruth, b. Oct. 6, 1737; Esther, b. April 5, 1739; m. Capt. Abel Dinsmore; Joseph, b. March 8, 1741; Anna, b. Aug. 7, 1742; m. ___ Harvey; Isaac, b. April 7, 1744; Thomas, b. March 16, 1746; Abraham, b. June 10, 1748; David, b. May 15, 1750; ___, b. 1752; m. Jonathan Spafford; John, b. March 11, 1754; Asa, b. April 11, 1756; Isaac, b. Oct. 9, 1757; James.


SANDERSON, THOMAS,2 deacon; lived on the homestead; rem. to Indian hill in 1803; m. (1) Feb. 14, 1771, Miriam Wait, who d. Feb. 21, 1772; (2) Dec. 1, 1774, Lucy Wright; chil. Martha, b. Feb. 10, 1772; m. Edward Ruddock; Miriam, b. Dec 10, 1775; m. Elihu Russell; Thomas, b. Aug. 24, 1777; Asa, b. Feb. 8, 1779; Alvan, b. Dec. 13, 1780; Elijah, b. Oct. 31, 1782; Lucy, b. Nov. 8, 1784; m. Edward Porter; Chester, b. March 30, 1785; Silas, b. July 16, 1791; Eli, b. March 24, 1795.


Source: Greene Lake County, WI Forum

Looking for anyone researching the Justus Ruddock line. He was born in Hawley, Franklin Co., Massachusetts and around 1853, moved to Berlin, Green Lake Co., Wisconsin.

Looking to get more information on this family (such as death dates, burials, etc.)

If anyone has information & would share, it would be greatly appreciated! I have much information on his ancestors also...


Source: 1850 Census of Marquette County, WI (Berlin Township)

991/991 Ruddock, Thomas S. 31M                Farmer                         MA

            Ruddock, Mariah N.   22F                                                      NH

            Ruddock, Charles H.  2M                                                       WI

            Ruddock, Emma ?      1F                                                        WI


1143    Ruddock, A. D.          28M                 Farmer                         MA

            Ruddock, Julia            19F                                                      NY

            Ruddock, George A.  0M                                                       WI

1144    Ruddock, Justus         62M                 Farmer                         MA

            Ruddock, Rhoda        55F                                                      MA
            Ruddock, Sylvester    24M                                                     MA

            Ruddock, Dianna        30F                                                      MA

            Ruddock, Adeline      18F                                                      MA

            Ruddock, Albert         14M                                                     NY



Source: Memorial of the Thayer Name

Diana Damon was daughter of Rhoda Thayer, who married Stephen Damon, of Hadley, Mass. Rhoda Damon was daughter of Micah and Lois Thayer.





Source: Vital Records of Barre, MA to the end of the year 1849

BOIDEN (see Boyden), Hannah and Larkin Smith, Dec. 4, 1794.

Katharine and Jonas Underwood, March 8, 1787

[Boyden in int.], Nancy and Asa Newell Jr., May 18, 1818

NEWELL, Amos, s. Asa and Ruth, Nov. 19, 1805.

NEWELL, Anna, d. Asa and Ruth, July 18, 1803.

NEWELL, Jane, d. Asa and Ruth, Sept. 1, 1813.

NEWELL, Leonard, s. Asa and Ruth, June 3, 1807.

NEWELL, Asa Jr. and Nancy Boiden, May 18, 1818.

NEWELL, Peter and Cynthia Towne of Charlson, int. Jan. 15, 1821.

NEWELL, Susannah of Holden and Franklin Dunn, int. March 6, 1846.

[Newhall in int.], Welcome of New Braintree (s. Joseph and Ruth, a. 59) and Huldah G. Warren, Dec 2, 1847


Source: 1850 Census of Kenosha County, WI (Pleasant Prairie)

123/123 Newell, Asa              51M                 Farmer                         MA

            Newell, Nancy            53F                                                      NH

            Newell, Elisa J.           14F                                                      MA

            Newell, Charles           20M                 Farmer                         MA

            Newell, Marinda         21F                                                      MA

            Ruddock, Maria          22F                                                      MA

            Ruddock, Charles       2M                                                       WI


Source: 1860 Census of Green Lake County, WI (Berlin)

153/136 Newell, Asa              61M                 Lumber Dealer            MA

            Newell, Nancy            63F                                                      MA

            Newell, Eliza J.           21F                  Seamstress                   MA

154/137 Rudock, Thomas       40M                 Lumber Dealer            MA
            Rudock, Mariah          31F                                                      MA

            Rudock, Charles H.    12M                                                     WI


Source: One World Tree

1. Asa NEWELL, b. 8 Apr 1799, married 18 May 1818 to Nancy BOYDEN.

2. Asa NEWELL was born 25 August 1764 (Dedham, Norfolk, MA) and died 12 October 1844 (Amherst, Hampshire, MA).

3. Ruth KELLEY was born 1770 and died April 1828.

4. Ebenezer NEWELL Jr. was born 18 October 1736 (Dover, Norfolk, MA) and died 25/28 February 1797 (Dover, Norfolk, MA). Married 24 April 1760 (Needham, Norfolk, MA).

5. Elizabeth WHEATON was born 10 April 1739 (Needham, Norfolk, MA) and died 24 April 1772 (Dover, Norfolk, MA). Buried Highland Cemetery (Dover, Norfolk, MA).

8. Ebenezer NEWELL Sr. was born 4 January 1711/1712 (Needham, Norfolk, MA) and died 8 January 1798. Married 17 October 1735 (Dedham, Norfolk, MA).

9. Elizabeth BULLARD was born 1710 (Dover, Norfolk, MA) and died 7 March 1751/1752.

10. Caleb WHEATON

11. Elizabeth FISHER

16. Josiah NEWELL was born 6 March 1680 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA) and died 14 May 1759 (Needham, Norfolk, MA). Married 21 January 1701/1702 (Dedham, Norfolk, MA).

17. Hannah FISHER was born 25 October 1683 (Dedham, Norfolk, MA) and died 18 February 1761.

32. Isaac NEWELL was born 1632 (Ipswich, Suffolk, England) and died 8 December 1707 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA). Married 14 December 1659 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA).

33. Elizabeth CURTIS was born 13 February 1625 (Nazeing, Essex, England) and died 1707 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA).

64. Abraham NEWELL was born 1581 (Ipswich, Suffolk, England) and died 13 June 1672 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA).

65. Frances FOOTE was born 1552/1587 (Ipswich, Suffolk or Billingsgate, London, Middlesex, England) and died 13 January 1682/1683 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA).

66. William CURTIS was born 12 November 1592 (Nazeing, Essex, England) and died 8 December 1673 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA). Married 6 August 1618 (Nazeing, Essex, England).

67. Sarah ELLIOT was born 13 January 1599 (Nazeing, Essex, England) and died 27 March 1673 (Roxbury, Suffolk, MA).





Source: Worcester County, MA Memoirs, Volume II

p. 95

ORAN ALLAN KELLEY. Robert Kelley (I), the progenitor of Oran Allan Kelley, in Worcester county, was probably a descendant of the Kelley family of Boston, which was among the earliest in that town. Edward Kelley came to Boston on the "Hopewell" in April 1635, and settled in Boston. He had a son Edward, born November 4, 1664. He was, very likely, a relative of David Kelley, also of Boston. Elizabeth was the name of the wives of both. There was a Robert Kelley (Calley) in Charlestown about the same time, who left descendants, and who for several generations used this spelling, which was common in the Worcester county family, also down to recent times.

   David Kelley settled first on Hog Island in Boston Harbor, but bought a place in town, May 13, 1656. He died in 1662. His widow married Robert Smith, seaman, of Boston.....


(I) Robert Kelley, of Charlton, was the great-grandfather of Oran A. Kelley, of Worcester. He bought the farm, November 27, 1764, but seems to have lived in Charlton before purchasing this place. He had relatives there, as Richard Kelley was witness of some of his papers. David Kelley, of Upton, the adjoining town. There were Kelleys in Hopkinton, early; Hopkinton adjoins Upton.

   Although it is difficult and perhaps impossible to trace the line from Robert Kelley to the emigrant, there is no great doubt that the family is of English descent, that the Charlton settler was descended from the Boston family, and that other members of the family settled in Middlesex county from 1730 to 1760, when the movement of population from the old colonial towns was going on actively.

   Robert Kelley was a leading citizen of Charlton. When the revolution broke out he was lieutenant of the militia company of which Benjamin Richardson was captain. They were drafted from General Jonathan Warner's brigade to serve in the seige of Boston. In 1776 he was lieutenant of the same company, in Colonel Nicholas Dike's regiment. The records show that he marched with his regiment, September 26, 1777, to reinforce the Continental army under General Gates, in the northern department. He served during the greater part of the war.

   He married Ruth Wheelock (intentions declared September 22), 1759. He married (second) Lydia Marrs, of Western (Warren), Massachusetts, (intentions dated September 5,), 1771. The children of Robert and Ruth (Wheelock) Kelley were Abigail, born 1757; Chapin, born 1759, married Sally Thompson, 1793; Rachel, born about 1761; Joel, born 1764; he became a prominent man and dealt extensively in real estate, as the records show. The children of Robert Kelley and Lydia, his wife, were: Ruth, married Asa Newell, October 24, 1790; Mary, born 1772, married Thomas Town, April 27, 1794; Lydia, born 1774, married Isaac Patrick, of Western;  Robert, born 1776, married Lucretia -----, at Barre; Henry, born in 1778; William, born in 1780.  Abner Kelley, born 1783, mentioned below, (was a baby at the time of his father's death. Edward Wheelock, relative of their mother, was appointed guardian of Joel, Chapin and Abigail Kelley. The father's will was dated May 30, 1783, and proved July 1, 1783. Richard Kelley, possibly Richard's father, was a witness of the will and, to judge from the handwriting, was a very aged man. The guardian for the younger children was appointed at the same time. The records of the family were obtained from the probate records, the town records not giving birth, though it seems probable that the children were all born in Charlton -- certainly all but one or two of the older ones).





Source: Thomas Boyden and His Descendants, compiled by Wallace C. Boyden (Boston, MA: 1901)

1. Nancy BOYDEN was born 9 December 1795 and died 13 December 1879. Married Asa Newell, of Barre, 18 May 1818.

2. Eli BOYDEN was baptized 4 September 1768 and died circa 1840 (Chesterfield, NH), married 22 January 1794 (Barre, MA).

3. Patty HINDS

4. Micah BOYDEN was born 17 September 1744 (Medfield, MA) and died 1770 (Barre, MA). Married 1 November 1764 (Barre, MA).

5. Phebe SEARS married secondly 7 October 1773 to John PARTRIDGE.

8. Joshua BOYDEN was born 20 August 1709 (Medfield, MA) and died October 1770 (Barre, MA). Married 3 February 1743. Married first 18 June 1732 to Sarah ALLEN, born 1715 and died 19 August 1742. Married thirdly 19 May 1748 to Mrs. Rachel BULLARD, of Wrentham.

9. Sarah SMITH died 21 January 1748. Married first to Isaac CHENERY.

16. Jonathan BOYDEN was born 30 July 1674 (Medfield, MA) and died 3 March 1719 (Medfield, MA). Married 17 November 1698. Married secondly 12 February 1713 to Esther THURSTON.

17. Rachel FISHER was born 24 March 1680 and died 31 March 1712.

32. Jonathan BOYDEN was born 20 February 1652 (Boston, MA) and died 30 May 1732. Married 26 September 1673. Married secondly to Anne ______, who died 1735.

33. Mary CLARK was born 12 March 1649 (Dedham, MA).

34. John FISHER

35. Hannah ADAMS

64. Thomas BOYDEN married secondly 3 November 1658 (Boston, MA) to Hannah (PHILLIPS) Morse, widow of Joseph MORSE.

65. Frances ______ died 17 March 1658 (Boston, MA).

66. Joseph CLARK was one of the earliest settlers of Dedham, and one of the thirteen who undertook the settlement of Medfield.

67. Alice ______